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  1. Wow. That means the Internut is even older. Doesn't seem like it's been thst long. At any rate, here's to 20 more!
  2. Gotta get me one of these! Price ain't too bad!
  3. Revel/monogram, but if the have one for the Hobby Boss kit it'll work.
  4. Do they have a C model tail boom for the Revell kit?
  5. Looking for the main rotor to one of these issues of Monograms 1/48 Huey.
  6. I need the vertical fin and elevators from a 1/48 C model Huey.
  7. If you can cover postage, I have the parts. The blades are painted, pm me if interested.
  8. Looks like some good stuff, but I'm confused. It says preorder, and also says in stock. Also, I've no idea how much anything is in dollars.
  9. Beautiful. You don't happen to have another set of those red crosses do you?
  10. He sure came down at a steep angle. I wonder what happened.
  11. That's strange because I HAD the problem on a I Pad with Safari.
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