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  1. Yep, Those colors are correct. Seat pan would be a little dirty from stepping onto the seat when entering with flight boots! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  2. Howdy, Hoops! Good to hear from you. Wishing the very best for you and yours! Glad to hear you have these decals, I really NEED to get something done before I lose my modeling MO-JO! I'll check back in with you in a week or so. Take Care, WARDOG
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL! Can anybody help me with the color call-outs for the Uzbek MiG-29 (sheet 72037) in the tans and light gray(?) scheme? I am building the ancient (but fairly accurate!) Airfix Su-27 as an Uzbek bird and need the colors used. On another note, IF anybody has these decals for Sale or Trade, it will certainly make my task a lot easier! Take Care, WARDOG
  4. BEAUTIFUL work! I'm waiting on them to make some 1/72nd, seated French helo pilots for my Gazelle, Puma, Super Frelon, and Lynx helicopters! WARDOG
  5. Hey Fred, I (finally!) was able to check my deep stash for the SH-60B parts and came up with TWO stabs, unfortunately, they are from the Italeri kit! If you HAVE to have one, you can mod it to fit the Hasegawa kit by widening the Italeri one a bit and adding a small flange across the gap. I can send you a picture to show you what I'm talking about, if you still can't find one. Just let me know, WARDOG
  6. I'll give it check, Fred. Give me a day or so. Take Care, WARDOG
  7. Hi Andrew, I have located the pod and it is yours, just send me your address. I will also look and see if I have some more pods, possibly in the Hasegawa F-4E kit. IF you have a couple of AIM-9J Sidewinders, I could use a couple for my Austrian J-35Oe project. If not, no problem! You can contact me at; glynnj (at)swbell(dot)net Take Care, WARDOG
  8. I sure will! Getting everything ready to send out. One question; Do you have a set of national insignia for the Harrier? The sheet only has one set (but, two sets of stencils, go figure!). I would need to use the insignia on the sheet but, if you have some spares, it will take three FS35237 insignia for the upper wing and forward fuselage, and one FS36118 insignia for the lower wing. The book says these SHOULD be 25" for the wings and 20" for the fuselage but the sheet seems to be about 12" for all of them! Even the very nice Wolfpak sheet has them all the same siz
  9. Hi Maestro, As Hoops said, the part is on the "J" spruce. Not sure if Hasegawa changed anything on the later A-10C kits but it is definitely there in the Alpha kits. I SHOULD have that part in my Spares Box so I can check for you. Take Care, WARDOG
  10. Hi Iyonkubb, Well FINALLY, someone has the Aztec decals I have been looking for! :-) Yes, I will be more than happy to trade the Caracal VMA-214 option and stencils for your Aztec decals with instructions. Please send me your mailing address and I'll get these out to you as soon as possible. Mine is; Glynn Jacobs 1453 Alta Mesa Ct. Mesquite, TX 75150 I really appreciate the trade, WARDOG
  11. Yes, you did have to do the windings etc. I had one a LONG time ago but never bothered to make the motor; it was a bit much for my 12-13 year-old talents/interests. WARDOG
  12. Hi MM, After thoroughly searching my Deep Parts Stash, I regrettably was unable to find what you needed You might want to just buy another kit, since they are so cheap, if you can't find the canopy. Sorry I couldn't help, WARDOG
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