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  1. After all the hate heaped on millennials, I think a bit of turnabout is fair play. Additionally, "Baby Boomers" have been referring to themselves as just that for how long? How did referring to a group by their chosen moniker become that offensive?
  2. If I understand correctly "FLIR Cat" was the first integration test aircraft for LANTIRN/F-14, hence the nose art. Cheers, Hoops
  3. Hannants got an shipment of them in about a month ago, but it sold out in a few days. I missed out on them, and I didn't get one the first time around either. Hoops
  4. The aircraft that they had on display at the Tokyo Hobby Show last fall was not a test build, or even a test shot. It was a 3D printed place holder to show that they had a kit on the way, and if you look at the sprue shots in the link posted by schion, you will see that the panel lines on the actual plastic are really nice. They are on par with the recent 1/72 F-15 kits, which are by all accounts amazing. Hoops
  5. The problem with that is that the Norwegian P-3s have light grey/white stencils, unlike most other users. Otherwise the markings are fairly simple, I have a walkaround of "Ulabrand" from 2010 and it's only 6 photos or so of the unique markings.
  6. Due to the size difference of the respective engines, A 1/144 F-15 engine would not come close to matching the size of the B-1 Exhuast. They are about 150% bigger in real life. Cheers, Hoops
  7. I'm building a F-14B from VF-102 during Operation Southern Watch, on the 1998 Cruise. It will be the Hasegawa kit using Wolfpak Decals. Here is a picture of the load out in quesiton: * Link * Would ECAs still be loaded as late as 1998? It is a bit hidden behind the near side tank so I can't tell if it is there or not. Another question, obviously this load is 2x AIM-9 and 2x AIM-7, would 2x AIM-9 and 1x AIM-7 1xAIM-54 on the should pylons be possible to make it more interesting? Thank you very much Hoops
  8. Wow! When I posted that link they showed none in stock. Good luck Andrew!
  9. Update: Looks like Aviation Megastore has 1 in stock.
  10. If you're looking for a line bird, AirDoc has them on the following sheet: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ADM72013 Out of stock and out of print for a while. You might be able to scrounge it up somewhere though. As you mentioned, Wolfpak is most likely the easier option at this point. Hoops
  11. The X-29 also had the F-5A type canopy not present in the F-20 kit. Obviously it would be easier to convert the aft fuselage from an F-20 kit? Maybe you can find an Monogram kit for inexpensive? Cheers, Hoops
  12. Pretty good one here: Keith Svedsen's Photo Best I've ever seen, he's got a bunch of other ones on his photo stream as well. Do a search by the aircraft serial number and they'll pop up.
  13. The DEWS antennas are the same as on the F-15SG. Many more pictures available of the SG as well
  14. I think it looks similar to a LAU-115 sandwiched between two LAU-128s. It's probably not exactly the same thing, but it sure looks close. Hoops
  15. Is there anybody here that thinks that the US highway system and infrastructure is in great shape? Compared with other modern democracies? That money has to come from somewhere, and the flat federal gas tax has lost 64% of it's actual purchasing power since the last adjustment. Do I really want to pay more at the pump? No. Do I think that it is necessary and a logical step to improve our national highway system and infrastructure? Yes.
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