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Bf109B in 1/48

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Brett Green did a review of the AMG Bf 109B at HyperScale which can be found here:



He offers the following observations on the Hobbycraft and Classic Airframes kits at the beginning of the article:

"Hobbycraft's 1/48 scale kits are widely available and inexpensive, but they are seriously flawed in terms of accuracy, especially their Bf 109B model. Problems include too shallow and misplaced gun slots, incorrectly positioned carburettor intake scoop, inaccurate panel lines and cooling slots on the cowling, poorly shaped and poorly detailed radiator intake, very poor Schwartz propeller, short wing slats, undersized canopy (and one-piece too), cockpit configuration more typical of a later model and some 109E attributes on the fuselage.

"Classic Airframes released a series of of 1/48 scale Jumo-powered Bf 109 kits from 2006. The first offering is labeled Bf 109 A, but it could also be built as a Bf 109 V4, V5 or any early production machine with long leading edge slats.

"Classic Airframes also released B, C and D variants. These were all great kits - well detailed, accurate and a relatively painless build. They were easily the best Jumo-powered Bf 109s released to that time in any scale, but they have sadly been out of production and unavailable for a long time now."

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