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  1. Homer does awesome work! He scaled the belly panels in 1/100 scale for me and they look fantastic! Gotta ask... can you work some magic on the side panels in 1/100? 😉 Tracy
  2. Everything extended or deployed other than launch bar and tail hook? That would be on a land based runway on roll out. Tracy
  3. Mine showed up yesterday - sorry no pic on PB yet. Now.. just waiting for Vintage Flyers to be up again to have American AstroJet livery made for it. Flew that jet in 2020. Tracy
  4. Friendly reminder, the rear canopies are Gull Grey. 😉 That's on the inner surface only because they are still clear canopies. The Gull Grey paper was stuck to the inner surface for light blocking. TPS Viking, note the rear canopy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_S-3_Viking#/media/File:Air_Zoo_December_2019_119_(Lockheed_S-3_Viking).jpg Tracy
  5. I just got mine in yesterday - about a week from order to delivery. Heads up, the decals specific to the engine intake, and the pylons are not included. Tracy
  6. Little news. Haven't worked on Excelsior since before the holidays. The Hobby Room is getting a good cleaning and re-organized before I can build anything. I found a great vacuum form table with a heat box included large enough to make parts for all sections of the ship. It should be here sometime in March. Before I can vacuum form the hull sections, all the masters need to be fitted with 1/4" - 1/2" bucks to lift the masters off the table for a clean pull. Tracy
  7. I was planning the same thing for this part, except I plan on using my corrections to vacuum form a new part using the corrected cockpit dome as a buck. Tracy
  8. just saw this. anyone contacted you yet? Tracy
  9. I'm doing this in 1/100. gathering parts between the Tamiya shuttle and Anmark/Doyusha 747. Good luck with yours! Should be an impressive display. Tracy
  10. No, sorry. The only one I could find. There is a incredible build of this kit going on, on Face Book by Bill Kraus. My build was strictly a OOB build for the company that makes it. Bill has hollowed out all the resin parts and fully lit it. His pearlescent paint scheme is awesome. Tracy
  11. Dunch, There is an awesome new alternative to Crystal Clear, or Dental Acrylic. It's called Solarez. Cystal clear resin that can be sanded, buffed and polished. I use it on large Star Ship models. Technique. 1. Use clear tape to mask over the window ports on the outside surface of the fuselage - Clear tape reason is coming. 2. Apply Solarez to each window from inner surface of the fuselage. You have all the time in the world to allow it to self level, and ensure no air bubbles are stuck in the window port. 3. Hit the Solarez with a UV Flash light for se
  12. That Windscreen part? I plan to re-enforce it up in clay, mold it, cast it in resin, make refinements in the resin casting, then vacuum form a new clear part.
  13. Just heard about these guys last week visiting my local hobby shop. Couldn't believe my eyes, an Aurora 1/96 727 pre-pop! Had to grab it! 40+ years and $100 separates these two kits from the same molds. One stays on the collection pile, the other will be a TWA build! 3rd grade in 1972 is the last time I built this kit. Tracy
  14. Here's some pics with a nice size comparison... This is an easy fix... 1/144 DC-8-71 Can't wait to start on it. Looking forward to upgrading the clear cockpit class. The front office ain't bad. Tracy
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