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  1. Hah! I've heard when the last 60 hits the boneyard a Huey will fly the crew home.😉
  2. 1/32, 1/35, makes no difference to me, I don't do dioramas.
  3. Looking good so far. My guess is there were steps built into the fuselage and Aurora never molded them. Do a search for images. that may shed some light.
  4. The old Aurora kit. Only plastic kit of it i know of. On the must get list. Watching this. Nice so far.
  5. I sure do miss steam gauge instrument panels. No love for glass panels.
  6. Not bad. Gotta find me some cash. I can't find any listing for it on ebay. Anyone got a link?
  7. thanks. That Adams kit looks interesting. I wonder what the parts look like.
  8. Can you find the Hawk kit for a reasonable price?
  9. This is tiny! Limited run kit, not for a beginner lol. But as far as I know the only game in town for this bird. Cockpit is only 1.25" long.
  10. I have a Monogram 1/48 Apache, I'm sure it represents a A model. I doubt the decals are very prototypical. Does anyone have a set of accurate markings they'll part with?
  11. I have a older issue of the Revellogram 1/48 kit, and I'm not sure the kit decals ae that accurate and are actually even a real bird. Does anyone have a set of 1/48 they don't need for a A model Apache, or something that can be used on that kit and be accurate?
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