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  1. I stand corrected! Heller did, in fact, send me the needed exhaust for my Mirage F.1CR kit and at no charge! I confused that part with another deal I had with one of my mates. WARDOG
  2. Yeah, I think the old Airfix kit beats the Hobby Boss kit in a few areas. I ended up buying a few HB sprues for the clear "foot" windows, the intake screens, and some cabin details. I will use them on my Airfix Lynx AH.7 and Lynx Mk.4(FN) projects along with some Airfix HMA.8 B.E.R.P. blades and tail rotors. I am also considering making a German Navy Mk.88A but I'll need another HMA.8 kit for the rotors. Cheers, WARDOG
  3. That's good information to have, Gwen. I tried to get an exhaust cone for my 72nd Mirage F.1CR but to no avail. I was able to get one from one of my mates, though. Thank You, WARDOG
  4. Yeah, Joanna was who I dealt with about six months ago for some 72nd Lynx clear parts and cabin details. A little bit, but not overly pricey but, I needed the parts for my Airfix kits ( the correct sized "foot windows", the mesh intake colors, and some cabin details!). The parts arrived in a timely manner too! Good Luck, WARDOG
  5. Thank You both for your replies and helpful information. WARDOG
  6. Hi Patrick, Any thoughts on the accuracy of these colors? I am having a very hard time getting accurate French colors for my Mirage III, Mirage IV, SeM, Super Frelon, Mirage 2000C, Cruze, and Rafael M too. I wish SOMEONE in France would start a paint company that produced accurate colors for all my French birds! Merci Bien, Glynn
  7. Hi All, Anybody here know which modern French Armor colors are more accurate, Hataka or AK Interactive? I am (eventually) building a French Army Puma and an A.L.A.T. Gazelle (as soon as Air Graphics produces their Gazelle up-date with Vivianne sight!) and will be using the armor Terre Brun, Noir, and NATO Vert I.R. Any thoughts and assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, WARDOG
  8. VERY NICE! But I see I'm STILL waiting for those 72nd scale Osan A-10C decals to come out! WARDOG
  9. Hi All, If anyone has this kit and is not using the Portuguese Air Force decals and stencils, I would be more than happy to buy or trade for them. For Trade, I have a set of the correct Pavla MB Mk.4 AJRM4 seats as used in the French and Belgian birds (the kit incorrectly includes Stencel seats from German/Thai/Portuguese jets!) or a lot of 72nd scale decals Thank you for looking, WARDOG
  10. Roger that, Charlie D. I use denatured alcohol with my Gunze Sangyo paints but wasn't sure what would work with the Model Master stuff. Thanks, WARDOG
  11. Yes Roy, I have an extra set from the Fujimi kit that I robbed for parts to sell with a vacuum-formed C-2 that I sold. Cheers, Glynn
  12. Bump, with one more item; KP Alpha Jet A (72268) Portuguese decals! WARDOG
  13. I've got you covered on a set of Fujimi walk-way decals, Roy! WARDOG
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