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  1. DING, DING, DING, and we have a winner Johnny !! What did you expect, your getting 2 wings with slats and flaps, that's a lot of resin. Steve
  2. Nice start, refreshing to see some different markings as well. Good luck with your build. Steve
  3. They look very nice and they look like they got them correct as well. Maybe the cry babies will be quiet now but, I'm sure someone will have something to complain about on these. Steve
  4. Maryland ANG jet currently deployed overseas. Steve
  5. Nice work. Steve
  6. C'mon people, it's distortion. Station's 1 and 11 can get bombs on them, it's a pain in the butt being up kinda high but, it can be done. Strange seeing no DRA with an AIM-9 on 11 however. I guess there are no air threats that they are worried about. Steve
  7. +2
  8. Jens, In order to pick a wheel, you need to know the time frame of the jet you are modeling. Like you said there are three different styles, which style you should use depends on the variant and time frame. Left to right, YF-14A prototype, F-14D and, F-14A / B. Steve
  9. There are not enough proper words or adjectives to describe this type of craftsmanship. Keep it going Elmo and looking forward to more. Steve
  10. I guess I read it wrong, thanks Martin and feel better. Steve
  11. Apparently there is a pre-order for the kit, at least that's what I found out on their FB page?? I tried a google search for this but, no joy. Anyone have any info / ideas, thanks. Steve
  12. For your first build in 15 years, it looks pretty good dude. The important thing is you know what you did wrong and how to correct it for next time. Nice job. Steve
  13. We need a "love" button on this site !! Steve
  14. Very nice work. The aircrew looks great and their poses look very realistic. Keep it up bud. Steve
  15. Thanks very much. Steve