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  1. Need a set for my Hasegawa kit for a USN bird. Possibly an ASW version? Can buy or trade? scorvi@verizon.net Steve
  2. I have some 1/72 Aircraft kits [some w/ aftermarkets][ that are extras that I would like to trade for race cars kits. I am interested in most things EXCEPT NASCAR. 1/18 Tamiya McLAren M8 1/24 Accurate Minatures McLAren M8B 1/20 F1 kits 1/24 Rally and Sportcacrs. I can shoot you a list of what I have for trade. I am in the USA Thanks Steve,
  3. Tom, I just messaged you please email me directly about the Hunter scorvi@verizon.net Thanks Steve,
  4. LOKING FOR: 1/72 Meng F-106 I am willing to buy or trade I am in the USA email: scorvi@verizon.net Thanks Steve,
  5. Looking for an inexpensive one-kit doesnt have to have decals or box. It can be even started [neatly]. I have a nice 1/72 Hobbyboss Sea Hawk [Suez Crisis] markings w/ resin seat and canopy masks for trade and a Microscale F-8E decal sheet {Mig killers] to trade. If anyone has one fro sale or trade Please contact me: scorvi@verizon.net I am in the USA Thnaks Steve,
  6. How does the NEW Trumpeter Constellation compare to the older 1/700 Fujimi Kit?? I was wondering what would it take to backdate the new 1/700 USS Constellation kit from Trumpeter to a Vietnam era fit? I know I will need to modify the Bridle catchers on the flight deck--anything else that is glaring?/--unless someone makes them in resin ??? I already have the airwing so wondering if it is minor or major to backdate the kit to the 1960's era Thanks Steve,
  7. OR a an Academy F-8E Crusader??? TO trade for my Hobbyboss SeaHawk and canopy masks set???? Steve
  8. I am in the USA and would like to trade my Hobbyboss SeaHawk FGA.6 (Suez markings) FOR a 1/72 Academy F-86F boxing OR a Fujimi [Testors] F-86F30 kit. I will throw in a Eduard canopy mask for the Seahawk Email me direclty: scorvi@verizon.net Steve,
  9. I believe the Hasegawa A-7A and F-8 Crusader kits in 1/72 have them on the sheet. I just need the "USS Oriskany" decals. https://www.ebay.com/itm/A7A-CORSAIR-2- ... Sw5JhczfI0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/F8E-CRUSADER-1 ... SwdiFdAQ9v I can trade or buy them if anyone has some lying about?? I am in the USA email me direclty: scorvi@verizon.net Steve
  10. I have some WWII and jets in 1/72 w/ many aftermarkets. I would like to trade for 1/144 WWII and Jets. ESp. interested in ANY Sweet kits, Revell F-106 & 102, NEW Revell F-16C, Trumpeter F-86F30, Revell Hawker Hunter & BAC Lightning...and otehrs. I am in the USA EMAIL me: scorvi@verizon.net Steve
  11. HOPE to move some of these EXCELLENT SOURCES.... WIll consider package price fro multiple purchases
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