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  1. Wow, good timing, i was just looking at ordering the Dynavector kit, I'll hold off and see what this ones like instead 😄
  2. I'm dissapointed that in the years since this thread, there hasn't been another major weathering tecnique to argue about. Have different weathering techniques come to an end!?!? 😂
  3. Yes, I do agree it will happen. I will be suprised if there is a clear cut "no ICEs" limit in our lifetime though. More taxing isnt the way. Incentives to buy EVs are. I absolutely believe government corruption is the stranglehold holding back from further mass progress. To summise peoples dependency on ICE vehicles as purely attachment is ignoring the fact that not everybody can afford an EV. I'd bet a vast majority of people can't afford to have a shiney new EV in their driveway, otherwise they probably would, provided it was a suitable option for them. I agree with the IPhone comparison. Tesla hasn't done anything revolutionary, they just put together existing products into a sleek package, and sell it it to the hip and trendy folk, who value image more than product. This alone is a HUGE reason lots of people star clear of the brand (as well as the price, atrocious quality control, poor dealer network and everything spoken of above) Dont get me wrong, some form of renewable vehicle will be the future. Complaining about lack of range and chargers and suitability is forgetting that the first ICE vehicles suffered from the same thing. The difference is, were people taxed for holding onto their horses, when the newfangled automobiles werent suitable for the job at hand? Oooh I've missed a good internet debate 😂😂
  4. Exactly 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. That's a wonderful daydream, but doesn't work in reality. Does that mean cities will need to be walled off to keep ICE vehicles out? Will people living within those boundaries be forced by law to have to buy EVs? Where to start with anything that needs transportation by anything bigger than a SUV? It's a lovely theory, and for sure a goal worth having, but the logistics of actually making it work arent going to happen quickly. If governments want it to happen, they need to make it worth the while of the people.
  6. https://newsroom.aaa.com/2019/02/cold-weather-reduces-electric-vehicle-range/ I am for EVs, under the right circumstances. If you live and commute in a city, then perfect, EVs are exactly the right idea: quiet, reduced pollution etc, but for those of us who DONT live in the city limits, who DO need a range of more than a few hundred miles in one sitting, who DO live where the temperature sits at -30/40°F for weeks/months at a time, an EV is nowhere near suitable. Yet. I lived in a town in Australia where the next nearest town was an 8 hour drive away. And that's not 8 hours through suburbia, that's nothing but sand and rocks for 8 hours. THESE, however, piques my interest ;D
  7. Absolutely beautiful, Ken! I really enjoy the way you tear through these less common kits! Denzil
  8. Fantastic! That looks beautiful 😄
  9. Progress! Typical old Dragon/Trimaster. Sure ain't shake and bake, but it's not terrible. I'm trying to build things as "modular" as I can, to assist with cleaning up seams around the jet inlet and exhaust.
  10. There are quite a few Luftwaffe '46 kits. Lots of fun 😄
  11. I can't even remember the last time I posted a build on ARC, must be many years ago, but here seems like a good place to rejoin. I've got the other 3 mistels in storage on the other side of the planet, and when this one came up for sale, I figured it was a good time to complete the set. I'll be experimenting with alclads and different camouflage styles on this one. Should be fun! Box top shot:
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