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  1. Great explanation Paul and, as always, very informative like all your videos. Thanks for sharing with us. Steve
  2. Correct Paul, I forgot to mention the hologram. Steve
  3. For all my canopy masking I use Parafilm M. I like it because you can see thru it so you know where you need to cut and you can leave it on for quite a while and have no issue with removing it. Plus, it doesn't leave any residue behind and no paint creep when properly applied. Steve
  4. Here's my new setup, as of January 2015. This model is no longer available but, one similar has replaced it. It's super quite and is more than adequate for my needs. I spray at around 10 - 12 PSI and it works great. I ordered it thru Home Depot, online, and had it shipped directly to my house. When it arrived I took the receipt to my local store and got them to take off my military discount on the total price. All said and done the total was $179.30. I have a Paasche VLS, a GREX Tridium TG3 and, a Anest Iwata RG-3L-2 " Baby Series " spray gun and this compressor handles them all with ease. Hope this helps. Steve
  5. This is the setup you want, the RG-3L-2 with the PC-51 cup. You have to be careful on EBay however, there are A LOT of knock-offs. This gun and cup, which belong to a good friend of mine Duane " BUZZ " Lockwood, were purchased from the following vendor back in 2011. His EBay ID's are tamo71 and High5Japan, he has two seller accounts. His websites are http://www.rubylane.com/shop/Japan and http://www.YourKanji.com. His email is fromJapan4U@gmail.com My friend Buzz does very through research before he buys anything and said this guy was excellent to do business with. Buzz is also a professional modeler. Here is my compressor and no issues using the Iwata with it. Hope this helps, good luck. Steve
  6. Just a question but, why wouldn't there be 4 bombracks in the set instead of just 2 ?? Steve
  7. Fantastic work on a beautiful airframe. Steve
  8. Well since the version is a VF-2 F-14D, it has a totally different cockpit than the late A / B models. The D has the dual video displays (screens) on the front instrument panel plus the HUD is different in the D compared to the B model. Moving to the rear cockpit, the GPS display is mounted on top of the RIO's instrument console and there were different rear cockpit layouts for the D. Early ones had the " fishbowl ", Tactical Information Display (TID), while the later D's had the PTID, which gave you three screens instead of two like in the B model. The BUNO will tell you if it's a early or late model Tomcat. Also, the D model used different seats as well. Steve
  9. Nice work so far. Steve
  10. John, thanks for the inspiring and kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw. Steve
  11. Nice job on the TCS camera. Your pics need to be bigger so we can appreciate your work better. Looking forward to seeing how the tail stiffeners work out. Steve
  12. Any new updates to report ?? Steve
  13. Tomcat stuff is way more popular than Viper stuff. Tamiya would be foolish not to do the parts for a late A / B version. Steve
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Type " 1/18th scale Black Knights Tomcat " in the search box and it will take you there, enjoy. Steve