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  1. Finally finished up the spray booth bench, now to work on the top for the bench. Slowly getting there. Steve
  2. Great news Geoff, apparently mine was shipped late April so fingers crossed it shows up. Steve
  3. Nice ! She's really coming together now, such a cool airframe. Those exhausts take some getting use to however. Steve
  4. These are called "dry rub transfers" and have to be rubbed or burnished down in order to get them to work. Google "How to work with dry transfers". Problem is, the older they are the more brittle they become and, are harder to get to work properly. Steve
  5. Nice work so far, she looks awesome !! Steve
  6. Incredible work as always Elmo !! Steve
  7. Thank you, it's a long overdue project that's for sure. I just wish I could get materials to get it finished. Steve
  8. The Viking was capable of carrying a lot of things, all depends on what varient S-3A or B and, time frame your looking to build and, if she's still a ASW bird or post ASW configuration. Steve
  9. The ones on the left, I believe, are GBU-16's ( 1,000 pounders ). The ones from the Verlinden set are GBU-10's ( 2,000 pounders ). Neither of these are good representations however. Steve
  10. Nice progress ! Those small splashes of color will look good. Steve
  11. We are certainly in some strange times these days. I never thought I'd have a issue procuring some 2 x 4's but, it seems they are tough to get. Hopefully I'll be able to find some soon so I can get the bench built for the booth. Steve
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