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  1. Ft. Wayne received 7 A-10's from my former unit ( 111th FW ) back in 2011. Steve
  2. Nice job. You'll be seeing F-16's again at Ft. Wayne since they are transitioning back to them soon. Steve
  3. Finished up the MAU-12 bomb racks and had to test fit one into the pylons, they look so much better than what the kit offers. I added a grab handle to the side of the front windscreen. I had to add a .030" strip to the top of the canopy framing because there was a gap. Once the glue dried, some light sanding and now the glass and framing fit nice and tight.
  4. Simply fantastic work !! Steve P.S. Happy Birthday
  5. The nose gear wheel well and doors got a coat of Insignia White. I'll leave the main wheel wells and the tail hook area go until after the colors are applied because it will be easier to mask. The Gunship Gray was sprayed on the pylons and the travel pod while the bomb racks got a coat of Alclad Dull Aluminum. I still need to do some hand painting to the bombs racks then they'll be finished. Steve
  6. All those small details really pop after a coat of primer. Steve
  7. Yesterday I got the pylons, from Phase Hanger Resin, cleaned up, holes drilled and, pinned to the wings. The MAU-12 bomb racks are separate to make painting easier. The "stand" that they come printed on comes in handy for something to hold while painting as well. These are a giant upgrade to the kit's pylons, which are incorrect. The kit's pylons has three notches in them for the sway pads when in reality they should only have two. Steve
  8. Thank you. I'm really apprehensive about the paint work, I've never done a wraparound scheme before. I did purchase the AERO MASK set for the camo, hopefully I don't screw it up. Steve
  9. Nice CJ, that 3D printed parts looks great. Your lucky you know how to use that stuff, makes modeling a lot easier at times. Steve
  10. Back at the bench and moving right along. I got the main wing and the wingtips attached to the fuselage, she's starting to look like a A-7 now. I had to make a .015" spacer to take up the gap at the front. So far this is the only "bump in the road" on this build. This is a normal panel line on the real jet so, we'll see what it looks like after some primer. The flaps are just dry fitted for now. I finished up the wheels and decalled the landing gear, I just need to spray a coat of gloss on the gear to seal in the decals then, I can finish the paintwork and some slight weathering. The tail
  11. Made some good progress this week. Managed to get all the necessary pieces cleaned up and built up for the wings, got the Royale Resin wheels sprayed and, added the strengthening plate to the Hasegawa travel pod. Steve
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