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  1. Well Typhoon, Sorry to say I got my kit from a secondary source (for a decent price!) and he small stabs, along with other parts are already gone. Sorry I couldn't help. Good Luck, WARDOG
  2. I want one that says "Warning, Hot Exhaust!" for a few people I know! :-) Very Cool, WARDOG
  3. Hi All, Anybody building or have built the Revell Sea King Mk.41 and have the operator's consoles (part 90 especially) and other spare bits for trade or sale? I'm trying to finish my Fujimi SH-3H AEW Sea King and need a few parts. Thanks for looking, WARDOG
  4. Hey Andy, Do you mean to do an Armada bird also? If so, there are some Alps-printed decals on the market (I believe Series Espanolas?). I was able to scrounge a set from a mate but I obviously haven't tried them out yet. They appear a little opaque but do have all the warning stencils printed in Spanish. I'll try out some other ALPS-printed decals to get used to the tecnique of using them but, I first have to BUILD the Sea King! Just a thought; there sure doesn't look like very much room between the wall and console for the co-pilot/second systems operato
  5. Andy, Perfect, you Sir have solved The Mystery of The Cabin's Right Side! Take your bow, Mr. Holmes! :-) Thanks a Mil, WARDOG
  6. Thanks Andy, Those will come in handy and prove useful. Cheers, WARDOG
  7. Hi All, I could use some help with my 1/72nd Fujimi SH-3H AEW build, please! I am particularly looking for pictures of the right side cabin wall and of the monitor set-up as I believe it to be slightly different from the Brit version. All help appreciated, WARDOG
  8. Yeah Richard, Sometimes messing with these different colors by mixing and "eye-balling" to get the correct shade is as futile as pi$$ing in the Pacific. You ain't changing the flavor and you ain't making the the water level rise! WARDOG
  9. Hmmmm! TO ME, the MRP blue-gray can be lightened-up a bit because it looks like it has enough blue in it. The gray could probably use a little adjusting too but I would have to see it up close to tell what needs to be done. I STILL wish my French cousins would produce some accurate paints for their modern Air Force, Navy, and Army aircraft and helicopters! WARDOG
  10. Thanks, Richard. Appreciate the footwork on this! Looks like I will be buying and using the MRP paints for my M2K and some other projects! WARDOG
  11. You go it, Chris! Always lad o spread the Karma and help a fellow modeler# Take Care, WARDOG
  12. Hi All, Want to finish my Hasegawa F-14A in the hi-viz VF-1 decals. As usual, I will buy or trade for these. Thanks, WARDOG
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