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  1. That may be true, but there are no bad guys hiding in the tree line!! C2j
  2. Curt You sound like just the modeler that Eduard made this set for. Go for it! Me, I'd just work at doing the best job I could with what comes out of the box. Careful fitting and gluing, minimal filling and sanding. Preserve what Tamiya worked so hard to give me. C2j
  3. A real airplane - just not a military one. Australian registered civil O-1. C2j
  4. Delanie, From what I see, you did a terrific job on the Mosquito. What I really like is that the Mosquito is NOT the main attraction of the display - your figures are. They really bring the display to "life". Well done! C2j
  5. Hmmm... I thought F-104 cockpits were gray with black "boxes"? C2j
  6. Well Peter, Piper didn't alter the airframe but Hobbycraft did. Much too tall in the cabin area, PLUS they molded in the J3 style windows. You could build a facsimile of an Army O-59 or Navy NE-1 - or a civilian J3. C2j
  7. Peter What rock have you been living under? LOL!! The newly released Special Hobby L-4 is apparently pretty nice. I look to get several. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh48218-l-4-grasshopper--1397204 C2j
  8. I can't speak of the "E" version specifically, but what about the "A"? Are you going to fabricate retractable landing gear? I like where you are going. I think a dozen above and beyond your needs would be a good amount to be cast. Your marketing will be the issue. I'd keep my eyes open for build threads and jump in with your part(s). C2j
  9. This is about as close as I can come. That would be Huey on the left...
  10. Really nice job there! You even caught that the very first XP-38 had inward turning props. Well done. C2j
  11. From WiKi: The aerodynamic configuration of Tejas is based on a delta-wing layout with shoulder-mounted wings. The control surfaces include three-section slats on the wing's outer leading edge while the inboard sections of the wings have additional slats to generate vortex lift over the inner wing and high-energy air-flow along the tail fin to enhance high-AoA stability. The wing trailing edge fits two-segment elevons to provide pitch and roll control. The only empennage-mounted control surfaces are the single-piece rudder and two airbrakes, located in the upper rear part of the fu
  12. It has been said that "everything" that could be painted Gulf Orange was. Lore has it that at one time even even the tire sidewalls were painted orange. These picture may show that - or not... But, you asked about the Gulfhawk IV Grumman G58. You are correct that there seem to be very few pictures of Gulfhawk IV. This is the only picture I have where you can see the landing gear. It looks to me that "everything" was painted Gulf Orange - gear legs, insides of main and aux gear doors and maybe even inside the wheel wells...
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