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  1. midnightprowler

    Ah-1z cockpit

    I think he means the real bird.
  2. midnightprowler

    Hobby boss Blackhawk

    Anyone know anything about the Hobbyboss 1/72 A model Blackhawk?
  3. midnightprowler

    WANTED: 1/48 UH-1D Main Rotor shaft/blades.

    Oh, I see lol. I apologize.
  4. midnightprowler

    WANTED: 1/48 UH-1D Main Rotor shaft/blades.

    Nothing at all in common between the rotor of a D/H Huey and a Z model Cobra.
  5. midnightprowler

    CH-53 E Academy Built

  6. midnightprowler

    Kitty hawk Blackhawk review online.

    How much? Which variant?
  7. midnightprowler

    LF main rotor blades

    I need the main rotor blades , cyclic and collective controls from the Revell 1/32 Bell Jet Ranger.
  8. I need the main rotor blades , cyclic and collective controls for the 1/32 Revell Bell Jet Ranger.
  9. midnightprowler

    Take your Models to the next level .....

    No clue what those prices are in dollars.
  10. midnightprowler

    Mil Mi-24P “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    Wow. It's enough to make me not want to bother building mine lol, I could never achieve this level.
  11. midnightprowler

    Vietnam era Chinook.

    All. Just wondering what's out there. Probably never afford the Trumpeter kit.
  12. midnightprowler

    Put the references away, hide the aftermarket and build!

    I build oob mostly, but for me part of the "fun" is researching. I build largely factory stock cars, and trying to replicate correct as I can get with what I have is the fun. For me it's not about how many I get done, it's about the journey there. In fact sometimes when finishing a build I feel kinda let down until I do the next one.
  13. midnightprowler

    Vietnam era Chinook.

    What is available for a Vietnam era Chinook?
  14. Some impressive work sir.
  15. midnightprowler

    WIP 1/48 UH-1H During the late 80's and 90'S

    Yep, lol.