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  1. Not to be a jerk,. But you cannot charge a person for your PayPal fees. It violates their policy... The buyer is not responsible for the fee...
  2. I got this kit off here a few years ago and it did not include instructions... I have searched far and wide and cannot find an electronic copy of these. Does anyone have a set they could part with of have an electronic copy that could share. TIA, Jeremy
  3. Would you sell it? The only Tamiya FW-190D I have is off the sprue and bagged, but I believe I have some goodies to go with it. PM if interested.
  4. The Flap Wells are the same color as the Gunship Grey.... I am assuming you mean full extended... If you mean retracted then it would be this...
  5. What Year are you looking for on the MC? Also is it a Talon I or Talon II? All of the Talon II's Have Ipeco seats. The Talon One will have one Ipeco seat for the FE position and I believe the rest are the standard C-130 Seats.... Will be hard to look now since all the Talon I's are on the Boneyard.... :(
  6. Oh, duh!
  7. They look pretty sweet, but damn, $25 bucks....... Whew....
  8. I hope this makes sense. The dihedral is the upward slope from the wing root to the wing tip. A C-130 is a little different because the wing root is actually below the wing. Most times when we think of dihedral the wing is a low wing, with the root above, such as a P-51 or BF-109 or a plane of that sorts. The slope is positive, but it throws us a curve because of the C-130 design. The only time I had to walk up a slope on top of the wings was when the whole plane sloped to one side. I hope that helps to clear the mud. :)
  9. Bottom Line I would say is to just make it straight on the top from Wing tip to wing tip. I say this because In all honesty you would never see a C-130 on THE RAMP with a completely zero fuel load, most aircraft will sit with a ramp load. Of course if it is in a fuel barn then yes it could be drained. I spent 20 years on C-130's as a mechanic and flight engineer and never noticed. The only part I ever notice was the the tail is not the same on each site as far as angle. This is done to eliminate the "P" factor caused by all four props trying to push the aircraft to the right. Hope that makes sense.... As you look at it you can see the angle difference. Also the wings look level to me.... :)
  10. I tried to send you a PM Floyd,. But it said you do not accept them. I would review all the items for you? :)
  11. Are you willing to donate your items Floyd? :). My wife might kill me if I buy more stuff. :) Jeremy
  12. I am going to give this one a Whirl (pun intended). I am going to build the Kitty Hawk AH-1Z. I will post some beginning picks of the unstated contents here after I get the photos loaded to Photobucket. I am also going to order some metal barrels for the 20mm. I am not sure which markings to use, but I will post a pick of the few I am considering. :). More to follow. Hope to get this done in the timeframe, but I am making a major cross state move here at the end of the month from Florida to Indiana.
  13. Mike,. I have a feeling the F-2 will come out in due time,. The kit number will be 82115. :). This is just a hunch though...