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  1. It would be nice if SOMEONE would make an after-market set for the internal (and external) gear particular to these birds or its' s gonna take a LOT of scratch-building to get any of these kits up-to-speed! Happy Modeling, WARDOG
  2. Hello All, I fancy building a nice, cranked-arrow winged F-7 in 72nd scale. I have the Bilek MiG-21 F-13 kit and the old KP MiG-21 kit and will modify the Bilek kit by using the KP wings and other assorted mods to see if I can't make a nice F-7 model. (Perhaps I should just buy the excellent Revell F-13 and accessories as a starting point!) Of course, after I go through the trouble of modifying the wings and making or buying extras, someone like Omega Models comes out with their kit. I don't know anything about their kits but, I have a bird in my hands so.... We'll see how this goes! WARDOG
  3. VERY nice kit! I have the old Heller kit and some Pavla resin to make a Swiss RS (just need to get the proper, heavier nose-gear strut!) but, if I didn't, I would sure hope they made an RS for me! WARDOG
  4. Ah, le deluge! Well, this is not a b....ing and moaning session but some quick observations. . I am seriously desiring to build a 1/72nd HB Lynx HAS.2 or .4(FN) from their Royal Navy HAS.2 kit. The problem is, there are a number of issues to get over; The box says Royal Navy HAS.2 but shows a French Mk.2 (FN) There are no BERP blades (go see Pavla!) Seats are wrong for cockpit and cabin (go see Pavla!) No rescue winch supplied, but shown on box art (go see Pavla!) Antennas are for the British toupee, not FN BY Wrong sponsons types (go see Pavla!) Engine couplings are for different engine and wrong (go see NeOmega!) Tail boom stabilizer should be shorter, squared tip type, and wrong Side observation foot windows too small and wrong shape Rotor head seems to sit too low and, Painting guide shows Sea Skua missiles but none supplied, (or used on FN birds). OK, seems like HB is false advertising or maybe not too well informed! By the time I bought all that resin, the kit would be around $50.00! And, I doubt the gear could handle all the extra resin weight! So maybe I will use my old, steady Airfix kit and swipe the BERP blades and correct tail rotor and mod the stabilizer from my Mk.8 kit. Then, get the Pavla sponsons, interior, and export seats (and hoping they fit!) to go along with the NeOmega engine cowlings and nice Berna Decals I already have to try and pull this off. I will probably buy the HB kit just to get the intake covers (to use as templates for some scale screens made of tea bags), for the correct torpedoes and racks, and anything else I could scrounge up that might be useful. Still looks close to a $50.00 project for a small, 72nd scale helo! I LOVE my Hobby! Well then, sounds like a nice, semi-quarentined, modeling project. And now, to stress-out over the correct colors! Sans soussi, (without sorrow) WARDOG
  5. Dave beat me to it, there were no E' s used in Vietnam, they weren't fielded until late 1973. WARDOG
  6. Or... Make a vertical silicone copy (an old film canister is great for this) of the forward section (up to about 1/3 of the fins) of the missile. After the mold has cured, remove the missile and cut off the seeker nose. Add a few drops of Elmer's white glue or MicroScale clear window-making liquid, re-insert missile and let it dry. Voila! Clear seeker noses. WARDOG
  7. Hi Rob, Appreciate the help, still feeling my way around on the internal and external paints! I bet the next day after I paint her, someone will have the correct colors in a nice, neat info packet! :-) WARDOG
  8. Hi Spejic, I sure would like your help. I have the ECM lumps and bumps from the Hasegawa TA-4J so I'm covered there. Would like to get the nose cone shape correct (and make resin copies), add the intake scoop on the upper fuselage, and of course, change the cockpit control stick and instrument panel. I also have the Condor Decals. They are a little thick for my tastes so I'll try to replace them or maybe try copying them to some thinner decal paper. I have been wishing some after-market company would make the resin nose, cockpit, and ECM parts for the Fujimi kit and we had some better decals but, after about ten years of begging and hoping, it looks like I'm on my own! Please PM me at glynnj@swbell.net Thanks, WARDOG Apologies for stepping on your topic, Fred!
  9. Hi All, Can anybody tell me if the internal cargo bay color for the Transall is RAL 7028 Dunklegelb or RAL 8020 Gelbbraun? I have the beautiful Revell kit but the color cited is a mix of their (hard-to-come-by in the U.S.) paints. Any help would be appreciated, WARDOG
  10. Darn auto correct! That is an A-4AR Fighting Hawk that I wish for, not the latest, Star Wars-inspired A-4AT version! :-) WARDOG
  11. That IS good news! I just WISH that before I die, Fujimi would make an accurate A-4AR in 72nd scale. Just that ONE wish! WARDOG
  12. Well, Those CAD views look VERY nice, though I' m no fan of photo-etch! I'll buy one (because then I will have one hundred and ONE UN-built kits in my stash!). WARDOG
  13. Hi All, It seems that Clear Prop has a 72nd scale Super Frelon listed as a Future Release over on Scalemates. YES!, IF it's not a re-pop of the Mach 2 kit, (even though I might buy one just to have a decent, clear canopy and maybe a little cockpit/interior detail!). Here's hoping this is a decent, new kit. And if so, how about a French Lynx Mk.4 and corrected Bo-105 PAH-1A1 both with the right antennas, weps, cockpits, etc.? Always dreaming, WARDOG
  14. Gentlemen, You can buy from Steve with full confidence. Excellent seller and gentleman (he just went wrong in life by flying helicopters instead of fixed-wing for a living!) :-) WARDOG
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