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  1. I'll try. It will be the first picture I ever posted to as forum.
  2. Agreed. And it's worth every penny of the five bucks I paid for it. Current prices are forty bucks. Yikes!
  3. The Revell instructions indicated that the primary interior color of the Condor was 'light olive'. Anybody have any idea if this is valid, and if so, what Tamiya rattle can comes close? Moving right along, if Revell has gone astray, what Tamiya rattle-can color could be used to approximate whatever the more likely interior color is? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the heads-up on a better Betty(sorry). But my $5.00 Hasegawa does the assigned job of 'Japanese bomber' for the shelf.
  5. Thanks for the British modeller links - - - and I think one of them offers a solution to my question: One poster mentioned that the Hasegawa boilerplate-special 'Betty' I have 'even appeared in a Frog box once'.... That aging makes perfect sense to me, seeing as how crude/nonexistent the interior detail and landing gear are. Outlines seem believable. And I've seen no Russian reissue of a Frog Betty, which would be understandable if the molds were in Japan. And those weathered finishes impress the daylights out of me. I'm in modelling's short pants compared to those.
  6. Thanks. Hasegawa was learning fast, then. This model must have been an early product of the imitative school of design. They sure channeled Airfix.
  7. Thanks to the help I received from this group, I started work on this hot mess of a kit. Brittle plastic, thick canopies, poor detail, raised panel lines, a battleship's ration of rivets - - - I have a hard time thinking Hasegawa came by this thing in-house. It loudly screams 'Airfix' to me. Am I guessing right? If not Airfix, any ideas? Thanks!
  8. I'm starting on assembling this kit, and the kit instructions say not a word about colors/decorations/markings. I received a set of ESCI decals with the kit when I bought it who-knows-when. And I couldn't scare up a Squadron/Signal book on those airplanes. My 'plan b' is to buy a set of 'surrender' decals for the airplane but I'd rather use what I have. So...Tamiya paint colors, anybody? topside green, underside blue/gray(?) interior clueless, landing gear/propellers/engines clueless. Any help will be more information than what I have now, which is none.
  9. Done. On the shelf. Looks nice, except for those huge wing struts. Back to the project I put aside to make room for this 'quickie' (Ha!) project. Did the wire bracing three times with that stretchy elastic line. . But it's done.
  10. I am in the final stages of assembling this kit and it ain't been fun. Parts are poorly detailed and many are out of scale (wing struts way too thick) and parts fit is....vague, with large gaps. Were this kit's molds purchased from some other kit maker and not sourced from Italeri's own mold developers? The kit quality is not what I've come to expect from Italeri. The kit text says the parts were molded in the Czech Republic. Thanks!
  11. Looks like in the famous words of Reverend Johnson, 'Son, you're on your own'.
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