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  1. Well, the first issue I see is your using a D model kit to build a B model Cat ?? VF-103's Tomcats DID NOT have the SparrowHawk HUD until 2003, they were also the first squadron to receive the update as well. Steve
  2. Here she is on September 20, 2006. F-14D, AJ-103, VF-31, 164350 wearing her retro scheme. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY!"
  3. Well, since you asked, and mind you this is just my opinion. This would become my new paint mule to test different things on. I'm assuming since all that's left to do is decals and a final wash, that everything is glued on yes ?? And if the color was wrong why did you go this far ? You could have easily repainted her before you got to this point. Steve
  4. WOW, that looks awesome !! Great job on the "weathered" paint job, really looks the part. Steve P.S. LOVE your signature pic, my favorite band.
  5. I don't mind doing the projects around the house, in fact I prefer to do what I can because I know it will be done correctly. I just wish I could find more time for " bench time." Thanks for following along and I'm hoping to get back at her soon. Steve
  6. That was my impression when I saw all the spitting, that the paint was too thick. I usually spray between 10-15 psi, thin paint, light coats building up slowly. I would leave the top color alone, I think it looks great. Steve
  7. I think the color on the jet looks good at least from the picture. Maybe it looks different in real life ?? Model master needs to be very thin, like skim milk. Your getting a lot of spitting which tells me the paint is too thick ?? What air pressure did you spray this at ? Steve
  8. Greetings everyone, Just wanted to let everybody know that this project will be on hold until I get my younger son's room redone. Steve
  9. After being in for 20 years I found out very early on that common sense and the military do not go together. Steve
  10. Gotcha, still seems strange that an active duty base would have civilians doing their jobs. Congrats and best of luck with the new job. Steve
  11. I have not but, John makes quality stuff and is a real good guy to deal with. I use his SCR01 scriber because I prefer to pull instead of push when scribbing. Steve
  12. Hi John, Yes I am using Phucking Photobucket. Very frustrating site, some days things are fast and smooth and others it's a nightmare. This is the first time in 4 years I've encountered the server issue however. Steve
  13. As a crew chief ?? And why would an active duty base have civilian crew chiefs ?? Steve
  14. Thanks John, appreciate it. Steve