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  1. arg

    A-20 Havoc/Boston Question

    The recollections were correct. I had a copy of the article in my A-20G kit sitting in the stash. Here is the relevant paragraph verbatim: "Those of you that wish to have your A-20G sitting on the ground may wish to correct its "sit" by drilling new main landing gear locator holes 1/4" (6.3mm) forward of the existing locator holes in the lower wings (24, 26). If the main landing gear is installed "by the book," it will sit too far back. Naturally, I caught this boo-boo after the fact, but that's what I'm here for - so you don't! It is such an easy fix that you really should take a minute to drill the new holes." MMP kit reviews were interesting in seeing the bare plastic put together!
  2. arg

    Possible new topics?

    There's a photo of a VF-213 F-14A flying over the Grand Canyon that's never really been done (there's an old SuperScale VF-213 sheet, but its not quite the scheme in the photo, and the ventral fin markings are not sized for the Tamiya kit). Aircraft is overall gray, with full-color insignia and markings, and a black anti-glare panel. I believe the modex is 205.
  3. arg

    Airfix 1/144 Saturn 1B

    Check E-Bay. It took a little while, but I eventually found one from someone selling from the UK for around $25. I used the New Ware detail set and Rick Sternbach's decals.
  4. arg

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    Wasn't able to attach the photo, but there's a photo of a VF-213 jet in overall gray with black anti-glare panel flying over the Grand Canyon that looks like a pretty cool scheme.
  5. arg

    A-12 Avenger II help

    There are also photos online of drawings of the expected Full Scale Development (FSD) aircraft, which differed in some details from the mockup. I opened and built up the main weapons bays (the inner door is cast as closed) - the weapons bay doors operated in a "finger-fold" fashion similar to the F-22 main bay doors. I made mine in a hypothetical scheme (F/A-18 prototype inspired) as if the first A-12 prototype was completed and rolled out - overall light gull gray with insignia blue wingtips and flashes from the back of the canopy to the wing trailing edge. Used kit decal markings, but added a "1" to top trailing edge, and each side of the nose. (Figured that with the cost overruns and delays, they probably wouldn't want to paint 'gold' flashes on it like F/A-18 #1 had.) The first prototypes had bureau numbers assigned - 164519 for A-12 #1, which I made from a couple of additional decal sheets purchased from Anigrand. I used Eduard F/A-18F photoetch for the cockpit, F/A-18F "slime light" decals, and homemade decals of a script "Avenger" and A-12 program patch that I put on the main landing gear doors. Send me an e-mail (argjlg@msn.com), and I can send you photos I've found and photos of my completed build.
  6. arg

    Wolfpak December 2017 Release

    Aircraft that could use better decals: Developmental/Experimental aircraft: - F-15 prototypes - XB-46 (Anigrand kit) - XFV-12A (Anigrand kit) - blue/white scheme - T-46 (Anigrand kit) - YF-17 (Anigrand kit) - XV-15 (Anigrand kit) Operational aircraft: - C-46
  7. arg

    Glues.. MEK?

    I just started using Micromark 'Same Stuff'. It is the same as Tenax - works great!
  8. arg

    Tom - I tried to send a PM to your ARC account, but it said you couldn't receive messages.  I haven't received any feedback on P-51A Mrs. Virginia, so any info appreciated!


    My e-mail is:   argjlg@msn.com

    1. Tom


      That's interesting. I've just had PM's sent to me due to a posting on the Buy and Sell Forum. Sorry for a late reply as I just looked at this now. Anyways, I've got your email and I'm sending some pics pronto that should help you out.




  9. I'm about to start Accurate Miniatures' P-51A, and I'd like to make "Mrs. Virginia" of the 10th AF. Many photos show a natural metal/aluminum spinner, wingtips, and horizontal tail tips, along with the front upper tip of the vertical stabilizer. Other portrayals show a yellow spinner, and the P-51A restored to flying condition by Planes of Fame shows a yellow spinner and no natural metal/aluminum wing and tail tips. (I have to admit the yellow is more attractive in giving the scheme some color.) Were both both schemes used during the war, or is the yellow spinner just misinterpretation of black-and-white photos? Any info appreciated!
  10. arg

    1/72 shuttle decals

    I'd also like to get 1/144 tile decals for the Airfix Shuttle and 1/72 for the Monogram. I'm not on Facebook - any idea of availability and pricing?
  11. arg

    Russian Aggressor Squadron?

    Well, this is arguably the most 'authentic' paint scheme and markings applied to an aggressor F-5...... :)
  12. arg

    Russian Aggressor Squadron?

    Thanks for the great info. I wondered if they were ever able to recover F-4 Phantoms or A-4 Skyhawks downed in the Mideast or Vietnam. I had heard rumors of an F-4 airframe sitting at a Russian airfield. I appreciate the comments!
  13. I have searched the Web off and on over the last several years, but have never been able to find out if the Russians have an equivalent to our Aggressor squadrons, i.e. do they have aircraft painted in US/NATO/Western paint schemes that they train their pilots in adversary tactics? I know they don't get very many flight hours per month to begin with, but thought there potentially could be some interesting paint schemes. I guess they could also do adversary tactics training by just having line squadrons play 'Red' vs 'Blue against each other. Anybody ever come across any info?
  14. arg

    Best 1/35 King Tiger?

    Thanks Murad! I bought the kit, and the surface detail is fantastic. I'm not interested in an interior, so the Meng kit really seems to fit the bill. I only wish they'd have indicated which tank used which options (e.g. road wheel centers), but that's pretty minor!
  15. arg

    Best 1/35 King Tiger?

    Don - Thanks - a lot of good info. I was all ready to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on tracking down and getting a Dragon kit, when I saw that the Meng kit has just come out. Read through some reviews of the Meng kit that were very complimentary, and I think I'm going to give the Meng kit a shot. Al