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  1. So... Decided to go all in on the 1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat. Scoured the internets for reference on how to make the intakes look good and found some stuff. But curious if anyone has tried, or more importantly succeeded at pairing the Zactomodels Intakes for Trumpeter to the Tamiya kit... Decided to use the Aires cockpit with the Quinta Decals set and a bunch of other AM I've been collecting over the years. cheers, brian
  2. As with other replies, these jets were changed daily and twice a day in some cases between the morning and afternoon launch. The tail decals were vinyl stickers and removable. The only way to be 100% correct is to have a picture of a specific jet on a specific hop on a specific day. Otherwise, it’s open to interpretation. And the way the movie is edited, each shot could be from a different day filmed a week and base away… just like the modexes, names and data on the cockpit fuselage - they repainted that stuff between flights. The original plan was to have a specific jet fly a scene, but it ne
  3. These jets don't have any of the factory stencils. These are post cruise jets and have been painted, repainted, CC'd, washed, touched up so much that nothing of them would remain. But add whatever makes you happy. For the DANGER on the intake stripe, what jet was that? Was it a filming jet or a flightline jet? It may have Jet further back. Some squadrons would have DANGER JET INTAKE on the stripe. Some have DANGER separate... -brian
  4. Looks great. If you’re using Fightertown Decals, make sure you’re using the right color gray 35237 decals. The lighter ones 36375 are for the overall 35237 VF-41 NSAWC jet and will be too light. 👍🏻 brian
  5. Phase Hangar makes perfect fit seats. They are based on the kit seat and are a drop fit. Eduard also fits well. And Verlinden seats are pretty easily fit in. Everything else doesn’t fit the kit tub… Aires are the worse fitting ones I’ve seen. They fit their tub but not the kit.
  6. Fightertown Decals makes a lot of Tomcat sheets. For Tamiya F-14A options - 48083 Tomcats at War, 48091 Big Red Fighter Squadron are currently available. Look at a ton of the older sheets and most that were sized for Hasegawa will work just fine on Tamiya. brian
  7. Flip those numbers. The light top color is 36320. So that’s the 1,2,4,6 areas. The darker is 35237
  8. Looks great!! And love seeing the red whit and blue thrust vectoring tail badge! I’ve always wanted to do that but even if my building skills were decent, I didn’t know how to do the tail art. Hmmm I see a pair of NASA Eagles in the future!
  9. I’ve got one on the slow boat from Lucky Model and can’t wait to build it. Get on it Curt - let’s see the progress!
  10. Looks very cool. And the figures are amazing! My suggestion it to buy several of them to reposition. 😉 brian
  11. Well those first 2 pictures are the mock-up set piece they built so it’s not a real jet or real parts…
  12. All of them got the updated fins. The only old ones out there are in the original 48031 boxing. But after they corrected it, 48031 boxes got them. It just depends when you bought it and if it was before or after the parts were corrected. Aires/QB SJU-5 is the best one out there. QB version having molded in belts and Aires being PE. brian
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