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  1. I think this belongs in the In-Progress Pics sub-forum.
  2. It's a very nice build. Do you know that there are two sub-forums specifically for photos of completed models? Scroll down a bit and you'll find the Display Case and Critique Corner.
  3. FWIW, on my most recent SEA build I used Mr. Color for the three top colors and AK Real Colors for the Camo Gray 36622. They all looked pretty close to me. Technically, that makes four colors, although you're only asking about three?
  4. As I posted to the corresponding thread (Britmodeller? Hyperscale?), IMHO Tamiya AS-1 IJN Dark Green (1) should get you pretty close, and probably as close as any other spray can you're likely to find.
  5. Yup, reversed the digits; will fix in my post.
  6. That agrees with what I've found doing a quick poke around the net. Apparently, the Euro 1 scheme for F-4s started off as Medium Green 34102, Dark Green 34079, and Gunship Gray 36118 (replacing the SEA Tan 30219). When stocks of 36118 quickly became short, Euro Gray 36081 replaced it as the standard grey in the scheme, which MAY then have been renamed Euro 2. Other aircraft types, notably including the A-10, were painted in what was also called Euro 1, but which consisted of Medium Green 34102, Euro Green 34092, and Euro Gray 36081.
  7. Looks wonderful. Do you know when they'll get to Linden Hill and/or other USA outlets?
  8. I used Mr. Color for my last SEA scheme and thought the colors looked good. i did lighten the tan a bit based on photos. I used AK Real Colors for the Camouflage Gray underneath because I found the Mr. Color too white.
  9. There's any number available on Ebay, at least a few for under US$50 including shipping.
  10. What specific ordnance load are you thinking about doing? As I mentioned above, I did mine as a Desert Storm bird, which I believe the Revell kit most accurately depicts. I used Hasegawa WS D's for the GBU-12s.
  11. I did mine with a Desert Storm anti-SCUD loadout that included five GBU-12 Paveway II LGB's. I bought three of the appropriate Hasegawa weapons sets. I think they look okay.
  12. I've been holding off saying this, but I can't stop myself: We all get hot and bothered about the grin, but in the end it's not really such a visible flaw unless looking at the model from straight in front. I did find a resin replacement cowling for the Hasegawa kit I built a decade or so ago, but I was quite content to live with the kit grin of the two Eduards I've built since then. Maybe I'm just getting slipshod in my old age.
  13. Can we assume you've checked out the fairly extensive discussion in the same thread you started at Hyperscale? Leaving the matter of the yellow aside, there would be two different aluminum finishes, aluminum lacquer for metal surfaces and aluminum dope for fabric areas.
  14. Hi Gwen. The cowl on the Hobby Boss "Late version" kit doesn't have any (open) lower cowl flaps. I'm pretty sure that's what you got. You can compare by looking at the respective instructions at Scalemates. In any case, the circular divots are pretty much a giveaway.
  15. I checked on that. The Otaki kit doesn't seem to have any open cowl flaps either.
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