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  1. Because the early airframes were colorful, how about a 1/72 "F-35, the early years" sheet? In particular, the first example of each of the versions (AF-1, BF-1 and CF-1) had cool looking tail fins, and AF-1 even had 'racing stripes' on the wingtips! The Kittyhawk 1/48 kits have those markings, but there aren't any for the 1/72 Academy, Hasegawa, and Orange kits.
  2. I would guess southwestforests' comment was a sarcastic one that if you want to go to the extreme, many/most "hobby" activities are not necessary for human 'survival', and thus could be argued to be a waste of resources. I for one would not go to that extreme.....the enjoyment of model building is worth the 'damage' 😀
  3. Boy, George Carlin was ahead of his time! This should be sent to Greta Thunberg (teenage Swedish environmental activist) 😄.
  4. Some aircraft that seem currently underserved in 1/48: A-20G B-26 P-61 (A & B) A-26 (WW II) He 177
  5. While "books and the media don't always tell the truth...", there is a lot of evidence that Japanese humane treatment was a rarity. The "Rape of Nanking", 250,000 killed for a few helping Doolittle's crews, Korean 'comfort women', POW treatment, etc.
  6. Actually, there was at least one NMF P-38F in operation. The bottom of page 24 of the 1990 edition of "P-38 Lightning in Action" has a photo of a NMF P-38F (the caption says P-38F-15) with 5 kill markings, one Italian and four German. In addition, there are eleven bombing mission symbols. I'd love to do this aircraft, but unfortunately the caption says that any further information is unknown.
  7. Great! My Hasegawa F-104G is waiting with bated breath! 😀
  8. Just saw an article online that the Japanese and Taiwanese flags were replaced on Tom Cruise's flight jacket (in the scene where he's putting it on), and, sure enough, re-looking at the trailer, that is indeed the case. I wonder how much involvement there was with this movie with Chinese production companies...... Edit: This 'nugget' was also in the foxtrotalpha article linked by Whiskey above.
  9. NASA had B-52s also - but that might need its own sheet.
  10. Boy, that gunship gray F-15C sure looks cool!
  11. "There will be Tomcat fight in the movie? Why not." True. It's plausible....there's still one country that's flying F-14s..............Iran. 😉 "Maverick, how do we take out the Iranian F-14s?" "Make 'em fly through your jet wash..."
  12. Would it include some of the prototypes? "Streak Eagle" would be cool also.....
  13. arg


    One idea that comes to mind is to get one (or more) of those 'microlight'/mini-LED battery-powered light strings from Michaels' or Hobby Lobby, and place them inside the ISS modules as they're built. The battery pack could be in/under a base or stand holding the ISS up.
  14. Just saw it today in IMAX. Some observations: - Technical scenes (launches, in space, on the moon): Extremely well done. One tiny nitpick: They're firmly planted on the moon, and then Aldrin calls out "contact light". The sensors were on the tips of the LM pad probes, so contact was made before the LM pads were on the surface. - Agree that Buzz seemed portrayed to be too much of a jerk. - Portrayal of Armstrong made him seem (to me at least) a borderline manic depressive. I know he was very reserved, but at times it seemed like he (Armstrong) didn't even want to be there. I know that hearing the actual recording of when the LM undocked for descent, you hear Armstrong call out "the Eagle has wings" and you can detect an excitement in his voice. In the movie it was said in as bland a voice as you can imagine. Its been said that Armstrong was most proud of flying the LM during descent, more so than the actual landing. I can't imagine there weren't SOME times that Armstrong felt that he was in a "Right Stuff" moment, but it was virtually never communicated in the movie. - Likewise, was his then-wife angry almost all the time like portrayed? They showed her reaction when Armstrong got in trouble on Gemini 8, but showed NOTHING of her when they landed on the moon, or when he took the first step. Did she never have a "They did it!" moment? - No problem with not showing the flag raising, but almost totally negative portrayal of American attitudes towards the achievement. It took showing interviews of people from foreign countries to say how excited they were about what was accomplished.
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