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  1. Hello all, This is a valuable link for referemce. Dai Nakajima Ki-27 / IJAAF Library / Forums - Axis and Allies Paintworks (axis-and-allies-paintworks.com)
  2. Yes I have the old Monogram 1/48 P-40B that is perfect for the job! Dai PS: Few hours after I posted, I ordered the Airfix 1/48 P40B. This could be my next built thread.
  3. Howdy fellow modelers ... Decals application is completed and will be ready for clear coating and weathering. For a 40 year old plus model, it is better than some of the recent releases that I have seen. Mania was way ahead of its time and too bad it folded. But luckily Hasegawa came to the rescue and saved the tooling. Dai
  4. Greetings everyone ... Clear coated the plane and ready for decals tomorrow. I use the vacuum formed canopy in the center section and the rest come from the kit. You have to cut out the sections. Unless looking at the sections very closely, one cannot tell there is a difference in thickness. Acetate does not hold the paint well so that is why I only use the center section. Dai
  5. Hello all, After doing more researching I decided to repaint the plane using Mr Color 128 ( Grey green) as I think the original color is too strong in green. I came across this built (1/72) and this person seems to do a very careful research of the colors not to mention amazing job in such a small scale. I went for the Mr Color 128 as suggested by the author as well as from Hasegawa in their later Ki-27 releases. Dai Antrvm Ratvs - ICM Nakajima Ki-27 (Type 97 fighter) Otsu in 1/72 scale (ratomodeling.com.br)
  6. Hi all... I need some experts to help me here on the correct Ki-27 color if it is possible at all. The earlier Hasegawa releases called for Mr Color 56 ( Nakajima gray green) , then later called for Mr Color 128 (Imperial Japanese Army gray green) then in 2009 called for 50% mix of Mr Color 115 and Mr Color 128. The Life Like decals called for gray green similar to RLM 02. Gray green seems to be the agreement but there are unlimited shades and who knows what color is accurate. I hate to advance to the decals stage only to find out it is the wrong color. My hunch is gray with a gree
  7. Howdy modelers... Applied the main color. This color is according to the instruction sheet but who knows if it is accurate. Japanese colors are highly debatable and researched and if there is an accepted color for a particular plane, it has to be customed mixed. Unlike Luftwaffe colors that can be bought off the shelves for the exact match, Japanese's counterparts leave lots to be desired. The engine position to the cowling is vague but looking at various drawings on the Net, the radiator is barely seen protruding from the cowl when looking at the side. I used this reference in pos
  8. Greetings everyone ... Primed and corrected some surface flaws. Very minor putty is needed if at all. Also increased the dihedral by additional 1 degree. As mentioned before, the Nate has dihedral more than a typical fighter so check and recheck your references. Many builts on the Net are insufficient in this regard except for one modeler who warned me and others of this problem. Dai
  9. Hi all, A little bit more progress. Very important notice here. The dihedral of the wing is correct as molded but the mating surfaces must be shaved down in order for the wing not to be "flatten out" and results in loss of dihedral when assembled. The Ki-27 has the dihedral more than typical fighters so lots of trimmings are needed. Looking at the last photo, I will need to increase a little bit more dihedral. Dai
  10. The dark grey (Navy Blue) could be correct based from the photo of the cockpit. Dai
  11. Hello everyone, Started to work on the cockpit. Not bad details for 40 years old plus kit. The side panels and floor of the cockpit calls out for Navy Blue (Mr Color 14) but the color is nowhere blue. It is dark grey being almost black ! Dry brush the side panels with silver so you can see the details after the halves are closed. Some reviewers say after the halves are closed, very few details could be seen but I beg to differ. Yes if you use the thick closed kit's canopy then you won't see much but if you have open cockpit, then plenty will be seen. Dai
  12. This is the recently completed pre- Zero built. Dai WINGSY A5M4 Claude 1/48 - In-Progress Pics - ARC Discussion Forums (arcforums.com)
  13. Hello friends... The kit has arrived and the paint, decals. accessories will arrive on Monday. The surface detail is fantastic for 1970 area kit. Some reviewers say the canopy is thick and unsuable. They look clear and fine to me. This kit along with the 70's Nichimo 1/48 Ki-43 Oscar were WAY AHEAD of their time. Some consider including me the Nichimo Ki-43 to be the best in 1/48 surpassing Hasegawa offering ! Will start construction next week. Dai
  14. Great kit but be extra careful with small parts. They tend to snap off in half very easily. Wingsy is very helpful in providing the replacements. You really need the Rexx or Quick Boost exhausts (A MUST) as well as control surfaces correction set if you want absolute accuracy. If you already have the FM kit, go for the Wingsy early Claude with enclosed cockpit. Dai
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