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  1. According to reports his parachute became entangled with the ski ramp. You can see it in the video at the very end. I'm guessing he was recovered hanging off the bow of the ship. Sounds pretty terrifying but maybe not as much as getting run over by the ship.
  2. Great reading! Thanks for posting!
  3. Good deal. I love dealing with their customer service. Makes my purchases of used Tamiya kits off Ebay much less nerve wracking.
  4. Try Tamiya customer service. If they've got one, they'll send you a replacement for free.
  5. I have tried multiple times with no success either.
  6. I just got this off of eBay but unfortunately there were no decals included. I have never even seen this scheme before so I was wondering if there were any aftermarket decal options for the 1/48 SH-3 Bicentennial? A Google search revealed that there doesn't seem to be many options available. I feel pretty confident that there is no hope of trying to get them directly from Hasagawa as this was a limited kit.
  7. Not the OP, but a fascinating thread nonetheless. Thanks Rob for your detailed explanations. Makes me want to give this a shot!
  8. B-1 uses the F101 engine while the F-15 would have the F100 or F110 engine.
  9. Due to an unfortunate heat gun accident while trying to droop my rotor blades, I need 1 (one) AH-64 1/48 Revell/Monogram Main Rotor Blade. Thanks!
  10. Seems like a good enough place as any to insert a random AH-64 question so here goes...Is there anybody making "A" specific decals anymore? I've got an old Monogram kit and would like to get some decent decals for it. The originals are pretty clapped out. Would "D" model markings work or too obviously wrong?
  11. Mr. BuckeyePhantomPhan is the real deal! Just received this kit and the Airfix kits he had for sale. One word: Perfect. Deal with confidence.
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