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Trakkabeam in 1/32

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Hi all.  I was wondering if anyone made a searchlight like the trakkabeam.  The Revell H145 Polizei 32nd kit has one, but, I don't need an entire kit just for the light.  

Really, any searchlight for that matter, but, my agency has a trakka on one bird.  We have two non-flying birds that were given to us that have nightsuns on them, which is why I'd go for just about any option.


If you aren't familiar with it, here is a link with some reference installation pics.  https://trakkasystems.com/trakkabeam-installations/


If anyone has one from that kit that they don't want to use, I would be happy to be the new caretaker of that part also.  Just looking for options.


EDIT:  hadn't thought about 3d printing as an option.  If there is none available, I wonder if someone could sketch up one?  

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Actually I don't think it's right to ask a kit manufacturer for a part just because you want it. If it's missing from a kit you bought then fine. This type of behavior has begun to make it difficult to get genuinely needed parts. Just to get a simple tail light for a kit Round2 just produced I had to provide proof of purchase, bar code, date code. 

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That being said, I approached the subject honestly.  I said I would pay for the part and shipping.  And why I was looking for the part.  I'm looking for the part because one of my TH-67's is outfitted with a TrakkaBeam light.  I have two 32nd Revell 206 kits in my stash.  I'd like to try my hand at making our TH-67 (with the trakkabeam installed) to sit in our office.  We have two TH-67's and one OH-58 currently flying.  The 67's paint scheme is going to be a challenge for me, but, one I want to take on.  


I'm not saying you are wrong MProwler.  I think that many people take advantage of the companies in that way.  I don't agree with that either.  I would like the part.  No if's, and's, or but's.  



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On 6/21/2019 at 6:52 PM, midnightprowler said:

 You wouldn't happen to have a extra set of rotor blades for that kit would you? I have misplaced mine.

I'm afraid not.  I am in the same boat though, I misplaced the turbine out of the kit I started.  I'll find it eventually I suppose.

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