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  1. Hello everyone.... A little more progress for this evening...The tail bands are provided as black decals but the illustrations on the Net show a faded OD. The band colors at the time were black, white or yellow. I suspect the bands were painted black then faded into an OD-ish shade. The locations of the bands I am not sure if that is correct or should be more inboard. Photos of the period showed a wide variation in their proper locations. I could not find an actual photo of this particular plane except for one that shows the cockpit area. Dai An excellent photographic c
  2. Happy Monday everyone... Got the main decals applied. I decided to go for the 56FG as it sported an unique egg green cowl trim as well as the black tail stripes. The pale green nose lasted only a month before the group went to the blue trim. I used the Tamiya' stars and bars as the Life Life 's offering is very soft and prone to shatterring in my heavy handed hands. The cowgirl on the nose has low resolution that will benefit from some careful painting with ink pens before transfering over. Now onto some selective stencils. Dai
  3. Hello all... The Eduard seat belts and Babibi 3D instruments panels are here. I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the Babibi offering. Raised details but not over whelming. Dai
  4. Happy Sunday everyone... Gloss coat applied. Now will be ready for the decaling process... Dai
  5. Helllo friends... Got the main frame painted. I have to order the canopy and wheel masks all the way from France because no dealer in the US have them to order ! Dai
  6. Sprue Brothers has this 3D set from Turkey. I am going to order it. Dai
  7. Does anyone has a set that can sell to me at the moment? Dai
  8. Yo modelers... I ended up ordering the Eduard PE set. Not as good as the 3D but hell better than my brush painting. Dai
  9. Thank you. This kit will go together quickly. Remember to pay attention to the after market decals as most are for the short nose variant. Dai
  10. Hi all... With 3K views so far without any progress to show, I am going ahead with or without the 3D panels as soon as I finish my P-47. Dai
  11. Thank you for your reply. After much consideration I repainted using the Tamiya XF4 as it is not bright yellow. But then again I could be way wrong. The XF4 is widely accepted as the closest match as far as I can see from doing research on the Net. Some thought the old now defunct Testors enamel was the closest match. You are right. War time condition, wear and tear, improvisation all took a toll on many shades YZC took. Dai
  12. Greetings... A little more progress tonight. It starts to look like a Thunderbolt now. For the wheel well color I use the Tamiya XF4 as there is an agreement that it closely matches the yellow zinc chromate color. I initially used the Mission Model Paint YZC but I thought it is too bright in yellow. Dai
  13. I am looking for another vendor to buy this set. Any recommendations? Dai
  14. Greetings I am building the Tamiya P-47D and the wheel well color calls for the YZC. I use the Mission Model Paint YZC and it is much more yellow than the Tamiya XF-4 (green yellow) that many modelers use for the YZC. I also have the Mig Ammo YZC that is also very yellow as with the Mission Paint. Any one knows if the Mission Model YZC is the the right color to use in this case? Thanks Dai
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