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  1. Due to an unfortunate heat gun accident while trying to droop my rotor blades, I need 1 (one) AH-64 1/48 Revell/Monogram Main Rotor Blade. Thanks!
  2. Seems like a good enough place as any to insert a random AH-64 question so here goes...Is there anybody making "A" specific decals anymore? I've got an old Monogram kit and would like to get some decent decals for it. The originals are pretty clapped out. Would "D" model markings work or too obviously wrong?
  3. Mr. BuckeyePhantomPhan is the real deal! Just received this kit and the Airfix kits he had for sale. One word: Perfect. Deal with confidence.
  4. $30 shipped for all three? I'll take them if that's the case.
  5. I see what you're saying. The wheels on the gun cart are definitely faceted.
  6. Long shot but thought i would ask if anyone had a stock cockpit & bang seat (maybe you installed a resin set?) for a 1/48 MIG-23 Flogger? Specifically its a MLD Flogger K but not super worried about accuracy. I can get a resin set from China for ~$22 bucks shipped (also not a K) so I guess I've got a viable fallback if this doesn't work out.
  7. Very nice! I wish they would repop the Echo, used prices on them are ridiculous.
  8. International scale modeller had a video build series on the 1/48 Airfix Bf109 that I followed start to finish. Great little beginner level video series.
  9. What kind of resin printer are you using?
  10. Check out plasimo on YouTube.That guy has a lot of diy stuff. Great production value as well.
  11. I've never used modern Academy decals so I thought it was a question worth asking. I've had good success with some manufacturers getting spare parts: Kinetic and Tamiya spring to mind as the gold standard, but I was also successful getting a replacement part from Meng with a little more hair pulling. No luck on Airfix and now apparently, no dice on Academy either.
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