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  1. I am looking for any bomber crews from the 1/48 Monogram kits or any other kits. Seated and standing are good .....Need about 2-3 of each. Willing to buy or trade I am in the USA EMAIL me: sjcorvi11@gmail.com Thanks Steve,
  2. Here is my list of white metal [Bismuth metal-Non-lead] nose weights. This is to help out with your tail-sitters and those tricycle beasties! This is a little service I am providing since I am casting up these weights for my own use and can easily cast extra if anyone is interested. I can sell them or trade for likewise goodies . IF anyone is interested Please contact me: sjcorvi11@gmail.com THE price includes shipping in the USA. Please contact me for shipping to rest of the World [including Canada] Aerospace Model Exchange Nose weight
  3. Kudos to you. I dont think most modelers are that flush with cash. I am glad you got the Fisher kits!! I was eyeing the Skyray from France too last week Too much for me. I built a few of them over the years for commission [F9F-8, F7U & F4D] and I have a F9F-2 in my collection [see pics]. Love to get them but the prices are out of my range Good to see some one is buying & building them....Unless you need them built I am for hire LOL Steve,
  4. Good luck Those kits are very rare & expensive The Skyray is usually north of $500 if you ever see it on Ebay. Steve,
  5. I have for SALE & [Some TRADES-see list] the following ARMOR & AIRCRAFT KITS. I am needing to move out what I will not feasibly build!! Hope someone can find some great deals here !! IF you havent done business w/ me I usually ship my kits out within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of the deal w/address (or payment) and I keep constant email communication! I hope everyone can do the same! I am in the USA and I accept PAYPAL (preferred), Check and Money Orders Please email me directly at: sjcorvi11@gmail.com Steve, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED [IN USA ONLY]
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