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  1. Glynn Jacobs

    Resin Prop Dreams, 1/72

    I might as well add; Revell Atlantic II conversion - new: avionics cooling intakes on side of nose, forward position in nose, wing pods, dorsal antennas, and corrected vertical stabilizer with short front filet. I KNOW these parts are available from L' arcenal from France but those resin parts are more expensive than the kit! How about making some extra parts for your BEAUTIFUL Atlantic kit to turn it into a proper French bird, Revell?
  2. Glynn Jacobs

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    Wow, ALL good stuff! I guess I should add; Royal Marines AH.1 Gazelle - weps, sight, & cockpit up-date, Bo-105 PAH1-A1 - same as above, and, Super Frelon - corrected, clear resin glazing, & cockpit up-date. Looks like we might be getting some of our wishes done by Air-Graphics (I'm ready to get my hands on the Lynx AH.7!) and I hope they continue to make more stuff. WARDOG
  3. Glynn Jacobs

    Bad year...

    Wow! Rescue types not my cup of tea but, that I'd one NICE- looking Helo! Will wait for a combat version to purchase one. Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  4. Yeah, to me also. Guess I'll give it a shot soon to see if I can order a spruce and then mod the spinner shape and collar to accept the fourth blade. Doesn't look too hard, just...need...TIME! WARDOG
  5. Glynn Jacobs

    Bad year...

    Hi Jolouis, The Helo-Love IS very sporadic, especially in 72nd scale but..... I wouldn't mind seeing a UH-1W with weps and all the ECM gear or a nice SH-2G with different nose and fuselage details to make the New Zealand, Australian, Polish, or Egyptian versions. Both with decent interiors, of course! Cheers, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  6. Hi-ya, Hoops! Happy New Year and hoping that you, Frau Hooper, und die Kinder are all well. Tried t o PM you but your box is full. Anyway, it looks like I'll have to buy a sprue from Academy and break out my trusty Dremel! Was hoping that Quick Boost or CMK (I have their beautiful cockpit set!) would make the prop/spinner but, who knows? By-the-by, does the spinner look a bit smaller for the 4-bladed type to you? I'll check. Will collaborate with you on this one! Take Care and BE SAFE, WARDOG
  7. Hi All, Anybody have a junked Academy Broncos that can spare one or two props/spinners in 72nd scale. Trying to build a Philippine AF bird with the 4-bladed spinner (Don't think I'll be seeing them produced in resin or plastic soon!). As usual, will Buy or Trade for them. Thanks, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  8. Hi All, Anybody bought resin intake and/or exhaust replacement parts for the Modelsvit Blinder kit and will no longer be using the kit parts? If you did, I would be more than happy to buy or trade for them. Thanks, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  9. Glynn Jacobs

    LF 1/72nd decal options

    Hello, Old Friend and Happy New Year! GREAT to hear from you and hoping everything is well with you. I appreciate the offer. Please send your e-mail for my Decal Trade List, I might have something you might want/need. Muchos Gracias, mi Amigo, Glynn
  10. Glynn Jacobs

    LF 1/72nd decal options

    Hi Dutch, Looks like we were hacked a bit. My wife got an automatic alert from the bank where someone tried to spend $57.00 at a restaurant and buy gas. It didn't work for them but I had to work real hard to get back on-line! Anyway, the decals I want/need are not the ones you've offering so it's a pass for me this time, regrettably. Thank you again for the help though, Dutch. PLEASE let me know when you are looking for something in 72nd scale, I just might have it! Appreciate You, Glynn
  11. Glynn Jacobs

    MiG-29 decals question (yes, again)

    Thanks madcow, I want to build the earlier 9-12 as that is the version that I have from Italeri. Kotey, I'm going to keep looking for information on those camouflage colors. One thing I can tell is the upper dark gray is not the same as that of the nose cone! :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR! WARDOG
  12. Glynn Jacobs

    LF 1/72nd decal options

    Thanks Again, Dutch. Please take your time, no rush. Seems like my e-mail is down, can't log-in. WARDOG
  13. Glynn Jacobs

    Atlantis Models 1/72 HH-3 Jolly Green Giant

    Thanks Cubs2Jets, that worked. I am familiar with them and has e a number of their products lined-up for purchase (hopefully) soon. WARDOG
  14. Glynn Jacobs

    Atlantis Models 1/72 HH-3 Jolly Green Giant

    Looks like a busted link, RCAFFAN. Thanks, WARDOG
  15. Glynn Jacobs

    MiG-29 decals question (yes, again)

    Don't mean to hijack your post but since I see the master Kotey here.... Do you have ANY idea about what the Syrian A.F. MiG-29A (9-12) colors are? Maybe same as the Polish ones? Would like to buy the correct AKAN paints. Last piece of the puzzle (OK, probably need to get some good exhausts!) to complete my 72nd Italeri kit. Thanks, and Happy New Year, WARDOG