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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss, mate. You're in my thoughts.
  2. I emailed and asked about price and if there were going to be any different marking options in the future. Quickly got a response from Giannis: The price for the kit is 77.00 US Dollar + 16 for postage = 93 US Dollar total including postage. You can pay via PayPal. The kit includes decals for Greek aircrafts. Send me pictures of the plane that you're interested to making, to see if I can find solutions for handmade decals. It looks like a quality product, so I'll most likely add one to my stash of 1/48 civvies. Hopefully itll prove fruitful enough that we might get more civilian aircraft in the future (yes a 188 would be great!!) Denzil
  3. Happy birthday ARC! Glad that I could be a part of it for more than half its life 😄
  4. Looking forward to seeing how this goes together, Modelsvit are bringing out some awesome kits! I should get back to this one:
  5. Keep the family photos and documents. You'll forever regret letting that stuff go and it's something you'll never get back. As has been said above, museums might have anni interest in historical records.
  6. DO want!! The Heller kit was great fun to build, Downton do the same yellow and red paint scheme in the larger scale!
  7. Wow!! Pretty soon there wont be any need to hold onto ANY of Classic Airframes' offerings!
  8. Thanks mate! Shes coming together ok for a rough build. So I had some more good,good times with this build. Whilst touching up some white paint, despite being sealed under a few coats of gloss, some de-tacked, already low-tack masking tape managed to peel the decals clean off the build. Insert rude words. This little kit is fighting, but I can't have a selection of trainers WITHOUT a T28, so the build continues. Xtradecals T28 set is ordered and on its way. In the mean time, the GFactor brass landing gear turned up. THESE are beautiful and STRONG. To anyone who has this kit in the stash, these are are a must. I am aware of the SAC parts for this kit, but whilst my experience with them in the past has been adequate, I dont trust that even their gear is up to the task providing a strong enough nose gear leg, considering all the weight required to keep it from being a tail sitter. The aftermath of unintentional decal removal, plus the gear, cleaned up and sprayed with Tamiya rattle-can white primer. And now the moment of truth: will it sit on its gear un-assisted?? Wahoo!!! For the time being, this is going to sit in the naughty corner to decide whether it wants to spend its life in the cabinet, or trash can. More progress when the new decals arrive!
  9. What about a factory fresh Mustang? https://www.drawdecal.com/p-51d-mustang/ Seeing these decals availiable, I.might have to procure a Tamiya P51 and have a see what the fuss is about 😄
  10. Decals applied. Throw out the kit decals.and buy some quality aftermarket ones. These ones are as brittle as I've ever seen, shattering upon meeting my delicate gaze, didnt conform and wouldnt sink into panel lines, no matter how much decal set was used. And also they were translucent 😡😡. Also, whilst the stencils were just about legible, I'm pretty sure the instructions calls for most of them to be applied to incorrect locations. Oh well. This ones a shelf sitter, not a competition winner. With all the nose weight in the thing, the scale thickness plastic nose wheel leg is going to have a hard time not bending under the load. Replacement gear legs are on their way 😄
  11. I filled in the fuselage with lead tyre weights to prevent from sitting on its tail, but to be on the safe side, I also put some nice fat penny washers behind the engine, on the firewall. This meant removal of the intake piping on the back of the engine, but it wont be seen on the finished model, so no dramas. The nose bowl fit was rather interesting. Out with the coarse sandpaper and plastic sheet. Primer time Black masked off, MRP White, then masked ready for the colour. A home made blend of Tamiya Red and Gunze Flourescent Orange looks pretty good in person, but show up extremely red in pictures! And masks off! I decided to paint the fin red, and then come back, mask the straight line and touch up the white. Denzil
  12. Gday everyone, first build post from me in a LOOOOOONG time. Let's see if I can finish this one! Roden's T-28 came up cheap on internet auction site, and was promptly added to the stash. A current mood mojo of 1/48 trainers saw the trojan making it's way promptly to the bench. The kit is.... rough. Very nice detailing, albeit buried under plenty of flash. HEAVY scribed panel lines, ordinary fit and the decals. Ugh the decals. More on them later. I'm using photo bucket for pic transfer and I'm not sure how the quality of the pics will be on these pages. Comments on that and the model are welcomed. Jumping straight in, the cockpit was fine. Masking tape seatbelts and plastic buckles were hastily thrown together, otherwise all OOTB.Trial fit of the windscreen and nose bowl. Filler applied to wing joints. Canopies on, and seams smoothed. Fit here wasn't terrible. Just some simple sanding of mating surfaces to get everything lined up and it looked pretty good. Canopies closed on this build, i want to keep this one simple. First proper fun, the flight controls. Ailerons and flaps are separate parts, allowing them to be posed as the builder likes. The instructions advise on different parts needed to assemble the flaps in the up position but fail to mention that a brief lesson in 5th dimensional physics will be needed to get the parts to actually fit correctly. Break out the coarse carborundum paper! And of course the parts didnt match up in plan form either. Inboard edge of ailerons shimmed to fit. More soon, thanks for reading! Denzil
  13. Yikes, that's a whole lot variance! Fair call. Maybe I'm confusing ICMs D models for being clones of the Tamiya kits. I know I've held the fuselage half of an icm p51 to another manufacturers and they've lined up perfectly. I suppose, at very least, using the ICM kit you could make an accurate model of the restored N51Z "Polar Bear" (or whatever shes been renamed since the paint strip) 😂 Thanks for the heads up!
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