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  1. 6K Posts! Record? Long live the AMK 1/48 F-14 Thread!
  2. Getting close to 5k posts too
  3. Nicely done review Paul. You show very well the not so nice mold quality from Airfix. In regards to your video...I think the level of sophistication in your video production continues to get better and better - you're definitely producing a commercial quality product. Bravo!
  4. How much for the, "Revell 1/40 I am a spammer, please report this post."? It's listed in your new items.😀
  5. Guys, check out the seller's feedback. All positive scores on $0.99 cent items. There's a lot of these .99 cent items. But first big purchase you come to...a $90 purchase on the first page that, while still positive feedback, states, "Item never came didn't go through customs got refunded". Second page of feedback..."Extremely smart scammer! Look carefully at positive feedbacks! Save your money!". Looks like the seller uses these little .99 cent purchases to up his feedback score so he looks legit to lure in the higher dollar purchasers. Search seller feedback for "fullback" or "kittyhawk" and there are no hits. Likely no one has actually received what the seller is selling. Fullback sells out and he mysteriously obtains some more to sell to folks at an unbelievable price. See where I'm going here?
  6. Just thought I'd point out that Tinker is in OK, not KS. Not that there's a ton a difference but...
  7. Heard they were doing a server upgrade
  8. An update to this post by 109Ace. I received a brand new wing set from him to replace my original OV-10 set. He reached out to me, offered a replacement set, and shipped it on his own dime. Now that's customer service! I for one, am very impressed that a manufacturer would reach out to some anonymous guy on an internet forum (me) and offer to do that. I WILL be doing business with him again and I hope his business continues to grow and we see even more detailed resin sets from him in the future.
  9. He's been banned from Hyperscale as of yesterday (according to Brett)
  10. I've had a similar, excellent, experience with Gary at Tamiya. Excellent customer service and fast, free replacement of a two damaged kit parts. They actually replaced the entire sprue.
  11. I'll take Monogram 1/48 EA6B prowler I also tried PM. No joy.
  12. Saw the Revell 2019 release list somewhere, maybe Britmodeller?, and it looked like they were repoping most of the classic Apollo kits for the anniversary.
  13. I bought the complete Bronco set. IMHO, it was less than impressive. Maybe I was expecting too much but most of the long components, stuff like the leading and trailing edges of the wing components were not strait,. Not warped but bowed inward along the pour lines if that makes sense.I don't think it can be corrected. You can heat resin to take the warp out but I don't think you can do anything to fix this. The rocket tubes exhibited the same bowing. Cockpit and wheel wells looked usable as well as the wheels. Guess the smaller parts held their shape better in the mold? Granted it was a cheaply priced set so I think the old adage you get what you pay for holds true.
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