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Pieter Stam's Bolivian C-46 Commando

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Just wanted to commend Pieter Stam on his beautiful C-46.  My uncle is a now-retired Bolivian Air Force pilot who flew the C-46 for many years.  It's a miracle he survived because he did, in fact, survive at least one crash of this beautiful plane.  




There are so many aftermarket markings for some of the most obscure aircraft out there.  I only wish there was more respresentation of Bolivian aircraft especially since they flew a myriad of aircraft from Mustangs to Shooting Stars to Fortresses to the Commando and so many others.  But since it doesn't have a swastika on it, I guess it'll have to languish out of the limelight.


Thank you again, Pieter, for showing us your build!  I hope to see pics of your Bolivian B-17 someday soon!



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