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  1. Small update working on more graphics. The first image is the basic paneling that is under the impulse engine exhaust which is still in the works for proper fit. Here the weathering details have been roughly added just to see if I can do it by hand with a pencil. Side by side with my reference source. For right now, the graphic only fits widthwise. It still needs to be shortened vertically to fit as seen on the studio model. Tracy
  2. I agree 100%. That is the model. I hear Rod Rodenberry is trying to get it back. I'm curious if it will be refurbished or left as is. IMO It belongs in the case with the 11ft model. Tracy
  3. I have this kit. looking forward to the build. I have a 777-300ER already ordered as well. Tracy
  4. I discovered a repeating pattern used in the Excelsior's trench (blackened in). The deflector grid is in 15deg pie wedges, but the pattern is only 10deg wide. This causes the pattern to vary in position from one wedge to the next. Furthermore, a copy of this pattern is cut in half width-wise to fill in under it for the inner half of the trench. The plan is to draw this pattern by hand in my scale so it can be scanned and cleaned up digitally. This will allow me to make paint templates using a cutting machine like a criqut.
  5. Calling the master's pretty much done for top surfaces. There are blue panels that are on the sides of the superstructure that come next. A lot of clean up and tweaking was needed. Some of the fine pinstriping were too big and had to be completely redone to fit properly.
  6. Good news... Vintage Flyers has finally created the masking set for this kit. When I receive them, I'll get right in to the painting of the bare metal TGA aircraft from the 1970 movie "Airport". Tracy
  7. I'm posting this image again because I've made a discovery! If you look closely, you can see a thin silver line all the way around the blue field framing the bridge dome. This will be fun to recreate since Alps Printers that could print silver have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Note the railroad track paneling in the blue panels. Apparently, Bill George (the supervisor for building the Excelsior studio model) says these panels were painted using left over friskets from Death Star 2 in "Return of the Jedi". John Eaves is also looking into to these for me as well. He's friends with several
  8. Beautiful build! You've done great work on this and your other builds. Tracy
  9. The NX version of the studio model actually saw three names on it in the Trans Warp configuration: The Excelsior, as well as the Hood and the Repulse in early season episodes on the Next Generation. Other than name changes, the changes to the "conventional" Warp configuration with no painting changes were: The Bridge Dome, The round aft hanger bay dome to a box shape, and the removal of the single large Trans Warp dome for two smaller conventional ones. The Warp dome changes were actually no physical change to the model. They simply made a tomb stone shaped panel with greebles on i
  10. Masking finished, ready to shoot the two blue colors. After drying, I could help but see how they looked placed on the masters to see if everything lined up. Pretty happy with the results. I do have quite a bit of clean-up to do from leaked masks. Then I'll scan them into my PC. All the paint masters all together.
  11. Most of the pinstriping going in before masking off the main panels...
  12. Since I was able to pull off the graphic for the primary hull, I've decided to create decals for the superstructure as well. This part will be a lot easier. Scratch-built NX bridge sitting on its paint template. The studio model reference for this bridge configuration. All the templates hand cut to the size and shape of the masters sitting in their respective positions for the decals. Reference for all the paneling and pinstriping that will be hand painted onto their styrene canvases to be later scanned, digitally
  13. The last image above had an error in it and has since been corrected. The next layer of paneling had to be cut by hand as a stencil using Tamiya tape. Stencils set, Paint applied. Masks removed... Touch ups made and the darker blue boarder is airbrushed in. Calling it DONE! The painting was then scanned in, tweaked digitally, then test printed on to printer paper to check the fit to the masters... Here the test print is laid down over an image of the studio model.
  14. Masking off the tan panels and the core of the superstructure's template is completed.  The Blue is shot... Masking removed completing the preliminary part of the paint work. Some clean-up to do, then on to the layered detail paint to come.
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