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    Horsham, PA. Next to former JRB Willow Grove ARS
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    Military aviation 1960 to the present. Canon cameras, lenses and Kodachrome / Fujichrome slide film.

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  1. Loader:


    Trying to get a hold of David Aungst.  I just saw he created some Pax River text squadron patch decals...I was going to ask if he could print some up for me.  Any chance you could steer him my way.



    Collin Tatusko


  2. A-10 LOADER

    Monogram A-6E TRAM 1/48

    Welcome back brother. It good to see someone is getting something accomplished on their A-6 build. Steve
  3. You had me at Led Zeppelin, great job !! Steve
  4. Nice work so far on what sounds like a bear of a kit. Excellent job on those wingtip lights too. Steve
  5. A-10 LOADER

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    Nicely done. Steve
  6. A-10 LOADER

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    She's looking great John. Steve
  7. A-10 LOADER

    The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition!!!

    My copy arrived on Saturday, great job on the book Jake, thanks again. Steve
  8. A-10 LOADER

    New model building room

    Nice work, looks great. There's nothing like having your own dedicated space for the hobby. Steve
  9. A-10 LOADER

    The Modern Viper Guide, 2nd Edition!!!

    Looking forward to receiving mine. Steve
  10. A-10 LOADER

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Nice work Whitey, she's really coming together now. She should look awesome once she's all completed. Steve
  11. A-10 LOADER

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A

    Excellent work. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  12. Hat's off to ya bud, you seem to have wrestled this beast into submission after a TON of work. Steve
  13. A-10 LOADER

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A

    Beautiful work Harry, great attention to detail !! Love it. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  14. Welcome back Russ, good to see this project again. Steve
  15. A-10 LOADER

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The formation lights (slime lights) are still wrong !! ☹️ They are flush on the real jet, not raised. C'mon AMK get it together. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"