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  1. Nice stuff. I'm not an anime guy, but I like your new car kits. I would love to see some of the old Pyro brass era stuff be re-released. Back in the '70s, when I first fell in love with brass-era cars (thanks to the 1914 Stutz Bearcat on "Bearcats!" and the 1/25 MPC kit), I built a Pyro Mercer touring. Well done kits. A local Hobby store has 1-2 NOS Pyros, at semi-reasonable prices.
  2. Unless you live on a ranch...or have a hangar...most guys don't have a place large enough to hide it! 🙂
  3. JohnEB

    BONE build

    I actually flew in a B-1 when I was a reporter after being assigned to a B-1 base for a few years. So I can give a pretty good answer...no, I never saw anyone in a G-suit. Anti-exposure suits, sure when crossing the Atlantic. For my flight, I just wore my own (private purchased from a surplus store) green Nomex suit and a CWU-36P summer weight jacket.
  4. It will probably come down to whether the markings were etched into the mold. If it is, Atlantis doesn't do alternate markings for obvious reasons. But the box art shows an AC in test as well as operational colors. So..... I'm too young to remember the kit, so I don't have a definitive answer. But the date of the original kit suggests it probably does have the engravings. (However, in one kit, their S2F, they provided an alternate set in different colors so you could build the aircraft in early service blue (white decals) or the later gray/white scheme with black dec
  5. Coincidentally, this just showed up on Scalemates, a new 1:48 Sea King. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/duke-hawkins-westland-sea-king--1540857 I've never heard of the maker. (but then again, I haven't been looking). Any plans for an S-61R variant? It was frequently mentioned on the "most wanted" helicopter list. The Wasp is an interesting subject, fairly unknown by a lot of people and not as widely used as the Sea King (but then, few aircraft are).
  6. JohnEB

    Info on EC-47's

    Many years ago while in the U.S.A.F., one of the senior NCOs who worked for me served in Vietnam as a crewmember in EC-47s. Just for fun, I Googled "EC-47 interior photos", figuring I 'd find some period private photos, some USAF historical photos and perhaps some diagrams from flight manuals. Here's what I found: https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=4c908fbc6c8bfb37&q=ec-47+interior+photos&udm=2&source=univ&fir=YpW3oq-fs8fIbM%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BcMKgqxJt5jIlNM%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BhhkLiscaQ2gI4M%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BlHEXA684wEDtCM%2CNCDZ5xJ
  7. Beautiful. Seeing excellent work like yours keeps me from finishing my projects. I figure "What" s the point?"
  8. About the toolbox decals.... The only decal that is out of place is the Holley carb. The Sunoco fuel and Champion spark plugs are period. A dab of paint (or a covering decal) would fix it. (Yes, easy for me to say).
  9. I saw this and thought it might interest someone who wants to build a modern Skycrane. Erickson has chosen a company to supply an updated panel. https://aviationweek.com/business-aviation/aircraft-propulsion/erickson-picks-astronautics-s-64-helicopter-upgrade If the link expires, I would imagine you could find a Astronautics or Erickson news release online
  10. They announced it last July, I don't think they are shipping it yet. Atlantis has been busy with cars and figures, perhaps aircraft aren't a priority (perhaps due to sales?). Remember, just because a kit is old or odd scale doesn't mean its bad. Not everything needs to be a huge superb detailed kit. From what I hear, the Revell kit was the best of the old Hustler kits. I haven't seen one built since I was a kid. It makes into a fairly large model.
  11. I'm a bit out of the procurement news loop...the Navy bought a used RAF J? I knew the Brits sold theirs, didn't think the U.S. would buy any. How many, or just the one for the Blue Angles, to "save" one for regular ops?
  12. And don't forget the Bell 47 trainers for LEM pilots to practice vertical descents. I believe NASA bought some off the shelf 47G-3Bs...if so, the Italeri kits would work. However, they might of also used ex- Army H-13Gs earlier, in which case you'd have to use the 1/35 Revell kit.
  13. To tor an Nice work, but you may want to be cautious about some of the Automotive supplier decals on the tool box. The Holley carb decal may be out of place (since I do not believe they made aviation parts...unlike Champion who did make aircraft spark plugs)...also and perhaps more importantly, the logo design/style my be too recent for the period of your H-34 build. As you can appreciate, firms change their logo periodically, especially in the 1960s as traditional designs were replaced with ones reflecting "pop art" and aimed at the newly emerging "youth" market. As an exam
  14. Nice work. But might I suggest some stickers/"Zaps" and/or unit or owner stencils? It's rare to see an unmarked tool chest.
  15. The Smithsonian content lists CBS as the series creators. Yes, maybe in 2024 after several corporate acquisitions...but you'd think they'd give credit to the original Producers...Desilu...or perhaps Paramount (after the first year). Not being a super Trek fan, I always thought that the smaller Desilu was probably more willing to take a chance on the series than larger studios.
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