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  1. Looking for the above, will trade my entire aircraft kit collection for it. If interested pm me.
  2. That's big in 1/24. I bet you could turn monograms 1/24 B/C Huey into flying model.
  3. Sorry about that, but in all honesty I dont see any sarcasm there.
  4. John is simply saying he met the man mentioned in the above article.
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/res-kit-rsu48-0047-uh-1d-main-rotor--1273458
  6. Then one could use photos of a Huey engine I would think.
  7. I was referring to a standard hobby knife. I lightly follow the panel lines with the sharp edge for a couple of passes then turn it around and scribe with the back of the blade until cut through.
  8. What markings? Might I suggest using a razor knife next time? Cleaner cuts with less cleanup. Looking forward to this.
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