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  1. First coat of Gloss Black applied. It'll get to set while I'm out on a 4-day trip. I'll be able to handle it by then and give it a good going over before the Metal work can start. Tracy
  2. HF antenna fixed TWICE! Mr Surfacer 1500 applied in preparation for the Gloss Black base. Will check one more time for seam shadows.
  3. Damn You Mr Boeing!!! I swear he had them put the HF antenna on the tail so us model builders would keep knocking it off!
  4. All the Coroguard has been masked off. I'll be checking again for seam shadows, then I'll give it a good going over with a 12,000 grit buffing cloth before applying the Gloss Black base.
  5. There's 3 hours of my life I'd like to have back. Starboard side tomorrow...
  6. Plans for future builds of this kit. (I have 3 more variants in the stash) The engineering for this kit gives the modeler the option to remove the port side of the cockpit and replace it with a clear part so the cockpit details can be seen. This idea makes assembly a Royal PITA whether you use the clear part or not. The clear plastic wind screen parts (when you opt out on the big clear panel) is almost impossible to remove from the sprue without marring them. If you manage a clean separation, you have to cements clear windscreen halves into the fuselage halves and fill the center windscreen fr
  7. Wings fully blended in and coroguard touched up before masking.
  8. Layers of filler, primer, and sanding, to blend things together.... I think I got them where I like them. After the 2X primer shot from a can cures overnight, I'll buff these out to prep for color.
  9. Waiting for some materials/tools for the F-16XL project, so I pulled this off the shelf. Over time, some seam shadows popped up, so taking the opportunity to square them away. I did more shaping of the clear UV resin taxi light lenses into the leading edge, then polished them back out before re-masking them. Will start masking off the Corogard panels to prepare for the metal finish of the leading, trailing, and bottom surfaces of the wings. The PAC blisters will be painted Boeing Grey. Tracy
  10. Just Google "1/350 Enterprise refit decals" and you'll find them in stock everywhere.
  11. The Form Air cured quicker than I expected so I sanded them out and added some glazing putty for scratches and leveling. Ready for primer.
  12. Check above... should be fixed now. Tracy
  13. Well SH!T... My Photobucket had stopped showing new uploaded images, so I've been posting links to my Google photos that pics upload to automaticaly. Hopefully Photobucket will get the "Poop in a group" so I can edit those links in. Tracy
  14. Doors fitted with sheet styrene spacer. Free Form Air Epoxie Dough applied. This will sit while I'm out on my next 4-day trip. I'll blend it in when I get home.
  15. After the major modifications to make the aftermarket wheel well fit, the doors don't match the wells any longer. They have been cut in half to prepare them for a band of sheet styrene to size them up.
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