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  1. Nice, this kit gets a bad rap but, in the hands of the right person it can become quite the looker. You did a great job on re-scribing her and that was one thing I wish mine had when I built her last year, scribed panel lines. Steve
  2. Unbelievable work !!! Scratch-building is one thing but I'm amazed at how you do such tiny parts. How do you hold onto them to shape / sand them ??? Steve
  3. Brief update today on the MD-3 Tractors, Yesterday I sprayed the tires, the steering wheels, seats and, the tops of the tractors. I used my circle cutter to make masks for the wheel hubs, worked out great. I also started painting up the small details on the tractors as well. Still lots to do and some touch-ups to take care of. Decals are up next. Thanks for checking in and enjoy the pics. Steve
  4. Thanks for the link Dutch, this will come in handy. Steve
  5. " BTW, I've reached out to ResKit and provided them with information that will hopefully result in some accurate cockpits! " This is GREAT news ! Steve
  6. Sprue Bros. still carries the Metalizer paints although a LOT of them are OUT OF STOCK at the moment. I prefer to use Alclad for my metal colors, I think they look more true. Steve
  7. A little more progress on these projects today, I finished up the stores for the ES-3A. The pylons still need their weathering / corrosion control yet. Since the SkunkWorks kit comes with two MD-3 Tractors, I decided to throw the other one together and get them both out of the way. They were primed yesterday and painted today. Usually I would tackle these after the jets were finished but, since I'm having some motivational issues, I figured if I knock these out of the way now it would re-energize me to get busy on
  8. Sadly, they could care less. I'm so glad I purchased a lot of the colors I use or, will need down the road, back this time last year. I've tried True North paints. While they spray nicely, they DO NOT cover in one coat when brushed like MM does. Steve
  9. Greetings all, I've decided to build another display base for the Viking and Shadow. I thought this MD-3 Navy Tractor (short version ) would be a nice touch. I scratch-built a better gas and brake pedal for it as well as adding some tie-down points and the hood lift handles out of some wire from the spares bin. All of this will sit on a section of carrier deck that I have in my stash. Thanks to all who are staying interested in my work. Steve
  10. I'm not a fan of Tamiya paints / primers at all. You should try the Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 primers, I really like them. I have the black, gray and, white depending on what my top color will be. Steve
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