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  1. And that is the reason my friend, why I am making this kit 🙂
  2. Thank you very much. So after all then the GWH kit is overdone, am I right? With all these rivets that are on that kit?
  3. Thank you, and I want to make these rivets super small, and also that is the one of the reason why I have chosen Monogram kit, it is "unfnished book",with clear pages...which can turn out great.That is the reason why I need that kind of technical drawing of this aircraft.
  4. Thank you dear friend. I have find same drawings too, but as you told, there is no rivets, but thanks anyway.
  5. Hello friends, I want to make super old model kit. Its F-15A from Monogram in 1/48 scale, the kit dates back from '79. I am tired of these new molds etc... I have this kit for about 40 years and its time to get it build eheheeh. Ok, I was in need for experience for this proejct, because I want te rescribe all panel lines and to make all rivets,and that is the main reason why I have started this topic. I was trying to look around web to find some good technical drawings of single seater F-15, to see where rivet lines are going and all panel lines, and all
  6. Yes, this info doesnt have any connections with Su-57 subject...
  7. Ok, I just want to have NMF US F-104G in 1/48 scale. So, I think that I have find solution in this two photos,please correct me if I am wrong,but I think that on this two aircraft is next confirguration for modeling: 1.) MB seat 2.) Early exhaust 3.) ACL on the top of fuselage,near vertical stabilazer. 4.) Bulged MGL door 5.) Wide tyres for G type. 6.) Color of pitot tube is gray from the nose till the chrome part of it.
  8. I will try to find modification material,and better photos,and if I fail...well I will make nmf USAF F-104G with most reference materials.
  9. Let me reconstruct point of view and main question for this "my F-104". So from the research that we have until now,one can make conclusion that this is airframe directly from production line,and that it is most early G variant, ie: without any major airframe modifications and upgrades. So, what kind of wheel had early variant and MLG doors? As it is written on the link that Mr.Williams have given, this airframe was modified on april 29th 1963. to latest modification...Acording to the project "Columbus" ,does that meen that he got bulged wheel doors and wide tyres,but keeped spo
  10. So its practicly imposible to describe modeling configuration for this aircraft about wheels and mlg doors.Is there any info how they looked in these period from 1967 till 1969, then use that as a most plausable reference point.
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