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Model Master Lacquer vs Acrylic Clear Coats

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I was given some bottles of Model Master Lacquer (flat and gloss) clear coat along with Model Master Acryl (flat and gloss) clear coat.  I've been using the Acryl clear for some time and like it.  Question:  Does the Lacquer version have any advantages over the Acryl version (e.g. flatness/glossiness of finish)?  I usually use enamel paints, but sometimes acrylic.  The only obvious caution that comes to mind is that the lacquer version could 'eat into' acrylic paints if put on too heavily.  Any info appreciated!

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Personally, for me, all I use are MM enamels and their clears, have been for 20+ years and, I've NEVER had any issues with them. I don't use any acrylic paints so I can't say. Think of putting lacquer over acrylics like putting paint stripper on to paint, they don't mix.


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