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  1. I need the canopy and decals for the Airfix 1/72 Boomerang kit.
  2. I have a 1/72 Vickers Valiant in the stash. It's big. I'll sell it cheap.
  3. If anyone has a set of T6 Texan decals in 1/72 they don't need, I am in need of a set. IDF decals would work too. I could do a what if.
  4. Well it says 354 mm. How long is the real thing. You can figure out the scale with that info.
  5. I think a Accurate G in any scale is long overdue but especially in a larger scale, and there are many options for nose art. I much prefer olive drab to shades of gray lol.
  6. I take it you have problems with those of us that would prefer a G? Seems to me the W had been done numerous times.
  7. Yes. The G is the first purpose made helicopter gunship and sorely misrepresented. It's a shame.
  8. I've seen it and YOU are wrong. The push pull tubes are not where they should be. I has been discussed quite a bit. Your ignorance of helicopters shows. Propeller gizmo??? No such thing on a helicopter. Come back to the discussion when you have learned what these parts are.
  9. Scissors are way off, stabilizer bar way to low, access panels thicker than armour plating. All are very noticeable and make for a unrealistic model. Heck Revells ancient kit has those parts right.
  10. Yeah IF they are listened to. Didn't happen with the 1/48 so I have little faith it will this time.
  11. We sorely need a accurate D/H Huey. I have no faith Kitty Hawk will correct the errors of their 1/48 kit when they upsize it and a state of the art large scale AH-1G Cobra is sorely needed too.
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