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Long (and true) story...

Thanks to Wardog on here I finally track down a copy of the Heller (actually a Fennec, but close enough for me) T-28 kit, after years of searching. Plan is to do a grey/white VNAF bird from Wolfpak decals 72-40 "Light my Fire". Serial 140038 from Na Trang 1962.

Then as is typical with these things, I find a new issue kit in the LMS a week later. 


Ok says I, as the new kit doesn't have VNAF decals that will get the spare ones, with the funky sharksmouth from the other kit. 


Wolfpak quote FS16473 for the grey/white scheme while Heller say overall humbrol 166, a BS standard light aircraft grey which is very close to 16440 Light Gull Gray for the kit scheme of TL371.

The old Carpena 72.07 sheet "Indochine" has the same 140038 option as the Wolfpak sheet but quotes 36440 overall. This is clearly wrong as I've found an air-air photo showing it as grey/white. So I figure if that's wrong then probably the FS call out is too. The sheet and research is over 25 years old. Wheras Wolfpak are highly regarded for research. Well I've got FS16473 in an Xtracolour enamel tin so on I rock. Painting finished and all Wolfpak decals on the model of 140038.

Less than a day later I discover AOA Decals have a 1/32 sheet that includes both 140038 and TL371. 140038 should be Gull Grey/white. 

TL371 should be overall FS36473 

I've got them the wrong way around. 



Lesson; don't do more research, especially after adding decals.

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We had a Loas T-28 make an emergency landing at our base one day.  They were low on fuel, lost and radio out.  The aircraft was escorted to a parking spot by a couple jeeps, a M-715 weapons truck and a M-706 armored car and carried a 50 cal under each wing with a simple air shield..  Since we shared the runway with the local Air Force, they took custody  of the pilot and back seater for a few days before sending them home.  It gave me enough time to sneak up with my jeep and grab a couple shots, since sometimes I had to patrol in the  area anyway.  I'd post a couple pictures but somewhere along the way, picture posting has changed and it doesn't seem to work for me. 

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