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  1. We'll either find an effective solution to Covid or we'll adapt our lifestyles to accommodate it (most likely a combination of the two). Even if infection rates reduce massively over the next 12 months, Scale ModelWorld 2021 (and any other public event) will inevitably be laid out differently to ensure we are avoiding or mitigating any obvious opportunities for renewed transmission. We take the view that it's about finding new ways of doing things rather than sitting on our hands and hoping the problem will go away. We now have 12 months to redesign SMW and make it succ
  2. The Humvee parked against the hangar (extreme right) is carrying a spare wheel on the rear - highly unusual (almost unheard of) for an early 1990s US vehicle - much more likely on a post-2000 vehicle.
  3. The Daily Mail (aka the 'Daily Fail') is a tabloid newspaper with a reputation for sensationalising stories to within an inch of their lives - one of several such newspapers in the UK. Like many of their kindred, they don't always spend too much time checking facts and figures if the story makes good headlines. I would be wary of taking anything they say too seriously without checking it against some independently verifiable data from a reliable source.
  4. The difficulty with that approach is that the end file is a stand-alone item. In order to share it you need to save it in a format that is easily shared across a community with access to different CAD systems so a universally acceptable format such STL is needed. It's fundamentally no different from downloading a copy of a photo or a pdf. Once somebody else has that file, you lose the practical control of what they can do with it and you're back to trust and integrity. I know that sounds negative but I genuinely believe that sharing within a community is the right approach. However
  5. There are already modelling communities out there that are designing and sharing their own files. We're talking about modellers with no previous CAD experience, helping each other to learn CAD skills and sharing the results freely amongst themselves. The group I know best focuses entirely on 1/48 scale armour projects and the results are stunning - additional detail components, roadwheels, complete track sets for AFVs and things as small as the formation lights for the new Tamiya T-55 for example. - they have even produced a catalogue of the currently available files. They almost exclusively u
  6. Since this group build has no restrictions on subject... Completed this week - Tamiya's new (March 2020) 1/48 scale T-55 kit. Backdated to a T-54B and placed with a scratchbuilt bridge section. Based on a real incident during Operation Danube, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968. John
  7. In order to create original 3d printed parts you need to be able to use CAD programmes to design the print files, so it isn't a simple process if you have no experience of them. You would also need access to a large 3d printer. Typical hobby/home printers won't have a big enough 'bed' (print area) to print something as large as a control grip. If you can create the files, there are companies out there that can print it for you. You would need to scan the original part to create a CAD model of it using 3d scanning technology. It's how the likes of Airfix start their design process t
  8. A 75mm (or the airborne 105mm) with its towing Jeep and crew would be the typical load in this configuration (presumably with an initial ammunition allocation). Airborne 6 pdrs were also carried (with a narrower carriage). Highly unlikely that any additional troops would be carried. Max payload was roughly 7400 lbs but weight distribution and centre of gravity would have been the limiting factor when carrying vehicles or crew served weapons. John
  9. As Specter said - a lot of the European retailers are unable to ship overseas at present due to postal restrictions. Similar story with the Hong Kong-based retailers. It's not their fault but they are reliant on what their domestic postal services have decided to do. A lot of 'small packet' mail is carried in the holds of scheduled international passenger flights - most of them are grounded at present so there's little capacity to ship stuff through the usual channels. John
  10. Ish mentioned that his home is in Dallas but that he is currently out in the sandbox - therefore he would require international flights to get home and attend the convention and hence his comment about travel restrictions.
  11. At the moment we have until the end of August before we'll be making a final decision on whether or not to run the Telford show - that's the point where we need to commit the major part of the payment for the venue. What the situation will be with flights, public transport and social distancing in November remains to be seen - and that more than anything may determine whether or not we can run a viable event. Regards, John
  12. Can't comment on the BD aircraft sets but my experience of their 1/35 and 1/48 armour sets is variable. Casting is generally good but some of the sets I've used are not properly researched - they tend to throw in a range of 'features' of the vehicle without necessarily understanding that some of those features weren't present on a vehicle at the the same time (mixing early, mid and late features in the same set for example). If you can satisfy yourself that the set contains what you need then they are probably worth purchasing - but don't assume that BD have greater knowledge than
  13. The best way to find the missing part is to make a replacement - you can guarantee the missing part turns up immediately afterwards... John
  14. A secure website (typically those that are used for financial transactions for example - online retailers) are generally prefixed with 'https' rather than plain 'http'. It means the data is held more securely and the protection protocols are set to a higher standard. Some forums also use an https protocol - others don't. Hyperscale does for example but Armorama doesn't, to use two other well-known forum sites. John
  15. For me, one letter makes all the difference. 30 metres square means an area 30 metres x 30 metres (900 square metres) 30 metres squared means an area encompassing no more than 30 square metres. Whether your daughter will agree with or accept that argument is not something I can control 🙂
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