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  1. No, Alexandr, you was never accused in direct copying any products. Yes, I was shocked, I was injured at first by the fact how you used my experience, and a couple of my posts were just about it. But they were actually too emotional and of too personal character and this is only reason why these posts were removed by mods. But you WAS NEVER accused in ordinary pirating. This is 100% fact. And your rhetorical question as above only confirms all over again how dirty your character are. And facts without emotions are all as above and my demand is all the same.
  2. Yes, Shakespearean passions!:-) Well, after the latest remarks, what has happened in actuality? No emotions, FACTS only. Back in January this guy presented himself as a new aftermarket producer but with a slightly modified DMold logo as his own. We claimed that on appearances at least, he was cloning the DMold product line and the DMold logo. At the start of this thread and in order quickly to present himself just as prey, he tried to replace the concept of actual "copying the product line" phrase for a completely different idea. As a reply for this phrase he started to explain that "all h
  3. Now what has been written in the official letter by DMold to exclude any mess with original and false trademarks (shortened version, full text is at the page3) "I am sorry to see that this producer has not found a better solution but to create a clone of the DMold company. Brand cloning is a distinctive phenomenon in the international trading practice. Clones do not copy but simulate products of well-known producers. These clones try to compensate for the lack of quality of their products by an external commonality to well-known producers. They also may produce their own products but under th
  4. This is about so, but not quite. I do not really care about his products and do not consider him a competitor. I do not expect any greater products from him other than a simplest to mold (and absolutely useless for the look of the model in my view) latest Jak-38 intake ducts. But the 'About us' section of his web-site is filled with lies, offensive to the company he was trying to clone and my only demand is for him to remove all this false statements from his web-site. All explanations concerning his lies are presented in the large post at the previous page of this thread. For now, while the
  5. To publish comparison photos is a bad form? What is "dirty" in it? You stay at a strange position, Bill (all are your older ideas from the first page here yet), and you try to make a vector of the discussion really diverted.
  6. Yes, indeed. This is why comments by billb should be appreciated. Also, how do you explain this difference between the picture by billb and the latest of yours?
  7. Concerning the quality of the F-4B set, - not all is clear with the external fit of these XMM parts you seem to be so pleased with. Billb, you write that the fit of the XMM parts you used is OK but a pretty strange dent along the joint line between the lower wing and the intake part is clearly seen in your picture. It means that you had reached certain problems trying to fit these parts and then you used some filler (clearly seen at the picture) and heavy sanding trying to level the surface. The result is a pretty deep dent you have gotten at the end along this joint. But maybe an appeare
  8. In principle, this is all what is required from this person and all facts are presented here. D
  9. I nothing lost and nothing repeat anywere. If you have different facts bring them us in details. An interesting note if there are some doubts concerning actual activity of this person yet. A range of the DMold products was never limited with the intakes only but the word 'profiled' was introduced only and exceptionally by me to describe these items in a more appropriate way (since I never liked the word 'seamless'). And the same word has recently appeared beside some items at the web-site of this person. In other words, he continues to copy the DMold experience even in smallest details like
  10. Back, not back but he has to remove all this dirt and lies from his web-site since he has been using all these durty methods, from the very first steps in the business, and finishing with the present decoration of the "About us" section of his web-site, and not me, billb, not me at all.
  11. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to be back to this topic since this person has systematically continued to bring false and distorted statements trying to inflict damage to the image of the company he was trying to copy. Look at comments on how he describes his origin at his web-site at the present time. He particularly writes now: "At the beginning of our efforts to enter the market for international sales the other aftermarket manufacturer with a similar name was trying to damage our reputation by unsubstantiated allegations of direct copying of his products and then of copying of the full ra
  12. I understand, you see what you see and probably it is difficult for you to understand where the problem is. Well. On the right hand side of the picture is the original intake by DMold and the same DMold part is at the left side of the picture but after some work with a file along the upper edge and intake lip. The only difference of the latter part from the part on your picture now is that the part modified by me does not have an etched plate in front of the intake lip. The idea to use the etched part was obviously taken by him from HERE Overall, the major part of any intake set is
  13. "Rhino" is a person whose real name is Paul Miller. About three years ago this person was selling direct fake copies of various intake sets by DMold. Then, when the truth became known via a board on this forum, ads by this person disappeared from eBay. But not for a long time. In a couple of months after that a'new' producer, "Rhino Modelworks" has appeared with his ads on eBay again. These ads included a 1/32nd F-18 intake set in particular again but different from the original set by DMold these parts were entirely casted and were wider in the rear end to fit an engine face part there.
  14. There is an update from DMold Modelworks. As it was announced previously a set of corrected radomes for 1/72 EC-121 kit by Heller is completed and in the stock now. Basic shape of the radomes is shown here and more info on this and another L-1049, EC-121 releases may be found at the DMold web-site. Thanks and regards, Dmitri
  15. Note, the radome set by DMold Modelworks is on the way to go as well and it will be in stock in about three days. Three kinds of the corrected forward fuselage: short and long nose for civilian version as well as a military version, will be in actual stock in about a week. So, now you have a real choice, gentlemen. Regards, Dmitri
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