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  1. Thanks guys. I am liking this build lots of work though!! BTW- I do have a wheel set from Armory forgot -about lisitng it Steve
  2. I am currently working on the Hasegawa FGR. 2 Revell release and making it into a FG. 1 RN. The kit has everything needed except the slotted stabs-got those from Hypersonic. . Also got a nice set of decals So here is the project outline: -1/48 Revell [Hasegawa] FGR.2 RAF Phantom -Hypersonic Slotted Stabs and detail set -Hypersonic Canopy detail set -Eduard FGR.2/FG.1 interior detail set -RAM Models Early British Phantoms decals -Mastercasters Martin-Baker H7 British Phantoms ejection seats -New Ware canopy masks So this is going w
  3. I have a set [still on sprue] of 1/48 Hasegawa UNSLOTTED Stabs that I want to trade FOR: 1/48 Hasegawa Slotted Stabs. I am in the USA Pleas email me: scorvi@verizon.net Steve,
  4. OK I see very small amount of people actually building these kits over the internet and at shows [even less!!] so I presume many are sitting in peoples closets/lofts to collect or sell I just want a kit to build.....I will consider a started kit and I dont need boxes.......just the kit plastic & instructions ...I can even source decals from Berna if the kit does NOT have decals. ANYBODY? Either side of the ponds .......since it is a small kit it may not be terribly expensive to ship to the USA from UK or Australia or NZ?? I have a few 1/48 WWII kit for trade: AM SB2U Vi
  5. I am selling a few 1/48 USN World War II kits FOR TRADE/SALE reasonable offers . My preferred TRADE interests at bottom IF you havent done business w/ me I usually ship my kits out within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of the deal w/address (or payment) and I keep constant email communication! I hope everyone can do the same! I am in the USA and I accept PAYPAL (preferred), Check and Money Orders SHIPPING is NOT included. Please email me directly at: scorvi@verizon.net Steve, FOR TRADE/SALE: -Special Hobby F2A
  6. I am looking for a 1/48 Aeroclub OR Classic Airframes Sea Venom ......................IF anyone has one they would like to sell or trade?????? I am in the USA Email me directly: scorvi@verizon.net Steve,
  7. I would like to buy or trade for said item: 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4 fuselage halves. If anyone has one to sell or trade please email me scorvi@verizon.net PS I already have the cowling ring just need fuselage halves. Steve,
  8. Gwen Thank you for your efforts. Yes It does seem No joy with Acounga resin. Please let em know if you get a set I can buy or trade. Email me directly: scorvi@verizon.net Steve,
  9. Gwen Any words on the resin A-4C Argentine conversion?? I have the nice set of Aztec decals so the markings are covered! Steve,
  10. Gwen Sounds good. Keep me posted I will try to get you a Parapack tail for a F-16 in 1/48 for your Dutch scheme. Steve,
  11. Gwen I recently emailed http://www.aconcaguamodels.com/ I have not received ANY reply. Are they still in business??? Can ANYONE help out here I just want to order the Argentine A-4 resin Set http://www.aconcaguamodels.com/prod/det_d_01.htm THERE has NOT been anyone that responds to emails or direct link contacts on the site?>???/ I would also like to buy one used if someone has one for Sale??? I am in the USA Steve
  12. scorvi

    Aztec Decals

    I received my Aztec decal order a few days ago It took a little over a month Not bad BUT I only ordered Decals flat enevelope. Shipping [Mexican PO] is pathetic But Aztec seems to be shipping and doping a good job Steve,
  13. Gwen, I really just need a FULL A-4C conversion set for my A-4E. I will build the other A-4C as something else--Maybe USN ?? YES...Keep me posted if I can get the set. I already have the very nice Aztec decal sheet for Argentine A-4C. https://aztecmodels.com/products/d-063-war-for-the-falklands-malvinas-2 Hope to get a set soon! Steve,
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