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  1. Where is the model (not 'in my garage'but which state/city)?
  2. I'm in the midst of painting my Italeri 1/72 SM-79 and the box art and the painting suggestions don't seem to correspond with reality in regards to the exhaust collector rings which form the front lips of the cowlings. Some of the plans' suggestions treat the exhaust collectors as copper-colored rings many inches behind the cowling lip. And then the copper coloring....I found a photo of one hanging in a museum (Italy?) whose exhaust collectors looked like dull stainless steel, which for me makes sense. Any suggestions to help me sort this out will be much appreciated.
  3. That's what I do - - - 1/72 bombers are plenty big. I settled on 1/48 single engine, 1/72 multi engine, exceptions for availability.
  4. My opinion is to concur. a 1/48 B-29 is HUGE. Like three feet in wingspan. Seeing as there is no one kit overshadowing all others, I suggest obtaining the Academy kit and set out on this Sisyphian task. I think there's good reasons why all the other manufacturers took a pass.
  5. I have a pair of Italian WWII aircraft to paint, both being gray/blue underneath and dark green top and sides. A long while ago I obtained a bottle of Model Master 'Italian blue gray' and a bottle of Polly Scale 'Italian dk olive green'. Using these means breaking out the airbrush. The SMER 1/48 Reggiane re.2000 kit instructions mention 'Hellblau H65' and 'Dunkelgrun H30' which appear to be Humbrol identifiers. Which sounds a lot like colors I already had in Tamiya rattle cans. I don't much trust the rough-and-ready kit instructions. Anybody have any ideas ab
  6. I have a Grumman F6F I intend to decorate as a first-generation 'Blue Angel'. Somewhere I picked up a comment that these were not painted Deep Sea Blue, but a lighter shade of dark blue. Any reason why Tamiya rattle-can 'Navy Blue' wouldn't work? Thanks!
  7. Any ideas whether the canopy mask for the Roden Beechctaft D17 staggerwing might fit the AMT G17 staggerwing well enough to be of use? Thanks!
  8. A cursory look didn't offer up any window masking for the Fujimi Seasprite, but there is availability of masks for a 1/72 Clear Prop 1/72 model. Any idea if the Fujimi model can accept the masks for the Clear Prop kit? The Fujimi kit seems quite chunky and I'm wondering if it is both accurate in scale (1/72? Really?) and outline. Love to use the masks if they're 'close enough' but there's no use if they're much dissimilar in size. Thanks!
  9. I've had this in inventory for 30 years, finally going to assemble it. The instructions are 'basic'. Anybody have an idea what the interior colors are on these Cold War machines? And the blue exterior. Fujimi figured blue plastic did the job. I'm partial to Tamiya rattle cans. Ideas? Thanks!
  10. All true. I have assembled the Academy 1/72 model with its open canopy, and if it was easily done in 1/72 it surely was possible in 1/48.
  11. I have five A/M Mustangs to be assembled, P-51, P-51A, A-36, F6-A, F6-B. When searching out canopy masks, I don't guess I need to obtain a mask particular to each individual type. I suspect Accurate Miniatures used the same canopy mold for all of these variations, allowing me to buy five of any mask that fits any one of these variations. Make sense, or have I missed something? Thanks!
  12. Mark Twain Hobby Center (mth-hobby on Ebay).
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