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  1. Aren't those the points you earn from Tapatalk? C2j
  2. I took some time looking online. You'r currently right - none available as a stand alone kit. The staff car IS available as an add on to the Tamiya P-51 kit. This combo can be had on e-bay with free shipping for about $38. You just have to wait a month for it to come from Japan. If this works for you, I'll give you $15 for the P-51 (shipping included). You will have yout staff car for ~$23 which is cheaper than I have ever seen it on e-bay. If you are interested, PM me. C2j
  3. I would search on airlinercafe.com C2j
  4. 100 Pages for this thread !!! And nearly 5 years from the first post?!? Good grief man. It's time to wrap this up! Oliver, your work is STUPENDOUS. The quality of your detail and scratch building are best of the best. Let's "Git'er done!" C2j
  5. Boeing only ships 737 fuselages by rail. Typical railroading scales are: "O" = 1/48, "S" = 1/64, "HO" = 1/87, "N" = 1/160. You didn't say which scale your flatcar is. Her is a listing of all the 737 kits (ever) made. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q=*&fkSECTION[]=Kits&fkGROUPS[]="Aircraft"&fkCATNAME[]="Jets"&fkPRODUCER_COUNTRY[]="US"&fkTYPEGROUP[]="Boeing 737" Looks like 1/72, 1/100, 1/125 and 1/144. These are the more common airliner scales. There are a few oddball box scale kits like the Aurora/Monogram 1/96 scale 727. Good luck with your search. C2j
  6. Cubs2jets

    Metallic paint

    DOH !!! C2j
  7. Doyusha has been around for a long time. I don't know if their instructions were ever printed in English, but they all had assembly illustrations to help the builder understand the Japanese text. LOL! C2j
  8. I have no first hand knowledge. The Pavla kit is marketed for the Roden T-28. Lone Star Models also make a resin cockpit for the Roden kit, but state that it can be adapted to fit the Monogram kit. I'd assume that the Pavla cockpit won't be a drop fit, but can be adapted to fit the Monogram fuselage. C2j
  9. The Heller L-4 was originally listed as 1/50 scale. I think late boxings may have said 1/48. The actual airplane has a wingspan of 35 ft 3 inches or 423 inches. 1/48 scale would be 8.8125 inches. 1/50 would be 8.46 inches. What does your finished model measure? C2j
  10. But of course. It's TOP SECRETE !! C2j
  11. Chriss, Others will chime in, but I think you are mostly correct. I've seen the issue discussed a number of times on various modeling sites. I seem to remember someone "trumping" the conversation with North American information. Dare I ask "Have you tried Google?" C2j
  12. So...... Do you let anybody / everybody pick up your built models to look at the bottom? Of those that do, how many would know or care about this minute detail? Sometimes these "fatal flaws" are mosquito bites...IMHO. C2j
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