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  1. Well at least I know it's not just me having issues. The "computer savy" guys need to address this issue and fix it asap. Steve
  2. " I tried to link some images from Flickr bu I keep getting a forum error ." Would this be the dreaded "Internal Server Error", that I too have been getting now for like a month !!?? Steve
  3. Thanks Tracy, I'll try not to dissappoint. Yes, post ASW. Steve
  4. Hey Chris, The intakes are by RHINO Modelworks, part #RM48009. Yes, I realize their size. I'm trying to hunt down 2 Wolfpack wing fold sets for them. Sprue Bros. is out of stock of them until late December. The Shadow glass is much darker than the the S-3B but, I think the S-3B's glass is too light IMO. The Shadow's glass depends on how the light hits it. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. What really pisses me off is the Eduard photo-etch cockpit placards. They are all gray panels when they should be black and, why do you get decals for a 1/48th cockpit, WTF ?!?! Steve
  5. Very cool project !! What will be loaded on her, Hellfires ?? Steve
  6. Good tip John. I just posted on another site, LSP, with no issues. Steve
  7. Scratch-built BRU-14/A bomb racks using some .060" x .080" plastic strip. The Mk-82's and sway braces are from a Hasewa Weapons set. Steve
  8. It is John. I just wish someone could tell me if it's an issue on my end or the site ? Steve
  9. For some strange reason I can't add a lot of text to explain my pics, all I get is the "Internal Server Issue" screen every time I try. However the pics seem to go thru. I'll just have to keep my text explanations short I guess. Steve
  10. Airframes mods for the S-3B and ES-3A. The ES-3A did not have chaff/flare buckets installed.
  11. Thanks for following. I've got updates to share but, the site will not allow me to do so. This is getting VERY frustrating. Steve
  12. It depends on the serial number you'll be building. The large inlet became the standard for F110-powered Fighting Falcons from F-16C Block 30D #86-0262 onward (the so-called "Big-mouths"). Hope this helps. Steve
  13. LOVE the loadout !! Eduard "Rockeye's" I assume. Who's LANTIRN pod did you use ?? Steve
  14. So the issue doesn't seem to be with text, it's with posting the pics. However, that doesn't explain how I was able to post both text and pics a few hours earlier. Steve
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