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  1. Thank you, MoFo. I will get on it right away! Appreciate it, WARDOG
  2. Hi All, Can somebody get me the measurements for the Tu-22 Blinder's (assembled) engine nacelle length, please? I am attempting to make my Italeri (I know, I know!) kit a little closer to realistic and will have to shorten the nacelles, amongst other things. Trumpeter or Modelsvit measurements are OK. Thanks, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  3. Disregard, I found the info with the correct search phrase. WARDOG
  4. Anybody know if any manufacturers make 72nd "Slime-light" (lo-viz aircraft position lights) in kabuki tape or photo-etch? I fancy building my F/A-18 and S-3 Viking with some glow-in-the-dark slime-lights for a little something different. Thanks, WARDOG
  5. Hi All, Anybody not using their Zvezda 1/72 helicopter pilots from their Mi-24 or Mi-26 kits? Will buy or trade for them. Thanks, WARDOG
  6. So....after virtually begging a number of resin producers if they would consider making resin up-grades for the excellent 1/72 Hasegawa AH-1S kit, lo-and-behold, Hasegawa issues their "Israeli AH-1F Special Edition" set. It contains two kits and two sets of resin up-grade parts for two different versions! WOW, where did that come from!? Now all I have to do is wait for them to show up again, before they've all gone! I still wish that Wingman would have done these like they did for the CH-53 Ya'sur! WARDOG
  7. And the answer is.....! I really wish my French cousins had a company which made a line of correct colors for French aircraft and armor! You could literally go crazy trying to figure out which paints to mix or match to get things to match modern colors! WARDOG
  8. Thanks All, Most insightful information! I will apply the info as necessary and see who has an extra IR sensor. Appreciated, WARDOG
  9. Hi All, Are there any major external differences between the MiG-25P and PD besides the underside IR detector? I know the engines are different and it can carry R-60 missiles on the outer wing pylons but I want to know if I could get by with putting an IR detector on my 72nd P model and get away with it. Thanks, WARDOG
  10. Hi All, Just like to give Master a hearty "Bravo-Zulu" on their pitot and weapons sets! I recently purchased a 1/72nd M61A1 Vulcan cannon and it is FANTASTIC! You will not believe the detail! I'm sure I'll struggle with some of the small P/E details but I'll press on! I will be using mine on an Israeli M163 and it puts the kit's parts to shame! Yes, I know that styrene has limitations for sizes/shapes but I sure and glad Master is making these pitots and weapons sets. I also have some 72nd M197 cannons for my MARINES Super Cobra and Israeli Tzefa and pitots and cannons for my Pakistani F-6. BEAUTIFUL work, I WILL purchase more of these sets! (Now, if they could just make some 72nd brass landing skids for helicopters with added resin parts (Kiowa Warrier, Huey, Cobra, etc.) to be able to both bear the extra weight and prevent skid "spreading" over time, THAT would be nice!). I am neither associated with or compensated by Master for this review/ opinion! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  11. That's good news, Dave. Good to go, WARDOG
  12. Hi Dave, Been out of the loop for a while due to evil T.V. (computer) problems and just wanted to know if you are going to produce the 72nd scale KC-130 decals or if you will strictly be doing large scale decals? Take Care, WARDOG
  13. Hi Rotorman, The decals I'm talking about are from Print Scale in Ukraine and they are for line (regular duty) birds. I will be using the two grays, later scheme and it is for the one and only (in 72nd scale, anyway!), Mach2 kit. I like the LOOK of the decals but wanted to know more about how they handled and if there were any other problems with them. I have seen the Mygale decals advertised and while they look pretty good, I prefer to build line birds. Here is a link to the ones I bought; https://hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72314 Hope this helps, WARDOG
  14. OK, I was able to find comments on these decals by doing a Google search which gave me info from this site from 2013! (Sure dind't turn up in a search here!). Anyway, I was hoping for a little more current info but "You can't always get what you want!" WARDOG
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