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  1. I found that using Tamiya's Luftwaffe 'dark green' as the darker green on the Dornier 24T and Tamiya's RAF 'dark green' for the lighter green looked good to me, and that's what I did. The crime is complete. There is a decent separation between the shades of green that using Tamiya's xf-27 acrylic as the darker green and Luftwaffe dark green as the lighter green didn't afford, I could hardly tell them apart. Thanks, everybody.
  2. I think my search has ended well, so off to a question about Luftwaffe African paint: The blue undersides/lower fuselage sides. I cannot attribute the source but my memory suggests to me that the Luftwaffe light blue was more intense than the light blue used elsewhere. If so, any particular suggestion (like Tamiya TS-41 'Coral Blue' or TS-43 'Light Blue')?
  3. Thanks, folks. I have both AS-1 and TS-9, and I made up test strips of the 2 rattle-cans and XF-27, the brushing acrylic. Both the spray cans seem to be much 'greener' than the acrylic. I'll look tomorrow after everything finishes drying.
  4. Thanks! Got some in the paint locker. I'll test it.
  5. Thanks! I have the Tamiya acrylic brushing black green, but they don't offer a rattle-can lacquer in black green.
  6. Does anyone know of a source for 1/48 decals for the restored Me-109G 'black 6' that flew in the UK airshow circuit? I'm not having any success digging around. Thanks. And happy new year, everybody...
  7. Does anyone know of a rattle-can paint that can do a believable job of imitating this Luftwaffe color? Thanks!
  8. Not today, Seawinder, but I appreciate the heads-up.
  9. And I'm building the bottom kit today, hence my questions.
  10. Painting both of these, chrome yellow upper wing, ? elsewhere. What went elsewhere, aluminum or nonmetallic light gray? And if light gray, what shade? Thanks!
  11. Get a refund, says me. I can't wrap my head around spending nearly fifty bucks on a replacement cowling on a 1/48 kit.
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