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  1. We were about a 1000 visitors down on 2019, but we still had 9000 through the doors over both days and we're confident that we'll be back up to normal service in 2023. On average, about 500 of those visitors are arriving from outside the UK. There are lots of reasons traders didn't attend. Some long term supporters, such as Collectakit, are no longer trading. A number of European traders feel it's too difficult to get here now (after Brexit and the VAT changes) but others seem to find it practical to do so. I suspect some of the reluctance is around perception, so we'll be working
  2. As a UK resident that view does not compute. I've never had any issue buying what I want, from where I want, at a decent price - whether that be locally in the UK or from overseas vendors (including paints and glues).
  3. T'was ever thus... Unfortunately, model companies are commercial operators who make their profits by producing kits that sell in large number to the masses, rather than products that appeal to the cognoscente. That's why certain subjects will always be kitted by multiple manufacturers, whilst more 'interesting' (to us) subjects are ignored.
  4. I use the Albion Alloys brass tube all the time (various sizes down to 0.3mm internal diameter). I find that rolling it back and forth (with a little gentle pressure) under a sharp scalpel blade will cut it cleanly and not collapse the tube. As Rob says, the slide-fit packs are great, not least because they give you a selection of sizes to work with in one pack. A mitre box is also a good alternative.
  5. The first RAF Northolt Night Shoot since 2019 took place last Thursday. It was great to be back photographing hardware under floodlights.
  6. You are talking about an established concept called 'scale effect'. I don't think there is a defined ratio but in principle, you go for lighter shades as the scale gets smaller to match the visual impression of viewing the real thing from further away. There are those that argue in favour of it and others who dispute its validity. Personally, I tend to lighten the manufacturers' colours with a touch of white when I'm building smaller scales.
  7. I'm posting this question a number of forums so my apologies in advance if you have seen it elsewhere. I want to get a broad overview of what our community thinks and whilst there is an overlap in membership in many forums, there are also many modellers who stick to one modelling forum. If you had to reduce your modelling toolbox to just six 'essential' construction (not painting) tools, what would they be? My pick would be: -craft knife (my weapon of choice is a Swann Morton No.3 handle with a 10A blade) -needle nose tweezers -Metal ruler -sprue nippers -pin
  8. I believe it was a standard means of transporting additional aircraft in aircraft carrier hangars (as spares or when transporting 'passengers' who were due to be offloaded).
  9. Rob - the last three sets of decals I've commissioned were designed in a raster format because it's what I'm used to working with (keep meaning to train myself up on vector graphics but life's too busy at the moment - like I keep meaning to explore CAD). I supplied the artwork camera-ready on a transparent background and I'm very happy with the results. I agree that the vector route is much better but other options remain viable, depending on the nature of the artwork you are dealing with.
  10. There are also a number of small operations who will print your artwork via an ALPS/OKI printer and they can generally work with raster artwork.
  11. 🦅 now you're playing to one of my other interests - lots of raptor species in the area, Ospreys, Eagles, Hawks, Red Kites, Buzzards (several of which come in both feathered and metal versions), plus owls and corvids and lots of others too.
  12. A small selection stuff I've seen in the past few days in Wales - as the title says, all taken from the balcony of our caravan.
  13. Sat out on the balcony in the Mach Loop late this afternoon when my ears picked up a helo in the distance. Was not expecting to see a Koninklijke Marine NH-90 sauntering up the valley. It's not the best shot I've ever taken but then it hasn't been the best sort of day for the weather.
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