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Beech Staggerwing, 1/32

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The Glencoe website lists a Beech G17 in 1/32.

It is the old ITC kit from 1961.


I have never seen ine, in fact I didn't realize ITC made a Staggerwing, since it is well before my time.


Has anyone here seen or built one?

It would be fun to compare it to the nice 1/48 AMT kit.


Although it comes in a civil scheme, remember that the type was used by the USAAF, USN and UK in WWII.

Might make a nice diorama parked next to a fighter after delivering a ferry pilot. 

However, the kit is of the rare (20 built), post-war "G" variant. But don't worry, I doubt anyone other than a Beech but could spot the differences. Certainly not a contest judge.



Scalemates says it was last released in 1981 under the "Staggerwings Unlimited" banner. 


My only experience with an ITC kit is the Grumman Goose rereleased by Lindberg. It has issues, the tail is very bad.





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The kit was boxed by a couple of different manufacturers, and an internet search will turn up reviews of it. 

I grabbed one from EBay a fee months ago for $20, saw one for sale at a show yesterday for $50. 


There's no Interior provided with the kit, nor even an opening for wheel wells. The original issue had an electric motor to spin the prop to allow the model to taxi around under its own power.  The wings are short and as you mentioned, straight out of the box it has the cowling for a G model, but the Instructions do provide pictures on how to convert the model to look like an earlier D version. The engine is just a front, and basic.

If you have the ability and want to make an accurate staggerwing from this model, you'd be better off scratchbuilding the whole thing. There's really not much that's salvageable.


Certainly only a kit for collectors, whilst the rest of us hope that someone comes along with a new large scale staggerwing series. 

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Thanks for your info.

I was hoping it was nicer.

I guess the best thing would be to paint the windows and make it a desk-type model.


And while it is not an interwar classic...It certainly is a post war General aviation icon....

Now if I could just find out who has the old 1/24 molds for the Beaver on floats, originally made for a Canadian Whiskey company. It was also released in Pepsi markings on 1993.

They were last sold out of a Wisconsin store that is no longer in business.

Any leads would be appreciated.

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I volunteer at a museum which features a float Beaver, and if we could contact whomever has the molds, we might want to carry them in the gift shop.

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