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  1. I've successfully used Testor's rattle-can 'decal saver' many times on decals that looked worse than these. And it'a good treatment on those ultra-thin decals that try to knot themselves up.
  2. Pacific theater? As mentioned above, avoid misidentification with Japanese roundels.
  3. I'm curious about the demographics of the kit-buying public. My suspicions are that the plastic kit hobby is supported by folks who started kit modelling in their childhood, and that few sales are being made to kids spending their allowance/odd job money on kits. Young folks have found other things to do. Does anyone have any idea if I'm reading this right?
  4. A hundred bucks (MSRP) for a Monogram B-24? Yikes.
  5. Charlie, you're absolutely right. But uninformed buyers who overpay support the undeserved prices. I think supply and demand drive price more than value.
  6. See what 'Draw Decal' can do for for you.
  7. Did Dornier actually build one in this configuration?
  8. My opinion: Enjoy the lowered flaps. The alternative is a trip down the rabbit hole of alterations. The flap section on the folding portion of the wing is down; the corresponding flap section will be down on the inner half of the wing, too. If retracted flaps are important buy a kit with retracted flaps; it looks like early days with this kit.
  9. I was tempted to start to assemble this one. I bought this kit who-knows-how-long-ago from someone in Canada who'd started taking parts off sprues, and bagging them up, but no assembly. During my inventory today: No engine cowling. Fell off the table before the kit got to me. Yuck. Does anyone have a cowling from a Special Hobby Albacore that ain't going to get finished? Or a Trumpeter Albacore cowling? Thanks! Please PM if this little miracle happens and a cowling is available. (And any idea where to find 1/48 munitions? Love to find a torpedo and bombs I could han
  10. A combined decal set is available, and I've used the 1/72 version.
  11. For what it's worth I used the Hasegawa B-17F for my 'Pub'. I was pleased. I have no idea if there is a 'best' version, everyone weighs priorities differently. I used the Hasegawa version when I had the opportunity to swap my 1/48 kit for a 1/72 one, decals and all.
  12. Thanks for the photo. Just in time, too.
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