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  1. Thanks for the info. The lacquer thinner is mainly for cleaning. However, it has worked well for me as a thinner for my Testors Master Model enamels. For my 'newer' paints (i.e. post-Master Model) I use the recommended thinner for the specific paint. It is interesting that the 'Epoxy & Lacquer Thinner' directions recommend NOT using that thinner with synthetic-hair brushes....
  2. At the auto parts store I found two types of Rustoleum lacquer thinner on the shelves: 'Lacquer Thinner' and 'Epoxy & Lacquer Thinner' Is one better or more suited than the other in using with modeling lacquer and enamel paints, or will both work equally well? Thanks.
  3. 1 - Full-size measurement would be .385 x 48 = 18.48 in 2 - In 1/72 scale, 18.48 / 72 = .256666667 which would be approximately .257 in
  4. Kursad - Quick question: Is the tail number "11370" on the sheet? I see 11369, so maybe I'm just missing something. Also hope the 1/72 sheet will have both prototype tail numbers. Thanks -- the sheet looks great!
  5. Another question in this subject area: Sprue Brothers carries Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color GUNC181 Super Clear (semi-gloss) in a bottle. Could I use that with a brush to touch-up small areas that I wanted to apply a semi-gloss finish? Any recommendations of similar semi-gloss bottle (i.e. NOT spray) products? Thanks.
  6. Jon - I recently built this kit for an Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) who had over 100 missions in the RB-47H (over 30 of those missions were in #4280, one of the kit's marking options). A few items from my experience and discussions with the EWO: - The opening in the anti-glare decal is slightly larger than the canopy, so the inner area around the canopy will need some touchup with black paint. - The black protrusion on top of the fuselage was a star tracker. The kit shows it on the aircraft centerline, but it actually should be slightly offset to the right. - The EWO told
  7. In Sept 1983 (40 yrs ago (!!)), an EF-111 (66-023) stopped at Wright-Patterson AFB, and base employees were allowed to come down to the flight line and view it. Here are a few shots from the ones I took that should be of some help 😉
  8. If only they could get the fuselage star-and-bar correct...........sigh......
  9. Memory is the second thing to go. I can't remember what the first one is...........🤔
  10. "It hasn't been all success stories." True. I had heard that around the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Museum was offered a Tu-95 Bear, and the Museum turned the offer down. Maybe there's more behind-the-scenes that made the deal more difficult than what came out, but imagine the Bear displayed nose-to-nose with a B-52!
  11. I completed a build of the Tamiya 1/700 Iowa. The Scale Colors paints of Light Gray/Navy Blue/Deck Blue were used (Black and Gray just seemed too drab). Used the Gold Medal photoetch for details, and Master Models barrels for the 16-inch guns.
  12. Thanks! I will check into both Vallejo and Mr Color. (I tend to prefer enamel or lacquer if the color is available - hard to break the MM habit... 🙂)
  13. As my Model Master paints get used up, are there any recommendations for a paint line that's good for brush painting? I'd like to get some paints that are not 'pre-thinned for airbrush', to use for brush painting small areas, picking out details, etc. Thanks.
  14. The idea I had was to portray a hypothetical "rollout" scheme for prototype #1. Trim was based on the blue & gold scheme of the original F/A-18, but without the gold (figuring the press would have a field day on how 'gold-plated' the program was...)🙂 :
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