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  1. That's a tough one SERNAK, there's a lot of lumps, bumps and, antennas needed for the Shadow that the S-3 doesn't have, not to mention the electronics bay doors. Steve
  2. Same here, I have that kit in the stash and this is what I will do with mine as well. Steve
  3. Doing some dry-fitting of the Wolfpack wing fold set, for my S-3B, so I can get the proper height of the wings when folded because I need to make some wing strut bars for extra support and, these struts would have been installed if the jet was not flying that day. These wing sets are beautifully cast, drop right into place and, are THE BEST resin items I've ever used on a model to date !! Well done Wolfpack, maybe other resin companies should take note. I would assume the other set, for my ES-3A, will fit just as well. Steve
  4. Good evening all, hope everyone is safe and well. Slowly making progress on the dual builds. Sanding seams, re-scribing and, adding some "panel fastener" details to both airframes. I also reworked the "canoe" antenna fairing for the top of the Shadow. Enjoy the pics and thanks for checking in. Steve S-3B ES-3A The ES-3A "canoe" BEFORE And after filling a few seams and adding the access panels (both sides) for the ALR-81 antenna.
  5. Thanks Tracy, much appreciated and glad it meets your approval. That must mean I'm doing it right. Once Photobucket decides to play nice again, second day in a row, I've got updates to share. Feel free to "chime in" anytime to keep me on the correct path. Between you and Collin I should be good to go. Steve
  6. Yes, just Light Ghost Gray. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  7. Greetings all, Work has been slow and tedious on the Viking. I'm currently sanding all the seams on the fuselage and all is going well. Since I used the Black Box cockpit on the Viking, the front instrument panel is twice as high as the kit one. This means I cant use the kit front coaming and, I had to scratch-build a new one. I have very limited space between the glass and the edges of the instrument panel. I started out by cutting a template out of card stock first to get an idea of what needed to be accomplished. Here's the finished part. I used .020" sheet plastic and made cuts, folded the angles and, glued it all together so I had one piece when I was finished. I sanded it all down to make as much room as I could between the glass and the plastic. I also installed the overhead console to the canopy glass with some 5 minute epoxy and also scratch-built the GPS antenna for the top of the canopy, the ES-3A got the same antenna. Thanks for having a look. Steve
  8. Nice, looks like she's shaping up pretty good. Keep up the great work. Steve
  9. She's looking good and starting to take shape. Keep up the great work Fred. Steve
  10. Beautiful job !! Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  11. Those look awesome !! Nice work Dave. Steve
  12. Very nice and clean work !! Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
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