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  1. Happy Monday ... No progress... Still waiting for the masks. 😞 Dai
  2. Hello everyone ... Some more progress on my project... Tomorrow the plane will be on its feet and clear coated for the decal process. I am debating if I should do different shade panels but on the F-84, some have single uniform NMF while others have different panels shade. I have yet to see ones with a similiar pattern. If I do multiple panel shading, it is pretty much all guess work so I may leave the way it is... What to do ? Dai
  3. Hello everyone... Completed the main NMF. The color is Mr Color " Super Silver". I find this color to be realistic as it does not have the "chromic" shine like other brands. Next will be some panels with different shades. Dai
  4. Too low of PSI can give you matt finish. Dai
  5. Do you know of any source that sells file to print model airplane parts? say 1/48 F84 wing tanks... Dai
  6. Hello, Please PM if you have some for sale. Thanks Dai
  7. Hello everyone... About to sand ... Dai
  8. That is really nice metal. What paint? Alclad II right? Great job !!! Dai
  9. Make sure the horizontal tail has dihedral. Monogram does not note this. The F84 and the F4 has the horizontal tail that does not follow conventional design. May I see yours? Dai
  10. Good Monday evening everyone... Some more progress. I have to remove the molded in front landing gear doors because it is accident waiting to happen. Also cannot mask with them being in place. Not too good engineering on this one. Dai
  11. Hello everyone... Getting the fuselage ready to be closed up. You have to do some careful dry fittings and minor trimming to get the vertical intake perpendicular to the horizontal axis. The cockpit is given a coat of gloss to protect it from sand dust later. It will be flat coated at the end. Dai
  12. Good morning... The fit is excellent so far ! Dai
  13. Greetings... The build has began... Dai
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