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  1. NICE!!! I need one for my EF-111 A and one for my F-111C, both in 72nd scale! WARDOG
  2. Man, that is some brass! After getting an excellent Zlenic magazine featuring the Flagon (which also includes some beautiful line drawings), I looked at the Pioneer kit and tried to see if I could use it for spare parts, I couldn't! I MAY have kept the wheels and canopy but the lower wing section is a paint mule, to this day! Then I got excited about the Trumpeter kits, and was disappointed (again) with their inaccuracies. Switched over to A Model and find it to be very accurate but it promises to be a challenge, being a limited-run kit. Will shoe-horn a P
  3. Dave, It was RoofDL@aol.com. If you don't see it, I'll contact you on another channel. Take Care, WARDOG
  4. EXCELLENT job on that Revell MiG-21 F-13 kit, Dragan! I wonder if I could modify one into a nice Shenyang F-7 with the "cranked" wing? WARDOG
  5. Hi SWO, Let me check on what I have for you tomorrow after I check my stash. WARDOG Surface Warfare Officer? (I MAY have to re-consider helping you!) :-)
  6. Hmmmm... I have one pit for my Hasegawa Tomcat and plan to buy another for my Fujimi kit and it looks like I'll have my work cut out for me! I just can't see my Tomcats (or Phantom!) with the kit's seats and cockpits! Stay SAFE!, WARDOG
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for the following items from Linden Hill Decals; LHD 72021 Azerbaijan MiG-25PD option, LHD 72022 Turkmenistan MiG-25PD option and, LHD Bush War Hinds part 1 Sudanese option. I am getting a little worn-out with buying expensive sheets for one option and then having the left-overs just sit around and go unused! As always, I will buy or trade for these items. Stay Safe, WARDOG
  8. Hi Dutch, I hope you are doing well. Real sorry to hear about the hurricane damage! Looks like I can get you; 2 X Weapons Set #1 1 X Weapons Set #12 and, 1 X Deck Crew #1 I also have a fire engine set, if you need it. Just let me know, pal! WARDOG
  9. Man, Those DS A-7s sure look COOL, in a grubby, lo-viz sort of way! Kinda makes me want to build my 72nd scale Fujimi kit as one of these birds instead of a Greek one, as planned! "Fly NAVY!" WARDOG
  10. Hi-ya, Dutch. Good to hear from you and pray that you and your's are doing well. Always appreciate your help, my friend. Are you looking for anything? My address is; 1453 Alta Mesa C. Mesquite, TX. 75150 Thanks a million, Dutch! I'm eternally in your debt! Glynn
  11. Hi All, I have the following 72nd items for sale; Caracal Models 72077 B-52G/H - part 1 (full, un-cut sheet) $15.00 D.B./ Flightpath C-130 Allison T56-A-15 (long) Engines (Italeri) $15.00 Pavla 72009 Su-27 Cockpit (Italeri/Bilek) $5.00 Pavla 72019 Jaguar GR.1 Cockpit (Italeri) $5.00 True Details K-36 Ejection Seats (x2) $3.00 ? AV-8B/ GR.9 Exhausts (rough, need TCL but useable) $3.00 Army Cast AC72028 AH-1W Avionics/Ammo bays (ONLY!) $2.00 Take them all for $4
  12. Thanks, Roy. I like those HAD decals because they include the helmet insignia but I have no experience with them! It looks like I'll just have to get a set of SuperScale decals to match the red color paint I'm using for the vertical stabilizers and ventral fins. Appreciate the help, Glynn
  13. Hi All, I need a new set of landing skids or a complete Gazelle kit. I will be building a French Gazelle when the Air Graphics mods come out and just need the skids for my old donor kit or, another complete kit. As always, I will buy or trade for these. Thanks, WARDOG
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