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  1. https://www.shapeways.com/product/7ZCB3XLW3/douglas-c-124-globemaster-ii C2j
  2. I like your work! Very well done with your scratch upgrades. I don't see these Heller helicopters built very often. Thank you for sharing! C2j
  3. Get some Perfect Plastic Putty. It fills areas like you are working with, but cleans up with water. That way you don't have to sand off all those boiler plate rivets. Hate to see you loose all the detail. 😄 C2j
  4. I don't know. does this help? http://rzjets.net/aircraft/?parentid=11&typeid=42&frstatus=3 C2j
  5. I think the correct expression would be "properly leaned" for normal operations. Ken is correct about the light gray color coming from the TEL content of the fuel. Yes, the "staining" carried all the way back to the tail. C2j
  6. Whatever you might say about him, he's got a helluva right hook! LOL! Your detail work is impressive! C2j
  7. micro-film "copies" of the engineering drawings "blueprints" for many / most of the U.S. military aircraft are with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. It is often possible to purchase copies of these drawings on microfilm rolls. Today there is a small issue of finding a microfilm viewer as technology has moved on. The Smithsonian does not have the funding to copy these microfilm rolls into digital media. Here is a listing of "B-17" related documents and such in the Smithsonian collection. I'm not 100% sure that the engineering drawings are listed, but this will give s
  8. That's a 1959 Cessna 172 with some "artistic" makeup applied. C2j
  9. Well....there IS the Mauri / Tilt Models 1/36 scale 172 (wheels or floats). I think you'll have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding one. Then there's the Monogram Cessna 180 in 1/41 scale . 😉 Of course if you can get off the Cessna kick, there is a 1/24 scale DHC-2 Beaver. Do a google search as several have been incorporated into diorama's. Everything else seems to be 1/48, 1/72 or 1/144. I look forward to watching your progress. C2j
  10. Wonderful paint and weathering. I think the A-1 is hard to get right because it is so dirty with exhaust and oil. In my opinion, you have hit it out of the ball park. Home run!! Great job. C2j
  11. Gidi, To the best of my knowledge, Miss America has NO controls in the back seat. Without fuselage modifications the back seat is very confined. No two Mustang rear seats are the same. I have some pictures (not Miss America). If you will PM me your email I will send them. Please share any pictures you might get. C2j
  12. Looks like you put a lot of extra effort into this build. From what I can see, it looks like a great build. Wish I could have something this nice in my display cabinet. Just my opinion, but I think the pictures would be better with a light colored background or the use of a flash. Thanks for sharing! C2j
  13. Loki, That''s some nice work! I'll enjoy watching your build. As a resource, you might want to find the Me-410 build by "chukw" over at Hyperscale. Great build with lots of great information. C2j
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