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  1. Awesome project CJ! If I had caught this project much earlier, I would have suggested a mirror image of what you're doing. The Carrier Break goes to the left, and you could have had the lead just flashing the speed breaks. Been wanting to do this same thing, but with S-3s in a force perspective over a Carrier in smaller scale below the aircraft. Tracy
  2. For the longest time, I thought the forward mounts actually attached to the fuselage right into the aft window ports in the dome. Looking back I discovered why... The old 1/144 scale Revell Shuttle/SCA kit I built as a kid made that the gluing point for the forward mounts. LOL Tracy
  3. Nice build! Draw made a set of old Continental Airlines "Black or Red meatball" livery decals for my kit. love the old school liveries! Tracy
  4. Deleted Tracy
  5. My kit came in some time ago. Gotta say it gorgeous! Tracy
  6. Looking terrific! The drawings as a guide are awesome. How well does the shape, and diameter of the Entex 74 fuselage match the drawings? Do they match, or do you expect any post adjustments after the modeling is done? When I get home off my current trip, I'll share the 3D printed additions I already have for this project: Shuttle tail cone 747 engines Vertical tip stabs for the horizontal tail surfaces Kreager leading edge flaps, and trailing edge flaps. Now if we can get Hotdog to rescale the top side shuttle decals for the Tamiya kit! ;-) Tracy currenly, l've been the most motivated with my Large Starship Excelsior scratch build.
  7. Back and forth with priming and sanding to level the surface. Nacelle bottoms and forward top cowls are complete! Shown here with the primary hulls superstructure. Tracy
  8. Nacelles with their first primer coat, and the first round of filler to smooth out any imperfections. Tracy
  9. First round for refining the shape of the Nacelles bows. The Apoxie Sculpt has been sanded to shape. Next, filler will be applied to cover seems and imperfections in the nacelles. Tracy
  10. Extension plug finished, molded and super glued into the nacelle. Same paper template was used to re-shape the leading edge of the Top Bow cowl. Parts glued onto the plates. Paper templates made off the studio model images were made to update the shape of the trailing edge contour of the cowl. Trailing edge thin styrene patterns cemented into place. Now the Apoxie Sculpt was applied into the extension plugs, and sculpted into place to flesh out a rough contour for the corrected shape of the nacelle's bow. Close-up of the bow sections. I'll let the Apoxie Sculpt cure for more than a day. I injected resin into the flimsy vacuum formed upper cowl kit parts to reinforce it for vigorous sanding so they won't cave in from the pressure. The Apoxie will be worked with various sanding techniques to refine the required shape, then a multitude of filling, sanding, and priming sessions will take place to get the nacelles to the desires shape. Tracy
  11. Anybody see a set for the Kennedy yet? Been looking for one. Tracy
  12. Got one in the mail :-) Tracy
  13. The plug to lengthen the nacelles to 22" is made from dense foam. Here, the pattern is drawn in. It was cut out with a band saw, then roughly shaped before filling. Once refined, this plug will be molded, then two copies will be cast - one for each nacelle master. Tracy
  14. Together...
  15. Yikes! they've been sitting uncovered on an open shelf for a few years. Thought I got all the dust off them before taking these news shots. Tracy