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  1. Five years ago today, hopefully not much longer ? Steve
  2. WOW, she's looking really good ! Is the black stripe painted on or a decal ? Steve
  3. Wow, fantastic work so far. She's gonna look like the real deal shrunk down. Steve
  4. Lot's of nice looking work so far Jost, keep it up. Steve
  5. Let's not forget EP-3E's, mine is gloss coated and ready for decals. Steve
  6. We had two warmer days late last week which enabled me to get a start on the display base for the Gunship. I managed to get the stain applied and the first couple coats of clear sprayed on. Next step will be a sanding with 320 and more clear coats, when the weather cooperates. The taped-off areas are where the two part epoxy will go to attach my two plaques. Steve
  7. Good start so far. Did you ever finish your AC-J Gunship? Steve
  8. A MC-130E and a AC-130J are two totally different animals. Just Google "MC-130E images" and compare them to "AC-130J images" and, you'll see what I mean. Also timeframe will have a lot to do with your build as well, certain antennas may have been added or removed so, pay attention to your references. Steve
  9. Wow Jost great start, all the scratch-built items looks great ! Thanks for the shout out and the kind words. Looking forward to seeing more. Steve
  10. I painted over the windows because I didn't want any of the unpainted interior to be seen and secondly it's dark inside the interior so that's the reason for the one's that got painted black. You could leave yours clear if you'd like. As per my reference pics however, some windows looked tan from the outside. I'm guessing it's either a window shade or, something on the inside that's tan, blocking certain windows ? As for the rear fuselage question, the AC-J's don't use the DIRCM, it's a different system. Those small pieces ( K6 ) are from the kit and steps #17 and #22 in the instructions
  11. Holy cow Drew, phantastic start, that cockpit looks awesome !! Steve
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