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  1. They're coming along nicely, great work !! Steve
  2. Very nice work on those engine pylons, she's starting to come together. Steve
  3. Managed a little bench time tonight and attached the Rockeye's to the MER's. I'm very happy with how everything looks and the bombs are in line and straight. If the heat / humidity ever subside I can get some primer on the jet. Thanks for looking. Steve
  4. She's quite the beast !! Brilliant job so far on her. I'd hate to see the price for the acrylic cover however, which I would have to do after all this work. Keep it going. Steve
  5. Fabulous work Chuck 'ole boy, she's gonna look amazing when finished but, then again, we'd expect nothing less from you. Model on dude !! Steve
  6. Just a brief update for today, I haven't forgotten about my build but, I've been busy with outside work and, I'm currently doing a friend a favor by repainting his 1/18th scale JSI "SpotCat". Taking her from that spotted disaster to a "Operation Enduring Freedom", VF-41 CAG Tomcat. Steve
  7. I've seen these on Facebook. Looks like the real deal shrunk down, Bravo Zulu !! Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  8. Congrats Whitey on a job well done, she looks awesome and, a rare piece of history. Steve
  9. Very, very nice work John !! I love the RAM patches/touch-ups too, nice ! All your hard work and effort sure paid off in the end. Looking forward to the final pics. Steve
  10. Beautifully done Chuck. That's a lot of tedious work there but, very much worth it. Steve
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