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  1. Nice work so far. Steve
  2. John, thanks for the inspiring and kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw. Steve
  3. Nice job on the TCS camera. Your pics need to be bigger so we can appreciate your work better. Looking forward to seeing how the tail stiffeners work out. Steve
  4. Any new updates to report ?? Steve
  5. Tomcat stuff is way more popular than Viper stuff. Tamiya would be foolish not to do the parts for a late A / B version. Steve
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Type " 1/18th scale Black Knights Tomcat " in the search box and it will take you there, enjoy. Steve
  7. Thanks for staying interested in this project kike. Thanks for the kind words janman and, thanks for stopping by and having a look around. Steve
  8. Why not save a step and just use some red acrylic. Here are my 1/18th scale Tomcat tails with the lights replaced using some red acrylic chunks from an old tooth brush. Sanded and polished up they look the part. Steve
  9. Used these items to make this. Steve
  10. Very sad news, loved him !! RIP. Steve
  11. This was taken, using my phone, last Sunday @ 11:50 am EST. I was heading from the garage to the house when I spotted these guys coming out of the SW and heading NE and moving fast. I ran inside and grabbed my binoculars to get a better look. There were two contrails coming from each jet, I'm pretty sure they were F-15's and not F/A-18's but, they were really high up, hard to tell. I thought it was a pretty cool sight. This is them heading NE. Steve
  12. Love that perspective, brilliant idea !! This is going to look so cool when completed. Steve
  13. Greetings all, My son's room is almost finished and I am finding some small chances here and there to sand some spots, add more primer, sand some spots, etc. Hoping to have something worth posting soon, fingers crossed. Steve
  14. Thanks very much for the kind words John, you have been one of my loyal followers and I really do appreciate it. Steve
  15. Life has a funny way of throwing a wrench in the works, every time I think I can get some bench time in, BANG, something else comes up !! Hopefully not too much longer. Steve