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1/700 Trumpeter Connie, Kitty Hawk and JFK

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Is anyone else excited about these new releases? I'm really happy we're finally getting some conventional carriers in this scale. I long for the day we get a 1/700 Ranger!


They seem to reflect late era cruises. Does anyone know if they're the same config as mid-80s cruises, or will they need to be back dated?



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Depending on Subject   Most will have to be backdated to rep. 1980's cruises.  For instance the JFK had Van Velm Bridle Catcher on its deployment through the 80's....There were some Bridge and radar upgrades too.  SO you need to specify what deployment you want to depict in the 1980's.....For Instance the JFK deployment in 1989  Libya shootdown. etc..



This is just off the top of my head  there maybe more who know more differences depending on which carrier and time period you want to depict.  



GOOD NEWS: I think the airwings in those kits will be ok since you dont need Phantoms, Crusaders or Vigilantes for 1980's deployments....Fujimi makes a nice 1/700 set for those aircraft BTW



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