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  1. EXCELLENT job, Kotey! Any consideration of correlating the colors to AKAN paints instead of generic names? I believe you would definitely corner more sales then! AWESOME, WARDOG
  2. Hi All, I am in need of some scrap parts to complete a few projects; Airfix Lynx Mk.8 - B.E.R.P. rotor blades #133, 134, 135, 136 - tail rotor #138 and, - tail rotor gear hump #155 Hasegawa Mirage F.1C - exhaust cone #D8 and, Heller Mirage F.1CT/CR - exhaust cone #15. As always, I will be more than happy to buy or trade for these items. Thanks, WARDOG
  3. Hi All, I have the following kits for sale. All are complete and as described. U.S., FPO/APO only please, due to high shipping costs. I accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders. Shipping not incIuded but at cost. I can also ship the Cobras in smaller boxes to save on costs. For Sale: Italeri 1156 F-14A + MicroScale 72-439 Lo-viz VF-142, -74, -211 + Fujimi P.E. mirrors $16.00 Condor MiG-25P + Pavla cockpit $16.00 Condor MiG-25PD $14.00 Hasegawa AH-1S U.S. Army $13.00 and, Hasegawa AH-1F Israeli (1) $
  4. Hey Maestro, I'm not arguing here with you about color, since we all perceive them differently but, the blue you cite seems to be closer to the blue used on birds like the Su-17/22. The blue I cited is a lot "grayer" and not as bright. The green you cited might be too "olive" as compared to the "light green" in photos but again, I can't say it is THE color used because I don't have any better references than pictures and my Mark.1 eyeball! You can also check out the Linden Hill site for AKAN paints to see a color swatch and how the paints look in the bottl
  5. Gents, Here is a site that might prove helpful with those pesky Russian colors; www.theworldwars.com Go to: Resources Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Soviet/Russian Air Force and NAVY (Modern) Pretty useful info, to me anyway! Happy Hunting, WARDOG
  6. Hi Maestro, I am working on a Libyan MiG-29ML from the old regime and (I believe!) I've worked out the colors based on the AKAN color samples on the Duk Modell page. I too was looking for that "purplish-brown" color because it's also used on the Libyan -23 and on my Yemini Su-22. So here go the colors for the F.1 and MiG-23 ML; 73005 Emerald Green - cockpit 73008 Blue - underside 73010 Clear Gray - radome (Flat Black on F.1) 73060 Green - wheel hubs 73140 Yellow Sand - cammie 73141 Beige - cammie (this is the color you were asking a
  7. Hi Andy, Thanks for the assist. I guess that it'll be pretty easy to get right after I download this image and adjust it accordingly. Much Appreciated, WARDOG
  8. C'est MAGNIFIQUE, Arnaud! I just wish SOMEONE would be so prolific in 72nd scale! Bon Chance, WARDOG
  9. Hi All, A LOOOONG shot but can someone who has this kit make a photo-copy of the decal sheet for me? I am trying to cobble together the decals for an A-10C out of Osan but I am having some issues with correctly sizing the checkerboard marking and the prancing horse. Just a simple, black and white copy is all I need! Thanks, WARDOG
  10. Hey Hoops, Looks like I don't have the REI recce pod, THOUGHT I had one in my deep scraps box but alas, no joy. I just sent a request for some parts from Italeri about three days before your request, talk about timing! Let me know how your search turns out so I can work from this end. Take Care, WARDOG
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