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  1. peter havriluk

    turn maroon into burgundy

    Folks, I hope I can get some advice. I am decorating an HO railroad freight car whose decal instructions say the carbody is 'burgundy'. I don't have any paint labeled such. I do have some 'maroon'. I'd like to tint enough of the maroon to more resemble burgundy. Any suggestions? Add some red? Add some white? Add something else? I think managing color tint is a high art form and I am thoroughly over my head in trying to do this. Thanks, folks.
  2. peter havriluk

    Painting a stripe on Nose cone 1/48 scale

    I've been using the Tamiya 'for curves' masking tape. Wonderful stuff, best I've seen for going around curves...
  3. peter havriluk

    1/48 masks for Esci/Scale Craft Storch

    You're not the only one who can't find a reference to an Academy 1/48 Storch. Thanks for the heads-up. I missed the bold '1/72' on the mask description. I can ignore all my earlier comments about any masking source save those for the Tamiya version.
  4. peter havriluk

    1/48 masks for Esci/Scale Craft Storch

    I have a 1/48 Esci/Scale Craft Storch and I am trying to locate a set of canopy masks suitable for it. Found masks for the Tamiya 1/48 Storch. I don't know whether the Tamiya masks might be successfully used on the Esci model. I'd originally mentioned another kit manufacturer, but their kit is 1/72 scale, not part of my search at all. I've edited my original query to remove my misapprehension. Any advice, comments, observations will be gratefully received. Thanks!
  5. peter havriluk

    Heller f4u-1 corsair folding wings

    Good things happen when we can talk to each other! Thanks for speaking up. Take care.
  6. peter havriluk

    Heller f4u-1 corsair folding wings

    Did me a favor - - - the one I thought of buying was the one with the fixed wings. I would have been right vexed if I bought it...Thanks!
  7. peter havriluk

    Heller f4u-1 corsair folding wings

    This sounds like a positive approach to my want. So...does anyone have a Tamiya 1/48 Corsair set of plans that could be posted, or send me a PM about negotiating a hard copy? Thanks very much!
  8. peter havriluk

    Heller f4u-1 corsair folding wings

    I'm considering obtaining a Heller 1/72 Corsair F4u-1 so that I can build a shelf model with the wings folded (it will have lots of company). I infer that while the outer wing panels are separate, Heller offers nothing in the way of parts or instructions to building the model with the wings folded. So, had anyone done this? I'd love some comments, advice, warnings. Thanks very much.
  9. peter havriluk

    liquid plastic cement composition?

    Thanks for the wonderfully detailed answer. Maybe I can make up something if I encounter some of the chemicals other than acetone and MEK. Sure would not be a good use of time to spend a day searching. Much obliged.
  10. peter havriluk

    liquid plastic cement composition?

    Is there any difference between plastic model cements and hardware-store MEK? Besides the spectacular price difference? Similarly, if in fact liquid plastic cement is more than MEK, is there any difference between the various brand names of liquid plastic cement? Thanks, folks.
  11. peter havriluk

    how to use 'Pmask' canopy masks

    I just received two sets of this vendor's canopy masks. The packages are labeled 'made from kabuki tape'. What's to know about using these masks? Are they self-adhesive? Like in peel-and-stick? If not, can someone describe how to use them? Besides these questions, I think I'm good to go. Thanks very much.
  12. peter havriluk

    captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    What a treasure trove of information. Thanks, folks. You've done me a bunch of nice favors. Much obliged.
  13. peter havriluk

    captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    Mercy! Seems like I got my choices... Thanks very much.
  14. peter havriluk

    captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    I have an extra 1/48 Japanese zero kit, and I'd like to paint and decorate it as the one that was photographed flying over San Diego early in WWII. Star-and-circle (no bars) national insignia. So...was this painted in USAAC od/gray or USN blue/gray, or something else? I can't tell from the black-and-white pictures what the colors were, and I haven't found color pictures. Thanks very much.
  15. peter havriluk

    caudron c.460 racer color

    Thought about that (and just maybe over-thought!). Part of my asking came from looking at my rattle-can of Tamiya 'French blue' lacquer and it sure looked lighter than I expected. But Mr. Wathen doesn't commission half-thought-out projects. Another part of my thought stream was the Bugatti racer, French as all get-out and painted much darker blue than 'French blue'. I think the blue on the restoration was color-matched to the original finish.