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  1. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help would anyone have spare the RAAF F/A-18 75 Sqn decals out of the Italeri F/A-18 Hornet kit No 1429. Many Thanks Craig
  2. Hi There Has anyone got the Wolfpack decal sheet No72-130 "Dragon Wings " and have the parts of the sheet for the RDAF F-100d serial no G-779 they don't need please. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Still on the lookout for these decals anyone please help. Many Thanks Craig
  4. Thank you for that Niels found me picture excellent site . Kind Regards Craig
  5. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am looking for a picture of a 349 Sqn F-16B with the original light blue fin band or later in the is low vis grey version. I have seen a few pictures a while ago but can not remember where. Many Thanks Craig
  6. Thank you for the replies gentlemen I thought the F-101 decals where the same. Kind Regards Craig
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