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  1. I'm pretty sure the standard colors are 36118 and 36270. Check table of paint schemes here: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-16/vipercolors.shtml
  2. I fear the comment(s) may be found here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/285277-amk-148-f-14/ Problem is the thread runs to 200-plus pages.
  3. I applied it based on the Revell instructions.
  4. Well then, it's too late for the model I just finished, which has the crew names. Doesn't bother me anywhere near enough to do anything about it.
  5. Must say it doesn't seem like a very big issue unless you're planning to run them for hours at a time?
  6. Shows you my grasp of pop culture after, say, 1990. Deadpool? I did watch Toy Story 2; I think silly cowboy still applies.
  7. Bert Kinsey of Detail & Scale did a gallery of F15Es of the 4th TFW, the caption for which says "taken immediatedly after" Desert Storm. Crew names are clearly visible in many of the photos: http://www.detailandscale.com/f-15e_strike_eagle_4th_wing_immediately_after_desert_storm.html
  8. Whose Strike Eagle? I just finished the Revell two days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the build. Photos here in case you want to take a look: https://seawinder.smugmug.com/2020-Models/F-15E-Strike-Eagle/ You mentioned the GWH MiG-29. I also built one of those this year. It's a beautiful kit, but be prepared for some fit issues with the lower engine covers. I found it worked better to attach the front and rear sections first, getting as good a fit as possible, and then attaching the assembly to the frame. You can also leave out most of the engine if you're doing it closed up.
  9. There are photos of planes with a different tread on each wheel. Knock yourself out.
  10. The SJ code would be quite easy to computer render and laser print.
  11. There are two hemispherical bumps at the top rear of each fin. Revell instructions say paint the top ones on both sides Light Ghost Gray; GWH instructions say use White. GWH says red (as in red light lens) for both the (smaller) lower two; Revell doesn't say anything. Photos clearly show a red light for the starboard lower position, but I'm not seeing the same red glow on the port side. So: Two top bumps, white or Light Ghost Gray? Lower left bump, red or something else? Thanks!
  12. I scored a couple of F-16 seats from them a year or two ago. Don't remember it taking too long. We made email contact reasonably quickly. I consider myself lucky to have the items in hand and will hopefully use them for two upcoming projects.
  13. I'm not aware of any beyond that. As for nose art, the Caracal sheet has several fun ones including Statue of Liberty, shark mouth, white walrus, silly cowboy, Batman on a horse, and a red death's head inside a gear. All the markings are for 2016-2018.
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