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  1. scorvi

    KH RF-101 Quickie

    Terry Smith did some nice drawing of the B. Also the drawing in FAOW are pretty good. The D& S drawings all have the same error in 1/48 and 1/72 scale plan views. Yes you are correct since the bifurcated flow to the engine should be equal on both sides of the bypass flow to the engine....so yes same size intakes. I think a plan view from top and bottom wont show too much of the angle differences in the intakes on the Voodoo from the sharper angled B to the more straight A/C. I think most modelers will ahve to live with the fault sicen KH did not see fit to fix it on teh single seat kits. I find the KH kits are only worth it for the Single seaters....the Monogram B is still a great kit in 1/48 and the 1/72 Revell kit is quite a good starting point w/ engraved details to boot...Too bad the 1/48 Monogram didnt have tooling like that? I build in in 1/72 mostly BUT do venture into larger scales for particular subjects adn this is one....But I already built the F-101A from KH a while back adn it was a real PIA adn still has a few problems. I willstick with the Valom 1/72 kits they seems to ahe the least amount of errors in cmparison to the KH kits. Now a new tool 1/32 Voodoo would be something!! Like from say Meng or Great WAl??? Steve,
  2. AS the post says I am looking for a 1/72 Sword T-28 Any variant of the USN Trainer email: scorvi@verizon.net Steve,
  3. Looking for 1/72 Sword T-28 USN TRainer Willing to buy or trade Email: scorvi@verizon.net Steve
  4. scorvi

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Valom got the Intakes correct on their 1/72 kit. Not perfect but it seems they hit the mark better than KH. I built the F-101A/C when it came out and did an article for HS. Not a fun build. I occasionally ventur into 1/48 for my favorite airframes but KH still missing teh amrk. I built their Cougars too-better but not without issue. Will be passing on this one. Steve
  5. Cougar and Vigilante SOLD NEW PACKAGE PRICE GREAT DEAL!!
  6. 1/72 Skynight SOLD New Package price!! Thank you Steve
  7. I am selling some 1/72 kits so I can pay bills and offering some nice package deals. IF you havent done business w/ me I usually ship my kits out within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of the deal w/address (or payment) and I keep constant email communication! I hope everyone can do the same! I am in the USA and I accept PAYPAL (preferred), Check and Money Orders SHIPPING is NOT included. Please email me directly at: scorvi@verizon.net Steve, PACKAGE PRICE $190.00 FOR ALL 1/72 KITS KITS ALL 1/72 Sword F-94B $18.00 -Airfix Supermarine Swift FR.5 $17.00 -Monogram F-105F $15.00 -Fujimi A-4C ‘Spirits’ w/ Pavla seat & Aires wheels $30.00 -Italeri F-100F [new release] w/ Airwaves detail set $20.00 -Hobbycraft CF-100 w/ Canuck decals & Obscuresco detailset $32.00 -PJ Productions F-84F (all resin kit) best in scale $50.00 RARE-OOP -Hasegawa TF-104G w/ Verlinden detail set $45.00 HARD TO FIND -Esoteric (Full resin kit) T-34 Turbo Mentor $25.00 RARE-OOP ] -Eduard Profi Pack Spitfire XVI bubbletop $18.00 [/img][/url] BOOKS/MAGAZINES: OFFICIAL MONOGRAM U.S. NAVY & MARINE CORPS AIRCRAFT COLOR GUIDE vol. 3 MINT $50.00 [/img][/url] Osprey B-57 Units of the Vietnam War $10.00 [/img][/url] -Squadron F-106 Delta Dart in Action no. 15 $10.00 -Squadron F9F Cougar Walk Around $10.00 [/img][/url] Scale Military Modeller: March, April and May 2018 [3 issues] $5.00 [/img][/url]
  8. SOLD SOLD USN Carrier Air Units books Thnak you