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  1. Wow, things sure changed here overnight! A completely different look. No Idea this was coming.
  2. Nice collection. What's with only the saucer section of the Excalibur?
  3. Thanks. Unfortunately its inaccurate in that it's not the amt kit.
  4. Not to knock your work, but I'm old school with Star Trek and I'm impressed with what they did back then. I do not consider that model to look like a kid did it. I built Polar light's 1/1000 kit and tried to reproduce all I could see of that model from stills. I never cared for any ship exteriors in the so called enhanced effects. They were some of the worst cgi I've seen and look like drawings. No 3d look at all.
  5. Should be cool. This will obviously be the enhanced effects version. To accuratly build a original effects version one would be correct in using the old venerable AMT kit, as that is what the studio did back then.
  6. Not the grandfather of all cobras, the AH-1G. The only large scale is the extremely long in the tooth Revell kit.
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