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  1. Thanks Crash Test Dummy, Unfortunately that doesn't help me in 1/72 Scale.
  2. Good morning, Does anybody know the dimensions of the above mentioned pylon? I want to build an F-16ADF in 1/72 scale, but need to scratch build the underwings Sparrow pylon. I think I can get the basic shape based on the photos, but I would like to know the dimensions to get the size right if anybody knows what they are. Cheers, and thanks. Hoops
  3. A few better images: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/multimedia/imagegallery/F-15a_847/EC02-0282-5.html https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/multimedia/imagegallery/F-15a_847/EC02-0282-1.html
  4. It's not on the website yet, but it is on their Facebook page.
  5. I don't have one to spare, but the clear sprue is the same for all Hasegawa F-111s. Hoops
  6. Hiya Glynn, That's the one! with the red spine and vertical stabilizer. I hadn't come across the Model Alliance sheet, wasn't tracking that they also had markings for that aircraft. With your prompt I did a bit of looking and found the sheet at Hannants. It looks like it's missing a few items though 😞. Specifically the "75 Yrs 1916-1991" that's on the tail and some red stripes on the nose. I hope you are well! Hoops
  7. Good Afternoon, I'm looking for a few items that I will gladly purchase or trade for: 2x AAR-45 Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) pod from the 1/72 Hobby Boss A-7 or A-4 kits. Will be hung from some Fujimi A-7Es. LAU-51 rocket pods from the 1/72 Meng G-91 kit. Will be hung underneath a Luftwaffe Alpha Jet. Decals from the recent Italeri 1/72 Sepecat Jaguar kit (1459), Option "D" for the 41 Squadron 75 Anniversary jet, XZ398. Thanks for looking! Hoops
  8. Thank you very much Steve, I guessed there was a good chance of that, but wanted to double check. Cheers! Hoops
  9. A quick easy question, As I understand in the early stages of the LANTIRN integration program on the F-14, the RIO's position's sometimes retained the original fishbowl display as there was not enough PTIDs to go around. If I were modelling the above mentioned Tomcat while marked with the "FLIR Cat" nose art in 1995, did it have a PTID display or the older, round, display? Thank you very much, Hoops
  10. Kursad, I sent you an email regarding one of the Airseeker options. Cheers, Hoops
  11. No there were no JAs without the gun installed to the best of my knowledge, I do no believe that it could be removed. That being said, the AJ as well as the AJS could use the AIM-9 sidewinder, although it may be just the AJS that could use the later versions (L/M), that I am not sure of. Cheers, Hoops
  12. I have an Art Model Su-25UB kit, but have not started it. It looks much better in the box than the Zvezda kit, or any other Su-25 in 1/72 for that matter. From what I have read, it has all the hallmarks of a short run kit, with some work required to fit and fill the parts. If you put in the work, a very nice build can result. ClearProp! has announced a Su-25UBK and Su-25 in 1/72 as a future release and there are some CAD drawings out there. The company has a good reputation, and whenever it does come out I'll probably pick a couple up. I do expect that it will be very e
  13. Thank you for the input, my silhouette is not handy at the moment, but once I unpack I'll try it out and let you all know. Cheers! Hoops
  14. A thought that I had when working with laser printing decals: Has anybody used their die cutter to cut basic shapes out of a sheets of white decal paper? My idea being that for basic shapes (squares, circles, roundels, etc.) I could buy a sheet of white decal paper, cut it with my silhouette portrait and apply to the kit. Then put a second laser printed decal layer on top of it. It would be cheaper/easier than ALPS printing, and I could save that for the more intricate and complicated elements. Has anyone done such a thing? Hoops
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