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  1. An interesting type...a UK F-27. I enjoy looking at the one in display at Duxford.
  2. I built an original Aurora back in the day. It turned out very nice, as I recall I just needed a small bit of filler in front of the canooy. It was probably my best helicopter model at the time. I finished it in the prototype markings. Yes, there are some accuracy issues, but as mentioned, it's the only plastic kit out there. And Atlantis certainly has it priced right...and I believe has alternate decals not in the original Aurora kit. Have fun....
  3. Anyone here have the rate old Aurora 1/72 kit of the Key Commander business jet? I need a scan of the instructions to help with decal placement. Thanks... Please disregard, I have received them.
  4. I have a roundel decal, made by the old Sacramento ALC. Most of the ones back in the day were decals.
  5. The first photo was taken a long time ago..note the helicopter is one of the rare (30) HH-1Hs the Air Force bought for local crash rescue circa 1970 to supplement the outgoing HH-43s. Also not it has a AF Systems Command logo, AFSC merged with AF Logistics Command in 1991 to form AF Material Command. Can't help you with the color...I have the 1-1-0 in my copy it says Arctic Markings, then leaves it blank. I have noted that in many old photos, arctic markings were often a darker red, as seen in your first photo, not International Orange. I wonder if it wasn't insignia red, but it
  6. Nothing really useable...it was 35 years ago, so on film. Dark helicopter parked on light colored cement, direct noontime light...you can imagine the lack of details. I did get one fairly decent shot, I blew it up into a large print. I framed it and had it in my den for years. It's now hanging in the garage...
  7. What does it say on the fuselage? In as much as there isn't a major Army or Air Force Base in LA, likely in town for some contractor work. The mods are too subtle for a film ship, though three of then together make that a bit plausible (if they even use real aircraft in films any longer). I've seen some weird stuff there, back in the early '80s a camouflaged MD500 (complete with the tall rotor mast site) on a trailer headed somewhere, and my biggest scoop of all, a two-tone Bell 222 variant (with auxiliary jets and reportedly capable of supersonic speeds) at the B
  8. You missed their 1/72 DC-9 in Hughes Airwest and TWA colors! Also, Atlantis is about to repop a pair of old Revell "box scale" jetliners: The Boeing 707 in 1/139 scale, presumably in American Airlines decals since they call it the "Astrojet", American's tradename for early jet service. And the Convair 990 in 1/135 scale in unknown decals. When released in the '60s it came with Swissair and SAS decals and Atlantis usually does a new version of the original kit decals. But Vintage Flyer makes a wide range of decals for it. Both kits are scheduled fo
  9. Just found this, thought you might be interested... The old manufacturers desk/display model company Topping, which later became Precise, is offering a limited number of their old 737-200 models as unfinished "Blanks". No decals are included. But it comes with a stand. https://www.precisemodelsllc.com/kits-catalogs Note this is for a very early 200 with short nacelles. Being a desk model there is no panel detailing or landing gear. Length of fuselage (to the rearward tip of the vertical stabilizer) is a bit over 12" ...which indicates this is a 200 a
  10. midnightprowler If you do a Google search under Cessna CH-1, you'll get lots of hits with information. There is also a very good history of the type in Thompson's Cessna Wings for the World Volume One "The Single engine development story" (the first in the excellent 3 book series by a former Cessna engineer and test pilot which details post-war Cessna types). There used to be...and perhaps still is...a model kit history/manufacturer desk model history site that was heavy on helicopters that had pages of info on the type including old sales brochures. The type
  11. Many years ago I worked for a small third level (commuter) airline. Our chief of maintenance was an old former Marine. He had quite a bit of experience and went back a looong way. He had a photo of an HRP on his office wall. One day I was talking with him and said "Neat HRP photo". He have me a look that have me the impression that he wouldn't have been more surprised if I started speaking Swedish. "Not many people know those are HRPs" was all he said.
  12. I'm having fun building the ancient Helicopters for Industry/Aurora 1/48 H-21 model. :) Crude but fun. Sadly, unlike the similar Piasecki HUP/H-25 kit, Atlantis does not have the molds.
  13. The definition of esoteric. I pride myself on knowing helicopters, and while I have heard about it, I can't say I know much about it. Odd choice for a model considering there are many other types that entered production and service which have never been the subject of a kit. But I'm not complaining. 🙂
  14. Bump...anyone with a Sanwa Globemaster? I'll take it even if built....I have a lead in a local 3D printing firm that could heko.
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