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  1. Looking through my kit inventory, none of the od/gray aircraft showed an anti-glare shield. Just sounded like the wrong chord, but no, my problem was my erroneous assumption that I'd seen glareshields.
  2. I can't see how I could do a decent job masking the canopy, full of bracing and joints, of my Hasegawa P-38. I also cannot locate a canopy mask for it, but I did locate a mask for the Academy P-38. How bad could it be? The molded lines on my canopy are all but nonexistent and my thinking is that the Academy masks are as good a shot as I'm going to get to wind up with a presentable model. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. Yup, that's the box art that I have, although I didn't use it to guide the finish I applied. It's possible that I included the OD/neutral gray aircraft with the natural metal ones in my mind's eye. And this is an example of the need to honor documentation, not assumptions. I made a quick look at photos of OD airplanes, not a glareshield in sight. And thanks for speaking up.
  4. Just finished a pair of ancient Lindberg 1/72 kits, P-47B and a P-51b and decorated them with Xtracals od/neutral gray schemes. Neither decal documentation mentioned a black or very dark OD glareshield. Doesn't seem right... Does anyone know of any of these 2 airplanes in European ETO showing no glareshields? Thanks!
  5. Done and on the shelf. Next....
  6. Thanks, folks. I think I have enough to rationally do the lights. Much obliged.
  7. Finishing up my Monogram Kingfisher. I can't locate mention in my 'In Action' monograph of the four lights(?) on the wing upper surfaces near the tips, or the light(?) at the base of the vertical stabilizer or the light(?) at the extreme rear of the fuselage. Any suggestions about these little mysteries? Love to use them for spots of color if it's legitimate. Thanks!
  8. Much appreciate the link. Too bad I can't find a rattle-can of green zinc chromate! I realize that the museum pictures are of a current (more or less) airplane and not contemporary with the time that my model is intended to occupy, but it sure will convince me. Thanks very much.
  9. I'm assembling a Monogram 1/48 AT-6 which I'll be decorating as serving in the Korean War. Monogram went silent concerning interior colors save for those associated with the jungle gym in the cockpit. I'm hoping to get some advice as to what I'd paint the backsides of the fuselage skin that's visible in the cockpit. Zinc Chromate, bare metal, shades of gray? Last two would give nice contrast to all that tubing, but I have no idea if that has any chance of being prototypical. Thanks, folks.
  10. Arado 234: 70/71. Lucky for me I already have the paint. So much for the topside. How about the bottom? Light blue (hellblau)? Thanks!
  11. This topic gives me a headache. Me-262/Arado 234 upper surfaces camouflage: No problem with 'brown violet', RLM 81. Now, confusion. Is the complementary color dark green or light green? Published sources have, depending on the source, identified light green as either RLM 82 or RLM 83 . Same for dark green. Contradictory kit painting instructions compound the confusion. So....was the upper surface camouflage brown violet/light green or brown violet/dark green? I can't parse whether the published art work depicts light or dark green or how dark is light...and I'm trying to get the colors appropriate without respecting what the manufacturers call them. I need to pick one of the greens to paint my two projects (Me-262, Arado 234) and I feel like I've fallen down a rabbit hole. Thanks!
  12. Thanks very much. Never gave thought to the idea that the stuff was for railroads....
  13. Does anyone know whether any Tamiya rattle-can colors can do a believable job of depicting RLM 81 (brown violet) and RLM 82 (Dark Green)? Or any Tamiya acrylics? Thanks!
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