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Color question for 767 parts

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I'm working through (finally) my resurrection of an old Revell 767-300 kit (old AA colors). 


What are some color recommendations for:

1) The fan blades and spinner? - Flat black with some kind of wash?

2) The little swirl on the spinner - how do you guys do this anyway?

3) The exhaust port? It looks like there are two colors here - a rust and some metallic.


Any thoughts are much appreciated.


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I usually do my blades aluminium or stainless steel, sometimes I add a bit of dark grey mixed in depending on the engine and aircraft, the spinner is black.

The swirl is white, apply it very carefully with a fine brush. Some kit's decal sheets supply the swirl theses days if you are lucky, not so with this older boxing.

The exhaust would also be aluminium or stainless steel (forward section) and then I use 'burnt iron' for the rear section.

The intake lip looks dull aluminium to me as well.


Here is the same kit with aftermarket decals




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Ray's description is a good one.  Spinners generally are black, blades are metal (from medium aluminum to dark steel in appearance - depending on age and weathering).  Cowl lips might be fairly bright polished on delivery, but they dull out fairly quickly.  Wing/tail leading edges were generally a bit less dull than the cowls.


Ray's model is a beauty!


Mike (former B757/767 driver)

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