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  1. CMK also did a "Armament Set" #7107 that the bomb bay in resin. I think it was intended for the Academy kit, but probably would work without too much difficulty on a Hasegawa kit as well. Looking at the instructions on 1999.co.jp the following boxings from the last 20 years have the bomb bay: Farewell (with the flag on the bottom) 02011 Special Marking (with the Skunkworks cartoon skunk on the bottom) 00747 Desert Storm 02256
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    He hasn't logged in to the ARC forums since 2019...
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    With the release of the ICM OV-10D kit in 1/72 I'd like to tackle this conversion. I know that Heyjoe hasn't logged into these forums in about 5 years, but I'll ask the question and maybe somebody else knows the answer: What are the dimensions of the Mongoose pod? There isn't much that comes up in internet searches, or for ALE-56 which is apparently the correct designation. Thanks for the info, Hoops
  4. Hi Wardog, I do have that sheet in the stash, but it's at home. I'll be there in about a week after this work trip and can dig it out then. Don't let me forget. Cheers, Hoops
  5. Happy new year! I'm looking for the Progress pod (big fairing on the bottom of the fuselage, parts C10/C11) and V'yuga (Cylindrical Shoulder pod, parts C20/C21) from the Zvezda MiG-27 or it's Italeri rebox. The plan is to clean them up and add them to Art Model Mig-27K, I'd imagine that somebody might have these parts in their spares box. Thank you for looking! Cheers, Hoops
  6. I'm pretty sure that it's in all of the "C" releases, and I think that it is in most of the A releases other than perhaps very early ones.
  7. The Hasegawa A-10 kits have a luggage pod on Sprue "J" Shown here as not for use: https://1999.co.jp/eng/image/10998564/70/4 Maybe somebody has one to spare. Cheers, Hoops
  8. The Isradecal book has pictures of the Improved Baz cockpits, which are all black. Now if there is something even more up to date than the improved Baz, I don't know.
  9. Thank you for the AV-8B+ nose correction in 1/72. The critically undersized kit item always threw the look of the whole thing off. Cheers, Hoops
  10. To add some clarity, there following versions of the F-15 have the GE engine: F-15K Korea F-15SG Singapore F-15SA Saudi Arabia (To make it more confusing, the F-15S purchased in the 1990s have also been upgraded with GE engines) F-15EX USA F-15QA Qatar An in another move that will make things confusing in the future, Israel has a contract to purchase 25 new build F-15IA versions based on the EX, as well as upgrading 25 F-15Is. I do not know if this means they will also get GE engines, but I would say there's a good chance that they do. Ch
  11. Well doing some more searching with quotation marks this time, I found the following in a USAF budget request: "Conversion Fuel Tanks (CFT) procurement - The Conversion Fuel Tank (CFT) program's intent is to convert excess F-15 external fuel tanks for utilization as A-10 external fuel tanks. These tanks, once converted, enhance combat operations" I guess I answered my own question, now the rest of you have the information as well. Cheers, Hoops
  12. Good Afternoon, After scrolling through pictures for some unrelated A-10 research I noticed that there was a different fuel tank loaded on the centerline of some of the A-10s. The previously used tank was the same as used on the F-111 and can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/71646081@N05/52218010350/ Here is the picture of the new tank: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gerryhill/52114645392/ What initially caught my eye were the fins, which had a perpendicular trailing edge rather than the forwarded angled on the older pattern
  13. Those are the oil cooler doors, manually controlled by the flight engineer. At low altitude/high temperatures they are all the way open, but if the aircraft is up at altitude or in cold temperatures they are all the way closed to keep the oil temperature in the normal operating range. Somewhere in between? The doors will be somewhere in between. There is a "Oil Hot" annunciator light which may come on if the FE isn't on top of managing the door position. If that illuminates on a junior FE, he usually owes the senior FE a beer.
  14. Good afternoon, I'm looking for just one set of marking from the following set, and I don't really care which: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/f-4dable-models-f4d72003-midway-phantoms-2--1194857 There are three options and all really not very different, so I figure there is a good chance that somebody has used one of them, but has the other two leftover. Let me know! Thanks, Hoops
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