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  1. Hey, HEY! Don't rush him! C2j
  2. Dai Phan Could you scan the decal sheet and "fix" the green and print a "fixed" copy? Yes, it would take some patience. Maybe you could scan and have someone with a Circuit Cutter cut out some masks to spray? C2j
  3. I have a complete sheet for the Revell/Monogram kit. Yours for the asking and a PM'd address... Monogram Huey Hog.pdf C2j
  4. Just to make sure we are ALL on the same page here, I think it helps to understand two propeller terms: back and face. The back of the propeller blade is (contrary to normal thought) the surface that faces to the front of the airplane i.e. the side of the prop that has the logo's and stencils on it. The face of the propeller blade is the side that the pilot is looking at as seen from the cockpit. The most wear on a propeller is on the leading edge and the face of the blade (the side the pilot sees. The closer to the tip, the greater the wear. YES, the finish (paint)
  5. Typical of the US military. That's one EXPENSIVE gas passer! LOL !! Nice work. C2j
  6. That instrument panel looks really nice! I know it is kit part placement, but how long do the pilots legs need to be to fly that thing? LOL !! C2j
  7. Remember that they rudder is completely fabric covered. The surface and the silver "dope" it is painted with (outside of the rudder stripes) will have a different reflectivity than metal / painted metal. C2j
  8. Love your work with the slats. The 1/72 cockpit OOB is, well, interesting. LOL!
  9. I'd say your assumptions are correct. C2j
  10. I seem to recall that the Aurora short body UH-1 came with the SS-11 rockets.
  11. The only Commodore models I have seen are scratch built. Bill Bozworth scratch built an amazing 1/48 N.Y.R.B.A. Commodore a couple of years ago. His attention to research and detail were impeccable. I know he had decals printed by Vintage Flyer Decals. I believe the model was displayed at the 2019 Chattanooga IPMS Nationals. This is the only picture I can find at the moment. There might be more pictures on iModeler.com. C2j
  12. Very nicely done! Now all you need is an AVG P-40 to display as an adversary. C2j
  13. I'm not sure if the venerable Revell 1/32 kit of the Corsair is actually the correct version for a Royal Navy build. Plenty of pictures on the web. I can't wait to see how nicely your build turns out. Please share pictures! C2j
  14. Oh! Hell! I looked at the first four pictures thinking that they were the real airplane you were modeling! I thought it was neat that you caught it from various angles on multiple approaches. Then I clued in on the wire for the stand but wondered "How you could get that same pole in all the pictures?"! Your build is really nice and your photography is excellent. Be proud! C2j
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