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  1. Thanks AGAIN, Dutch! Those sound perfect! Yes, I'm at the same address. Please don't forget to ask when you're looking for something! Your Bud, Glynn
  2. Hi Jon, I too am looking for a set of 1/72nd VF-142 decals from the much cooler, later era. I did buy a set of Super Scale Decals for that option but I prefer to have the Italeri kit decals or the (VERY!) hard-to-find Repliscale ones. I may end up buying an Italeri kit just to have a set of decals! :-( Contact me at; glynnj@swbell.net if you're interested in the SuperScale sheet and we can work something out. Take Care, WARDOG
  3. Good ol' Dutch to the rescue (Again!). Are you looking for anything, Buddy? I'll be more than happy to pay for them. Glynn
  4. Hi All, Looking for the following 72nd decals; Kits World Decals OF-10 Broncos: Philippine Air Force option and, Hasegawa F-15C (K25): 18th TFW "ZZ" option As always, I will buy or trade for these. I'm in the U.S. Thanks, WARDOG
  5. Glynn Jacobs


    I'm with you on this one DET1460! I have a 1/72nd HB Rafale M kit that clearly shows the IRTS ball on the box's painting but is found NOWHERE in the box! I've been trying to buy a replacement part but to no avail! Their 72nd Lynx says "Royal Navy Lynx Mk.2" but clearly shows a French Mk.2 (FN) and does not include British decals! Also, there is missing or incorrect color information! I have a few of their 72nd kits that I like but I also believe they could do a better job with describing and depicting what is in their boxes. Maybe I could get a job with them and get paid with models! Stay Well, WARDOG
  6. Excellent info from everybody. A big Thanks (again) to Mr. Vark for the drawing. If Air Graphics doesn't make a stowed version, I can now give it a shot with the drawing. Also looks like I'll correct the instrument panel and get a set of those beautiful Res-kit exhausts to finally bring my Aussie F-111C to life! Stay Well, WARDOG
  7. A great-looking kit, no doubt. But ANOTHER PHANTOM kit? Don't get me wrong, the Phantom II is probably my most favorite jet of all time but can we get a new 72nd U-2/TR-1 kit? I mean, something different for a change! WARDOG
  8. Roger that, good to go! Much appreciated, All, WARDOG
  9. Hi Quixote74, Appreciate the response. Your pic definitely shows the Dawn Gray extending to at least past the translating cowl. As mentioned above, some aircraft types (A-7D, F-15) have about six feet of the surrounding body color extending into the intake and then the rest of the intake up to the compressor blades is gloss white. I realize the extra light was coming in from the open translating cowl on the picture Jim sent me but it seemed to get a bit lighter farther down the trunk. Getting closer to the correct answer, WARDOG
  10. Thanks for the info, Mr. Vark! I am using my (61-year) old eyes here and it looks like the intake becomes Gloss White right about where there appears to be a small kink in the trunking (on the right-hand side) but, that may be an optical illusion. I was thinking it was sort of like on F-15s and A-7Ds where the intake is the same color as the fuselage for about the first six feet and then it's Gloss White for inspection purposes. Great pic and Thank You again for your help and your service to the country, Respectfully, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs Flew Navy! (Training Command)
  11. Hi All, Anyone know how far the light gray (FS36492 Dawn Gray) color extends into the intake trunk on the "Sparkvark"? I can't seem to find any decent walkaround pictures to determine how far back the color goes into the intake. I know it's not like the white used on say, the Aussie F-111C where it's on the cowls and goes up to the first-stage compressor blades. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, WARDOG
  12. All great points, Gents. I'm working on a Syrian MiG-29 and am trying to figure out the upper (maybe Neutral?) Gray. I KNOW it's not the usual Gray-Green used on Russian birds. I will probably try to use AKAN paints but if something else works, I'll use that. I MIGHT have gotten the correct AKAN colors for my MiG-23ML by eye-balling them from photos but I haven't bought the paints yet so, we'll see. Also working on a Mozambican An-74 so the quest for the "correct" dark gray upper, and medium gray lower colors continues! This color stuff can drive you crazy, if you let it! Cheers, WARDOG
  13. Yep, First impulse was "too good to be true!" "Haupa iko matata!" (We have a problem here!). Thanks All, WARDOG
  14. Thanks for the replies, guys! Hertem, I didn't complete an order but it didn't say anything about using PayPal in the "Payment" section. If you can use PayPal, I MIGHT just give it a shot! Please give me a PM when you find out what's going on with them. Helmsman, Yeah, I am a little leery about the vagueness of the site info sections and the English syntax. They don't say where they've located, etc., etc. I looked them up on Google and found out the site has been up for only about two or three months. We'll see, WARDOG
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