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  1. I prefer forums for their advantges in hosting more 'serious' and detailed discussions and keeping all that in one logical thread. I prefer FB more more general chat and immediacy. I have a very small circle of friends and family I keep in touch with via FB. My modelling activities are posted exclusively in FB groups rather than on my own profile (which is as invisible as it's possible to get on the platform). The drift towards the newer social media platforms for modelling subjects is in my opinion partly due to the ease with which you can snap an image on your phone and upload it
  2. It's a nice kit to start with (I've built one and just started on another) and you've done a great job with this one.
  3. You're a cruel, cruel man... 🙂 On a more serious note, the pilot got out OK and was recovered to the carrier.
  4. Sadly, the terms of the lease prevent sub-letting. Immediate family is OK but nobody outside that envelope. The flying schedule is a bit random. It's always weather-dependent and being a mountainous area, mist and rain regularly prevent low flying (this week the weather has been poor and is getting worse). On a good week you'll get F15s, Hawks, Texans, C-130s and Ospreys. Other times you'll only see the Hawks and Texans, or maybe just the '15s. We had a privately owned L-39 Albatros pass through earlier this week. Sometimes they'll do the circuit 2-3 times in succession and other t
  5. One of the advantages of having a holiday home in Mid-Wales is that the neighbours often come out to play and you can watch them without leaving the balcony.
  6. Scale ModelWorld 2021, the IPMS (UK) national exhibition, is going ahead this year after we had to cancel last year. It's in the traditional Remembrance Weekend slot. The show will be a bit smaller than normal but we've already confirmed nearly 100 vendors, with more in the pipeline and more than 170 Branches and Special Interest Groups will be providing a huge range of displays across the exhibition halls. For fairly obvious reasons, we're expecting fewer vendors and visitors from outside the UK this year, but they won't be missing completely. The venue is The Internatonal Centre
  7. The vast majority of model makers (of any age) do sit at home, on their own and enjoy their hobby without the need to engage with other modelers on a regular basis. The model makers who get out and about to shows and who engage on internet forums and social media are (and always have been) a minority of the model-buying public. The industry could not be sustained by the sales of kits if their primary market was the show-going, internet-engaging public. For many 'modelers', their kit building is more an adjunct to other interests - tie-ins with movies and with other franchises for e
  8. Announced by ICM at a show in Moscow. Due out in 2022 apparently... I assume the announcement is legit.
  9. More kits, from more manufacturers (with new ones appearing all the time), covering a broader range of subjects, in a wider selection of scales and of higher quality than we've ever had before. That wouldn't be happening if the producers thought the hobby was in an unhealthy place.
  10. One suggestion would be to look at something along the lines of Revell's Contacta glue. Humbrol do a similar product and others such as Deluxe Materials do so as well. It's a sort of hybrid - less viscous that tube glue but thicker than liquid glues. I always have a bottle of it available on my bench for when liquid glues are unsuitable for a task.
  11. IPMS OOTB rules generally allow seat harnesses, aerials and alternative markings (not just commerically available aftermarket decals) to be added. However, they can vary a bit from country to country so there isn't a universal international standard of what OOTB means.
  12. I received a random email yesterday advertising a US-based online retailer calling themselves Scalecraft.com (not to be confused with older kit manufacturers of that name I presume). Does anyone have any knowledge of, or experience with this outfit? I have no interest in using them particularly but had not heard of them previously. There's no obvious reference to a physical location address on the website (which always concerns me) but a third-party online source suggests that they are located at 7700 Merrill Ave, Box 73 Chino, CA 91710 USA Thanks, Jo
  13. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/blackburn-buccaneer-bombbay-recce-pack-airfix-6571-p.asp
  14. Lots of reasons why a company can fail (and in the modelling world, very little of that has to do with the accuracy, or otherwise, of the products). If there's that much stock left then it means they haven't been able to sell it through their distributors, which in turn means that the distributors are not confident they can sell stock on to retailers (and the retailers aren't confident they can sell it to consumers). A oft-quoted figure in the commercial world is that a single item of stock costs 25% of it's value in storage costs for each year it is in the warehouse. Therefore you
  15. No rubber option (unless you want to purchase the awful Kitech/Microace/Arii motorised 'toy'). 1/48 armor is a niche interest area so the aftermarket options are limited. I didn't have any issues with the kit-supplied link and length track.
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