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Condensed/Expanded display broken on Unread Content

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Yo Steve,


The "Condensed" display on the Unread Content page is broken. Regardless of how the "Condensed" or "Expanded" toggle is selected, the expanded display is always shown. This error was apparently introduced in a SW update from Invision that you dutifully applied around Christmas. Fortunately, a more recent update from Invision fixes this.





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3 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

According to the admins of LSP, it was a Y2020K bug in the software (seriously!), and the latest patch does fix it.


Hm, the error showed up before 1 Jan 2020, so I'm not sure I'm buying that explanation.


As a 4 decade veteran of SW development, every member of the Invision SW development and testing teams should wear a Cone of Shame for a week.


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