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  1. I need the blades. Not in a position to purchase aftermarket stuff.
  2. I am looking for a 1/48 B model Huey rotor or a D/H will work too.
  3. Those can be made from clear sheet plastic. Pm me your address and I'll send some to you.
  4. The inside of the cargo hook box and the box to the rear, what color? Also, the parts in the kitty hawk kit that are in the cargo hook box, what color are they and what is under the screen on the rear box?
  5. Does anyone have any pictures of the underside of a Huey?
  6. Certainly looks like it. Photo must be before Randy Zhan became her AC.
  7. Very nice. There is no stabilizer bar on a cobra. It has some sort of stabilization system. I forget what it's called.
  8. I am building Randy Zhan,'s mount Cindy Ann. One thing, all the profiles I've seen show a starboard tail rotor. Incorrect. Pictures from his book Cobra Pilot clearly show a port mount. What I am wondering is the profile in Jonathan Bernstein's book Cobra units in Vietnam, and in the profile my decals provide the top of the tail is orange like the tops of the elevators. I am wondering if that is correct.
  9. I'm pretty content over all to build oob but the lack of restraints for me is a disappointment.
  10. What's available for the ICM early kit? For sure would like seat restraints.
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