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  1. thx for the interest, it's just like assembling a very small kit. Cupola parts ready for cleanup: Antigrenade netting with handles and bars The missing gunshield was replaced for free by Part, a big thx for that: and the main cupola:
  2. interesting conversion, and never heard of it...
  3. I have as for now only used the kit for the SU-34 (Osetia warrior set and control surfaces), and it was pretty straightforward in my opinion. Though a bit crude.... I also have the kit for the AH-1W in 1/72, but haven't started it yet....
  4. spade ace tracks are also good. Then there are also then the plastic version from trumpeter, modelkasten... more work, but equally nice. When you want to have an idea on how to paint these:
  5. a bit more progress on the cupolla: rear part is closed, still waiting for a missing part from Part, then I can close the front too... On to adding the last details in the cupolla
  6. The aufklärungspanzer was a late ware reconaissance panzer, made to replace the spähpanzer II luchs, with a 20mm cupolla for self defence against light armoured and areal units. It was base on a, by then obsolete, panzer 38t chassis, which was very rugged and durable (the hetzer family used the same chassis). Only 64-70 units were made by the end of the war, and no survivors exist. they fought in Russia and Europe. The base is from Attack hobby, and is mostly limited run quality with a very soft detail and plastic. I will also use the PE-set from Part, which replaces most of the upper surface and the complete cupola: and a resin set with a basic interior The hull in dryfit: then a lot of toolboxes: the fenders without mounting brackets: Machine gun cradle (I only added some reinforcements at the angles to avoid breaking of the pivot points the anti grenade screens Also some resin sprockets are added in the kit, but these will need some (a lot of) cleaning-up
  7. A JGSDF one?
  8. Looking very good, are the fueltanks included in the isracast set?
  9. you can adress the question with regards to the PE to the manufacturer. I've messed up some PE and they were very helpfull to replace it.
  10. nice...
  11. Thx, so far yes. On to the corrections, metallic surfaces and landing gear...
  12. You are really tempting me to get me also one of these... very nice work...
  13. looks very good though. Just checked on wingspalette, and there you see also 2 versions, all the insigna in the same direction (yellow to the right and back), and mirrored (yellow to the middle), and all in between too ... life is easy.. ;-)
  14. Looking good so far. This time the hulls look pretty similar (panellines, width, position of wings, etc...), with exclusion of the canopy area,
  15. seems like the national insigna has been mirrorred...