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  1. I found this photo on the Net. Looks like green zinc chromate with silver plumbings. Dai
  2. Hello all, Looks like I will have to remove the warped part if I cannot straighten via heat application. I am not going to use all resin parts because I do not want my plane to look like a skeleton. I have yet to see an actual photo of the Phantom with its internal structure showing so can someone comment on the colors of the pluming? Silver I assume ? Dai
  3. Greetings to all, I got the Black Dog detail set today. The parts are cast resin rather than 3D printed. The details are sharp but sadly the top spine electronics is warped as you can see on the photo. I plan to use the top spine, the left RAM and the right gun bay but let's see how the small gun bay fits first before going any further. The engine is nice but beyond my ability to stratch build the holding bay. Dai
  4. Hello everyone, The rebuilding of the fuselage has begun. The 3D cockpit set is Kelik (Reskit) and it is very nice except for the weird gray-greenish background that I will have to correct. I do not know why all of these companies get the grey background wrong. The Kelik gives you more panels than Babibi and Quinta. Still have to do some additional painting and wash. I dry fit the bottom piece on the new fuselage and it is a prefect fit. Must have done something to cause much aligment on the previous build. Dai
  5. Yes and they are impressive for the 90's standard. Dai
  6. Although the name is Kelik, it is the same as Reskit. Dai
  7. Yes gone are the days of PE cockpits. Dai
  8. Howdy, Many companies are joining in the feeding frenzy of the Tamiya's kit. Newest comer is Kelik (Ukraine) 3D set and I ordered it. It seems to have the correct dark gull grey and the details are more raised and defined than Quinta. Will keep you informed. Dai
  9. Sometimes I still build Monogram's oldies just to relive the hey day of US companies. Dai
  10. In the 70s, 80's and early 90's, Monogram was the undisputed King. Realizing Tamiya and Hasagawa creeping up the ladder, M responded with the Pro Modeler series that are still of today's standard. Imagine what M could do today with the technologies. I still marvel at M' kits even with 40 years old tooling. Dai
  11. US could easily design the toolings, have the parts made in China and sell where people buy. Tne fact that Japanese, Chinese, Russian and EU countries keep putting out kits meaning there is as a demand. In the US hey days of the 80s,90's did you ever hear about Russian or Chinese kits? Dai
  12. Thank you John your comment. Sad that US companies just ignore this market due to economy reasons and let China, Russia, EU... thrive. Dai
  13. Do they have mounting tabs of just the pieces? Dai
  14. Yes of course. I see the pieces are just there not glued together for photos but I wished they have. Does not look good on photos. Dai
  15. Yes China is where the parts are made but I wish US companies would design the kits. I cannot recall a US based model company (parts made in China) on any of the airplane kits I build recently except oldies. Dai
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