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  1. Shuttle Wars

    Hey Gents, In the event someone is looking for more Beany Caps, or trying to get in touch with Duty Cat, I thought I would pass on that Gil Gregg passed away yesterday. Tracy
  2. Buddy-Build Summer 2016 Minicraft Boeing 757

    My friend, Gil "DutyCat" Gregg passed away yesterday. My goal, should his wife allow me, is to finish his 757 on his behalf along with mine since we started these projects as a buddy build. Tracy
  3. Looks like we are getting a 32nd B-24

    What’s practical about any scale in modeling? ;-) what’s practical has never crossed my mind. I’m waiting for my wife to clear her stuff out of my garage so I can build my 5 1/2 ft Star Ship Enterprise. :-) Tracy
  4. JAXCON 2018

    See ya there! I have a Tamiya F-4J I’m itching to start. Tracy
  5. 1/48 Tamiya P-51D

    Great lookin’ Pony! Tracy
  6. Academy 1/32nd scale F/A-18 on custom built base

    Nice! Quite a bit like mine, but no cat or figures. Its on on a thread here somewhere. Tracy
  7. 1/32 Aires F-14A Tomcat cockpit for Tamiya kit

    I have one. Haven’t built it yet. The instructions illustrate areas to the kit that need to be sanded down to aide a proper fit. Its a gorgeous set and seems worth the extra work to pop it in. Tracy
  8. OH-58D 1/35 with werner wings resin conv.

    Beautiful build and exquisite finish! Will look into that paint brand. Tracy
  9. Photobucket Fix?

    I just upgraded to the increased speed, storage, and no advertisements service for just a few dollars a month. Never lost my links despite not paying a lump sum $300/year. Tracy
  10. 1/48 LM Cutaway

    Ditto to what CJ said! Tracy
  11. 1/32 Tamiya F-16C

    Thanx! Just ordered their whole set. Looking forward to trying them. Tracy
  12. 1/32 Tamiya F-16C

    Question about the dark wash you use... Is it a product, or do you make your own? I ask because I make mine, and I like how what you're using flows. BTW, thanks for the tip on the PVA glue. Tracy
  13. Going over to get a couple now! Lover their products Tracy
  14. S-3 Viking 1/48

    No one digs a 1/32 scale Hoover?!!! a guy on LSA is scratch building one! Tracy
  15. S-3 Viking 1/48

    Yes! A new War Hoover kit, and it needs to be in 1/32 scale with everything in the box to make any version. Plus wing/tail folds and slats n flap options. All the weapon the Viking could carry, refueling probe, radar, FLIR, mad boom, open bomb bay... With the possibility of S. Korea getting some airframes, I was hoping Academy may take it on. Hobby Boss would be another. one can dream. Tracy