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  1. Hey Manfred, Sorry for the late reply. I bought these from http://lakecountyspaceport.com/ The graphics and detail are incredible, and available in 1/144, 1/100, and 1/72 scales. I hope to get to work on my project soon. The work you've done here is inspirational. Tracy
  2. ADMINISTRATION... please pin this thread to the top. Awesome references in here. Tracy
  3. You can pop them in and out. It's up to the crewmember. Tracy
  4. Are they still in business? Website seems to be gone. Tracy
  5. Feeling your pain. I have to do the same work on the Tamiya Shuttle to marry it up to the 747. The decals I have come with all the graphics to do the pits as well as detail the doors. Looking forward to seeing more on how you prep the shuttle. Tracy
  6. Up at the angle just forward of the Cat 1 JBD, carriers have a mast with a weather vein at the top. What was unique about America's was it was painted with horizontal red and white stripes representing the flag. Tracy
  7. Hmmm. Bring it up to a diameter that will, and I’ll decide if it needs to be reduced when I get the part before molding it. Tracy
  8. Awesome pics! I believe the cylindrical shape I saw was from E.T. Separation Footage from an actual launch. Tracy
  9. I may have an image on my PC of the attachment point. I’m on a 7 day trip that takes me out of the country. When I get back, I’ll see if I can find it... if I recall, it’s actually a short cylinder looking deal unlike the ball/dome points on the rear mounts. Tracy
  10. You can send them together. let me know. Tracy
  11. Vintage Flyers makes the old red white and blue scheme. Tracy
  12. Bump on the Reno Air, and the AirCal 737-800 American retros. Tracy
  13. I know GreyGhost. look at what I said closer. The first is for single seat, the second is for two seat. Pilot left side, and NFO would be right side on a single seat no matter if CAG or DCAG. If its a two seater, pilot front, NFO rear, Example, If you have a pilot DCAG and an NFO CAG, the pilot DCAG would be up front, and the CAG NFO would be in the rear seat. to reiterate single seat: Pilot on the left side, NFO on the right side. Tracy
  14. Pilot on the left/front seat, NFO on the right/rear seat. Tracy
  15. Looking fantastic! May need something like a dome/nipple for the shuttle to snap on to. Tracy
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