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  1. Hello all ... This project is not forgotten. I just need to use the bench to do some work on my 1/200 Yamato radio controlled. Will post more photos of the F84 really soon... Dai
  2. That is what I had to resort too. I drilled the holes and insert a cut off clothe sewing pin. That gear got bumped many times and still stay put! Thank you for all the feedbacks! Dai
  3. Hello everyone ... Finished decaling the plane. This phase is much more complicated than I thought. The Eagle Strike decals suggested to use the Monogram F84G stencils as the ES sheet is sized for Tamiya. They say the R/M offering is excellent and needs not be replaced. What a joke ! The Monogram decals were so horrific ! t took at least 20 minutes to release the backing and very prone to be broken apart. Luckily I have a Revell F84E with slightly better quality and I used that instead with some massive fussing. The decals were just horrible. The tip tank stencils locations and ori
  4. Greetings ... A little more progress this evening of decaling. I use the Eagle Strike sheet and it advised to use the kit's decals for the insignias and USAF as the decal offering is sized for the Tamiya kit. However I went and use the Sky Lancer decals for these parts as the Monogram's offering is a tad small. Also the SL decals have the correct color of dark blue rather than black. The Sky Lancer decals however have the issue of wrinkles not going away with repeated Solvaset so I apply another coat, wait few minutes then with my thumbs I push down hard onto the decals and that s
  5. Greeting fellow modelers ... Started to decal the plane. The Eagle Strike sheet is for the Tamiya kit preferably so I am not so sure how it will fit the Monogram kit. But with careful cutting slits around the nose decal, lots of patience and with the help with Microsol, the hardest parts ( the nose and one piece fuselage emblem ) are done. Any minor flaws can be addressed with careful weathering later on . The decal is thick enough to allow repeated positioning. Will apply another application of either Microsol or Solvaset to get the decal conforming to the surface as best as poss
  6. Hello all, With my current project of the Monogram F84, the front gear is very weak and got snapped off during construction. I have used CA but CA is very weak and brittle. As such with slightest bump, the gear snaps off again. Can you suggest any quick setting glue that has better shear strength properties than CA? I am thinking of 5 minute epoxy. Worst comes to worse will leave off until after the wash and decals but I would like the plane on its 3 wheels if I can help it. Dai
  7. Hello everyone ... The plane is clear coated and ready for decals. The clear is AK Gauzy Intermediate Agent. Excellent gloss without affecting the luster of the metal finish. Can be sanded and rebuffed for a nice smooth glossy finish. Dai
  8. Hello friends ... Dry fit everything and no issues noted. Dai
  9. Hello all ... Finally got through the bomb painting hurdle... Should wrap up this project soon. Dai
  10. Greeting fellow modelers... I have found a way to paint the tip of the bomb with almost perfect precision. I use the template as Andrea Bolla suggested but rather than masking with tape ( impossible in this scale ), I use it as a mask. I choose the appropriate diameter, cut it out leaving 3-4 mm square border, fit over the tip of the bomb and use blue tack or similar material to make the mask stay. Since the blue tack is compressible, you can push the mask all the way down the bomb and it will stay put. Also it will give you ample opportunity to move so you get a straight perpendic
  11. Monogram put out the PM line that sported recessed panel lines in the early 90's that rival Tamiya quality. Too bad the company folded shortly after. The kit I am building is considered by many to be the best F84 E/G in 1/48 as the Tamiya offerings has some minor shape issues. Dai
  12. This the Pro Modeler line from Monogram so it has recessed panel lines. Dai
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