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  1. Many thanks for the replies!
  2. Have a couple questions about the Top Cat... First, is the configuration of the F-14A in this image a typical one for Tomcats, or just early ones? This is 159013. Note only the inner-most section of the flaps are down, and the leading edge slats are up: Second, in this photo of three late VF-84 Tomcats demonstrating different mission loadouts, what is the pod hanging on the starboard forward Phoenix pallet on the lead aircraft carrying the TARPS pod? Is it a variant of the AN/ALQ-167? Thanks!
  3. Laurent, Many thanks for the comparison work on the various kits! Where did you find the Grumman drawings?
  4. Does anyone know if Replica in Scale produced a reference guide for the Blue Angels? I have seen one they did for the Thunderbirds that is great, but have never seen a similar one for the Blues. https://www.westover.afrc.af.mil/Portals/81/documents/patriot/1976/tbirds_part01.pdf?ver=2019-02-27-113837-980 https://www.westover.afrc.af.mil/Portals/81/documents/patriot/1976/tbirds_part02.pdf?ver=2019-02-27-113828-717 Thanks
  5. If I might ask another question, does anyone know what the red bar in the center of some of the clouds signifies in these mission markings from Desert Storm? Combat mission refuelings vs. non-combat ones? Thanks!
  6. Da SWO, many thanks for that info. I did find some more photos (none very close unfortunately), but it definitely appears to be the 434th shield - the older one with the white globe in the lower portion, and the solid yellow circle in the upper right, as in the attached image, which was a carry-over from the TFW days.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The SAC shield was worn on the left side of the fuselage. I’ve never seen one on the right side (I’m happy to learn otherwise) From what I have found, the 434th was redesignated as a Heavy Air Refueling Wing in 1987, and is credited with KC-10 ops from 1987 to 1994. https://flightlineinsignia.com/product/434th-air-refueling-wing-black/ To the best of my knowledge, KC-10s were never actually assigned to Grissom. Perhaps 434th personnel rotated to Barksdale as an associate unit with the 2nd BW? I have found other mentions of the 434th being associated with the KC-10, and their own history page lists the KC-10 among their aircraft lineage: https://www.grissom.afrc.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/174557/434th-air-refueling-wing/ Not that it is in any way conclusive evidence, but the Hasegawa 1/200 Nose Art KC-10 release includes a 434th shield for the right side. I just want to make sure that at least that one KC-10 did indeed wear a 434th shield and was hoping someone might have direct knowledge. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what the shield aft of the SAC Milky Way band is on this Barksdale KC-10? I know the forward shield is the 2nd Bomb Wing one. I am pretty sure the aft one is the 434th ARW one, but I can't find any closer shots to confirm. In addition to the 2nd BW, 22nd ARW, 68th ARW, and 452nd ARW, are there any other unit shields that were worn by KC-10s on the right side of the fuselage in the delivery white over gray scheme? (not counting the AMC ones that were worn on the nose after SAC went away) Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. So are the box outlines on each side of the fuselage possibly optional pieces to allow the modeling of early vs. late -Hs? This piece would have the appropriate cabin window arrangement - all in line horizontally for the early birds, or with the second window slightly higher on the late airframes. The right side image seems to show the LAIRCM fairing on the aft fuselage - a standard fit on many current aircraft. Looking good so far!
  10. Unfortunately, those parts are in 1/48 scale. As far as I know, no one ever did an actual conversion set for the Pave Low in 1/72, which is what I work in. WhirleyBird (Bits) did the rotors, and there are some detail sets for avionics compartments, the tail fold, main rotor head, and some door guns, but nothing for the rest of the exterior mods. Thus, I am left with trying to find a copy of either the Italeri or even rarer Fujimi MH-53J kits...
  11. Many thanks for the replies! I did find out that WhirleyBird had replaced the Pave Low blade set in their catalog with a set of the same composite blades for the German CH-53Gs. So, at least I have the blades covered. Mike
  12. Tank, Thanks for the link. I had read a couple places about the overspray not being fully opaque, which explains the look of the national insignia above. Will do a paint test to see how best to replicate the look of the nat'l insignia and the faint sections of the black and green camo pattern. Interesting to see in the AH-1W pics in the Zone-Five thread that on some birds, they didn't bother to restore the nat'l insignia that got partially painted over, but they did go back and repaint the MARINES titles. Mike
  13. Thanks again guys for the additional information! Will have to see if I can track down the serials and more photos of the 4 -Ts. So far, I have only been able to confirm 160818. From that good shot of the gaggle of AH-1s and UH-1s Whiskey linked, the -T in it that had gotten the overpaint did not have tail letters or a serial number reapplied (at least at the time the photo was taken). I will take a look at 35237 as well - that would make sense to have used it. Mike
  14. Gino, Thanks for the reply. That is indeed a great looking model! The Pave Low rotors also have a slight clip or sweep at the tip of the leading edges, as well as a tab on the trailing edge near the tip: They are not an exact match for the -E model blades, but are closer in shape to those than the original H-53 blades (square roots and tips), I am just not sure how much work it would be to modify the -E blades versus adding plastic to the roots of the square CH- blades... There was a resin set of main blades for the MH-53 released by WhirlyBits, but it is long Out of Production... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/whirlybits-wba72026-sikorsky-mh-53j-pave-low--158310 Thanks Mike
  15. Whiskey, Many thanks for the pics. I had found a few of those that were -Js (first two photos), which seemed to show the same overpainting of the tri-color camo with a light gray. Sarathi, Thanks for the confirmation on 269's paint use. From what I can find, only 3 -Ts were deployed with them. I know basing color matches off photos is not 100% accurate, but to me the gray used appears close to 36375. Until I try it out on some scrap plastic, I think I will plan to go with that... Thanks for the help! Mike
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