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  1. Its solved,they have send replacement part After all it worked. 🙂
  2. Also I have heard that there is a lot of people here that they need to contact thier customer service,but they are just ignore them.Also some guy answer on FB but,he only say that he will look in it,and he never do that. I have payed fair for their goods and I want to have what I have paid. I would like that people join with me and that we stop their arogance.They can not ignore us all.Also if we pull all legal rights.
  3. Hello friends, I have buyed GWH Su-27 L4824 1/48,box was unopened,when it came to me there were not ,metal pitot tube,both PE sheets and acetate film.I have spoken with seller about it and he told me that I contact GWH,because he tried and they dont asnwer. Also I have wrote to them and there is no answer for over a two months.I am starting to think that this is some defected series of model packs.So be carefull when you buy this model kit. Also I will sue them becuse they dont answer to me because they are frauds and they sell defected products.Who is with me?
  4. Bro...it's rised 100%,look https://ibb.co/VTM1S98 https://ibb.co/yyngwMW Minibase made every single detail 100% correct.Dont troll this tread if you dont have photos.
  5. Thank you for answer dear friend.I really mean that you just made perfect kit.I have buyed two boxes,because I would like to make my Su-33 in both variants with folded wing and ready for mission.And also to show standard,and modernized variant with SVP-24-33 system, it is very important that this aircraft it can be presented in it's first combat campaign.All I can say to you is BRAVO SIR!!!To you and to all team from Minibase. As of next what I would like to see is MiG-35...MiG-29KUB.And also very important Chinese jets,like J-8,J-7... series.Those Chinese aircrafts are very import
  6. Just got mine...all I can say is that this is the best model kit in the world,EVER!!!! Just looks at those details,geometry...incredible!!! I have a lot model kits...and I mean A LOT!!! This is new benchmark.All I can say WOWWW...WOOOOOOO!!!!!Thank you Minibase! Ok, so Minibase what is next? 😉
  7. Thank you very much.I will contact Mr.Andy.
  8. Dear freind, Thank you very much.I have searched all reference materials on this blog that you have recomended to me. Also, I have all those books which are recomended, in this blog, and I can not find any photo from the oposite side of this aircraft "Dede Lou". So, I changed my mind, and I need to make another one. There is interesting paint scheme, also in the same box of this model kit,it is: P-51D-25, 44-73623 flown by Maj. Harry C. Crim (later flown by Flt.Off. Theo Gruici), CO of 531st FS, 21st FG, 7th AF, Iwo Jima, July/August 1945
  9. Hello friends modelers.I have returned to this hobby after long time. Anyway. I got new Eduard's P-51D Limited Edition 1/48 Very Long Range. Model kit is fantastic.There is excelent paint schemes also inside.The most interesting to me is presentation of P-51D-20, 44-63733, flown by Maj. Paul W. Imig, CO of 72nd FS, 21st FG, 7th AF, IwoJima, March 1945. This aircraft have art work on nose "Dede Lou". Eduard have shown profile of that aircraft that it had art work on both sides of fuselage in nose section I have found photos of real aircraft in book,and I can not sh
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