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  1. if you want the wings to match the way they are at the museum then paint them in tamyia x-3 blue
  2. so i have a good question for every body is there a good source that would tell me what interior colors to use on WW2 air craft like US planes and other countries like japan and the others?
  3. cool thank you so much that means a lot
  4. so at a model show not long ago a Friend of mine won a raffle and gave me the old amt/ertl 1/72 EC-135C looking glass but there is a big problem it has no instructions i have looked all over the internet and google and have found nothing can any body help so i know if any parts are missing?
  5. homer where can i get your 3d printed set from how can i get one?
  6. are there any walk around photos of the ACTIVE F-15? like the cockpit?
  7. do you have any more photos of the F-15 active?

  8. looking for a pair of horizontal stabilizers for a kit bashing project i will be doing
  9. so the part i am looking for are the horizontal stabilizers form a F/a-18c in 1/32 scale
  10. i am looking for in 1/32 scale a set of F/a-18 hornet tails not rudders tails i need them for a project can any body help out?
  11. so i got a bottle of ak interactive extreme metal paint and im wondering at what psi dose it spray well at and what kind of primer works well with it i ask because i am new to this paint
  12. ok so from what i have seen thanks to finn and twong the shade of blue on the jet meaning the stripe color in one page the roll out photos the blue looks dark then on the PDF file i opened has a sample of the color and its very very bright blue. so i guess the next question is what shade should i pick? go off of the photos or the chip?
  13. so what about the dark blue used on the prototype i heard it was a ditzer color can any body help?
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