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  1. Looks great!! And love seeing the red whit and blue thrust vectoring tail badge! I’ve always wanted to do that but even if my building skills were decent, I didn’t know how to do the tail art. Hmmm I see a pair of NASA Eagles in the future!
  2. I’ve got one on the slow boat from Lucky Model and can’t wait to build it. Get on it Curt - let’s see the progress!
  3. Looks very cool. And the figures are amazing! My suggestion it to buy several of them to reposition. 😉 brian
  4. Well those first 2 pictures are the mock-up set piece they built so it’s not a real jet or real parts…
  5. All of them got the updated fins. The only old ones out there are in the original 48031 boxing. But after they corrected it, 48031 boxes got them. It just depends when you bought it and if it was before or after the parts were corrected. Aires/QB SJU-5 is the best one out there. QB version having molded in belts and Aires being PE. brian
  6. I’ve switched over to Kinetic. Both are great and both have their quirks. Pros for Hasegawa: Better IP coaming, landing gear, slightly easier nose attachment. Pros for Kinetic: more accurate shape (original release had the flat tails that have been corrected). The spine, rudder, and front end are more accurate to the real thing. It also has the kink twist in the wingtips. Weapons pylons are better shaped, the fuel tanks have a longer more correct length, probes are better sized, various nose configurations (A/C/late C), late center line pylon and LERX vents. Some boxing’
  7. That’s great news. This one is on my list as well. With an ATM-54 Phoenix under the belly 😉
  8. Dude, you’re still wrong. If you read what I posted, both 51 and 111 took bomb capable jets on cruise, flew loaded out for the entire cruise and dropped live ordnance. Look up their cruise history or Squadron history. They became bomb capable in 1992 and dis-established in March 1995. That’s 3+ years of carrying bombs of all varieties. It’s great that you want to help, and you’ve got some great knowledge, but If you don’t know, why do you want to give false info?…
  9. Not true at all. VF-111 and VF-51 were both bomb capable in the early 1990s. VF-51 did the first fleet drop of 4 mk84 2000lbers at Fallon before cruise. And both squadrons carried and dropped live rounds in Iraq on their last cruise. And iirc also on the 1993 cruise. Clinton authorized a brief offensive when Iraq denied weapons inspectors. People on here seemed to be confused between Bombcat and Lantirn. There never was an official Bombcat name. It was an unofficial nickname that started circulating after the fleet got the dumb bomb capability. VF-24 and VF-211 were the first fleet b
  10. We did some. Can’t remember which sheets… Fightertown Decals 48069, 48076, 48081…
  11. We did that CAG jet in 1/48 Fightertown Decals 48048...
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