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  1. Love this tooling I hope they do an Early USN Version B/N would be awesome or even a J. These kits will be great fro USAF versions Not much needed to work them into excellent 1/72 Phantoms Steve,
  2. Depending on Subject Most will have to be backdated to rep. 1980's cruises. For instance the JFK had Van Velm Bridle Catcher on its deployment through the 80's....There were some Bridge and radar upgrades too. SO you need to specify what deployment you want to depict in the 1980's.....For Instance the JFK deployment in 1989 Libya shootdown. etc.. This is just off the top of my head there maybe more who know more differences depending on which carrier and time period you want to depict. GOOD NEWS: I think the airwings in those kits will be ok since
  3. I can buy or trade for them. I only need markings for one bird--SO a partial sheet is good too. I have many 1/72 sheets in this era if anyone want to trade. But can outright buy too -Microscale 72-339 RF-84F USAF I am in the USA Email ME: scorvi@verizon./net Steve,
  4. ANYONE interested in trading for an Academy 1/72 F-8E 'Hunter' boxing Crusader FOR a 1/72 Hasegawa F-4B/N. I will throw in a Superscale decal sheet and resin seat for FREE!! I am in the USA Email me; scoriv@verizon.ent Steve,
  5. I have the following for sale or trade. 1/72 -Academy F-8E 'Hunters' boxing w/ resin seat and Superscale decals 72-85 $25.00 -Hobby Boss Sea FGA 6 [Suez Crisis boxing] w/ Pavla resin seat & Eduard canopy masks $18.00 -Hasegawa F9F-2 w/ [2] Airwaves and [1] Eduard detail set, Resin Art [resin nose and wheel set] AND partial Super Scale F9F-5 decals sheet (72-601) and MicroScale F9F-5 conversion...new tail and nose area pieces. [note Tail has been cut to accept the new -5 detailed Tail otherwise untouched] $17.00 I am looking for any of these for trade 1/7
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