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  1. In a word; no. In my experience, it seems only to be the mass-produced, mainstream stuff that comes shrink wrapped, and the kits that are going up in perceived value (monster facepalm) arent shrink wrapped from the factory.
  2. Thanks mate! She takes a bit of effort, but is a better starting point than the old Monogram kit! Brass gear and aftermarket decals are an absolute necessity, unfortunately. I appreciate your encouragement, big motivation to see her finished and in the cabinet! Denzil
  3. OK! A move from the midwest to the Pacific North West and a new job, and the bench is finally set up for action I used masking tape to peel off the decals, and removed the landing gear because I wasn't happy with how it sat. First up, mask and paint the wing walks to suit the aftermarket decals.
  4. Even by current standards, they're still very nice kits!
  5. I'll be so lucky if i live long enough to claim that title for myself 😆🤣
  6. 30 something year old modeller here! This discussion is a fascinating read for someone like me who grew up reading my father's modelling magazines, and absorbing all the different techniques that people used to varying success in the pursuit of realism. After building airfix, heller and monogram kits, I remember being amazed at the crisp recessed detail on the first Otaki 1/48 kit I saw 😆 This discussion feels similar in spirit to a recent one about a lack of basic skills, in leiu of flashy accessories, and how the focus has shifted. It's remarkable how our silly little pastime of playing with chunks of plastic has evolved over the years, and for someone who wasn't around to experience all the changes in person, I'm glad you more, er, youth-challenged guys are around to remind us how much has changed. As for the discussion at hand: I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade (vintage, warbirds, GA and corporate) and whilst I generally rescribe my models, scribed lines are usually completely inaccurate in terms of realism. As said elsewhere, however, they do hold washes well and add visual interest. Pity we never got the chance to see WnW's Lancaster, that one, with its overlapping skins and "oil canning" seemed it may have come the closest yet to portraying a realistic finish in scale. Maybe it would have ushered in the next generation of finishing techniques? Denzil
  7. DDC

    Grumman AgCat

    I emailed Giannis directly a few weeks ago about it. mf1.cg81@gmail.com He responded quickly and has communicated at each step of the shipping process. Denzil
  8. DDC

    Grumman AgCat

    If you're doing anything other than a factory fresh machine, or a specific example, an eyeballed colour is going to be close enough for a working ag plane. Chemical, oil and Gas stains rapidly tint the paintwork, and if aircraft were lucky enough to have their paint touched up, itd often be a case of close-enough is good enough. Are you building the Jamo kit? Mines on its way to me and I cant wait!!
  9. I'm very sorry for your loss, mate. You're in my thoughts.
  10. I emailed and asked about price and if there were going to be any different marking options in the future. Quickly got a response from Giannis: The price for the kit is 77.00 US Dollar + 16 for postage = 93 US Dollar total including postage. You can pay via PayPal. The kit includes decals for Greek aircrafts. Send me pictures of the plane that you're interested to making, to see if I can find solutions for handmade decals. It looks like a quality product, so I'll most likely add one to my stash of 1/48 civvies. Hopefully itll prove fruitful enough that we might get more civilian aircraft in the future (yes a 188 would be great!!) Denzil
  11. Happy birthday ARC! Glad that I could be a part of it for more than half its life 😄
  12. Looking forward to seeing how this goes together, Modelsvit are bringing out some awesome kits! I should get back to this one:
  13. Keep the family photos and documents. You'll forever regret letting that stuff go and it's something you'll never get back. As has been said above, museums might have anni interest in historical records.
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