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found: Revell Saab J-35 Draken

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I just found a kit hiding in a box I'd never built back in my childhood, a 49-cent bagged kit in Revell's 'Air Cadet Series.  Had it sixty years.  


So - - -  jet folks, anybody have any idea of the scale?  Pilot in the seat (this one's never getting out, molded as one piece) looks to be an eyeball scale of 1/72.  Suppose I got lucky and this really is 1/72 scale?  


Any comments would be gratefully received.



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have a look at this ink: https://www.scalemates.com/it/kits/revell-h-111-saab-j-35-draken--966064

if it's the same kit, then you can see for yourself that you're lucky enough: it's a 72nd scale allright, which for a vintage revell is rather rare!

and, look how these 1957 vintage molds have been exploited until right now!!!

guess that you'll need some new decals as i fear that the ones provided with the kit must have aged quite too much...

happy modeling!

ciao. bobo.

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