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  1. Let's see...a 3/8" rivet head at 1/48 scale is less than four thousandths of an inch.
  2. Nobody made airplanes with gaps down the centerline of the fuselage. The 'clamshell' fabrication of the original's fuselage resulted in a join line between flush halves, which would disappear from sight when reduced in size by a factor of 48. A few years ago I spent a couple of weeks at the EAA museum assembling their BoB movie veteran 'Messerschmitt' for an Eagle hangar floor display. Weren't no gaps.
  3. Last week I bumped into a video of someone in the UK building a model for a prize in a fundraiser. What surprised me (never had considered it before) was that he didn't scrape the paint off joining surfaces, just glued it up. I have always scraped paint away from glue joints. Am I missing something and wasting my time? Thanks!
  4. Kit instructions suggest camo upper surfaces and light blue lower surfaces. The blue - - - I have some Tamiya rattle can German 'hellblau'. Good enough? Something else in a rattle can any more reasonable? Thanks!
  5. Light civil aircraft have a limited following. Perhaps yokes can be made up of brass wire of decent diameter and K&S aluminum tubing. Occupy the space and avoid the surprise of basic bits gone missing. Won't be perfect but something will be there.
  6. Enamels behave in ways that can drive lacquer-users into madness. I can identify an enamel by reading the instructions for use on the can labels. If the instructions say to recoat within a half hour or wait two days, that's enamel. And they ain't kidding about the two days. In op's case, 'q-e-d' that eighteen hours wasn't long enough.
  7. So Mr. knows-what-he's doing had a 'senior moment': Instead of coating a Herald King and a Champ pair of decal sets with Testor's Decal Bonder he went and blew on a coat of Testor's Dullcote. Oops. So: (a)Lethal error or (b) 'meh'? If 'b', then any merit to laying on a coating of Decal Bonder atop what's there? Thanks!
  8. No, no rubles coming my way. I'd bought the kit and put it aside, the Academy Ventura seemed like a much brighter idea. Gave it to a friend who recently assembled it, and in his generosity is still speaking to me. I was wondering what I stuck him with. Any chance this kit started out as a Frog mold, then Donetsk, then Eastern Express?
  9. Anybody have any experience with this model, or know of its history? Or have a review if it? Thanks!
  10. Berkeley was a prolific source of flying i.c. powered aircraft, and an icon in the model aircraft hobby right up to its demise and sale of all assets to Sig Manufacturing, another icon in the flying model hobby. This Mustang is a high-order collector's item. Put it up on EBAY and watch the flood of folks fighting over it.
  11. When there's a limited supply of something, it's hard to figure out if it's over-or-under-or-just-right priced. And with a supply of one - - - how bad does the searcher want the item? Years ago I had a 1/48 Lindberg plastic model kit of a Stinson 108, a very basic and generally crude model of a dozen parts, and someone was looking for one. We communicated, and the fellow who wanted it offered me an even swap for a very desirable control-line stunt engine, at the time one with a street value of fifty bucks. I questioned the offer, mentioning that it seemed very imbalanced, me
  12. Stuff in the aftermarket is priced by supply and demand. No external rules apply. Buyers and sellers agree and stuff change hands, and if they don't agree, stuff doesn't change hands.
  13. Finished the Mosquito two days ago, Friday August 7. Soon's I get some shelf space cleared, it'll be in sight till some future project wants its space, then it's downstairs to the chest of drawers. I have another (German) Mosquito to assemble to keep this one company for a while. Thanks, everybody!
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