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  1. I don't think you can convert anything to a HH-52/S-62. While it's basic shape looks like a H-3/S-61, it is much smaller, and as Dutch points out, the rotors are from a H-19/S-55, so you can't use the rotors from that. If your want just a display model, your best option is to get one of the painted solid wood ones from the Philippines. Many will even finish it in exact markings. It will cost $300, but that's close to what you'd have to pay for an unbuilt ITC kit.
  2. I have read the Air Force ordered a H-46,but it was probably cancelled. I Did it get built...if so are there any photos?
  3. Hi, this is a general question, I put it in Jet Modeling because it seems to be the busiest category here... I would like an aircraft in 1/240. Shapeways has it digitally, but I have been told (when I asked a question here) the plastic used isn't great for a small project in such a small scale. Emails to Shapeways about changing the plastic have gone unanswered. So, how do I get a company to make it in 3D? Since I don't have a zip drive with the design... -Give a local company a 1/144 model of it so they can scan and reduce it? Can some
  4. I don't know if he saw combat. I checked the records at the National Archives when I was stationed in D.C. and couldn't find his name on any combat reports. I don't think he missed NOT seeing action. He did say the crews were very concerned about the emerging German jets. He died when I was in high school, and he never talked about it...and I was told never to ask. That is a pity because one uncle flew gliders in the Normandy, Southern France and Market Garden. Another was a bomber Navigator who was shot down and was a POW in Germany. Whether they saw comba
  5. PA28 Ace Thanks for asking. My dad ended up flying B-17s in Italy. Got there just as the war was ending. I don't know where he did Basic Training, but he did AT-17s in Texas as well. For some reason before going to Italy, he spent some time in Spokane at what is now the civilian commercial airport, the former Geiger AFB. There he got some time in a B-25D. I don't know if it was a school or if he was there for some other reason and was able to some "heavy" twin training time. Too bad trainers, even important types from the war, have been neglected by kit compan
  6. Nice work. I have an old Testors kit, and I really should get around to building it. My dad did his primary training in a PT-22 in Hemet, California in 1943. An acquaintance owns one, (along with a Inline ST,I hope to get a ride in it soon.
  7. This, and a similar thread about someone doing a YF-16, remind me when both types were new and the first kits were pretty exotic. Makes me feel old. Last year, I saw a F-35 up close for the first time, I got the same feeling as when I saw my first Eagle at Luke AFB, in 1976. They were air superiority blue with LA codes. I think that is what Monogram meant to do in their kit. Somehow someone changed LA to IA.
  8. At the risk of being overly picky, please allow me to offer a clarification to make sure the OP gets the correct kit. The Jeep in the photo is a M38A1, not a M38. In military vehicles, like aircraft, a minor designation change can mean a great deal. The M38 is a "flat fender" Jeep that looks generally similar to the WWII MB (made by Willys) and GPW (made by Ford) models. The M38A1, introduced in 1952, has rounded fenders similar to the civilian CJ-5. While very similar to each other in general appearance, there are many detail differences between the A1
  9. "Their site says it is printed on "White Natural Versatile Plastic" ...whatever that is My question..is it fine enough to give a decent surface on a model of that scale and size? " In other words, will the " versitile" plastic material look like smooth styrene, resin or large grain styrofoam? Obviously, in a small scale model, the material (and thus surface) quality is more important than a 1/35 scale kit.
  10. Please allow a minor thread hijack...but since we are on the topic of 3D printing... A question about Shapeways...They offer a small 1/240 kit, it would be about 5" long. Their site says it is printed on "White Natural Versatile Plastic" ...whatever that is. My question..is it fine enough to give a decent surface on a model of that scale and size? They want $60 for it...which isn't too bad considering the prices the pirates want on eBay for the ancient Sanwa kit, but I don't want to buy something that won't work.
  11. Can it be built without armaments? I'd like a pre-Vietnam B.... Two reasons: Circa 1963 I was in second grade in a military base school outside Tokyo. An A or B landed across from the playground. The first time I had seen a UH-1 in person. A couple of years earlier,my brother built the first release of the classic (and much revised) Monogram 1/48 kit. So Bs, in their original gloss paint, are special to me.
  12. Too bad, but not shocking, to hear about the Hobbycraft kit. In looking at the museum L-4, your come to appreciate the little details of the type. To get those details in a kit it would have to be 1/32 or 1/35 (to match armour kits). Neat airplane, and like so many popular types, underrepresented in kit form.
  13. Not sure if this will help, but my experience with Draw is they were VERY thin and curled when sliding of the paper. I don't know if VF would be any better, but as my first use of aftermarket airline decals, I'd exercise caution. Please note, I'm not saying they're bad, just that, even carefully following instructions, had trouble putting them on. So by all means, as Dutch said, take your time and plan accordingly.
  14. It can't be sci-fi...I saw it at Van Nuys airport in 1984! I was passing through L.A. and went looking for it. I was expecting it at JetCopters which provided the other helicopter s for the series but found it at the West Coast Bell helicopter distributor. I flashed my military ID, did some sweet talking and they found an executive to take me out on the locked (unusual for the time) ramp. Got some (not so great) photos of it. BTW...In real life the color was a dark metallic gray. Not black, which some say. The white underside was off white, not bright. Te
  15. Great job on the discoloration of the aft fuselage. Not overdone.
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