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  1. Yeah... Gonna have to get a set of these! Thnx CJ
  2. DITTO on Vintage Flyers!!! Does GREAT work with wonderful decals and masks. HIGHLY recommended, especially if your an old school livery fan like myself. ;-) Tracy
  3. As a retired S-3A/B Viking SENSO/RAG Instructor, I'll be watching with interest. Tracy
  4. The two forward mounts arrived. They look absolutely awesome! I'm even happy with the diameter they printed in. No changes needed. I need to take a few shots and put them on my PhotoBucket. Tracy
  5. all ready ordered. Will post pics ASAP. Thanks for the work! Tracy
  6. Hey CJ, 

    could you just connect the top and bottoms with something they can print with. I’ll just cut it off and reassemble with 1mm brass rod.



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      Hey CJ... I ordered two for just in case. I'll post pics when they get here.



  7. CJ, If you would, just get it to where it will print the diameter it can handle and I’ll do the rest. Thanks, Tracy
  8. I had to strip off all the decals to a project I did a while back because the adhesive had turned amber. Bad because the model was gloss white! (1/24 scale Peterbilt Wrecker). As I removed each decal and got them off the backing paper, I had to rub off the adhesive with my fingers and a soft paint brush until the carrier film showed clear. To get the decals to stick to the model, I used Elmers glue thinned with water to a consistency of super skim milk. The model is over 20 years old now, and the decals are still on and look pristine. Placed at IPMS Nationals in Orlando to I might add. I'm betting the tough time you had getting the decals off the paper was just that - the decals only. The adhesive never left the paper. Try the white glue solution, and use a setting solution if you feel you need it. Tracy
  9. Beautiful work CJ. As a retired Navy flyer and Aviation historical enthusiasts, you are staying true the era you’re modeling. The scheme of the jets and the bombs having a single stripe with no thermal coating. Nice nice nice! Tracy
  10. https://garagekitsuscolors.com/products/categories/trek-colors.html
  11. Getting back to planning on the large NX Excelsior project. It’s sat long enough. I was originally thinking about lighting the top of the warp nacelles, but have had a change of heart. I plan to finish clean up on one of the war nacelles grills stacks for molding, then pour out a couple of clear cast grills. I’ll be getting in touch with Bob “Aptivaboy” to collaborate with me on a main deflector dish, and possibly a couple other small details.
  12. I don’t know if you bought the JFK before the Kitty Hawk kit came out or not. FYI the America, Constellation, and the Kitty Hawk were all the same class (Kitty Hawk class). The JFK was a stand alone class. It was originally going to be a Nuc, but congress cut funding on the hull and made it conventional. Too bad you didn’t get the Kitty Hawk kit. It would have saved ya a lot of work. 😉 Tracy
  13. Yes... those would be the sections I would replace with brass or aluminum rod. You may not have to make a full recess. Just give me a center point divot or cone in those surfaces to start the drilling myself. Tracy
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