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  1. Looks like the Michigan ANG one that got the stripes had them painted on the full flap uppers. It was a full airframe repaint, but it would not be unreasonable to paint your flaps with full stripes too...
  2. This photo would seem to indicate a later (as in after the original painting of the aircraft at the factory or depot) black overspray of the darker green, with the 436th AW lettering having been sprayed around: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-C-5B-Galaxy-L-500/1409479/L The cockpit area mask/refueling alignment stripes appear to be either a darker black, or a different sheen of gloss... The tail black lettering/numbers appear to have been oversprayed. This one seems to show a very dark green (or possibly faded black) overspray of part
  3. Saw this image online and was reminded of an earlier ARC discussion about the Euro 1 scheme for C-5s: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-C-5B-Galaxy-L-500/7386235/L Here is the original thread: This Airliners.net image looks very much like black was painted over the areas that were originally the darker green (34092). Was the Galaxy unique in this use of black, or did any other MAC types get this variation (I assume applied in the field, NOT at PDM/Lockheed)? Thanks!
  4. One thing I had not noticed before (and maybe it is not fleet-wide) is that the horizontal stabs actually overlap the NAVY titles on the fuselage - more so on some airframes than others it seems... As for the carrier silhouette on AG211, they just returned from deployment with CVW-7 aboard USS George HW Bush (CVN-77), so the silhouette is likely either CVN-77 or a generic Nimitz Class ship.
  5. Most folks are familiar with the older Christmas markings on the Jolly Rogers CAG jets (F-14 and Super Hornet), but I recently found these newer (current?) versions for more than just Christmas - and they are on the low-viz frames... The new Christmas one: New Years: Valentine's Day: St. Patrick's Day: Easter: Thanksgiving: And then my favorite is this Heritage one: This photo from the same series would seem to indicate that the traditio
  6. As far as markings go, the only difference between the white-top HMX-1 -53Ds and the "standard" ones is the white paint on the doghouse and tail rotor shaft cover? The rest of the markings are what is seen on the overall green ones, or am I missing some details?
  7. Those photos are GREAT! Many thanks! In the first photo, it appears that the tank stripe on 203 is more vertical (like those in the original photo I referenced) than 210's tank stripe. Any guess as to what time frame the second photo would be from? Thanks again!
  8. I recently started digging into VF-84 markings variations for the Tomcat Era, and came across this photo. I have seen it before, but had not noticed the stripes on the external tanks. They do not appear to have chevrons within the stripes, but I can't confirm that due to the resolution. The stripes appear more vertical than what was seen in the later VF-103 days: I haven't found any other photos yet of these tank markings in the 1980ish time frame for VF-84, or any other tank markings across the Tomcat Era for VF-84. Was this a very limited-time thing? Than
  9. I bought an item from them in one of the EBay auctions, and had similar great service. 3-4 business days for delivery, good price, well-packaged. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again via EBay or directly. Also hoping some of the other classic Squadron lines reappear, like True Details.
  10. One image that has shown up online hints that the aircraft might not be 'completely' destroyed. Seems to show that not only is the tail intact, it is not laying on the ground, hinting at the possibility that the airframe is still mostly intact... FMuj_CrXwAENXEt (1170×1087) (twimg.com)
  11. I was referring to the 1993-dated 2161B. It shows the low-viz scheme, but in the details, it lists the full-color scheme colors for the Nat'l Insignia, call numbers, etc. Wasn't sure if the same colors from the 2000s 2161s were the same used in the early/mid-1990s for the markings. The later 2161s I have do show FS35237 for the markings, I just wasn't sure if that was correct for the 1990s, or if a different gray was used. Thanks
  12. Had a question about the tactical scheme USMC Hercs wore in the 1990s: All sizes | 148897 KC-130F VMGR-252 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Per the official 2161 guide, the colors (from top to bottom) are FS35237, FS36320 and FS36495. What color are the markings (Nat'l Insignia, call numbers, etc)? That 2161 lists black for some items and full color blue/red/white nat'l insignia. Are the markings FS35237, or something else? Thanks in advance!
  13. By chance, does anyone have an extra copy of the DK Decals 1/72 AVG Hawks decal (72072)? There seem to be some available at several Czech Hobby Shops, but none ship to the U.S. Thanks in advance, Mike
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