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  1. You can send them together. let me know. Tracy
  2. Vintage Flyers makes the old red white and blue scheme. Tracy
  3. Bump on the Reno Air, and the AirCal 737-800 American retros. Tracy
  4. I know GreyGhost. look at what I said closer. The first is for single seat, the second is for two seat. Pilot left side, and NFO would be right side on a single seat no matter if CAG or DCAG. If its a two seater, pilot front, NFO rear, Example, If you have a pilot DCAG and an NFO CAG, the pilot DCAG would be up front, and the CAG NFO would be in the rear seat. to reiterate single seat: Pilot on the left side, NFO on the right side. Tracy
  5. Pilot on the left/front seat, NFO on the right/rear seat. Tracy
  6. Looking fantastic! May need something like a dome/nipple for the shuttle to snap on to. Tracy
  7. Any chance you could look into a couple of American retro schemes? Reno Air and AirCal for the Zvezda 737-800 to add to your TWA retro? Thanx! Tracy
  8. Received the TWA decals. They look great! Thanx again. Tracy
  9. Hi CJ. Yes... 737 now with American Airlines. Thanx for making time. I know how you feel! ;-) Tracy
  10. I’ve been wrapped around the axel with the new job enduring training since January. Now that I recently finished, I’ve been able to look into the hobby again. Just curious with the progress on the forward mount. Tracy
  11. 1/32 S-3A/B Viking with wing folds, flaps n slats, open avionics bays, radomes, and bomb bays with all weapons the War Hoover could carry with VS-22 markings 1/72 Boeing 737-800 with American Airlines AstroJet livery 1/72 Boeing 737 Max 8 with American Airlines new livery 1/24 F-4U-1A Corsair 1/200 Nimitz Class carrier Tracy
  12. How do I order from you? I'm looking for the American TWA retro decals. Tracy
  13. Hi Rich. Looking for a set of you American Airlines TWA  737 decals. How do I get a set?





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    2. Vidar_710


      It should be in the PayPal statement, but here it is:


      Tracy Mann

      293 Village Green Ave.

      Jacksonville, Fla.

      U.S.A. 32259

    3. RICH W

      RICH W

      Decals Posted  Today 





    4. Vidar_710


      Thanx Rich!

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