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  1. I am selling or trading the following 1/72 Kits. I just wont get to these and have duplicates so these need to go. I have a few items I am interested in for trade. IF you havent done business w/ me I usually ship my kits out within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of the deal w/address (or payment) and I keep constant email communication! I hope everyone can do the same! I am in the USA and I accept PAYPAL (preferred), Check and Money Orders SHIPPING is NOT included. Steve, 1/72 [WIL
  2. LOOKING FOR: -1/48 -Accurate Miniatures SB2U-1 PRE-war Yellow wing config. -Hasegawa E8N1 seaplane any variant -Hasegawa B6N -Special Hobby CAC-12 Boomerang -Wings E14Y Glen [long shot] OR Racoon Models 1/48 E14Y Glen resin kit??? -Racoon Models E16A1 Paul resin kit [super long shot] I have both 1/72 and 1/48 for trade. Or I can buy too. I am in the USA Please email me directly with offers: sjcorvi11@gmail.com Thanks Steve,
  3. YES I have it IT is absolute gem. Lot more detail than the HB and Tamiya [F4F-4] kits!! Along with their 1/48 Zero too! Steve,
  4. I would like to do my 1/48 D3A Val in markings OTHER than Pearl Harbor-Midway era ......Which seems to dominate ALL 1/48 kits [and 1/72] of this airframe. Are there any decals or color profiles of early Vals in Indo-China which I know were employed before 1941?? Thanks Steve,
  5. I am looking for the following True Details sets -72459 Ki-44 Cockpit set -72045 Ki-44 Wheel set Please email : sjcorvi11@gmail.com IF anyone has one for sale or trade?? Steve,
  6. This is a nice little bust of my favourite Cult Sci-fi Queen LOL Hope you like teh in progress shots!!! Steve,
  7. BUMP NEW KITS AND PRICES adjusted. Also recent addition from a deal that did not come to frution for the Crusader Steve
  8. F-8 Crusader SOLD NEW KIT ADded Thanks Steve,
  9. A-4E Package SOLD NEW KITS ADDED Thanks Steve,
  10. Kittyhawk Super Etendard SOLD Thank you Steve,
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