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  1. Janman, thanks for the reply. Never paid much attention to the shininess of the different paint series, I just learned something today! The glossiness or flatness of the finish is not of particular importance to me, as I flat-coat my models after applying the decals. I am more interested in how close the color of these two correspond to each other.
  2. Near's I can tell these 2 are interchangeable shades. Make any sense? I have a project calling for light blue and I have a can of French blue in inventory. Close enough? Thanks!
  3. Just went looking for new releases (like in the last few years) from Pegasus and turned up no mention of any models at all on the Pegasus web site. Does anyone know if they've departed the marketplace? Thanks.
  4. Thanks very much! I can't imagine needing more information. Wonderful!
  5. I'm in the midst of assembling a Tamiya B-339 Brewster Buffalo as a Finnish aircraft. Aftermarket decal set helped with the exterior colors, bur I'm at a loss for the non-exterior coloration. My guess is to use US Navy colors.- - - Which were? Any advice or clarification will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Another thanks! Looks like the camouflage upper/aluminum lower is possible, too. Choices, choices!
  7. Thanks very much. I'm cheating on timescale; the 'sky' version cheats less.
  8. I'm about to apply finish to a 1/72 Gladiator and I ain't sure about the kit's painting suggestions (Airfix). As Airfix has it, uppersurfaces are dark green/dark earth, undersides are aluminum under the empennage and upper wing, lower wing and fuselage are black/white. I've seen drawings where the undersurfaces are 'sky' instead of black/white/silver. Seems ambiguous. Anybody have suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Just acquired a Matchbox Halifax, and the decals are useless, covering tissue has stuck to the face. But these are quite complete, and I'm hoping to find somebody who's got a set languishing in their decal pile who'd be willing to share them with me for a suitable price. Or any other RAF bomber decals that can be used. Thanks!
  10. Planning to paint a model car with as close to the authentic paint shade as I can scare up in hobbyland. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what that might be? Thanks!
  11. I've found that layering lacquers atop enamels works fine (think 'hot rod'primer atop anything) BUT the enamel as to be thoroughly cured, as in several days of air drying. Not like lacquer atop lacquer, which is seriously tolerant of painters in a hurry.
  12. Manufacturer is Aviat Aircraft. Give them a call (NOT email for a first attempt, maybe somebody's answering.).
  13. Let's see...a 3/8" rivet head at 1/48 scale is less than four thousandths of an inch.
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