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  1. Saw this pic today, and was curious about the travel pods: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Fairchild-A-10C-Thunderbolt-II/6399849/L Are the "fins" on the bottom of the travel pods legs so the pod can sit on the ground (or other flat surface) without the need for a cradle, or do they serve some other purpose? They can be seen on the aircraft in the background as well. Can't recall seeing these on pods before... Thanks!
  2. Gunny, Many thanks for the info. It definitely had a more satin sheen than the other two. I completely understand the desire to keep such a complicated machine running once you get it started. Kind of like the C-5 - great machine once it got going, but they tended to break when they stopped (at least the pre-M birds). And you're right, the -Echo is a beast! Thanks again, Mike
  3. A trio of Ironhorse -53Es stopped by the local airport on Sunday. One of them appeared to be in a new scheme I had not seen before. It looked to be overall 35237 with black, or VERY dark gray, markings. Like this: It isn't as noticeable in this photo (not mine), but having the one sitting on the ramp next to the other two in the traditional multiple grays scheme, it was obvious that the overall gray on this one is clearly darker and more blue than the 36375 used on most of the airframe in the previous scheme. Is this truly a new scheme the whole fleet will be transitio
  4. RedArrow, many thanks for the Japan MOD paint chart. That Aoshima C-2 guide is the one I had mentioned in the original post, and was the only one I had access to at the time. So those are the formulations you will see recommended in the instructions for the decal set I was working on. The subsequent Hasegawa kit instructions for the C-130 in the new colors utilized different Mr Color color mixes. The Zvezda 1/72 C-130H kit lists straight (non-mixed) Tamiya colors, though I haven't looked yet to see if those are better/closer recommendations. The follow-up question now is wh
  5. RE: Desert Storm -Es, SuperScale did have a sheet with 4th TFW markings that were in the D.S. era. I was using that sheet on the early Hasegawa kit back in the early 90s (have since lost the kit in a box with a few other In-Progress kits from those years) The sheets are 72-617 or 48-401. All I have is one of the old black & white SS catalogs, so I can't verify the exact dates represented, but it is listed as 4th TFW, not 4th Wing. Hope this helps...
  6. What was the AF Serial/Bu.No. for that first USAF H-53C that was the white top HMX-1 bird? I assume it would have kept the USAF H-53C tanks? Thanks!
  7. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6307191 Ray's description is a good one. Spinners generally are black, blades are metal (from medium aluminum to dark steel in appearance - depending on age and weathering). Cowl lips might be fairly bright polished on delivery, but they dull out fairly quickly. Wing/tail leading edges were generally a bit less dull than the cowls. Ray's model is a beauty! Mike (former B757/767 driver)
  8. In case folks were curious, the current DRAW Herc collection includes TN ANG, AR ANG, PR ANG, ID ANG, Minneapolis AFRES, Iraqi AF, JASDF Euro-1, JASDF Light Blue, JASDF new Blue-Gray, RAF "Custard & Crud", NASA, Lynden Air Cargo, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska "Golden Nugget" A number of other sets are in the works, with the release of the Zvzeda kit likely to lead to a few more.
  9. Many thanks for the replies!
  10. Have a couple questions about the Top Cat... First, is the configuration of the F-14A in this image a typical one for Tomcats, or just early ones? This is 159013. Note only the inner-most section of the flaps are down, and the leading edge slats are up: Second, in this photo of three late VF-84 Tomcats demonstrating different mission loadouts, what is the pod hanging on the starboard forward Phoenix pallet on the lead aircraft carrying the TARPS pod? Is it a variant of the AN/ALQ-167? Thanks!
  11. Laurent, Many thanks for the comparison work on the various kits! Where did you find the Grumman drawings?
  12. Does anyone know if Replica in Scale produced a reference guide for the Blue Angels? I have seen one they did for the Thunderbirds that is great, but have never seen a similar one for the Blues. https://www.westover.afrc.af.mil/Portals/81/documents/patriot/1976/tbirds_part01.pdf?ver=2019-02-27-113837-980 https://www.westover.afrc.af.mil/Portals/81/documents/patriot/1976/tbirds_part02.pdf?ver=2019-02-27-113828-717 Thanks
  13. If I might ask another question, does anyone know what the red bar in the center of some of the clouds signifies in these mission markings from Desert Storm? Combat mission refuelings vs. non-combat ones? Thanks!
  14. Da SWO, many thanks for that info. I did find some more photos (none very close unfortunately), but it definitely appears to be the 434th shield - the older one with the white globe in the lower portion, and the solid yellow circle in the upper right, as in the attached image, which was a carry-over from the TFW days.
  15. Thanks for the replies. The SAC shield was worn on the left side of the fuselage. I’ve never seen one on the right side (I’m happy to learn otherwise) From what I have found, the 434th was redesignated as a Heavy Air Refueling Wing in 1987, and is credited with KC-10 ops from 1987 to 1994. https://flightlineinsignia.com/product/434th-air-refueling-wing-black/ To the best of my knowledge, KC-10s were never actually assigned to Grissom. Perhaps 434th personnel rotated to Barksdale as an associate unit with the 2nd BW? I have found other mentions of the 434t
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