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  1. Hi There andy thank you for the reply I have seen that one on eBay and I cannot enlarge it the decal sheet is the corner. I saw the original sheet many years ago wish I had bought it. Take Care Craig
  2. Hi There wonder if someone could please help I am after a scan of the decal instruction sheet for RHS Dekaler Sheet No.1A Norwegian Air Force F-104 Starfighters I know the sheet is old having only seen it once many years ago. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Hi There Would anyone please help I am looking for a photo of Helllenic Air Foce F-104g carrying sidewinder's under the wings I remember seeing a picture a while ago not to sure if they where blue training rounds. Kind Regards Craig
  4. Hi There Need a ittle help has any decal company done decals for 1/72 RNZAF A -4K Skyhawks in the lizard scheme. Many Thanks Craig
  5. Good Afternoon Niels The aircraft I want to build is serieled 240 and is overall grey photos of overall grey Turkish/Norwegian F-104s are hard to find plenty of natural metal ones though.
  6. Hi There Would anyone please know the FS number of the grey used on the former Turkish AIr Force F-104g Starfighter these I believe where ex Norwegian Air Force aircraft Many Thanks Craig
  7. Thank you for the reply most helpful. Kind Regards Craig
  8. Hi There I am building a block 10 Norwegian Air Force F-16A i saw many years ago but it appears to have a buff looking colour on the leading edge of the fin does anyone no what colour this is please and is it applied to the wing/tailplane edges as well. Many Thanks Craig
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