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  1. I'd love to see any other photos of that aircraft! Cheers, Hoops
  2. Of note, 71-0290 began life as a FSD airframe. As a result it has a lot of minor differences when compared to a production aircraft even beyond the canards and alternate nozzles. The canards are a modified F/A-18 stabs, the rear corner of the base trimmed off and the forward portion extended. I actually drew up a set of 1/72 line drawings for the STOL/MTD variant in prep for my planned conversion. Arnaud, PM sent, Hoops
  3. Looking forward to it Kursad, Will you be downscaling station 1 and 9 as well? Thanks! Hoops
  4. The last Wolpak Decals sheet does carry the markings for the test F-15SA, I did the artwork for that one. Kursad has said that he'll scale down the "F-15s the Next Generation" to 1/72 which will provide some of the options. It's just a question of when, and which options are included. Looking forward to a downscale of your products! Hoops
  5. Most of the stuff that you're listing could be used for most of the kits mentioned without much adaptation. The only thing that may be an issue would be the MAWS tail booms. That being said, I'm still partial to the Hasegawa kits. I'm in for a F-15SA and SG at least. Cheers! Hoops
  6. As the title says, I'd like to buy the 1/72 portion from the aforementioned A-10 sheet. - 1/72 scale portion from Twobobs 48-274 Brrt to the future with the Cool Snow Hog Markings Let me know if you are a 1/48 scale builder and have it excess. Thanks for looking! Hoops
  7. Good afternoon, I'm looking for the following things in 1/72 scale for some builds: - LAU-51 Rocket pds from the 1/72 Meng G.91 kit (I think the only LAU-51s ever done in 1/72 scale) typhoon1 is already sending me a pair of these, but anybody else has an extra set I'd love to do the dual mount that the Luftwaffe used on their Alpha Jet As. - Resin overwing ballasts from the 1/72 Hasegawa F-104G CCV limited edition boxing (At this point I've kitbashed and scratch built everything else, but the shape of the overwing ballasts are much more complicated, and I'd like to
  8. WARDOG, I sent you an email about the Wolfpak decals, Cheers, Hoops
  9. I don't have a great image of the ACTIVE badge, but I just sent you an email with some other refs. Cheers, Hoops
  10. I had to wait to get home from travel to have access to my notes/reference photos. You've got an RC-135V on the recon sheet in form of 64-4841, please also include the extra single static port that is just forward of the right rear cabin door on the "V" versions. Cheers and thanks! Hoops
  11. Will the recon variant sheet have the crew access door outline with the right angle on the upper right position? Necessary for the modern versions with the E-systems cheeks. Cheers, Hoops
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