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  1. Hi all, Time to choose a scheme ! I say I would stay away from the new Eduard decals as it proved to be a disaster in my hands. Dai
  2. Yo fellow modelers... Got the main colors applied. For a strange reason, Mr Color MC 8 is affected by enamel thinner wash while others in the MC line that I have used are not affected. Also the Intermediate Gauzy Agent (clear coat) has very poor bonding to the coat. I use the MC 8 as it is called out on the instruction sheet but I would avoid this color if you can. The yellow zinc chromate is from Mission Paints. Very poor adhesion and just mild rubbing of parts will take the paint right off. That means I must be extra careful when I assemble the guns. For this reason I undercoat w
  3. Ready to apply the main colors. I would say the panel lines on this kit is rather deep Dai
  4. Hi all, A word of warning. If you use the hair dryer to dry the paint as I do after each painting, you WILL warp the resin parts. The engine casing is very thin (3D printed?) and very prone to distortion with heat. However the material is soft and can be bent back to shape after multiple attempts. Dai
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a set of wires of different diameters, soft easily bendable to detail the plumbing of the 1/48 Eduard Mustang engine. Please recommend me a source. I eagerly await your expert replies. Thank YOU! Dai
  6. Hello all, A little bit more progress. If you are going to do the engine and gun bay I would buy 2 sets of each. For a beginner like me, mistakes are going to be made and you need a back up. I got 2 of each and these cost me 150 USD! Dai
  7. Test fit the gun bay. When cutting the bay, leave 1 mm away from the panel lines for fine tunning. You see I will have to shim an area to close the gap. Dai
  8. Greetings, On to the wing bay. Things fits pretty well. Extreme care must be taken when cutting out the wing panel. When removing the panel, leave at least 1mm away from the lines for final fine tuning. Dai
  9. Good Monday everyone... Continue the build. I am going to see how the engine fits before I do the wing gun bay. There will be lots of more of piping work when the engine is installed. Dai
  10. Some more progress... The engine casing will be painted chromate yellow. Dai
  11. Started working on the engine. Lots of small parts to remove and clean up. Dai
  12. Hello all... The rebuild has began and now it is time to start on the engine and gun bay kits. Dai
  13. Ok Ladies and Gentlemen... Disasters one after another and another! I reached the edge of my sanity so gave the build a hard core butt whipping straight to the trash can !!! I will start all over but this time I will add extra details to make a remake worthwhile. That is engine and gun bay. Wish me luck this time. Sometimes it is better to start over then spending hours and days trying to correct mistakes. Dai
  14. It seems Eduard is taking a step back with their decals. On NMF I just cannot take a chance on decals that may not work. The surface is so dedicate that any miss will require massive work like I just went through... Dai
  15. The paint is removed and start over again. I must say the Eduard new decal system threw me a curve ball to say the least! Dai
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