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Just heard about these guys last week visiting my local hobby shop. Couldn't believe my eyes, an Aurora 1/96 727 pre-pop!


Had to grab it!



40+ years and $100 separates these two kits from the same molds. One stays on the collection pile, the other will be a TWA build!


3rd grade in 1972 is the last time I built this kit.



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You missed their 1/72 DC-9 in Hughes Airwest and TWA colors!


Also, Atlantis is about to repop a pair of old Revell "box scale" jetliners:

The Boeing 707 in 1/139 scale, presumably in American Airlines decals since they call it the "Astrojet",  American's tradename for early jet service.


And the Convair 990 in 1/135 scale in unknown decals. When released in the '60s it came with Swissair and SAS decals and Atlantis usually does a new version of the original kit decals.

But Vintage Flyer makes a wide range of decals for it.


Both kits are scheduled for a June release.

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