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  1. Oops, correct that. Use the 1/72 decal Reaper on the 1/48 kit tail. Good catch. brian
  2. Exhausts look amazing. Surprised how much work they took to fit. I've never had that issue. The are 'handed' tho. The left won't fit on the right and vice versa. Hate to suggest, your fit issues look like that's what caused it... keep El up the great work. These will look amazing when they're done! brian
  3. The only way to get that tail in the top picture that I know of is to use the Fightertown 1/72 sheet reaper on a 1/48 tail. And even that won't be exactly perfect. I haven't seen anyone make that specific size reaper in decals yet. I'd have to see a picture of the tail the washed up to give a better suggestion. You'd still use 1/48 markings for the rest of it. The GRIM REAPERS script is the same size moved from the wing glove to the tail. Brian
  4. This is going to be good. Just putting it out there that the Fightertown Decals F-14A/B/D Data and Weapons sheet has front instrument panel Decals if you don't want to wait. I didn't do the sides though. But the sheet is about to need a reprint so I may include that on the next round brian
  5. Beware there was a printing error and the dark blue and tan on the profiles both got printed in gray. We worked hard to have that corrected but unfortunately it wasn't possible before the box and instructions printed. I can send the original files next week if you don't get them before hand.
  6. Fightertown Decals 48064 has an exact paint scheme for the gray NSAWC Viper. These were F-16As. The N was an early C model that TOPGUN used in the 90s. You also may try and track down Fightertown Decals 32001. It has the gray Hornet markings. You can use the stars, NAVYs, it has the lightening bolts and later versions have a separate and very accurate TOPGUN badge. The dark gray color should be 36018. And if you're doing the blue F-16B, the light blue should be 35450. All the decal makers (myself included) have gotten that one wrong.
  7. Sorry I don't know of one online and I won't be at my computer until sometime in April. Google...
  8. If you can do a search, I've posted a TOPGUN history of this jet. The black jet story, canopy names and all that jazz... may and/or be on zone5... Mans if someone wants to post a scan of the 48064 instructions, that covers it as well. brian
  9. See Fightertown Decals 48064 for lots of details about this jet and its story.
  10. We posted all the loadout, Paint scheme and shootdown info on the Fightertown Decals sheet 48066. Sorry don't have the computer so can't post it myself right now Brian
  11. Because there won't be any legacy Hornet squadrons by the time the F-35 hits the fleet;).::
  12. Let's try these descriptions again as nothing above is totally accurate. 1. Far left is F-14A only, from prototype until late 1970s. They remained in the system until late 1981 but by 1980 were in very small quantities. 2 Middle. Standard F-14A/B/D wheel beginning late 1970's thru 2006. (Possibly 1977 but for sure by 1978 and was same time tail stiffeners came out - The first picture I have of it was early 1978.) They would first go on new production jets and then work their way into the system in the fleet. 3 Far right. F-14B/D only starting in 2004. A's never got this wheel. And at the end of the Tomcats life, most but not all B/Ds were using it. Brake hubs were produced by a Danish company and I believe was the first foreign part made for the Tomcat. I remember a fleet memo about it because the current system was wearing out too fast and there weren't enough spare parts in the system to last until the Tomcats retirement.
  13. I always prime it first in gray or black. Then start with flat white. After a few light passes of flat and letting it dry, I use gloss white. I've used MM up til now. Ive never had any luck starting with a gloss white paint. Brian
  14. For 202 you will need: 7 hole gun vent, tail braces, TCS, standard wheels, and if you want to go all out, the single horizontal boarding step latch. For 207 you will need: 7 hole gun vent, tail braces, TCS, standard wheels
  15. Here's a copy of the Fightertown instructions covering 202 and 207. I did a lot of indepth work on this and can promise you that it's correct information.