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  1. All this time, I thought my saucer masters were done. Turns out the profile for the upper master is slightly incorrect. The outer ring of the saucer at the base of the dome in NOT horizontal. It actually has a shallow gradient from the base of the dome to the lip of the side wall. First, a vertical cut into the lip of the dome's base needs to be cut in... Here a paper template is being made to cut a 1.5mm thick by 1/2in wide ring. This will show how the fit is on the master, and determine if there needs to be any adjustments before cutting t
  2. No, not really. 🙂 When I mold and cast my parts, nothing from the LM kit's parts list would be re-used in their original state. Everything has either been remastered, scratch built, or 3D printed. Tracy
  3. Little bit or work on the scratch built Planetary Sensor assembly. Hey, it was raining outside, so... The light trenches have needed to be thickened out to scale. I laminated .5mm styrene segments at the lip of the openings, then filled and smoothed out the rest of the trenches with Apoxie Sculpt. This also helps with making this assembly easier to both mold and cast. The resin dome's scribed detail needed some refining and clean up before going under primer. After adding the styren
  4. Randy Cooper just announced the release of his interior kit. $70 plus $14 for shipping and handling. The guy is lightning fast. Mine's already paid for. 😉 Tracy
  5. As soon as Randy Cooper gets his kit, he'll be starting an interior kit for it. Think I'll wait to start mine. 😉 Tracy
  6. Scaling any of this to the Tamiya 1/100 kit a possibility? Tracy
  7. I was in VS-22, in CAG-3 with VF-32. They were a very dark Blue during that time. The Swardsmen saved my bacon in early '89. I was in the S-3 (and no... it was not an A-6 as told on the Wings Channel) south of the Libyan FIR doing a SSC mission. Unknown to us, we were being intercepted by two Libyan MiG- 23's. We were ordered by the E-2 to "Buster North" on the "AS" button freq while everything was happening on the Air-to-Air "AB" button freq. We got back to the Kennedy 2 hours after it was all over, and had no clue till the guys in the Ready Room awaiting our return told us.
  8. I have so been waiting for this! They really snuck in out there, didn't they. Tracy
  9. .. along with the B eventually came the Slam missile, TALDS (decoy/ jammers), and the Maverick as well. We carried just about anything but air-to-air. I have a pic of a left wing station with a Harpoon and a Sidewinder on it, but the Fighter guys had a fit, and we never got it. Tracy
  10. If you put Mica on it in 1/144 scale, it'll just look like a desk top model or diecast toy. Tracy
  11. '87 eh... That would be an S-3A, so duel drop tanks (no buddy store), or TER's with: Mk-82s, Mk-83s, Mk-20's, Disruptor mines (look like white Mk-82/83's with snake eye fins), or rocket pods. Single point with: Mk-84's or Captor mines. Retired S-3A/B SENSO here. 😉 Tracy
  12. Its called Mica. And in 1/144 scale? I wouldn't bother with the pearled finish - it would be out of scale. Mica is just a tad darker than Boeing Grey. Tracy
  13. I've got that set. Love the box art. Note the name on the drop tanks. 😉 V
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