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  1. cool thank you i am a harrier fan and want to make sure i get these painted the right color
  2. so this qustion is on the harrier the exhaust nozzles on the jet and the the parts behined the rear ones what kind of metal are they made out of i was going to paint them useing alcald 2 paints so if i can find out what there made of then i can use the right color
  3. catfan

    fw-190 in 1/24 scale

    so i want to detail a lot of this kit i mean its 1/24 scale its begging to be detailed so are there any really good walk around books on the FW-190 a series that shows the interior and the engine and other parts?
  4. so just scored a heller 1/24 kit a FW-190 so i am wondering is....is there any thing out there for this kit so i can detail it?
  5. falcon i want to know about hte base that you made like is the shape pre made? where did you get it from where did you get the paint colors from and how did you match them and where is a good place to get the squadron logos from?
  6. f-14 tomcat movie air planes from the movies the final countdown TOP GUN and executive decision
  7. no david i wish it did and i hope mabye some body hear will see the picture and mabye have abigger copy of it
  8. so for a tomcat grope build i want to join i want to build a model of a tomcat at Grumman being built like the fallowing picture https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2912/14716920721_1422f29c33_s.jpg' alt='14716920721_1422f29c33_s.jpg'>Photo0202 by tomcats for ever, on Flickr[/img] the picture that i am looking for is from the book the great war planes of the 1990's shows tomcats being built so any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. OK so the reason i brought up this question is because a lot of paints at the hobby shop i go to. they sell acrylic paints and i was thinking of using the testors paints for my tomcat paint jobs. so i want to see if i get that cool weathering with the testors acrylic paints
  10. so since there seems to be a lot on tomcats hear. i have a question for every one which is i see a lot of people do the salt idea to a freshly painted tomcat so would this idea work with acrylics or dose it have to be enamels or lacquer paints?
  11. so i have a question for every one the salt idea i have seen people do on this page of putting salt on a paint job like a F-14 to weather it dos it work with acrylics at all or could it work with MR color paints?
  12. so i finally got the launch tower with the shuttle in 1/144 scale now i know the launch tower is suppose to be pad 39 but is there any thing that needs to be added to the kit to make it look like the real pad 39 looked meaning is there any thing missing that i can add to the kit?
  13. so i cant log on to get on to yahoo mail is any body else who uses yahoo mail having this problem? it cant be only me
  14. so in tokyo are it prices cheaper there than they are hear in the U S or are they the same minus shipping cost
  15. if we are like face book then where are the funny cat pics??
  16. Darren will you still sell the tomcat stuff by it self?
  17. catfan

    air racing mustang

    yes i dont know how to post pictures
  18. exhausted thanks for helping
  19. catfan

    air racing mustang

    just to let every body know i have benn working for a long time but i amde a conversion set in 1/48 scale so any body that is a fan of voodoo can now build a model of
  20. it might be taped toghter but you can see how it looks and the canopy part on the production one will be clear
  21. pictures will be added soon after i get the instuctions done
  22. so after working for 9 months my convsrion set will be on sale probley next week some time. and the decals should be comeing out soon. so i have made useing 3d printed parts a convsrion. so and body that is a fan for the air racing plane VOODOO can build a model of kit in 1/48 scale. the base kit is the monogram now revell p-51d. and the parts list is the canopy with a movable peice so you can see in side and show off the interior and the wing leeding edge extions that come off the back the wing and wing tips and wheels and tires. and yes it is better than the high planes kits because the parts fit.
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