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  1. peter havriluk

    P-51C 'Thunderbird' racer colors

    Airplane's painted and assembled, waiting for decals to dry before clearcoating the whole thing. Thanks, folks.
  2. peter havriluk

    wait time after applying decals

    I just finished applying decals which I treated with 'MicroSol' during the installation. How long should I wait before clearcoating the model? Hard for me to guess, as the decals aren't water-soluble and I'm waiting for the water the decals were applied with and the decal-setter to dry. And now I'm lost. I could wait overnight, but I'd like to get an idea of how long is required for the water used in applying the decals and the setting solution to go away. I've only done 40+ models and I've never asked this question, but it's never to late.... Thanks very much.
  3. peter havriluk

    P-51C 'Thunderbird' racer colors

    Thanks! I'm waiting on delivery of a set of Draw decals. I suspect that my question would have been answered if I'd had the decals in hand. Thanks very much. Now I can paint even if I'm still waiting on the mailman. Goody!
  4. peter havriluk

    P-51C 'Thunderbird' racer colors

    Contemporary descriptions mention that this Bendix racer (1948-1949) was painted 'cobalt blue' and the yellow trim was 'gold'. I can figure out the gold, I think, as it's probably going to match the yellow on the decals, but the blue leaves me wondering. Any idea of which rattle-can color offers a reasonable version of 'cobalt blue? Thanks very much.
  5. peter havriluk

    WANTED: Monogram 1/48 P-51b tailwheel

    Joe, after I posted my plea for help, I fished around and made up a turned-down 1/72 mainwheel from the scrap box, on a piece of wire, and I think I'm good to go. I'm building 'shelf models', not museum pieces, and what I have I think will look just fine on display. The tailwheel is mostly hidden by the gear doors, and what I did looks quite natural, no jolts to the eye. Thank you very much for offering the bubbletop tailwheel. While I've built up one of those, I have no idea of how much is shared with the B-model. And the D-model is now sleeping in a dresser drawer. I am grateful, and I think that I won't trouble you for the tailwheel. Thanks very much.
  6. peter havriluk

    WANTED: Monogram 1/48 P-51b tailwheel

    I did some preliminary priming yesterday, and today when I went looking, the clamp where I'd held the tailwheel to paint it was empty. Somehow the part snapped out of the clamp and went who-knows-where in the shop. No joy finding it. Had that kit on the shelf for 30 years and I lose a part the first day I did any work on it. Yuck. Is there anyone out there who has a spare-parts pile that could cough up tailwheel? This one is molded with the strut and fits between three bosses inside the fuselage, two on one side, one on the other. Or any 1/48 tailwheel/strut and I can work up a mount? Please PM me to work up details. Thanks, everybody.
  7. peter havriluk

    looking for Sikorsky R4

    Anybody have a kit available for sale in 1/48 or 1/72 of this pioneer helicopter? I've not had luck finding one so far. Thanks very much.
  8. peter havriluk

    1/48 Hawker Typhoon???

    What's wrong with the Monogram Typhoon?
  9. peter havriluk

    looking for 1/48 p-51c racer decals

    Red Pegasus' owner states on his ordering page that he is 'not currently accepting new orders'. Once again, no joy. Still looking for kit decals. Thanks!
  10. peter havriluk

    looking for 1/48 p-51c racer decals

    Two good leads, thanks folks! Looked at both No joy. Closest I came is a set of 1/32 decals, but I'd need a 1/32 Mustang to go with them.
  11. peter havriluk

    looking for 1/48 p-51c racer decals

    Anybody have a set of these Accurate Miniatures decals that can be pried out of the spares box in exchange for a reasonable reward? Thanks!
  12. peter havriluk

    New 1:72 scale Hawker Hurricane

    We can always use a new anything!
  13. peter havriluk

    1/48 bird dog decals

    Thanks for the link. Not quite what I was looking for, but lots closer than the kit decals. All I want is decals that say 'U.S. ARMY' in yellow. Pre-Vietnam, I think. Maybe I need to buy some lettering and make up a believable if not prototypical ser of decorations. Orange would be nice. I once built a r/c Bird Dog done up that way. Very colorful to look at and very satisfying to do.
  14. peter havriluk

    1/48 bird dog decals

    does anyone know of 1/48 decals for a U.S. Army L-19? My kit decals are for a US Air Force aliuminum finished airplane and I wand to do mine in OD. Thanks very much.
  15. peter havriluk

    SMER 1/48 Piper L-4 scale

    I think that's the most rational interpretation. At any rate, I'm happy to have it. It will keep my Norseman company on the shelf of utility and liason aircraft.