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Query: Master 1/48 #48-079 B-58 Hustler Pitot Tube Length

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I am planning my 1/48 F4H-1 Phantom II prototype build using the Academy F-4B kit with Brigade Models F4H-1 conversion set. The long resin pitot tube is bent. I am looking to substitute the Master 1/48 #48-079 B-58 brass pitot tube instead. Can someone measure the overall external length of the B-58 pitot please? The Brigade resin pitot measures really close to 52mm / 2in overall.

K/r, Dutch 

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The bit that sticks out is 58mm, including the little flare that fairs it into the radome.  It's also wide - roughly 1.6mm at the root.  You could use it as gym equipment on the real thing.

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2 hours ago, f86esabre said:

Did this conversion ever get released? 

Yes, it's been at a number of shows in the UK, and it's very nice.  Can't say what the Hannants situation is.  But I do know that Kevin who makes them has some intermittent but serious health problems, so manufacture and distribution can be a bit patchy.

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