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  1. Nice. I'll keep a look out for it.
  2. I've had good luck with both Meng and HobbyBoss/Trumpeter. Meng was better, with no charge for replacement parts, HobbyBoss/Trumpeter wanted shipping covered. A reasonable request in my opinion and for a reasonable amount as well.
  3. Is that a down draft spray booth? I'd love to see more of that. I'm planning on building my own when I redo my workspace.
  4. Having just bought a 58d I found this thread via Google searches for builds...awesome work on this from almost a decade ago!
  5. Just in case the world wasn't already aware, kernsc is a stand up guy and a gentleman of the highest order! He hooked me up with my missing canopy. Bravo Zulu sir, and thank you again!
  6. Interesting, thanks for that. The only one I was aware of was the Two Bobs version and that's sold out.
  7. That would be awesome! Much appreciated! I'll send you a PM.
  8. I bought the metallic paint set from Vallejo. So far I have only painted wheel wheels so I haven't really tested the durability yet. It does spray and look great. I have previously used the AK Xtreme Metal for NMF finishes and that stuff is fantastic! And smelly. And harder to find...
  9. Does anyone have a spare canopy for a Monogram F-105D? Somehow the kit I bought (used of course) has the G model canopy (which isn't going to work on a D model) Thanks in advance!
  10. I fixing to find out as I just ordered the up-rise.
  11. Thank you sir! It's knowing the right search terms I guess. Appreciate the help!
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