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  1. Vidar_710

    Rescaling decals

    Percentage to enlarge a set of 1/48 scale decale to 1/32? I'm going to scan a set and try to enlarge them for my personal use. I'm great at Algebra and Geometry, but simple math and percentages kills me. ;-) Thanx, Tracy
  2. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    CJ.. consider a pin perpendicular off the gluing surface for better security gluing to the fuselage. I'll drill the receptacles into the fuselage. Tracy
  3. Conversion to 1/100 scale in the foreseeable future? Tracy
  4. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Sorry for the delay! Now I can't find MY digital caliper... I marked up 1mm from the top of the aft dome windows, then used a set of two-point dividers and read off the metric side of a standard ruler. The spread is 39mm. Tracy
  5. WOW! I just received their F-9 Cougar and F-8C Crusader conversion kit in the mail not too long ago. Glad they are safe and hope their home is fine. Prayers and best wishes! Tracy
  6. Vidar_710

    Tomcat 14” squat function.

    Thanx! That'll help when I start flying Heatblur's new F-14A/B in DCS. :-)
  7. Vidar_710

    Tomcat 14” squat function.

    So, the launch is with the switch in the kneel position, and the nose strut extends normally due to weight off wheels for normal retraction. There should be something in a checklist to ensure it’s in the extend position prior to landing? There is a reason I’m asking about this function. 😉 Tracy
  8. Hopefully there are a few Turkey drivers out there that can answer my question. After compressing the nose wheel strut to get the launch bar into the shuttle, at some point, is the nose strut switch set to Extend prior to launch? Thanks, Tracy
  9. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    I’ll dig out the 74 and measure... pics too. Here's a thought... add small pegs onto the glueing surfaces. I’ll drill small holes into the fuselage dome so the forward mount can snap into place for better support. Tracy Tracy
  10. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Are you talking about from ball-joint to ball-joint, port-to-starboard? If so, there a pic on the previous page that shows them with the measurement written on the fuselage... roughly 49.5mm. The fuselage halves aren't fully mated, so maybe a tad less. Tracy
  11. Can we get a moderator to pin this at the top? Tracy
  12. Vidar_710

    USS Excelsior NX-2000

    Getting the urge to get back to this. With the passing of my best friend earlier this year, Gil "DutyCat" Gregg, I haven't felt like touching a model all year. Here's how the masters to the Excelsior project sit right now... The next section planned is the nacelle struts. Tracy
  13. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Some images of the aft mounts with the lateral stanchions separated for a tongue n groove fit. The lateral parts just snapped into place. No glue here. Tracy
  14. Vidar_710

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    I received the new rear mounts. They look great and will be easy to mold and cast into a more durable medium. I’ll post pics when I get home from my current trip. Tracy
  15. Vidar_710

    Zotz deal sheet

    I can find very decal sheet these guys made except of course, the one I want. Looking for the 1/32 F-8C VF-84 , VF-111 sheet. nothing on line. Anyone have a set in their decal library they want to part with? Tracy