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  1. Hi all If you are in Columbia SC area, I have a spray booth that I no longer use as I recently upgraded to the bigger double fan booth. It is in perfect working condition. This is the one selling on Amazon for about 85 bucks. Yours for 20. Dai
  2. You also need a PE bending tool too. Get a small size one. Dai
  3. Great way to have the workbench organized. In my younger days, I built models on the floor. Dai
  4. they really need someone who knows what the hell is going on with their business ! Dai
  5. I am very faint hearted so I just use the regular MC in th mean time :). Dai
  6. I know hardware store lacquer thinner will eat away the plastic into goo. I would not trust it. Dai
  7. I am a dentist doing prosthetic oral and facial reconstruction so things have to be tidy and organized. I stop every hour to clean up, beer and cognac refill. Dai
  8. Their name used to be Squadron Signal with the German hawk emblem seen on FW 190 fighters. Then then dropped the Signal maybe because it is too Nazi like? Just wonder. Dai
  9. Hi all, Any considerations when using the MC regular thinner versus leveling one? Dai
  10. They used to be the power house in the 80s and 90s. Too bad. Dai
  11. A sign of a business going down? I gave up on them. Dai
  12. I gave up on them and do business with Sprue Brothers. Much better service. Dai
  13. Cannot do business with this type of mantra. Dai
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