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  1. Try http://air-graphics.co.uk/index.html Click: Conversion Sets > Page 2 C2j
  2. Cubs2jets

    Sicario 2 Blackhawks

    The registration is not valid in FAA database. First digit cannot be a 0. There are civilian versions (Sikorsky S-70) and there have been some surplus sales of UH-60A models since 2014. C2j
  3. Cubs2jets

    1/32 Kiowa.

    Isn't this really the old IMC kit? C2j
  4. Diego, Before I exceeded my "Google search for someone else" time, all I could find were gun pods for twin M2 .50 cal. Search DGP-1 gun pod and there are several drawings. C2j
  5. Yes, a Stinson Reliant cowling/engine would be a possibility. You may also want to look at Engines & Things http://www.planet.eon.net/~engthg/ and see if thye offer anything that might help. C2j
  6. Cubs2jets

    Options for 1/48 Wright J-6-5 Whirlwind?

    Engines & Things http://www.planet.eon.net/~engthg/ offer both R-760 (J-6-7) and R-975 (J-6-9) in 1/48. They also offer Kinner B-5 five cylinder engines (no front exhaust). They also offer engines of other countries that may be a basis for your project.. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress! C2j
  7. I don't know of anything specifically made for your needs. If I were you, I would look through the aftermarket selection at Hannants and see if there is anything for other type aircraft with similar cowlings. If I were you I would look carefully at kits like the 1/72 Airfix/MPC and Heller Arado Ar-196 and Henschel Hs-123 and think about purchasing one of these kits to use the cowling/engine as a starting place. You may have to modify and resin cast several copies for your project. Look at every round object in your house. Is anything of the correct diameter that could be sliced to make the circular cowling? Think outside the box. Go to a craft store and look at stick on rhinestones for cowling bumps. (You might even look at your wife's clothing and see if you could strategically remove a few decorations that would work.) In this scale, even two layers of tape cut to the right shape and painted with several layers of paint may be enough to represent the bumps. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! C2j
  8. Cubs2jets

    Flightline Engineering 1/48 B-29 Detail set

    So, in simple terms, the nacelles are not improperly molded i.e. molds wrongly cut, but they "warped" when removed from the molds and needed to be persuaded into contact with a bit of sanding and rubber bands. Seems like a problem the average modeler can overcome with a little patience? Of course it always helps to see pictures of how somebody else successfully overcame the problem(s)! C2j
  9. Cubs2jets


    If that's your worst...I quit! LOL !! Really nicely done. C2j
  10. Cubs2jets

    Hughes 500P.

    So...Hughes took a 500C/OH-6A and installed a 5 blade main rotor system, a 4 blade tail rotor and sound proofing around the engine. I've heard 500C's/D's and OH=6A operate and had the impression that the majority of the sound produced was from the main / tail rotor systems. Anybody here actually hear "The Quiet One" fly that can give an opinion of just how quiet it was? I doubt it was silent like the mythical "Black Helicopters". LOL ! C2j
  11. Cubs2jets

    1/48 von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

    I thought it was when Hauptman von Mittens couldn't untie the knot and all the other pilots laughed at him? C2j
  12. HAJO, I think that looks really good! Even the "real" big Mother wasn't painted to specifications. I think you have captured the flavor of the subject. Can't wait to see her finished. C2j
  13. Cubs2jets

    Hurricane identification

    I guess you missed the swastika on the tail and the people in German uniforms around the plane... C2j
  14. Sorry for the small picture. Look for the red line running from above the engine intakes to the lower edge, forward of the tan. Also look at the lower part of the sliding door. C2j
  15. HAJO, Your work is always impressive. It seems this time you have chosen a subject with few reference pics! I looked at the picture you linked, and when I zoom in I think I see two colors of green. What do you think?