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An old loser on the Horizon - TC3 out of box!

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Loser cars. If there’s one thing I love to get kits of, it’s loser cars. Most people like muscle cars, Ferraris and other exotics or classic cruisers. Not me. If you’ve seen anything else I’ve built or reviewed, you know I love to hate to love my loser cars.



What’s more amazing that having a great selection of these things as kits? Finding out there’s a model of a loser car I didn’t even know about! Recently, it was brought to my attention that there was a kit of a Plymouth Horizon TC3. AWESOME! I knew about, and have several, of the Omni 024, it’s Dodge stablemate, but I was amazed and intrigued to learn of the Horizon. I hoped to find one, one day.



Then, thanks to the power of the internet, I was contacted by someone with one, and I was able to swiftly acquire one of these gems! It’s rare to have such a short turn around between discovery and purchase, at least for me, since I try to always avoid ebay! 



I was very excited to get it, so I had to review it quickly. So here, then, is an out of box review for a long-forgotten leader among the losers, the almost kinda cool, but still intrinsically lame, Horizon TC3. Many thanks to F-J for his help and passing this one on to me. You rock, man!



Check it out to see how bad things got; don’t forget, there were MULTIPLE companies kitting this thing!






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They weren't all loser cars. My '86 Dodge Charge Shelby Turbo was quite entertaining and relatively trouble-free.  The Charger was Dodge's version of the Horizon.  I don't recall seeing TC3s but that doesn't mean much; I'm sure I did but they never stuck in my memory.

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Yeah, by '85 things had started to turn around all over the place. The GM F-Bodies and their Mustang rivals were starting to climb out of the hole, and the smaller performance cars were getting a lot better. Things like the Shelby Turbos helped a lot. Sadly, TC3s were way done by then...


I'm equally sure I saw a number of them, but just don't remember either. They were kind of that type of car! 



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