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  1. Not sure if this company is reputable, but you might try here? That is a pretty good price even with shipping https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834072305/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4pj6_aP23wIVTvlRCh1QPwNOEAkYASABEgJp-_D_BwE Jeremy
  2. Since when in the US, did a man lose the right to defend themselves? You may reach your own judgement, that is fine. But I a free to defend myself, and I will ask the admins to rule as the judge and if they feel I should be banned, then so be it.
  3. Those how know me, know me. I am not asking for apology, it may be bullshit to you and you are free to have your opinion, and rightfully so. If you feel you need to try and Ban me, then go ahead and start your push. I will lose no sleep over it, as I know I have messed up in the past. Why should I have to fade away for making a mistake. I have never denied that
  4. You are correct, you did not get the kit you wanted, but I did return yours. So yes you are correct, and yes communication was piss poor at best, at no point did I argue that point. In fact have totally agreed. I love how everyone here seems to know what a person is like, without personal knowledge of said person, while I had reasons while I was slow it does not constitute, or qualify as an excuse. Even with valid reasons, poor action is not justified. I am not disgreeing with you at all, just trying to clean "some" of the mud off that I have been drug through. A total forgiveness is not expected...
  5. OK, so this has gone on long enough. Yes I have been slow to trade air times, but I do what I say I will do, I have not tried to rip people off and "Site Jump". If you would look at my post count, I am usually on Armorama, (Aeroscale) much more than here. Was and have I been slow on trades? The answer is 100 percent yes. Have I tried to rip people off? No? I too Have been ripped off by Individuals, Once my a famous scammer on Armorama by the name of Bryan Grey, Dean Lehr, on here and also Flegmiester or however you spell his name, both on this site. While I have been self admittedly very slow, It has not been blatant scamming. I work 10-11 hours a day, (or at least did), and only have one day to hope to get to the post office, well up until I changed jobs. Saturday was the only day I could go. If I didn't make it that day I had to wait a whole week to try again. Is the acceptable, not always, but it was the best I could achieve. While I was busy, I also am a poor in the time management skill, from time to time. For no goo reason, fulfilling an obligation for a trade, would always take a back seat to everything else. Is this the best behavior? Absolutely not, but this is what has happened. I enjoy these sites very much. I have never wanted to screw over people, the worst part for me is that Trading is the only way that I can alter what is in my stash, as I have bought way too many kits and must manage it that way. Does any of this excuse my behavior? NO IT DOES NOT!. I can no explanation, but I have a piss poor habit of not communicating when things start to go bad, I often procrastinate sometimes to the point of ridiculousness, I do not do it on purpose, but seems to work out that way from time to time, Few trades go bad, but then some can send out very fast. No real reason I guess. I would deal with both of them again, and would also deal with anyone else, but I would also understand if someone has reservations as well, I will from this point on trade, with a stipulation that "I will send first" as this is a "hobby" for me and not a profession, it does not come to the front of my priorities. Anyways, enough from me. I know have been very slow in some transactions, but I am not a 'BAD TRADER", I am however from time to time a "SLOW TRADER" and self admitted "POOR COMMUNICATOR", perhaps they are they same to some views, but they are not to me. Does it really matter if he does? You have no idea what I asked him? Also I would have sent the F-4F to him, but he did not need it anymore..... I would still sell them to you, And I would send them as you asked on Aeroscale. If you also read, everyone did get the kit as agreed, just not in an acceptable timeframe. At no time did I rip someone off. Do you know me personally? Didn't think so? You have no idea who I am or what I have done in my life. I AM SLOW AT TIME, YES, loser I think not pal.
  6. Great representation if this aircraft Bob. I have a few questions for you. Are those the kit decals? If not what set did you use? Also if the checkerboard is a decal, could you elaborate a little on how you accomplished this? Was it simply repeated coats of micro-set and sol? Thanks in advance as this bird and quite a few other checker nose are on my "to do" list...
  7. shadoweng

    Bf109B in 1/48

    there is this, it is relatively new. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMG-Models-48713-Messerschmitt-Bf-109-B1-1-48-/322393139747
  8. I am not a huge Huey junkie like many on here, but I think it looks very nice and I will buy one when the opportunity presents itself. LOOKS LIKE A HUEY TO ME! Also when it is sitting on a shelf in my office no one will notice the one antenna 2mm off or what not. I don't know about you guys, but most of my family and friends are not aviation experts and wouldn't even know the name of the helicopter..... Awesome kit by the looks of it and if it builds well, to be honest that is the importance to me.
  9. Looking to trade one variant for another,. Located in the US. Jeremy
  10. I have the AMT AC-130U I would trade you for it. Are you in the US?
  11. I would like to trade my Academy F-4B for the newer kinetic EA-6B (THE GAUNTLETS BOXING). Please let me know if you have one for trade. Also have an Aires pit for the F-4 and would trade that if you have an Aires pit for the Prowler...
  12. I would like to trade my Academy F-4B for the newer kinetic EA-6B (THE GAUNTLETS BOXING). Please let me know if you have one for trade. Also have an Aires pit for the F-4 and would trade that if you have an Aires pit for the Prowler...
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