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Hi guys


Here I will post some photos from the Spitfires, I am currently building. I would like to ask for some advice, since these are my first builds (alongside with a F 16). Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the early stages. I used the Spitfires mostly to gain some experience using airbrush. For airbrushing I used a H&S Ultra airbrush, for the PRU schemed airplane I used AK's 3rd gen acrylics, while for the day fighter I used Humbrol Enamels. Both models were primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 and preshaded with black color, for the metallic base I used AK's True Metal Silver. I manage to get a better surface quality using AK acrylics.









A lesson that I've learned while painting is that "never chip before masking". I think that both of them look over weathered. For weathering I used some Winsor & Newton and Abteilung Oil paints (Ivory Black for smoke, Raw umber for fuel leaks, Raw umber + dark rust mix for oil leaks, Raw umber + zinc white mix for the dust effect) and AK's paneliner for Grey and Blue camo. For the decals I used

Tamiya's Mark Fit Strong and Softener.







For the PRU Spitfire I also used the same oil paints but with a much cleaner finish.





Currently the F 16 is on hold because I am waiting the shipment of a resin exhaust nozzle, but know I feel more confident to continue the F 16.






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19 hours ago, scotthldr said:

For someone that’s new to the hobby, that’s some seriously impressive work.👍🏻

Indeed! Keep on modelling!

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Damn, how good are you going to be when you become a veteran at the hobby!


At 1/72 scale, those Spits are epic, the weathering is perfect.


I mostly build in 1/72 as getting a great result is a greater challenge than in  bigger scales.  You have nailed it 👍

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