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  1. Yeah, it's unbelievable, the most iconic helicopter in history, short of it's sister, the Bell 47, and no accurate 1/35 or 1/32. I'd settle for either.
  2. Looks great, just one other correction, the skinny antenna that faces rearward is not correct for a Vietnam era bird.
  3. I hope you didn't take it as a criticism of your build. Just wanted to point it out. Not everyone knows those minor differences.
  4. Very nice. Your Huey should not have the wire strike cutters, as it represents a Vietnam era bird, but otherwise very well done on both.
  5. I have a 69 Superbee, I did the chrome trim on it in Molotow, 2 years ago, still shiny as when I applied it. I keep it in a case.
  6. I have found the Ultra Bright BMF to be very thick and the adhesive is too sticky, hard to remove the adhesive. The problem with Molotow is it is not a paint, it is a ink, and takes a very long time to dry. Also, you cannot touch it even after drying, it will dull the chrome effect.
  7. When are you going to stop showing us pictures of a real helicopter being built? 🤣👍beautiful!
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