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  1. Hey Greg, I have a scrap MicroScale 72-402 sheet that I can scan for you. Looks like 2 or 3 lo-viz options left (can verify when I pull out the instructions). If you send me an email, I can scan it. I'd like to trade for it, if possible. WARDOG glynnj(at)swbell(dot)net
  2. Yeah, It's a big NO for me too! Can't get over the price for bad/incorrect weps and limited detail in the cockpit and no open canopy detail! Will build my Testors and Italeri kits as Air Force and Navy aggressor regular and shark-nosed kits, respectively. At 63 with glaucoma beginning to set in and over 100 kits still in their boxes, I can't wait to chase after the "perfect kit of..." when I have some in hand that will serve the purpose! Now, ALL I DO need are a nice TR-1/U-2S, a C-2 Greyhound (Hasegawa), an A-4AR (Fujimi), and a detailed Bo-105 PAH-1A1 (I
  3. Hi All, If anyone has one of these for sale or trade, please let me know. You can contact me at glynnj(at)swbell(dot)net Thanks, WARDOG
  4. Hi Dave, I sent a PM on a set of decals last night but haven't heard back yet. If you want, you can email me at glynnj(AT)swbell(DOT)net if it's more convenient. Thanks, WARDOG
  5. Hi Dave,


    Are the 72-005 Warner Wings Night Stalker Decals still available?


    If so, I would like to purchase them.  I am at ZIP code 75150.





  6. Hi Sergio, I should be able to help you out. Contact me at glynnj@swbell.net so we can see if we can work something out. Cheers, WARDOG
  7. Hi All, I am on my continuing quest to locate some decal options and hopefully be able to trade some items I have for them. So without further ado, here goes; Looking For Air Graphics 72004 Westland Lynx part 1 - FAA 847 Sqn. Royal Marines Gazelle option D. P. Casper 72018 Forgotten Ops: Falklands - 3CBAS Royal Marines Gazelle option Linden Hill 72022 - MiG-25PD Turkmenistan option WolfPak Decals - 72-113 Fighting Cocks - F-15C option, and/or WolfPak Decals - Any 72nd F-16C/CJ/CG two-Gray schemes
  8. Hi Bill, I have the complete sheet. At one time, I cut off the instrument panel part but it is taped back in place. As far as trades, I am looking for any modern 72nd stuff, especially high-viz data and markings for F-14s but other stuff is welcome. I'll check my in-box to see what's going on. You can contact me at glynnj(at)swbell(dot)net and I can send you a scan. Take Care, Glynn
  9. Hi Sernak, I do have those Hasegawa decals for VFMA-531, if you are still interested. I also have the sheet Habu2 has but I'm using that option from the Repli-Scale sheet. Let me know if you're interested, maybe we can work out a trade. Take Care, WARDOG
  10. Hi Cernak, Let me take a look to see if I have these or if I've given them away already. Cheers, WARDOG
  11. Well, I unfortunately don't have anything for the C-130 except some Dekl's instrument panel decals. They have a template for the side instrument consoles too, which is something I haven't seen in any kits (unless they're in the new Zvezda kits!). I've been looking for some cargo floor P.E. and a resin internal fuel tank for the KC-130T I'm building but I might just cut my losses and pretend that stuff is inside and keep the ramp shut! :-) Take Care, WARDOG
  12. Thanks, Da SWO! You looking for any 72nd decals or bits? WARDOG
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