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  1. Kriegsmarine flaklighter WEM 1/350

    Finally some small progress: had some time to work on the main guns. Been looking for references, but that seemed a bit difficult. So I made some educational guesses: original: then I ordered some resin Italian 100 or 105mm guns: drew a new casemate on paper: and cut them out, hardened the paper with CA, weakened the fold-lines and made the casemates: The one on the left was a first try, but I forgot about the taper on the sideplates. When assembled in dryfit it looks like this: and two parts ready for paint, hope it will work out a bit:
  2. Pre-shading

    Nail to the head, but some people think it is an obligatory step...
  3. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    looking good... a bit weird that they don't close the bicycle lane off
  4. I agree with that... that F-CK with the forward swept wings looks very interesting...
  5. Mil Mi-24 “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    nice work, will you also lengthen the tail? As I recall the CMK-upgrade kit provides a plug for that, and also the dimensions for the wingstubs are different... Keep up the good work...
  6. MHU-83 from scratch in 1/32 scale

    looks good so far...
  7. 1/72 Gaz-66 Truck

    I think it went down in the pipeline, and I hope it resurfaces, together with the Rubezh...
  8. Pre-shading

    well, a friend of mine (so no, it's not my model) still uses preshadow, but only on one side of the panelline... so he uses a lot of tape before applying it (good for me, I've bought some extra shares) and it gives a really nice result... One could compare it with the black and white technique...
  9. Nice work on those details...

    Think I followed these on scalemates, and just posting the finished pics without a word about the work you've put into this model doesn't gives the credits to the model that it deserves

    Nicely done. Is this one completely scratchbuilt?
  12. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    looking really good... that pathway must be a tedious work to place all those planks one by one...
  13. recently I've started with this kit from Gwylan models. Parts from the kit: I've also acquired the Regia Marina upgrade kit for this kit: Casting is nice, but there are some misaligned pieces in the mold: Main mast: I've ended up removing the upper support, cutting it in half, realigning the parts and the superglue them back together: The dark line in the second pic is from the superglue, normally there shouldn't be a misalignment anymore. The secondary mast has the same issues, though the misalignment is considerably larger: Doubting how to proceed, removing the masts and replacing them completely or trying to scrape away the material and filling the gaps... Also another question, what's the best way to deal with these printing lines on a resin model: They doesn't seem much on the photo's but they are very prominent in some places.
  14. 1989 Batwing

    Nice work, and the lights add a lot. I like the colors you've used. have a similar one (Revell batwing from Batman forever, that is ready to start for paint, but there the canopy part is missing...)
  15. when clicking on the smaller pictures, I get the following page: for the larger picture I copied this link: and for the small picture I chose this option: To me, a forum is mostly about what can be seen, and your worked deserves to be seen... and it is not about clicking to enlarge, pressing return and so on (call me lazy ;-) ). If a topic gets stretched by a lot of pictures, I personally don't mind (except when it gets quoted with all pics included, but that's another discussion...)