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  1. seawinder

    RFC Green

    The color you're after is PC10, basically an olive drab that could vary from greenish to brownish. If you Google PC10 spray can, you'll get a couple of hits including one that can only deliver in the UK. Otherwise, most any dark olive drab will get you close.
  2. Both SMS Premium and AK Interactive Real Color have 6014 and 7012. Any number of sources for the aluminum and black.
  3. I highly recommend you peruse this thread at Britmodeller: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998703-questions-about-the-finnish-buffalo-239/ Scroll a bit less than halfway down the thread and you'll find a post from Jim Maas, who has more expertise on the Buffalo than any other modeler on the planet. Overall cockpit color: aluminum (-ium), with forward upper side panels in black; instrument panel in black. There's a link in his post to a b/w photo that shows the black areas quite clearly. Don't let anyone tell you that the cockpit
  4. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll go with 36118 for the pod and 36375 for the centerline pylon.
  5. Thanks for the response, boom175. I have to assume that the upgrade did happen for at least some F-16s, or else why would Sierra Hotel offer the "late" model in the first place? My guess is that it didn't happen for all planes, especially the older ones in ANG service. It seems more likely for a Block 50, but that still leaves the question of how many and when.
  6. Yes, typo. I typed it correctly later in the paragraph, but I'll edit it. Here's a link to the best photo of the plane. It's at airliners.net and copywrited, which is why the link: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon-401/338412/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRa8is7ZgFVLpTi%2BgCy8wJF8tVhMmAzaU3r1jcPd4//Nm8vGjmPRWEqinDBb/pC0lFn5n6md6oXyjBGO6N63bHLtmt3edfXIUPRfzgRUn75EU4e8vEiC/CdnX3MPyrQHkWpkOznwYchq5NqA8jLQsK9QhLyA%3D
  7. The project is a Nellis Block 32, 87-0267 from around 2001. Stores will be just ACMI pod and captive AIM-9 on the wingtips and An/ALQ-188 on the centerline pylon. I have a couple of color questions: 1. Tamiya calls for 36270 for the wingtip pylons. Seems logical, but I've read that pylons were often a mishmash. Okay to go with 36270? 2. Tamiya calls for 36375 for the centerline pylon, which jibes with what I've read. However, they call for Tamiya AS-28 as the color of the AN/ALQ-188 pod, that color being identified only as "medium gray." In the photos I have of the plane, the
  8. Does anybody know when the TCTO was first implemented? Is there any way to predict whether or not a plane in, say, 2010, would have the upgraded seat with folding pitot tubes?
  9. Bounce. Is this really a question for which there is no answer? Cheers, Pip
  10. I'm wondering when, roughly, the upgraded version of the ACES II with folding dynamic pressure sensors (pitot tubes) first began to be installed in F-16s. Thanks, Pip
  11. Both are probably correct depending on the specific time of the year being depicted. Spitfires went through the same progression. The white/black/silver scheme is probably valid for 1939 through early spring 1940.
  12. I'm not sure you did? Your list still contains 36231 rather than 34092. Not a big deal. wxitcol has the list correctly.
  13. IMHO Gray-Green is a bit misleading for 34092. I'd say it's a medium dark green with a bluish cast. Since the OP mentioned both Humbrol and Tamiya, he apparently isn't averse to enamels and/or lacquers. Gunze does 34092 in both its Mr. Color (C302) and Mr. Hobby (H302) lines. MRP has it (MRP235), as does Ammo Mig, SMS, AK Real Colors, etc.
  14. I'm getting close to starting a 1/48 F-84E (Revell). I'll be using Aeromaster decals for a Korean War bird. All the decal sheets I possess, including the kit's, have the large USAF wing markings in black, but I'm pretty sure they ought to be Insignia Blue. The size of the letters is also inconsistent: the kit's are scale 39 inches, while the Aeromaster's are scale 42 inches high. I'm not sure which is correct, but it's only a 1/16 inch difference in 1/48. I don't think Caracal has these markings on any of their basic series sheets, but would the RF-84F sheet 48094 provide what I ne
  15. I don't think there's any doubt about buzz and tail numbers being black. Are any of the photos in the book in color? The few over-wing shots I've found online are b/w, and they don't incontrovertibly show the USAF markings as the same as the buzz numbers. In fact, a couple look just marginally lighter, which could be an indication of Insignia Blue.
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