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Looking for a couple of aircraft things in 1/72 scale

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Good afternoon,


I'm looking for the following things in 1/72 scale for some builds:


- LAU-51 Rocket pds from the 1/72 Meng G.91 kit (I think the only LAU-51s ever done in 1/72 scale) typhoon1 is already sending me a pair of these, but anybody else has an extra set I'd love to do the dual mount that the Luftwaffe used on their Alpha Jet As.

- Resin overwing ballasts from the 1/72 Hasegawa F-104G CCV limited edition boxing (At this point I've kitbashed and scratch built everything else, but the shape of the overwing ballasts are much more complicated, and I'd like to save myself the hassle if possible)

- 1/72 scale portion from Twobobs 48-274 Brrt to the future with the Cool Snow Hog Markings


Cheers and thanks for looking!



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Hey Hoops,


Looks like I don't have the REI recce pod, THOUGHT I had one in my deep scraps box but alas, no joy.


I just sent a request for some parts from Italeri about three days before your request, talk about timing!


Let me know how your search turns out so I can work from this end.


Take Care,



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