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  1. Hi all, The clear coat was applied. To my dismay, more cracks start to appear on the fuselage. The plastic is getting old and starts to deteriorate. Buy Academy kit ! Dai
  2. Hi all, The Luftwaffe Sabre JG 71 is among the most colorful birds of the foreign exports. Getting accurate camo pattern for your project is quite challenging as there are wide variations of the interpretations pending on the painters. Your mercy is at what photos you can find. The Eagle Strike decals give you a nice compliment of stencils. However note the Hasegawa F-40 is NOT the MK 6 so the panel lines are not correct throwing you a curved ball when appliying stencils decals. Dai
  3. Hello everyone, The decal application is completed and tomorrow will be clear coated. If you plan to add slats to make a foreign Sabre, I strongly advise you to use the Academy instead of the Hasegawa kit. The gun bays are there already so you do not have to fight with the resin bays to make them fit with the kit's cockpit tub. The biggest thing is the quality of the plastic. Old Hasegawa Sabre kits tend to have hairline cracks just from handling. I had to fill, sand and repaint from 7 cracks throughout the fuselage that appeared AFTER the whole plane was painted. The plastic tends
  4. Hi, I would like to buy: Scobie 1/48 F-86 narrow chord slatted wing conversion for Hasegawa or Academy $20. Please send PP invoice to drdaiphan@yahoo.com. Thanks Dai Phan
  5. Hello all, Painted the camo on the drop tanks and correct the pattern on the right side of the canopy. The replacement decal has arrived for the final stages of this project. Thank YOU Buckeye for the super service !!! Dai
  6. It that the kit's fault or something I did? I look at the connection and the strut is fully inserted all the way. Dai
  7. OK modelers, This evening I noticed 7 hairline cracks at various places on the left fuselage! The left side is what I use from an old EBay kit I bought and the right is a new one is from current online vendor (the USAF F-30 and Blue Impulse F-40) . I notice Hasegawa plastic tends to become very brittle with age and by handing with mild compressive force can cause the plastic to crack. Some parts snapped off in half just by removing from the sprues. I have noticed this from old Hasegawa kits. So I have to fill with thin CA, sand carefully not to cause a depression spot then repaint
  8. Howdy all, With newly discovered photo, I did some corrections on the camo scheme. Note the tips of the tanks carry dark green camo. Dai
  9. Greetings, Started the decaling process. The red trims on the tail decal do not match with the red paint on the nose so I decided to paint them. Dai
  10. Greetings, I found the right side photo of the bird I am building. Why I did not find this while painting? Dai PS: Excellent site for Canadair photos. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/616714/23668 . Dai
  11. Hello all, Looking for this sheet ASAP. Dai
  12. Can you please advise? I found it hard to mask such a tight curve even with flexible tape. Dai
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