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CH-53's in 1/48th scale

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I have been looking around the forum for awhile now, and decided to take the plunge and post some of my CH-53 builds.  I have been an avid modeler for over 40 years, but never really go into the hobby the way I should.  I retired in 2018 after 33 years in DoD, 22 years active duty Marine, CH-53A/D/E crew chief, and 11 years as a DoD contractor supporting the H-53 program office in Patuxent River Maryland.  In 2018 I headed home to Seattle to build airplanes with my Dad full time.  We have in the barn right now, a 1942 Mitsubishi A6M3-32 "Hamp" fighter.  Been restoring/rebuilding for the past 7 years.


With moving home and having more time on my hands....well I thought I did.  I decided to get back into the hobby after a 15 year lay off.  I still toted my plastic collection from SoCal to AZ to MD then to WA, so its time to build again.


Wow has the hobby changed.  The work on this forum is spectacular.  The after market products, the decals, the finishes, my learning curve is steep!!  So here are a few builds I have been working on for fellow Marines I served with in various 53 units.  I do try and print custom decals for them, so we can put their name on the side, choose a side number, BuNo of their choice.


The kits I will I have finished since June 2020:


Academy 1/48th  CH-53E, HMH-462, YF-59, 164359 "Thunder-59"

Academy 1/48th  CH-53E, HMH-466, YK-07, 162483 "Wolfpack-07"

Academy 1/48th  CH-53E, HMH-462, YF-00, 164360 "Thunder-00"

Revell 1/48th CH-53A, HMT-302, UT-00, 154877 "Pheonix-00"

Revell 1/48th CH-53D, HMH-362, YL-07, 157736 "Ugly-07"

Revell 1/48th CH-53D, HMH-462, YF-53, 157157 "Thunder-53"



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