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  1. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Joe, Guitar strings entered the conversation after you mentioned using music wire for rigging instead of the monofilament that the kit was packed with. The castoff guitar strings I have bracket the size you mentioned, one is .012", the next is .018", and it's available at no charge and no travel cost to fetch it. Problem is, two strings ain't nearly enough (two feet of each) and I'll be heading to the hobby shop to fetch some K&S wire anyway. Unless I re-string another guitar or two, then I'd have three instruments with strings less than a year old and enough wire for rigging. I appreciate the stimulus to imagination. Much obliged.
  2. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Joe, Thanks for the post. That's a gorgeous model. Mine, too, will be #44. I obtained a new set of decals from the kit manufacturer, and they're changed from the original ones, the red is much darker and they contain complete striping for the cowling. Red paint is only needed for the flying surfaces and landing gear. I was wondering where to locate the cabin interior, and the picture gives me an idea. The kit instructions don't suggest a location much more detailed than 'inside the fuselage'. I thought I remembered reading a comment to the effect that the flexible black tires interacted with the plastic wheel hubs to the detriment of the hubs, hence my question. As for the music wire, any idea of the size? (I just re-strung a guitar and I have a set of strings to donate to the cause, if the high side solid strings will do some of the job).
  3. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Started work. Time to make a choice about which wheel/tire combination to use. Is there a downside, and can it be mitigated, to using the flexible black tires that the kit has? I'm curious as to why the manufacturer would offer those tires and wheels and the need-paint wheels and tires molded with the rest of the kit.
  4. authentic decals us propeller stencilling #4802

    Just what I was looking for. Order on its way. Thanks very much.
  5. I'm having no luck finding a retailer who has a set of these decals in stock. Any suggestions as to where to look, I'd be pleased to get. (I did find one set from a dealer in the Netherlands, but 38 euros postage is a bit much).
  6. Red rims on ad-h gear doors?

    I've noticed red rims on P-47 doors, also. Nice if we could obtain an overall explanation/definition. I'm afraid I have nothing to help with an answer.
  7. tire paint?

    Thanks very much. I'll chase this one down, too.
  8. williams brothers contact

    Thanks very much. Inquiry sent. Let's see what happens.
  9. williams brothers contact

    Does anyone know of a way to contact Williams Brothers? I am no Facebook nerd and I could not find an email address on the Facebook site and I could not find any web site for the business. I'm trying to get hold of a new set of decals for a 1/32 Weddell-Williams racer; I have an original kit and the decorations are such an integral and irreplaceable part of the decorations and lettering. I think I'm hoping for a miracle to use the thirty-or-so-year-old kit decals. Thanks very much.
  10. tire paint?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like Revell paints aren't generally available in the US, but your suggestion did lead me to a Testor's Model Master 'anthracite' color which I'm going to chase down. That, I can get locally. Much obliged.
  11. I decided to do this one next. So...anyone have any experience with this model that they can share with me? And recommendations for paints? I want to be doing the #44 version, sponsored by Gilmore Oil Company. I may be asking a question whose answer is on the instructions, and I apologize if that is so. Thanks very much.
  12. tire paint?

    Thanks, folks. Last night I followed some earlier mentioned experience and ordered some Mr. Color 'Tire Black'. I'll be passing near my LHS next Wednesday and I'll try to chase down the Tamiya 'NATO black'. I'll have gone in a day's time from no unique tire paint to three.
  13. tire paint?

    Thanks very much for the advice. Just what I was looking for.
  14. tire paint?

    I thought of painting my tires with more 'tire like' paint, instead of my customary semi-gloss black. Today I bought some Testor's 'flat rubber', which has a brownish cast to it. Is that what folks are commonly using for painting tires? At any rate, I'm a candidate for some education. Thanks very much.
  15. PBY-5A conversion to PBY-5

    What's the motivation? PBY-5's were made, at least in 1/72, by Revell. Got one in my stash.