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  1. I bought one when they first came out, haven't touched it. I know they are not as nice as the various Gallery kits, but then again, with my level of skill, I certainly don't need a $55.00 kit! I would like the USAF HH-34 (the service got some used aircraft as an interim rescue ship for the Reserves in the early '70s) decals for it.
  2. What about the Monogram "S" kit? I realize it would take some backdating to make a Vietnam-era ship.
  3. I love the old (pre-1962) Navy designation system...multiple names for the same aircraft. It was especially noticeable on the various Sikorsky helicopters of the period...some were called transports (HRS...a H-19 variant), some were observation (HO4S...H-19 variant), some utility (HUS...H-34 variant ), some anti-submarines (HSS...H-34 variant).
  4. Neat, I don't think I've seen one launch a torpedo.
  5. Excuse the thread semi-hijack, but this drawing shows something I've wondered about....what are the three colored Iights under the right wingtip? Obviously some sort of recognition light...but why?
  6. At the risk of showing my age, I built one of the original Aurora releases in the early '70s. For those of you too young to remember, by the late '60s, Aurora really " 'upped their game" and made some nice kits. As an example, I heartily preferred their HH-3 kit over the similar scale Revell offering because it didn't come with hundreds of rivets. It's a very nice kit, it went together well, as I recall I only needed a bit of putty to seal a gap in the nose in front of the windscreen. Good glass fit, retractable landing gear. Excellent decals for a prototype ship. You could make it in gloss OD or a fantasy three color scheme or even a scene worn by later Cobras or early Apaches.
  7. I'm a docent at a museum which has an airworthy P-51B (an award winning restoration by Pacific Fighters, so I assume it's correct), it has putty over just the outboard wing seam. Even though the aircraft is well taken care of and always hangared (unlike active duty warbirds), it shows some wear. I've tried to post a photo, but when I try the site says the image is too large.
  8. Great picture, like you I love manufacturer ads, always a fun part of Aviation Week and Air Force magazines. Notice the S2F behind the helicopter. I wonder if the sponsons on the Sea Knight are more than just dipping sonar? They look awfully large. Also, IIRC, the dipping units were in service before 1961.
  9. Just to update, my decals came a couple of days ago, they look very good. As others have said, very good service from Speedway. BTW: Having once lived near Indianapolis where there are countless businesses named "Speedway", I assumed they were out of Indiana, not so. 🙂
  10. I tried to post a photo but they all seem to be too large... here's a link to a feature the Wall Street Journal did on the car... https://www.wsj.com/articles/stutz-bearcat-by-george-barris-the-made-for-tv-production-you-can-drive-1417544674 If that doesn't work, here's a link to a search, the photos of my car are marked "wsj.com"... https://www.google.com/search?q=stutz+bearcat+replica&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjevYvQrfjnAhXxGDQIHQCyCa4Q_AUoAnoECA0QAg&biw=601&bih=962#imgrc=zQ0Bq_G85GjYcM
  11. Yes, for 20+ years. It's fully restored, I drive a lot in the summer. not as much fun as a Bell 47, but it's easier to service and insure.😁
  12. We can always hope. I believe Viacom, a CBS Division, has the rights. A couple of years ago a firm brought out the 1971, 13 episode series "Bearcats!" on DVD, so I guess anything is possible. Like Whirlybirds, it had a small but strong fan base, which remembered the series for its car, a 1914 Stutz Bearcat replica, built by George Barris...(which I own in lieu of a Bell 47).
  13. I think the Whirlybirds DVDs on Amazon are not the complete series. Likewide, I don't think 12 O'CLOCK High is an "official" video. Sky King is available as the complete series, and not bootleg. Not exactly cheap, but good quality and you get a history book. The only complaint is a small one, every episode...including the early ones with the Cessna T-50, have the later Nabisco-sponsored introduction with the Cessna 310. Their website is skyking.com.
  14. So, it seems I'm not the only guy who remembers Whirlybirds! The series ended 60 years ago and has not been widely seen in reruns since the mid 70s...so let's say 40+ years. Today was my 65th birthday, and I bet I'm one of the younger original fans out there. I can only just remember them when they were new. So either the rest of you are old or there some real history buffs out there. Or maybe you cheated and watched them on YouTube! 😀 While living in Japan in 1960-63, I'd watch them on Japanese TV (sponsored by Sony with a new intro featuring a 47J Ranger in Sony markings...just like the old Nachimo kit). While living in the UK in 1987, I found BBC showing them on Sunday morning as part of a block of children's programming. I have some reproductions of the Whirlybirds uniform patches, a Swader Bell 47 toy with WB markings (Given away as a promotion by a bakery), and a unmarked Coloring book...plus a full set of promotional photos (the last two items came from the collection of the late Bell test pilot and author Ned Gilliam).
  15. I agree, while one usually saw that scheme in Fs and the few (30)Hs procured, some Ns have the scheme as I described. I had direct personal experience with the Fairchild ships that support the Survival School, also I know some of the Ns based at Edwards had that scheme well into the '80s....The Air Force put out a print from the Air Force Art Program of an AFFTC N supporting a Space Shuttle landing. I bet the Yakota ship keeps that scheme to make it less "combat" looking...A factor in some overseas base treaty negotiations...remember the two or three tone Gray camo sported by UK-based U-2s in the 80s? Same deal, to placate the locals.
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