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  1. Nice progress on her crackerjazz, keep up the great work. Steve
  2. Finally some progress made on the TER and the MK-20's. I added the pins to the MK-20's, drilled the holes in the TER, everything lines up nicely. I had planned on modifying the Eduard fuse covers for the FMU-140 fused Rockeyes but, they got damaged so, I ended up making new covers out of some bits of 1/8" Evergreen rod. Next step is to get the TER and bombs painted. Thanks for looking in. Steve
  3. Very, very nice work !! Everything looks awesome. Steve
  4. I hear ya. Every time I see his updates I wanna take all my modeling stuff and throw it in the trash. 😲 Extremely well done Elmo, I still say you have a machine that shrinks down the real thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is eagerly awaiting your next update. Steve
  5. Outstanding work and, very well executed. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  6. Very well executed and extremely well done. Water / waves / churning are very hard to duplicate but, you pulled it off to perfection. The amount of work that went into this is staggering to say the least but, so worth it when the final piece is viewed, very cool. So what are the finished dimensions for this ? Steve
  7. Parts are in for the Viking's starboard side loadout. Plus, I have to get caught up on the Shadow as well. I did find a solution for those side windows, I used the Shadow as a template and cut myself 4 paint masks. Fingers crossed these yield good results. Steve
  8. Another outstanding effort. Steve
  9. Very nice job ! I have those patches in my collection as well. Steve
  10. Thanks for the pics Collin, I'll need to modify the MK-20 noses somehow. Were the small fuse setting windows not on these because I don't see them ? Steve
  11. Really awesome and very well executed. Steve
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