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  1. Hmm.....looking at the fuselage color leads me to believe this is an Army Black Hawk, not a Navy SH-60. That being said, I can't see why an aircraft that would be exposed to salty sea air WOULDN'T have some kind of protective coating on those parts. WARDOG
  2. OK, Hoops. I see there are some specific parts that you need from the Italeri sheet. Doing well and hope you guys are also. Take Care, Glynn
  3. Hi-ya, Hoops? I don't have the Italeri decals but if you can't find what you're looking for, maybe a set from Model Alliance might be useful. I have one set for the example (I believe with the red vertical stabilizer?) you're looking for and one with a large, white Cross of Lorraine on a red vertical stabilizer. Just let me know, I've got you covered! WARDOG
  4. Hi Storm, Great story, wish I were there to hear it! Anyway, Andy is absolutely correct; the Airfix/MPC kit is definitely the best one around, if you can find it! I am building mine as an Israeli CH-53 Ya'sur bird. Even though the Wingman resin is made to fit the Italeri kit, I will grind the parts down (especially the engine intake filters!) to MAKE them fit onto the superior Airfix kit! Best Wishes, WARDOG
  5. IF the Revell kit is a re-box of the Italeri kit, it will have a number of issues. The ones that easily come to mind are; minimal cockpit detail, incorrect exhaust port grill behind cockpit, no radar-absorbing triangles on wings and empennage (tail planes), limited weapons/fuel tanks, and it is basically the prototype shape. I will check to see what parts Revell added to the kit to improve it like the IRST gear in front of the wind screen. The Italeri kit has one advantage over the HB kit though; it is 1/72nd scale while the HB kit is a bit less than 1/72nd in scale.
  6. Hi-ya, Dutch! Thanks for the review. It looks like a pretty nice KIT and I just MIGHT have to get one of the Navy birds for old memories sake! Take Care, WARDOG
  7. Well, According to the pic on Scalemates, the "new" kit has the sponson mounted E.C.M. gear but I don't ser any .50cals sticking out the window! I guess it's a start! WARDOG
  8. Hi Gabor, Yes, those are the ones! I saw them on your previous post but wasn't sure if they are available. Beautiful work! You have definitely captured the head rest shapes! I definitely could use a couple of them! Take Care, WARDOG
  9. Well, I guess I'll be sticking with my old Bilek MiG-19S kit with Pavla cockpit and separate Bilek F-6 resin bits. I sure wish SOMEBODY would make the correct seat for the Pakistani Bird, though! WARDOG
  10. BEAUTIFUL work, Norbert! Looking forward to more of your work. Continued Success, WARDOG
  11. I stand corrected! Heller did, in fact, send me the needed exhaust for my Mirage F.1CR kit and at no charge! I confused that part with another deal I had with one of my mates. WARDOG
  12. Yeah, I think the old Airfix kit beats the Hobby Boss kit in a few areas. I ended up buying a few HB sprues for the clear "foot" windows, the intake screens, and some cabin details. I will use them on my Airfix Lynx AH.7 and Lynx Mk.4(FN) projects along with some Airfix HMA.8 B.E.R.P. blades and tail rotors. I am also considering making a German Navy Mk.88A but I'll need another HMA.8 kit for the rotors. Cheers, WARDOG
  13. That's good information to have, Gwen. I tried to get an exhaust cone for my 72nd Mirage F.1CR but to no avail. I was able to get one from one of my mates, though. Thank You, WARDOG
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