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  1. G'day mate, I used the XtraDecal sheet for the T-28B/D https://www.scalemates.com/kits/xtradecal-x48-112-t-28b-bd-trojan--545674 Denzil.
  2. Every other week when this topic comes up, it always makes me chuckle and sigh. The conversation is, more often than not, extremely one sided in terms of "when I was a kid..." forgetting that the world, and its inhabitants are very different now than they were way back then. (Whether its for better or worse is another discussion entirely.) Look at the world that recent kids have been born into: *the Internet fed Global Village in which we live, is constantly bombarded with fear mongering, making it seem like any activity done outside the home, is fraught with danger, so many p
  3. Thankyou mate! Yes roden does some really neat stuff, so while I moan about having to apply basic modelling skills, im still very happy that their kits are available. Its a first world problem for sure 😂
  4. I feel that pain! There are SO MANY options to choose from, we are spoiled for choice! I'm very happy with how the MRP sprays, and after using them on a few builds now, im getting used to how they act and react to being applied. I dont think there's a particularly wrong choice amongst the big name paint brands, and the outcome of your experience is determined predominantly by how much effort you're willing to invest in learning how your chosen brand like to be applied. Welcome back to the hobby, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress 😄
  5. You're welcome mate! Simple water colours over the top of completely dry enamels SHOULD be ok, but as always, if in doubt, test it on something else first! I spent a lifetime using MM and humbrol enamels, but over the last decade their formulas have gotten awful. They don't brush well, and the pigment doesn't cover. I heard about MRP lacquers somewhere and wanted to give them a try. They come pre-thinned for airbrush use only, so you always get a consistent result out of your gun. They are like night and day compared to the current crop of enamels. Fast drying, excellent cover
  6. Thanks mate! It was a bit of a pig! Here's the build Denzil
  7. Wrestled this one across the line! Denzil
  8. I should add that this beastie made it across the line! More pics here in the Display Case
  9. Thanks mate, Glad to help, its dead simple! First step is a nice glosscoat so seal everything in place. I think i used MRP lacquer for this one. Pledge/future whatever it's called is also robust enough for this layer. Once that's dry, i use water colours. They are easy to use, won't hurt the underlying surface and easy to cleanup! I bought a cheap 24 pack from hobby lobby, which is overkill because I primarily use black and burnt umber mixed to a satisfactory shade. Thin it out with a lot of water, and add a drop of dish soap to break the surface tension and flow more
  10. JohnEB's on the money. 170/172s and 180/182s can be a muddy mess unless you're a bit of an anorak. As the stock of tailwheel'd examples has dried up, there are plenty of mods that can be done (it's a fairly easy conversion) to turn nose-wheeled examples into taildraggers, both 172s and 182s. AndrewD, the Monogram kit is what youre after, if you can't find an original issue with floats for a decent price, i believe KeeKah (spelling) might do correct floats for the purpose. Denzil
  11. If you want to throw kits together, and just want to build all the dall together kits, for sure a ranking matters. However, if you're wanting to learn new skills and add unusual subjects to your collection, have a go at some of the less highly ranked kits. ALL kits are buildable, but some do take a lot more work than others. When youre not intimidated by the less than fall-together kits, you won't worry about how other people rank kits 🙂 Grab some cheap "unbuildables" and have a go 😄
  12. WWII fighters, tamiya and hasegawa are all pretty high quality. Hobby boss has SOME good stuff, but that's on a kit by kit basis. Floatplanes are a very mixed bag. If you want to build anything other than a catalina, youre going to be delving into all manner of short/limited run kits. Which isn't a bad thing, but just don't be suprised when theres no shake and bake Volmer Sportsman kit 😄
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