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  1. Trust me I know about slaving over the petty details but, that's what separates good builds from great ones. I think your beating yourself up too much on the aircrew, I think they look amazing. Just my two cents, I think the display might look a little better if you moved the Tomcat, that is level in flight, out further towards the edge of the display creating a little more space between them. Steve " TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY !'
  2. How is this going to be displayed, on the gear or in flight ? Steve
  3. There ya go. Steve
  4. Great start. Steve " TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY !"
  5. You need to get Jake Melampy's book called " The Modern Hog Guide, 2nd Edition." It's the perfect reference material for what your after. I would post pics from his book on here but, I don't know if Jake would appreciate that. Steve
  6. As far as compressors go, you want something that has a holding tank so the compressor doesn't constantly run and something quiet so it won't wake the dead. Here's what I purchased back in January of 2015 from my local Home Depot. It's a 6.3 gallon 1HP Ultra Quiet and oil-free. I ordered it online, had it shipped to my house and, when it arrived I took the receipt to the store and showed them my military ID and got another 15% off the price. Total was $179.30. It's very quiet, only takes about a minute to fully fill up and works great. This particular model, #6310, is no longer available but, they have a similar model that has replaced it. Steve
  7. Looks awesome !! Steve
  8. Greetings Dave, Let's see how good my memory is. External differences between an A-10A and, the C are as follows, 1. The underside of the canopy has a new HMIT system's sensor and runs right along the strip that is on the canopy to dissipate static electricity. 2. There are sensors, the AN/AAR-47 missile defense system, on the forward part of each wingtip and also on the tail cone. 3. The cutouts on the bottom of the weapons racks were made slightly longer and slightly wider to accept larger cables that go with the JDAM bombs. Again, going from memory and not having touched an A-10 since 2010, I'm sure I missed some things but, those are the MAJOR external differences I believe. I hope I was of some help to you, good luck with your project. Steve
  9. That's insane for 1/48th scale, great job !!! I tried this for my 1/18th scale Tomcat and failed miserably so they are absent. Steve
  10. My mistake, your correct. Steve
  11. For those that use Image Shack, what size picture do you use to post to the forums ? Full size seems to be too much. Steve
  12. TEST, trying out Image Shack. Steve
  13. These props are standard on the J models, interesting to see them on a H model. Steve
  14. Things are at a stand still until I can get the weather to cooperate, it's simply just too hot and or humid to re-prime the Big Cat. I have to spray here out in the driveway, she will not fit in my booth. Steve
  15. Tell me about it. Steve