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Huge Model FS List: Update #11.......

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Howdy Team,

Huge model list for sale. I am however looking for the following Trades:

1/48 Hobby Boss A-10, Tornado IDS or A-6E.

Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II "Desert Storm" 09538 Version, EA-18G. (Will trade heavily for any one of these two. AV-8B Harrier II "Plus", F-4G or F-4J.

Email me: (thomasb.reyes@gmail.com)

Hello Fellow Modelers,

Still have a lot to get rid off. Tom (thomasb.reyes@gmail.com)

1/32 Revell (Open Box/2 bags open. All parts are present

F-4G ($30)

1/32 Revell

Tornado GR.1 (W/Aires Pit/Aires Exhausts/Metal Pitot Tube/SS Decals- "Desert Storm") $100

Hawk T.1 (Black Jet w/Tiger on tail) $30

1/72 Heller (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

E-3B ($50)

1/100 Doyusa

"Air Force One" 707 $100

1/72 AMT

B-52G W/TD Wheels/Decals: ($70)

AC-130U W/Attack Squadron Engines, Wolfpak Decals, Wolfpak Resin DIRCMs ($100)

1/72 Hasegawa

P-3C Orion ($30)

1/32 Hasegawa (Boxes are open/Parts Seale)

A-4E/F Aggressors: $35

F-104G/S (W/CMK Cockpit Set/CMK External Fuel Tanks/Metal Pitot Tube) $100

OA-4M (W/BB TA-4J Cockpit/AMS Wheels/Metal refueling probe) $125 (Tail is cut for installation of resin tip. Very clean. Decals are in excellent condition)

1/32 Tamiya BIG Jet's

F-14A (Black Knights Version)

(Comes w/Aires exhaust, Metal pitot tube, BB F-14D Pit, Wheeliant Wheels, VF-2 Decals ($125)

1/32 Trumpeter (Boxes Open/Parts are sealed. See exception)

Mig-21MF: ($50)

1/35 Dragon Helicopters

AH-6J "Little Bird" ($50)

UH-1N "Anafa" ($35)

1/48 Hasegawa (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

F-2B (No Box): $20

1/48 Italeri

SR-71 W/TD Resin Cockpit and Wheels ($50)

CH-47C HC.1 W/Italeri Update Set ($80)

1/350 Trumpeter/Dragon Ships (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

Typhoon: $25

1/35 Tamiya/Dragon/Italeri Armor

M1A2 Abrams: $25

M60A1: $25

M270 MLRS: $20

M-163 Vulcan: $15

1/48 Tamiya (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

Sea Harrier: $8

1/144 Academy (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

Nato E-3 AWACS: $12

B-52H: $15

1/48 Heller (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

Mirage 2000C W/Cockpit Set/Afterburner Set: $30

1/48 Fujimi (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

T-38 Thunderbird No Decals, but can be purchased from Barracuda: $5

1/35 Trumpeter (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

US Marines: $8

1/35 MB (Box Open/Parts Sealed)

US Marines: $8

Insurgents: $8



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