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  1. I'm the complete opposite. I love to do cockpits !! I look at it as a challenge. Steve
  2. WOW, looks really good !! Much better than the PE stuff. Steve
  3. Spent most of the morning cutting, grinding, filing and, sanding the casting blocks off the Wolfpack resin wings for the S-3B. This set is BEAUTIFUL !! The casting is amazing and very well done. They fit really well considering they are just being held in place with some tape. Lots of delicate parts with the wing fold mechanisms however. Hopefully I can get them off the casting blocks without damaging them. Getting closer to closing up the fuselage halves. Thanks to all who are following along. Steve
  4. Thanks Mike for checking out my build. These resin wings are quite the chunk of resin so, I want a solid connection and no troubles down the road. This was my reason for wanting to epoxy them from the inside, this way I can get a lot of epoxy around the tab and, no mess on the outside. Sadly I ordered the SAC metal gears for both the Viking and the Shadow and, I'm not happy with them. Since the main gears are spread out, instead of straight up and down, and I'll be adding a resin cockpit, wings and, nose weight, stronger gear would be nice. I really prefer to use the kit gears because the glue will melt the plastics together to become one. I'm not really a fan of using dissimilar materials for a key support area. Does anyone else make metal gear for the S-3 ? Steve
  5. Greetings all, Today's updates, Some final pics of the finished cockpit, minus the seats, before it gets glued together. I added some Testors clear parts cement to the dial faces to represent the glass. I also added some small wires to the bottoms of the flight sticks to attached them to the cockpit floor. This is a lot easier and a more solid connection. This is about as good as I could get the cockpit to fit, it's not glued just yet, there's probably @ 3 hours of test fitting here. Sadly as nice as the Black Box cockpit is, the front IP is twice as tall as the kit one. So a lot of the test fitting was for finding the correct angle for the IP so it wouldn't interfere with the glass. Once the tub is glued into the fuselage I'll have to make a IP coaming cover and again, making sure it doesn't come in contact with the glass. I also got the tailhook well finished up and test fit to the fuselage. At this point I think I will turn my attention to the Wolfpack wings and get the inner wings attached to the fuselage before I glue everything together. Since the wings are resin, I want to epoxy them from the inside for a more solid connection. That's all for today, thanks for following along. Steve
  6. Yes, Black Dog seems to be the only game in town these days for major resin pieces, other than the cockpit, for the Viking. Thanks for following along. Steve
  7. Enough is enough, they look great, time to move on. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!
  8. A-10C 80-0275, with the invasion stripes, was one of our former jets from the 111th FW at the former Willow Grove ARS. Steve
  9. WOW, great work Dave ! I believe you are getting the hang of this stuff. Steve
  10. Greetings all, I hope you all are well and safe. I've made pretty good progress on the Viking's cockpit so far. I still need to paint a few things but, for the most part, the tub, center console, sticks and, the IP are finished. I need to add a few things to the seats so I can work on those next. Then the entire cockpit can be weathered, especially the floors. I also finished up the tailhook well and decalled the hook. Once I flat coat the tailhook, I'll paint the hookpoint and this can be assembled. Thanks for taking the time and having a look, until the next update ... Steve
  11. Beautiful work there bud and I agree with Sketchh22, hard to believe that's a painting ! Steve
  12. Beautiful work !! The flat coat will take care of it. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
  13. Small update for today since I spent yesterday doing yard work. Managed to get the Dark Gull Gray on some cockpit parts. The seats still require some work before paint can begin and the parts that attach to the inside of the canopy are for another day. This will be my first cockpit in @ 20 years so, hopefully I can still do this, time will tell. I love how all the details pop out once paint is applied. Steve
  14. Thanks for the vote of confidence Elmo, I'll try not to disappoint. Steve
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