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  1. Looking good. Decal resolution is good but they seem a bit thick. Hopefully your coat of flat clear will hide the edges a bit more. You could also try trimming a bit closer to the decal.
  2. The Gallery kit is no better, it omits these too. I need to make some. Nice job.
  3. A. How much B. What 1/32 kit is available?
  4. The MRC is actually a C model. It's quite nice. This would be the first B model I think in this scale, but why do a B when the DHas clearly been called for?
  5. I have a sheet of Scalemaster 1/48 AH-1G Cobra decals for sale/trade.
  6. The only other kit out there that I am aware of is a resin kit by Aningrad I think it is, and it's heavily based on this kit. Not likely we'll ever see a new tool.
  7. Atlantis has reissued the old Aurora Cheyenne kit. https://www.megahobby.com/products/ah-56a-cheyenne-us-army-helicopter-formerly-aurora-1-72-atlantis-models.html?utm_source=3%2F14%2F20&utm_campaign=UA-5732446-1&utm_medium=email
  8. I am so sorry for hearing this and my lateness in a response. I just saw this. You are in my prayers. If I lost my wife I wouldn't know how to survive.
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