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  1. Here's a walkaround that I took at the 2015 Seymore Johnson Airshow: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K6ly40GoTrjCkJyHZ9TDG8Ue6iyNObE2?usp=sharing Some there are some photos of the gear in there, plus a lot of other stuff. Cheers, Hoops
  2. It's a very niche subject within a niche market, the challenge will be getting the word out and marketing the set to reach the customers that are interested in it. That being said, you have my Euros, as you know my interest in the subject. Cheers, Hoops
  3. Kursad just announced as much in the other thread. Cheers! Hoops
  4. On the real aircraft, the nozzles are identical, but there are some differences in the fairings between the nozzles and the tail booms when compared to a normal F-15. If Arnaud included these fairings differences in the print, I would say their sided. If it's just the nozzle, then I'd say it's not. Hopefully he'll be able to answer. Hoops
  5. As I was intrigued by 3D nozzles, here is a engineering report from NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/pdf/89247main_setp_d6.pdf A brief scan if you look under "ACTIVE Propulsion System Description." It looks to me that there is a "sync ring" buried inside the nozzle that deflects, and then the petals are aligned appropriately to provide the proper convergent/divergent nozzle to respond the power requirements. This photo shows the two nozzles in different states of deflection. The nozzle as a whole does not appear to be moved at the root,
  6. Which nozzle, the early 2D or the later 3D ones? Hoops
  7. Looking forward to the C-135 sets! Cheers and thanks Kursad, H
  8. Great progress Arno! I'm looking forward to see the set completed! Cheers, Hoops
  9. Forum here with user submitted artwork for cutting: https://www.scalemodelpaintmasks.com/ I've uploaded a number of canopy masks there, it could grow to become a good resource. Hoops
  10. They look great Arnaud, I'll pick up a set as well as the Rafale exhausts to support the cause. Looking forward to the stations 1&9 in the future as well! Hoops
  11. I'd love to see any other photos of that aircraft! Cheers, Hoops
  12. Of note, 71-0290 began life as a FSD airframe. As a result it has a lot of minor differences when compared to a production aircraft even beyond the canards and alternate nozzles. The canards are a modified F/A-18 stabs, the rear corner of the base trimmed off and the forward portion extended. I actually drew up a set of 1/72 line drawings for the STOL/MTD variant in prep for my planned conversion. Arnaud, PM sent, Hoops
  13. Looking forward to it Kursad, Will you be downscaling station 1 and 9 as well? Thanks! Hoops
  14. The last Wolpak Decals sheet does carry the markings for the test F-15SA, I did the artwork for that one. Kursad has said that he'll scale down the "F-15s the Next Generation" to 1/72 which will provide some of the options. It's just a question of when, and which options are included. Looking forward to a downscale of your products! Hoops
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