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  1. Agreed, f-22 on approach looks ridiculous with those mains.
  2. Anybody remember Red Baron for PC? That was a great one.
  3. I contacted them several weeks (maybe a month?) ago when the pandemic was in full swing about a missing part from a used kit I bought. They replied promptly but said there might be a delay in shipping the part since they are in CA under COVID restrictions. The part still showed up pretty quick - like maybe only a full week or maybe a week and a half after I contacted them. They provided the missing part for no charge. I am very impressed with their customer service.
  4. I have contacted some sellers that have these crazy $40-50 dollar shipping fees and asked about their high shipping prices. Sometimes I get the "you want me to ship it in a padded envelop?" response but sometimes I've been surprised when they reply saying they've adjusted the box specifications and suddenly the shipping is now a reasonable price. I'm not sure if some sellers are just entering oversize dimensions or weights to be safe which drives up cross-country shipping prices. I don't think as a seller they can see the shipping price if they select the "calculate shipping" option when they list.
  5. No problems with moving my kits cross country in August. I did keep all my paints with me in in car with the a/c on. Not sure if that was necessary either but I did it just in case.
  6. Well, it still looks fabulous.You did a great job!
  7. I appreciate the replies guys. I thought the F-4 was on the way out back then and there would have been few flying, so it's a nice surprise to know the Phantom was still going strong back then. I guess it makes it easier to pick one to model (and not be wrong) since so many were still flying (accumulated from the replies above): F-4G, F-4E, RF-4B/C , F-4S, F-4D.
  8. Nice! Thanks guys, I knew I came to the right place!
  9. I'm asking the great hive mind of ARC the following...I remember as a youth, living near Barstow CA area in the late eighties/very early nineties that we would get some very low Phantoms flying over the house (as well as OV-10s!). This traffic peaked around the annual Red Flag exercises. I have a distinct memory of being on a 4-wheeler and getting buzzed by a Phantom and being able to see the pilot in the cockpit. I also remember Dad getting pissed at the sonic booms rattling the house (I loved 'um). Anyway, does anybody have any idea what model Phantom those were as well as who might have been flying them at the time?
  10. pm sent about this one: Academy F-4J, Kit 12305, box is still in original shrink wrap, $35.00, shipping included
  11. Found them under the "sold out" tab. Thanks for the link, at least I know there might be something out there for sale by individual.
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