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  1. Sheet 48068 is white. I'm talking about a new sheet that has XF #5 on it. I've posted artwork previously but don't have it handy.
  2. Fightertown has #5 XF just like Darren's build above on the upcoming combined test sheet. Been sitting on the print pile for over a year now but will happen this summer. Brian
  3. I have very strong feelings on this. I can't say for sure but a lot of their stuff looks really, really, really close to Fightertown Decals...
  4. No stencils at all on any of the F-14A Black Bunny jets. That's why there's no mention on them on the instructions and no top views. All the white stencils are for the F/A-18s on that sheet. -brian
  5. Top picture looks like jet and forward fairing are 36320 and the rail is 36375. Bottom picture is of a 35440 jet and 36375 rail. Oftne the tails arent painted at thr at the same time as the jet so fading, weathering, batch of paint don't match. Brian
  6. No difference between A/B/D standard wheels from 1977 until 2006. B/D started getting new wheels in 2004, and the fleet ended its life with a mix of standard and those late wheels. Brian
  7. Bomb racks in the fleet started in 1991/92. All squadrons, including reserves made the transition into air to ground bombing. It wasn't until 1996 when the Lantirn came out did the Tomcat get precision strike capability. Pre 1995, it was dumb bombs only. In 95, VF-41/84 carried LGBs which were targeted by F/A-18s. 96 Tomcat got Lantirn and expanded into self sufficient PGM strike. 2001 B/D started getting JDAM
  8. it has sheets 48074 and newer on it ;) all the older stuff is available from sprue brothers and our distributors.
  9. Fightertown Decals VF-101 48074 is in stock and shipping from the website and most distributors. Brian
  10. Oops, correct that. Use the 1/72 decal Reaper on the 1/48 kit tail. Good catch. brian
  11. Exhausts look amazing. Surprised how much work they took to fit. I've never had that issue. The are 'handed' tho. The left won't fit on the right and vice versa. Hate to suggest, your fit issues look like that's what caused it... keep El up the great work. These will look amazing when they're done! brian
  12. The only way to get that tail in the top picture that I know of is to use the Fightertown 1/72 sheet reaper on a 1/48 tail. And even that won't be exactly perfect. I haven't seen anyone make that specific size reaper in decals yet. I'd have to see a picture of the tail the washed up to give a better suggestion. You'd still use 1/48 markings for the rest of it. The GRIM REAPERS script is the same size moved from the wing glove to the tail. Brian
  13. This is going to be good. Just putting it out there that the Fightertown Decals F-14A/B/D Data and Weapons sheet has front instrument panel Decals if you don't want to wait. I didn't do the sides though. But the sheet is about to need a reprint so I may include that on the next round brian
  14. Beware there was a printing error and the dark blue and tan on the profiles both got printed in gray. We worked hard to have that corrected but unfortunately it wasn't possible before the box and instructions printed. I can send the original files next week if you don't get them before hand.
  15. Fightertown Decals 48064 has an exact paint scheme for the gray NSAWC Viper. These were F-16As. The N was an early C model that TOPGUN used in the 90s. You also may try and track down Fightertown Decals 32001. It has the gray Hornet markings. You can use the stars, NAVYs, it has the lightening bolts and later versions have a separate and very accurate TOPGUN badge. The dark gray color should be 36018. And if you're doing the blue F-16B, the light blue should be 35450. All the decal makers (myself included) have gotten that one wrong.