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  1. Too bad we can't learn which vendor supplies the kit decals on the model we're assembling. No telling, on the outside of the box, the age of the model or the decal source. The recent posts match my experience, which was the incentive I had to inquire.
  2. Age issue? Perhaps. Also a change of decal source. Lots of possibilities, but until the first decal gets handled, not much prediction is possible. So, after determining that a particular sheet of decorations won't play nice, what next?
  3. Thanks for answering. At least I'm not alone.
  4. Has someone compared this kit to Monogram's?
  5. Folks, if anyone has a canopy/nose/window mask set for a 1/72 Italeri B-25b they're willing to sell to a good home, I'd love to buy it. Thanks!
  6. Maybe a search of sales advertisements?
  7. I've just finished placing all the decals on an Academy 1/72 P-51B. I've tried MicroSol to virtually no good end and had hardly better results with subsequent applications of Walthers' Solvaset. Any idea of what hits these things? Thanks!
  8. I just found a kit hiding in a box I'd never built back in my childhood, a 49-cent bagged kit in Revell's 'Air Cadet Series. Had it sixty years. So - - - jet folks, anybody have any idea of the scale? Pilot in the seat (this one's never getting out, molded as one piece) looks to be an eyeball scale of 1/72. Suppose I got lucky and this really is 1/72 scale? Any comments would be gratefully received. Thanks!
  9. This forum caters to display models, not flying ones. I think there's more likelihood of a reply by visiting the SAM (Society of Antique Modelers) discussion forum.
  10. Looking through my kit inventory, none of the od/gray aircraft showed an anti-glare shield. Just sounded like the wrong chord, but no, my problem was my erroneous assumption that I'd seen glareshields.
  11. I can't see how I could do a decent job masking the canopy, full of bracing and joints, of my Hasegawa P-38. I also cannot locate a canopy mask for it, but I did locate a mask for the Academy P-38. How bad could it be? The molded lines on my canopy are all but nonexistent and my thinking is that the Academy masks are as good a shot as I'm going to get to wind up with a presentable model. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  12. Yup, that's the box art that I have, although I didn't use it to guide the finish I applied. It's possible that I included the OD/neutral gray aircraft with the natural metal ones in my mind's eye. And this is an example of the need to honor documentation, not assumptions. I made a quick look at photos of OD airplanes, not a glareshield in sight. And thanks for speaking up.
  13. Just finished a pair of ancient Lindberg 1/72 kits, P-47B and a P-51b and decorated them with Xtracals od/neutral gray schemes. Neither decal documentation mentioned a black or very dark OD glareshield. Doesn't seem right... Does anyone know of any of these 2 airplanes in European ETO showing no glareshields? Thanks!
  14. Done and on the shelf. Next....
  15. Thanks, folks. I think I have enough to rationally do the lights. Much obliged.
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