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  1. Cubs2jets

    Pavla 1/48 Trojan T-28 cockpit...

    I have no first hand knowledge. The Pavla kit is marketed for the Roden T-28. Lone Star Models also make a resin cockpit for the Roden kit, but state that it can be adapted to fit the Monogram kit. I'd assume that the Pavla cockpit won't be a drop fit, but can be adapted to fit the Monogram fuselage. C2j
  2. Cubs2jets

    heller scale sizes?

    The Heller L-4 was originally listed as 1/50 scale. I think late boxings may have said 1/48. The actual airplane has a wingspan of 35 ft 3 inches or 423 inches. 1/48 scale would be 8.8125 inches. 1/50 would be 8.46 inches. What does your finished model measure? C2j
  3. Cubs2jets

    Researching SR-71 Ground Equipment

    But of course. It's TOP SECRETE !! C2j
  4. Cubs2jets

    Ah-1z cockpit

    AH-1Z seat:
  5. Cubs2jets

    B-25H interior colors

    Chriss, Others will chime in, but I think you are mostly correct. I've seen the issue discussed a number of times on various modeling sites. I seem to remember someone "trumping" the conversation with North American information. Dare I ask "Have you tried Google?" C2j
  6. So...... Do you let anybody / everybody pick up your built models to look at the bottom? Of those that do, how many would know or care about this minute detail? Sometimes these "fatal flaws" are mosquito bites...IMHO. C2j
  7. Cubs2jets

    Stinson Reliant in British service - colors?

    I spent about 30 minutes googling around. I'm sure you found this picture as easily as I did. Lots of V-77 pics. Might copy the camo pattern. Good luck. C2j
  8. Cubs2jets

    1/144 EC-135 ARIA

    Those "ribs" are lightning diverter strips. If lightning were to strike the non-conductive radome, they give it a path to the metal airframe. In real life they are about the thickness of 1/32. They're also about 1/2 inch wide. Here is some information: https://www.lightningdiversion.com/diversionstrips.aspx C2j
  9. I remember when you started this build thread. I looked at your pictures and said to myself "Man, that guy has it going on!" Your knowledge of the real plane and your skills as a modeler have really shined in this build. Thanks for the ride! C2j
  10. Cubs2jets

    Iron Division Resin Products

    Hey! Hey! Don't everybody answer at once. C2j
  11. Cubs2jets

    P-38 Lightning

    In my opinion, your picture on the right shows the "best" parked posture. Yes, loaded or empty has some effect on the stance of the parked plane, but the P-38 seems to be pretty close to a balance on the main gear. If you look at the picture on the right, the main wheels are the fulcrum point. You are not going to be able to add much weight aft of the wheels. Fuel, external ordnance and the pilot are very nearly centered over the wheel. about the only "weight" forward of the main wheel is ammunition for the guns and/or cameras. I think the photo on the left shows a P-38 that has been pushed back into a parking space by a tug. When the tug stopped, momentul caused the aircraft to "rock" back on the main wheels, extending the nose landing gear strut. Inflation pressure of the strut can also effect the "stance". C2j
  12. Any body know about this company? Are they gone - gone? If not anybody have contact? (e-mail, website, facebook) Thanks, C2j
  13. Cubs2jets

    Max Holste Broussard 1/72 Scratch Built Masters & Models

    Stephen, Really nice Bush Ranger! I have really enjoyed following this thread from the beginning. It has been a great tutorial AND the end results are really nice. Thanks for sharing. C2j
  14. Has anybody done a conversion to this kit with parts from Black Dog, Gaso.Line or Tank Workshop? I am interested in purchasing your left over truck bed parts (bed, sides, front and tailgate). If you have these parts, please contact me at: twoj3s at yahoo dot com Thanks, C2j
  15. I'd be surprised if they didn't copy Tamiya. Sooo... I'm working to build a GMC G-506 4X4 like this: I ordered the "short wheelbase" conversion for the 2/12 to 6X6 which gives me the correct 9 foot bed. I also ordered the winch for the front bumper. The parts are well molded with some flash clean-up as expected. I still have some work to do as I still need to shorten the new resin shortened frame to get down to the right length. It won't be perfect, but it will be good enough for my purposes. This is what the conversion kit gets me: I essentially need to cut out the section between the cab and the bed and invert the rear springs for a single axle. Shouldn't be too hard. C2j