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  1. Vidar_710

    1/32 scale F/A-18E cockpit set

    Anybody make one for the Trumpy kit? All I've seen is "SuperBug" and they've seemed to have gone "the way of the Doo-Doo". Tracy
  2. Vidar_710

    Some Modern Fighter Pencil Work

    Beautiful works. Tracy
  3. Vidar_710

    Lockheed S-3B Viking - Hasegawa

    Nice WarHoover! I did two 5-year tours with VS-22 as a SENSO with a 3 year tour as an instructor with VS-27 in between. note my log in name. ;-) Glad to see a Checkmate in the forums. FYI... when a Buddy Store goes on, the green nav lite and red anti-smash lenses come off and are replaced with blue. This helps the air wing find the tanker at night. plus, nice color choice with the TACCO and SENSO canopies. They are actually clear, but are lined with a paper film on the interior service in Light Gull grey... few modelers get that right. Tracy
  4. To give your ET some texture, I came up with this idea for Thermal Protective coatings for General Purpose Mk 80 series bombs. My best friend took my suggestion and used it on his 1/72 scale ET. He won at Nats in 2016! A few layers of paint softens the stone paint creating a nice foam texture. Tracy
  5. Vidar_710

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    No, Mine didn't have instructions either, but it's pretty straight forward on what needs to be cut out. Tracy
  6. Vidar_710

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    I have the Black Dog Super set. I'm VERY happy with the detail. Tracy
  7. Vidar_710

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    The late B conversion stated above is after the ASW package was removed from the Bravo's, and AW's like myself were taken off the Viking. (Sad day, and STUPID move). If you're wanting to represent an S-3B in its Hey-Day, you're gonna need all 60 chutes. I've never bought the ES-3 kit, so I don't know what they added and omitted. There's some aftermarket stuff I already have for mine, and a few I didn't know about. Gonna have to order them! :-) Tracy
  8. I came up with this idea after using this product a couple of times on non-modeling projects and thought I would give it a try. Depending on the scale you're building use the appropriate Stone Spray paint grit. It won't be exact, but you can modify it by buffing it down some and adding several layers of primer to soften the detail texture. NOTE: Great stuff for texturing the ET of a Space Shuttle stack too! Subject here in 1/32 scale Mk-82 conical bombs. Here the bombs are assembled normally then the fin group is taped off. The textured spray is applied lightly. Then the shapes are painted. I chose the Olive Drab color depicting the A-7E I was doing, and the time frame relevant for the appropriate color. I did a tour in weapons assembly on the Nimitz in 1985 before becoming a Naval Aircrewman. As a modeler, I took note in a lot of details while up close to ordinance. The General Purpose shapes has a Dark Olive color with distinctive opportunity for shading the charateristics of Thermal Protective coatings. Here I painted my shapes dark Olive with a dark wash, then drybrushed them with light Olive, I noticed that the fin groups were less Olive now with more of a medium to Dark Green shade. After the paint set up, to protect the Olive, I dipped the nose of all the bombs in Future to apply a protective barrier to prevent the blending of paint when applying the Yellow stripes. The stripes are nowhere near applied with precision. By the looks of them, they were pushed up to a painting devise, then rolled on a bomb table. Tracy
  9. Vidar_710

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    If I may, what year are you trying to represent? I ask because shortly after the Enterprise accident, a thermal coating was developed to allow more time for “cook off” so firefighting efforts could get to ordinance in time. This would be depicted with two yellow stripes at the nose of GP shapes. i.e., one stripe means HIgh Explosive (H.E.), two yellow stripes means H.E. with termal protective coating. Before getting my wings, I was in the Weapons Assembly Division on the Nimitz. As a modeler, I took note that the shapes were more Olive Drab, while conical and Snake-eye fins had more of a Dark Green shade to them. Tracy
  10. Vidar_710

    Typical load for the Early SU-27 guidance

    Thanks for the guidance Alamo C on the intakes, or the belly? Tracy
  11. I know Soviet aircraft, but I don't know their weps... I have the original update set from Chris, i.e, intakes, canopy, and nose cone I bought YEARS ago. I plan to get the missile rails, stinger, and required missiles from Chris. Which missiles are a typical load-out for an early Soviet SU-27? Wing tip missiles, or the pods? I already have the Aries Cockpit, Wolfpack wheel wells, and North Star engine cans and turkey feathers. Tracy
  12. Vidar_710

    Buddy-Build Summer 2016 Minicraft Boeing 757

    Big disappointment on my 757. The AstroJet livery decals were a bust, particularly on getting them to conform around the radome/nose. Two sets, and neither would conform with the best products I know to soften and adhere decals. So, I reverted back to the old Red, White, and Blue Cheater line livery. Gils wife thinks its a terrific idea that I finish some of his project, particularly the ones we worked on together. I'll be finishing Trump Force One for him for this buddy build. He has a 1/700 Theodor Roosevelt in the works, which I modeled the water and base fore him. He also has a massive Seaview sub kit that he was finishing up... fully lit with interior detail. get that one done for him as well. Tracy
  13. Vidar_710

    Shuttle Wars

    Gil’s wife has intercepted emails on the DutyCat account from folks requesting the beanie cap be reissued. She offered the molds to me, but I just don’t want them, or have any interest in casting new ones. I suggested that I could ask around some Garage guys to see if they would like to buy the master, instructions, and current molds, and continue to produce new castings under the DutyCat trade mark Gil established. lets see what happens. Tracy
  14. Vidar_710

    MiG-29 build

    Broke out the old Iraqi MiG-29 video. Fun watching that again! I credit that video to my successes at the Nationals level. I need to get it in and transferred to DVD. Tracy
  15. Vidar_710

    What came in the mail for you today?

    XTC-3D sealer for 3D printed parts