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  1. 757flyer

    On VX-4’s Bicentennial Phantom.

    Per this discussion, it seems at least one Israeli Phantom had fixed slats:
  2. 757flyer

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    No worries, I was trying to play well with others... This C-133 would be quite colorful, but all that color would have to be painted:
  3. 757flyer

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Please do, I am curious, as this is not a thread in the Caracal page...
  4. 757flyer

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

  5. 757flyer

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Yes, due to the size of the stencil elements, the 1/72 decals are broken into two sets, but the 1/144 ones are a single sheet. The more decal options there are available, the better for the hobby.
  6. 757flyer

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Just as an FYI, there is a sheet available for ANG C-124s from DRAW Decal: https://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=44-C124-1
  7. 757flyer

    F-35 Current Paint

    Based on the appearance in this photo, am I safe in the assumption that 1:1 F-35s are now painted overall in one gray (no more light grey tape on all the raised seam areas), with the exception of the leading and trailing edges of the horizontal stabs? http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-Martin-F-35A-Lightning-II/5427525/L
  8. 757flyer

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    That's what the Navy has done with the P-8A fleet. Two aircraft in each squadron have tailcodes and squadron logos. The remaining aircraft have no unit markings, only the aircraft numbers/Bu Nos
  9. 757flyer

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    I believe Welsh Models is planning to release a 1/144 KC-767/KC-46 kit in the future. Should have a vacuform fuselage with the rest in resin (but I am not certain on that breakdown). Welsh offers a 767-200 fuselage (vacuform) for converting the Revell kit.
  10. 757flyer

    Yefim Gordon Su-27 Famous Russian Aircraft

    Are the line drawings in the revised Gordon book considered accurate? If not, is there a better source for scale drawings for the current production Su-27SM, Su-35S and Su-34? Thanks!
  11. 757flyer

    IAF F-15 Baz Pylon

    Torch, Many thanks!
  12. 757flyer

    IAF F-15 Baz Pylon

    Saw this photo while researching some IAF aircraft: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Israel-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-F-15D-Eagle-Baz/1994270/L Is the curved outboard missile rail on the wing tank pylon an IAF-only item to accommodate Python 3 missiles? I don't recall seeing one like that on other Eagles. Thanks!
  13. 757flyer

    Yefim Gordon Su-27 Famous Russian Aircraft

    Ken, Mine has the correct Sukhoi. And you are right, this thing is a beast. The dust jacket took a bit of a beating in transit from Jolly Old England (sold out on this side of the Pond), and when I opened it and saw and felt how big it was, I am amazed the spine wasn't completely trashed and all the pages busted loose. Great resource for all the Flanker kits I have amassed, and those yet to come this year 😉 Mike
  14. Just received my copy of the new revised release of Gordon's Su-27 book. All I can say is WOW - over 700 pages, packed full of great information. Couldn't believe how thick this one is. Great to have this volume available again for a realistic price, and updated to boot. Per the Crecy website, a revised MiG-29/35 volume will be released in April: http://www.crecy.co.uk/famous-russian-aircraft-mig-29
  15. 757flyer

    IAF F-16D vs F-16I

    Does anyone have, or has anyone built the Skale Wings -D kit? Can't really find a build review of it online. Thanks!