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  1. After being in for 20 years I found out very early on that common sense and the military do not go together. Steve
  2. Gotcha, still seems strange that an active duty base would have civilians doing their jobs. Congrats and best of luck with the new job. Steve
  3. I have not but, John makes quality stuff and is a real good guy to deal with. I use his SCR01 scriber because I prefer to pull instead of push when scribbing. Steve
  4. Hi John, Yes I am using Phucking Photobucket. Very frustrating site, some days things are fast and smooth and others it's a nightmare. This is the first time in 4 years I've encountered the server issue however. Steve
  5. As a crew chief ?? And why would an active duty base have civilian crew chiefs ?? Steve
  6. Thanks John, appreciate it. Steve
  7. Greetings all, I forgot to included this small update yesterday. I had to redo the TCS antenna because I have broken it off twice now. When I originally did it the first time I just cut a very small slot into the pod and super glued the scratch-built antenna in the slot. It wasn't very secure and was very fragile. This time I took some .020'' sheet plastic and scribed a groove into it with my scriber. Then I centered the slot in my punch set a punched out a small disk. I then fabricated a new antenna from some old photo etch sprue and glued it into the slot with some CA glue. I drilled a small hole into the TCS pod with a slightly larger bit than the disk and now it looks much better and it much more secure. Now it will be just a matter of gluing it in place when the time comes, spray a light coat of paint and a littel weathering and, it all should blend right in. Thanks for checking in and until the next update ... Steve
  8. Greetings everyone, Has anyone else had issues with uploaded updates yesterday or today ?? I've been trying to post an update to my WIP thread and I keep getting a 505 Server Error message. I know zero about computers so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Steve
  9. test
  10. You know what they say, "good help is hard to find." I'm not too sure about that "finish line" thing though, hopefully paint soon because this is getting really old. I appreciate your kind words kike and I'm happy your still along and enjoying the ride. Steve
  11. Greetings everyone, Small update for those who are still interested. The entire airframe is sanded and now I've been going back and addressing the "problem areas." The automotive primer that I used is very thick so, I've been using that as filler for these areas. I've been using a paint brush and have been laying on thick coats. Once they dry and settle, I go back and block sand them and re-apply the primer if necessary. Since the jet will be displayed going vertical, you will see every square inch of her. Of course the biggest problem areas are at eye level so, I've been really trying to get these right. This picture here shows one of the trouble spots. The fingers point to the very bad gap between the panels in this area. I also have some very lumpy spots where the front windscreen meets the body because the clear glue did not flow out flat like I thought it would. The other area is around the nose gear doors. The panel lines are not consistent because of the super glue I used to glue the doors shut. There was also a huge gap between the panels at the rear of the gear doors. Another area is where the port side intake meets the body. A large gap that I tried to fill with super glue left some lumpy areas and some gaps. I might try some water-based putty here so I can smooth it out and not have to do any sanding. I wish I had a better update for you all but, progress has been slow and finding time at the bench has been tough to come by. Thanks for stopping by and having a look. Steve
  12. Thanks guys. Steve
  13. AMC Gray, FS 36173. Model Master makes it. Steve
  14. Yes, very reputable. "Whitey" is a great guy, known him since the mid 90's. Steve