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Tamiya type 74 winterversion 1/35

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A long time ago I started this one OOB, arrived at the point of weathering, and got some cold feet, so it went to the shelf of doom, waiting patiently till I got some more experience...


Nowadays, I don't seem to really get over this point, so it is time to get the cow by the horns and hopefully I don't get thrown over the fence ;-)


So this was an OOB build, only thing I allowed myself to alter were the tracks. these were replaced by Modelkasten ones

the kit:



the parts:











painting of the MG





and the rest of the tank in basecolors:







as it is a winterversion, some white needs to be added:














so, this is where I got, and where it begins... It will advance slowly


but tips on how to get further from here are much appreciated...


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Silenoz you wouldn't need any tips, doing great already. built the very same kit some time ago and it was a a lot of pleasure. only problem that i had was finding reference shots, which i hadn't came across at the time (and still got nothing significant except couple of pictures on the net which seem to be taken with a dishwasher) so weathering was open season free for all...

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Hey, thx.


After a long search I came across these:








I use these, there isn't much damage, mostly dirt, but I have never done this before. Hence the question



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modelling snow is tricky in miniature. if you intend on doing it check out this blog for a good comparison of the available methods and products: https://minionvault.com/2016/11/05/let-it-snow-yes/

as for accumulated snow in roadwheels, cravices and wherenot iirc tamiya has a lipstick kinda snow product which should come in handy as well: http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87080weathering/


these 2 options are all i am aware of wrt snow.


regarding general wx toadmans' pictures are a real good starting point, especially the camp iwate set.

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