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AN/AAQ-28 pod on legacy Hornet

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Hello dear friends,


I am making F/A-18C from operation "Enduring Freedom", and I have decals from Flying Leathernecks set, and there is shown in diagram that this bird carried an/aaq-28 (v) litening pod, and I have find photos of that pod in two variants.

Can someone please explain what is going on here, is there two identical sides of pod, or there is left or right module/variant of it.I have find these photos and I am very confused.I have buyed Eduard set of it, and there is only right side pod.





Screenshot_20240313_190733_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg

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The Marine Corps uses both left and right handed pods. We have the left handed pods available in the stowed position. I'll have a deployed (camera's out) version out next week. I'll also be releasing right handed pods.



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