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I just received the new 1/48 Kinetic MQ-9, actually the original SkunkModelWorks with new decals. I will build it as one of the recently armed Reapers deployed by the French Armée de l'Air in Niger in support of Operation Barkhane. More specifically it will be 709-EH-132







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While the kit seems to give a great rendition of the (very large!) Reaper, it suffers from three main issues:

  • Poor main landing gear bay, totally open in its rear part so one can see the inner part of the model if left as is
  • No engine intake/exhaust, with the same consequence: the inside remains fully visible if left as is
  • Injection issues (sink marks) - a bit on the fuselage, a lot on the wings

For the landing gear bay, limited documentation is available and it's not so visible after assembly so I simply added plasticard:






For the inlet/exhaust, the geometry was too complex for my scratch-building skills so it was a perfect occasion to test my new 3D printer :)






Finally, the sink marks were simply filled and sanded 😉










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Thank you Rob, soo useful. The kit's bay shape is quite wrong, something I overlooked at first but now I can't say I don't know :rolleyes:


As it comes in the box, note the sharp angles, as if the Reaper was a stealth fighter :)



After modification, the outline is much smoother



And I added the inner center beam



Next time I'll do this before I join the fuselage, this was a bit annoying at this late stage but well worth the effort, thanks Rob again for the input! :thumbsup:



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