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AMT's Ford Probe GT - a nearly extinct non-pony car

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I grew up in the “Automotive Dark Ages”, among throngs of gutless econoboxes and the rusting hulks of the last survivors of the ‘70s. As far as being interesting for an automotive enthusiast goes, that era was pretty much a wash. However, I do remember as the ‘80s wore on that things started to change, and as I watched a new breed of “economical” performance cars came into being. These weren’t the rip-snorting muscle cars that my Uncle had raised me on and that I’d seen at car shows, but they weren’t the wheezing, soul-destroying, square-cornered beaters I’d seen for the last 10 years.


Rather, they were some interesting mix of the two. They had modern aerodynamics and front-wheel drive (unlike a true performance car, I still feel), but tried to recapture some of the fun of driving. A perfect example of such a car was the Ford Probe GT. I remember when it came out that it made quite an impact on me. Clearly, it did on others, too, since I remember seeing lots of them around. A sporty car for the masses, then, and one that helped to pave the way for it to be okay to want more than just a beige hatchback.


Because I remember the car so well, I was really happy to get my hands on one of the AMT Probe GT kits. It’s one of my earlier builds, but it still looks pretty good, so I thought I’d share.

Check it out, and if you ever drove one of these, let me know what you think!





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See, I didn't like the Mystere (that's what we called the MX-6 up here in Canada; I don't know if you guys called it that in the States or not) that much.


It always looked oddly-proportioned, and kind of like the Buick Wildcat concept of the late '80s combined with a bit of a squished frog. However, I WOULD love a kit of one! :)

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It was MX-6 here. Just like the rest of the world gets MX-5 but we get Miata.

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