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  1. Are there any decals for the revell 1/48 kit?
  2. The kit you mentioned John is the MRC 1/35 47D kit. It is a true MASH era machine, having the cockpit without the arches. The same scale Revell offering is a G.
  3. Didn't know rivet decals were available period lol.
  4. I've had the revell kit for some time. Don't really have funds to buy the other. Interesting item though.
  5. Am I to understand these are decals with raised rivets?
  6. Beautiful. So just build it without the g sprue? And obviously leave the doors closed lol if I'm not doing interior detailing.
  7. I have this kit and want to do a medi-vac bird. I can easily source the cross markings. I'm not concerned about having the interior show, but am wondering if it can be done with that kit.
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