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  1. Mr Color. Great paint that goes on smooth and dries very quick ! Dai
  2. Hello all... Completed the main airframe painting. The green is way too popular so I choose this seldom modeled gray scheme. Dai
  3. Hi all, Initial underneath color goes on. Dai
  4. Greetings... Some more progress. The upper wing fit is poor and some sanding and shimming are needed. Fit of the cowl is also poor. As previously stated the fuselage exhausts don't look like any I-16 variants that I have seen. The instrument panel is moved closer to the seat than per instruction. Dai
  5. Greetings, This must be the worse Eduard kit I have ever assembled. The fuselage exhausts are not represented correctly for type 24 and there are no locating pins for the cockpit tub as well as instrument panel. The way is it shown on the instruction, no way in hell a pilot can see the instruments. So I add an extension rod so I can push it closer to the seat. Also added bracing rods. The wing has horrible fit too. Must be an old release years and years ago? Dai
  6. Hello everyone ... Got started on the cockpit area. Dai
  7. Hi all, The building has started ... Dai
  8. Hello modlers ... I am back with my newest project I-16. Just ordered some paints and will start soon. Love those Russian planes with slogans on the sides... Dai
  9. I use Skylancer Decals and the decal is precut. I also see this on Eagle Strike (Aeromaster) as well as kit's decals and Microscale. The SL decals are accurate because the color of the USAF is dark blue rather than black and the kit's decals are slighly under sized. Dai
  10. Thanks ! I do that with all my builds here on ARC. Dai
  11. Hello everyone ... Sidetracked by radio control boats and tanks but this project is finally done. Here are my thoughts... PRO: 1. Best accurate F84G in 1/48. 2. Good cockpit and wheel wells details. 3. Multiple choices of weapon loads. 4. Good panel lines. Deep enough to withstand sandings but fine enough for washes. 5. Good fit without the need of fillers. 6. PE parts in the Pro Modeler version. CON: 1. Poor decals. Out of register and wrong color (black instead of dark blue on the USAF insignias) and slightly under scal
  12. Hello all ... This project is not forgotten. I just need to use the bench to do some work on my 1/200 Yamato radio controlled. Will post more photos of the F84 really soon... Dai
  13. That is what I had to resort too. I drilled the holes and insert a cut off clothe sewing pin. That gear got bumped many times and still stay put! Thank you for all the feedbacks! Dai
  14. Hello everyone ... Finished decaling the plane. This phase is much more complicated than I thought. The Eagle Strike decals suggested to use the Monogram F84G stencils as the ES sheet is sized for Tamiya. They say the R/M offering is excellent and needs not be replaced. What a joke ! The Monogram decals were so horrific ! t took at least 20 minutes to release the backing and very prone to be broken apart. Luckily I have a Revell F84E with slightly better quality and I used that instead with some massive fussing. The decals were just horrible. The tip tank stencils locations and ori
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