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  1. f86esabre

    Blue Angels History Question

    I'll try doing that. The list I found a while ago had no mention of the Sarasota show. I was there and have pictures and 8MM film of the show. Steve
  2. f86esabre

    Blue Angels History Question

    I had a site saved on a computer that bit the dust. So I know there was one out there. But I have been to many Blue Angels History sites and can now not find it. I am looking for the 1967 season in particular. They flew in Sarasota Florida during that year. Steve
  3. f86esabre

    Blue Angels History Question

    Does anyone know of a site that shows every show the Blue Angels have done from the very beginning? Steve
  4. During testing of new aircraft, you see a lot of external views from different angles of things like missile launches and control surface movements. I have seen low level shots on the B-58 Hustler and F-4 Phantom that look like the camera is on top of the vertical fin. Yet I have never seen documentation of the camera units themselves. Google search did not help. Any reference that you guys know. Steve
  5. f86esabre

    F-104 Starfighter

    Thats exactly what I was looking at. Still the only photo i have found.
  6. f86esabre

    large scale P40's

    Jacob Michael Brown There has only been one series of 1/32 P-40 produced by Hasegawa. The ones they make now. You said "old" in your first response. They have made the P-40E, M and N. Their P-51 is old. Steve
  7. f86esabre

    large scale P40's

    Joel W. What "old" series are you talking about? Do you mean like the old original P-51? Steve
  8. f86esabre

    New Aggressor

  9. f86esabre

    NASA F-15 ACTIVE Question

    Did you know that Hasegawa is releasing this aircraft in 1/72? I bet they will do a 1/48 also. CLICK TO OPEN EXPANDED VIEW HASEGAWA HASEGAWA 02251 NASA F-15 ACTIVE/IFCS 1/72 SCALE KIT
  10. f86esabre

    All those B-29s' on the bottom of the Pacific.

    They found the Idianapolis https://www.ussindianapolis.com/news
  11. f86esabre

    All those B-29s' on the bottom of the Pacific.

    That one has been dived on for years.Since the lake has gone down so much, natural light has finally made it down to the plane.
  12. f86esabre

    All those B-29s' on the bottom of the Pacific.

    Wow. I'm glad I asked. That is amazing and apparently there is an interest in finding them. Thank you so much for posting this.I bet there will be some that will be found eventually in better shape than this one. Steve
  13. f86esabre

    All those B-29s' on the bottom of the Pacific.

    From looking at ocean depth charts it is generally 2500-5200 feet in the area that most of the planes went down.
  14. So I was going through one of my B-29 books that I have and started thinking about something. I have seen many photos where the plane landed successfully on the water after various battle damage. It floated long enough for the crew to get out and in many cases floated for a very long time. Many man made objects seem to last for a long time on the bottom of the ocean I guess because of the cold water and lack of oxygen. Do you think at least some of these planes would still be in good (relatively)shape? Also, have you seen any information of any B-29 found by under water explorers that search for other things at the bottom of the sea? Steve
  15. f86esabre

    Red Bull AH-1F Destroyed or at least severely damaged

    Looked at the video. How can you hit a building and it not be a stupid reason? Why would the pilot ever have to hover so close? Steve