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  1. I've just started on a 1/48 Staggerwing that I'm going to put into WWII military service. So---what to paint the interior? I've had no luck grazing around online. This is a shelf model, so any reasonable idea will be better than my SWAG. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the link. Mask ordered a moment ago.
  3. I must be looking in all the wrong places, I can't turn up a canopy mask set for this model. If anyone knows of a source, I'd be grateful. Thanks very much.
  4. Thanks. L-4 is indeed the Piper involved. Kit box long gone, memory(?) didn't help.
  5. The 'under scale' part is what interests me. I built a Heller Piper L3 in 1/48 and I've read comments that it's more like 1/50, which passes my reasonability test, it's a SMALL 1/48.
  6. I bought one of these who-knows-how-long-ago to fill in my WWII group of German airplanes. I can't find a review, and I'd appreciate any comment that might be offered. Like if it's worth the trouble to build it up, or replace it with xxxx. Thanks!
  7. I hope you and yours enjoy a fulfilling holiday. Peace, everybody.
  8. John, Thanks for the advice and observations. I'll certainly keep them in mind. I was thinking similarly, using the landing gear doors for support. As for wheels, I'll dig through the spares department. Gotta have something with more detail than Pegasus' wheels. I am pleased to have any kind of MB-5, and as it's going to be a shelf model, so long as it looks like a picture of the prototype I'm happy. I do have a question about coloration: This airplane ever have a yellow underside (to go along with the 'P') ? Much obliged.
  9. Always wanted to have an MB5 model. Ran into this one today at a suitable price. Seems to be molded of grey resin, not that it matters much. But so very basic. So basic that I'm wondering what the common technique is for installing the landing gear legs. No holes in the wings, no pins in the landing gear. Bore both for wire? I think CA will be my friend. The rest I think I can puzzle out. Thanks!
  10. Asking the same kind of question about canopy masks for this model....not too evident on E***, am asking if this kit was ever issued under another label and masks for the clone might be available. Thanks.
  11. Saved me from a BIG mistake. Thanks very much.
  12. I'm looking for a canopy mask set that will fit this model. I suspect AMT repackaged or remolded some other manufacturer's kit. Any ideas what that might be? End purpose is scaring up a functioning set of masking for the glazing. Thanks!
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