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  1. Try this search 4th calvary logo in vietnam at DuckDuckGo
  2. The B model was retrofitted with the C filter. To be a C it needs the wide chord tail and main rotor, so if it doesn't have the option to go without the filter it's a retrofitted B.
  3. They are easily made into nice models. Filling the screw holes is simple. This corsair is a 1/32 kit from them.
  4. That would be huge. A 1/24 is nearly 2 feet long.
  5. Contact Speedway Decals. He's not currently doing custom work, but if you have the art ready in his format he might. They're on Facebook, fotki and www.speedwaydecals.com
  6. I need decals for a 1/48 Monogram kingfisher.
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