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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like Revell paints aren't generally available in the US, but your suggestion did lead me to a Testor's Model Master 'anthracite' color which I'm going to chase down. That, I can get locally. Much obliged.
  2. I decided to do this one next. So...anyone have any experience with this model that they can share with me? And recommendations for paints? I want to be doing the #44 version, sponsored by Gilmore Oil Company. I may be asking a question whose answer is on the instructions, and I apologize if that is so. Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks, folks. Last night I followed some earlier mentioned experience and ordered some Mr. Color 'Tire Black'. I'll be passing near my LHS next Wednesday and I'll try to chase down the Tamiya 'NATO black'. I'll have gone in a day's time from no unique tire paint to three.
  4. Thanks very much for the advice. Just what I was looking for.
  5. I thought of painting my tires with more 'tire like' paint, instead of my customary semi-gloss black. Today I bought some Testor's 'flat rubber', which has a brownish cast to it. Is that what folks are commonly using for painting tires? At any rate, I'm a candidate for some education. Thanks very much.
  6. What's the motivation? PBY-5's were made, at least in 1/72, by Revell. Got one in my stash.
  7. If anyone has a link to the Print Scale 1/48 Bird Dog decals Ziggyfoos mentioned, I'd love to have it. I did a Google search and didn't turn them up. Much obliged.
  8. Time is passing - - - but are there decals for other than Viet Nam era aircraft available? I'm interested in the all-orange Arctic version and/or an OD airframe and yellow lettering 'US ARMY' version. Thanks, folks.
  9. That's the origin of my initial question - - - Matchbox stuff looks nice on the shelf when they're done. And assembles well. Too bad about the oversize nacelles. As for the Revell, too late. I've bought and I'm waiting for it to be delivered, a Revell J-model, which I inferred from the reviews is the MPM/Special hobby version.
  10. I don't mind the 'simplistic' characterization, I've got a flock of Matchbox stuff on the display shelf, and another one roosting there wouldn't look out of place. But the shape and proportion errors, nah. Thanks very much for the clarifying summary. Off to try to find a Revell version. Much obliged.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like a dandy idea, save for the part about cost - - - the going prices for this kit kit's is outside my budget. Not a showstopper, but for my purposes excessive. But the suggestion got me to search for a kit (hence my price recoil) but I found a Swedish Seversky P-35 that fills nicely into my WWII array of models at a price I felt good about considering, the Swedish decals - - what I would use is already in the box. No aftermarket. Thanks very much. And I'm still interested in a Matchbox A-20 if it's priced in my comfort zone.
  12. Folks, I have it in mind to build a Matchbox 1/72 Douglas A 20 (aka 'Boston), and these are seemingly made out of unobtanium. Does anyone know whether any current kit producer been making models off the originally-Matchbox molds? Thanks very much.
  13. Exactly so. The magic words 'setup' and 'cleanup'. Setup before and cleanup after each session take time that rattle cans just plain don't. Rattle cans take me far less time and cleanup than my airbrush. And wastes a lot less paint.
  14. I own and use airbrushes. Each one is a monumental PITA to set up and clean up afterwards. An hour to do a minute's work.
  15. The second picture link, of the museum aircraft, offers up a beautiful photo essay about the airplane. Thanks very, very much. Far more than I could hope for.