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  1. Berkeley was a prolific source of flying i.c. powered aircraft, and an icon in the model aircraft hobby right up to its demise and sale of all assets to Sig Manufacturing, another icon in the flying model hobby. This Mustang is a high-order collector's item. Put it up on EBAY and watch the flood of folks fighting over it.
  2. When there's a limited supply of something, it's hard to figure out if it's over-or-under-or-just-right priced. And with a supply of one - - - how bad does the searcher want the item? Years ago I had a 1/48 Lindberg plastic model kit of a Stinson 108, a very basic and generally crude model of a dozen parts, and someone was looking for one. We communicated, and the fellow who wanted it offered me an even swap for a very desirable control-line stunt engine, at the time one with a street value of fifty bucks. I questioned the offer, mentioning that it seemed very imbalanced, me
  3. Stuff in the aftermarket is priced by supply and demand. No external rules apply. Buyers and sellers agree and stuff change hands, and if they don't agree, stuff doesn't change hands.
  4. Finished the Mosquito two days ago, Friday August 7. Soon's I get some shelf space cleared, it'll be in sight till some future project wants its space, then it's downstairs to the chest of drawers. I have another (German) Mosquito to assemble to keep this one company for a while. Thanks, everybody!
  5. Jon, the propellers did indeed arrive Friday.  I didn't clean out my mailbox until this morning.  I'd love to cover the out-of-pocket you incurred.  I'd be happy to send some funds  by PayPal.  At any rate, I'll hold that thought and try to help the next person I can. 


    And thanks again!

    1. jpk


      Hey, three and half bucks. It ain't gonna brake the bank. Pay it forward. Good luck with your mossie, my favorite plane. 

    2. peter havriluk

      peter havriluk

      I'll hold that thought.  Props are painted and ready to assemble.  And then the Mossie's done. 

    3. jpk


      Shoot off a photo. I bought my first monogram mossie back in 1966 after seeing 633 Sqdn. A surprise release back then as it wasn't released until some time after the movie was out. It obviously has been eclipsed by the later Airfix kit and then the Tamiya ones. I'd still like to get their 1/32 mossie but $200+ is a bit much. Take care. 

  6. Which version? Damfino. The model came my way with the bomber nose sawed off and discarded, but there were enough parts in the box to build a nightfighter version, so that's what the airframe is. I'm decorating it as if it was a PR version (bomber nose) lent to the USAAF, pr blue, red tail. Inauthentic as can be, but it'll look attractive sitting among others on the shelf, and it amounts to a dumpster rescue. I once built up a fanciful USAAF A-25 out of a Matchbox Curtiss Helldiver. Pleased me no end to have a folded-wings OD/gray dive bomber.
  7. Sorry, can't help with that. No jet projects. Let's hope somebody can help.
  8. Thanks, folks. I'm not intending to spend the price of a whole new (and unwanted) kit on two resin props. I'm trying to get a discarded and very shopworn pile of parts to look like an airplane, and what's missing are the propellers. The Tamiya advice is very welcome. So, anybody have an unused set of Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito propellers available for adoption? Thanks!
  9. I'm assembling a 'started' Monogram Mosquito I was given 20 years ago. I can get a complete airplane out of it save for the propellers. Both propellers have one blade broken off, and I'm missing one of the broken blades. On a good day, I'd love to scare up a pair of propellers for this thing. Can't locate anything on Ebay save for the pricey aftermarket (resin?) propellers for Spitfires and Hurricanes. Suggestions will be very welcome as to what makes the most sense going forward. And my scrapbox doesn't have any 1/48 propellers in it to cannibalize blades from.
  10. That appeals. If nothing else, flattening the boxes is a first step in sending them to the recycler. Thanks!
  11. Gone is very good. Space for good stuff is at such a premium, why spend it on useless stuff?
  12. Right now I have 100+ boxes and instruction sheets from kits I've assembled. Does anyone have any idea of doing anything but recycling these things? I'd hate to discard something somebody might have use for, but they're taking up a lot of space storing air. Thanks!
  13. Too bad we can't learn which vendor supplies the kit decals on the model we're assembling. No telling, on the outside of the box, the age of the model or the decal source. The recent posts match my experience, which was the incentive I had to inquire.
  14. Age issue? Perhaps. Also a change of decal source. Lots of possibilities, but until the first decal gets handled, not much prediction is possible. So, after determining that a particular sheet of decorations won't play nice, what next?
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