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  1. every update, when you think no more superlatives can be said... you need to check for more. There are also smaller LED's then the one you use... the one you see on the tail is pretty large considering the model. there is also an possibility to sand the tip in shape, but don't touch the electrodes...
  2. don't know what to say, but I seem to just repeat myself... stunning work... where do you get all those reference pics?
  3. A good health from me too... It's an incredible amount of detail you are putting in this one, alone to make it all movable the same time... my deepest respect for this...
  4. Not yet, had a problem assembling the flakvierlings, so I've ordered a few from Veteran models, together with a rangefinder and other 20mm guns. Then life happened (read other projects while waiting) and some resulting damage (cats, lovely beasts) to this one that still is in need of repair and a restart of this project...
  5. the tamiya clear works fine to me, but I thin it with the lacquer thinner, this combo gives the smoothest result. Or I mix the clear directly in my color for spraying (when using gunze/tamiya)... saves a step and a few layers... Nice work on the model by the way, are those main landing gear parts aftermarket?
  6. Thx, not my best in the end, but still a bright appearance in the display case
  7. Looking good, did you make a kind of master/template to bend and drill these clamps?
  8. All around very nice result... It was a long journey, but in the end I hope you have found it worth... I can only say I enjoyed the ride and the end result...
  9. Nice work, very beautiful result and splendid explanation of you you obtained this result... thx, and congratz...
  10. Good luck sanding and filling... ever tried to compare the position of the openings to drawings? Just in case the Italeri dimensions are completely off...
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