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  1. liquid plastic cement composition?

    Thanks for the wonderfully detailed answer. Maybe I can make up something if I encounter some of the chemicals other than acetone and MEK. Sure would not be a good use of time to spend a day searching. Much obliged.
  2. liquid plastic cement composition?

    Is there any difference between plastic model cements and hardware-store MEK? Besides the spectacular price difference? Similarly, if in fact liquid plastic cement is more than MEK, is there any difference between the various brand names of liquid plastic cement? Thanks, folks.
  3. how to use 'Pmask' canopy masks

    I just received two sets of this vendor's canopy masks. The packages are labeled 'made from kabuki tape'. What's to know about using these masks? Are they self-adhesive? Like in peel-and-stick? If not, can someone describe how to use them? Besides these questions, I think I'm good to go. Thanks very much.
  4. captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    What a treasure trove of information. Thanks, folks. You've done me a bunch of nice favors. Much obliged.
  5. captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    Mercy! Seems like I got my choices... Thanks very much.
  6. captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    I have an extra 1/48 Japanese zero kit, and I'd like to paint and decorate it as the one that was photographed flying over San Diego early in WWII. Star-and-circle (no bars) national insignia. So...was this painted in USAAC od/gray or USN blue/gray, or something else? I can't tell from the black-and-white pictures what the colors were, and I haven't found color pictures. Thanks very much.
  7. caudron c.460 racer color

    Thought about that (and just maybe over-thought!). Part of my asking came from looking at my rattle-can of Tamiya 'French blue' lacquer and it sure looked lighter than I expected. But Mr. Wathen doesn't commission half-thought-out projects. Another part of my thought stream was the Bugatti racer, French as all get-out and painted much darker blue than 'French blue'. I think the blue on the restoration was color-matched to the original finish.
  8. caudron c.460 racer color

    I am having difficulty fin6ding a mention of what color blue was the Caudron racer that was flown in the Thompson Trophy race in 1936. Current color photographs don't help, as they're of Tom Wathen's replica built a few years ago. I've read mention of the airplane being 'dark blue', which makes me think darker than 'French blue', but then why would not a flagbearing French airplane not be painted 'French blue'? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much
  9. What is a good airbrush for a beginner?

    Second to the Harbor Freight airbrush. They offer a single action (copy of a Badger 350). Dirt cheap. Good entry level tool at a budget-friendly price. I suggest learning to use the single-action airbrush before getting more complex ones. Might be all you're looking for. Depending on sales, can be as little as five bucks, ten bucks was shelf price when I got mine. Works well enough to enjoy the results. If you don't have a compressor to drive it, HF sells an airbrush compressor that I've found very serviceable. Those disposable air cans ain't cheap after a while, and they keep eating cash to keep working. It being your first airbrush, learn to use it, learn what you like and what you want, which won't be evident until you've used an airbrush and by my lights there's little gained by spending heavily on something you wouldn't buy if you knew it didn't do something you wanted. It's cheap tuition at airbrush university. Price of lunch.
  10. I'm lost. I found a source in Canada of some diecut quite narrow curved tape sold in sheets that was cut on a curve. Same source also sold diecut masking straight lines, also very narrow. I have need to do some flying surface perimeters and this stuff would be better for me than trying to make tape wrap in a smooth arc. So...think I can find the safe place I put the vendor? If anyone can point me to a source for this stuff, I'd be very grateful. Thanks very much.
  11. underwing stuff colors Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

    I'm assembling an Airfix 1/72 SB2C Helldiver. For underwing stuff, and internal ordnance, I've figured out that iron bombs can be painted OD, and it seems as if rockets can, too. As for drop tanks, the pictures vary considerably, OD, bare aluminum, white when the undersides are white, blue when the undersides are blue. For a sea blue/intermediate blue/white airplane, any ideas as to what colors are usable? The artwork I've found for the particular airplane Airfix is modelling, nobody's depicted rockets/bombs/drop tanks. Thanks, folks.
  12. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Joe, Guitar strings entered the conversation after you mentioned using music wire for rigging instead of the monofilament that the kit was packed with. The castoff guitar strings I have bracket the size you mentioned, one is .012", the next is .018", and it's available at no charge and no travel cost to fetch it. Problem is, two strings ain't nearly enough (two feet of each) and I'll be heading to the hobby shop to fetch some K&S wire anyway. Unless I re-string another guitar or two, then I'd have three instruments with strings less than a year old and enough wire for rigging. I appreciate the stimulus to imagination. Much obliged.
  13. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Joe, Thanks for the post. That's a gorgeous model. Mine, too, will be #44. I obtained a new set of decals from the kit manufacturer, and they're changed from the original ones, the red is much darker and they contain complete striping for the cowling. Red paint is only needed for the flying surfaces and landing gear. I was wondering where to locate the cabin interior, and the picture gives me an idea. The kit instructions don't suggest a location much more detailed than 'inside the fuselage'. I thought I remembered reading a comment to the effect that the flexible black tires interacted with the plastic wheel hubs to the detriment of the hubs, hence my question. As for the music wire, any idea of the size? (I just re-strung a guitar and I have a set of strings to donate to the cause, if the high side solid strings will do some of the job).
  14. Williams Brothers Weddell-Williams racer

    Started work. Time to make a choice about which wheel/tire combination to use. Is there a downside, and can it be mitigated, to using the flexible black tires that the kit has? I'm curious as to why the manufacturer would offer those tires and wheels and the need-paint wheels and tires molded with the rest of the kit.
  15. authentic decals us propeller stencilling #4802

    Just what I was looking for. Order on its way. Thanks very much.