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  1. Actually it was me - Fightertown Decals that did the design and decals for this kit, and a lot of other NSAWC/NAWDC Hornets. The Furball sheet you referenced is not any of the jets covered in the Kinetic kit markings.
  2. Zuni’s were flown 1 time for a test/Photoex. They were never considered for carry on the carrier or for operational use. The reason being is the hot trigger logic function would be for Aim-9 and Zuni at the same time. There was an article long ago about how AIRLANT did the 1 flight, and pretty sure it was Snort that flew it. -Brian
  3. Amazon - acrylic racks for nail polish work great for me. Maybe a bit more pricey- I bought 4 ranging from $22-40. Fits all brands of paints. But Tamiya/Gunze glue and decal solvent bottles are too big. Brian
  4. It looks like they simply copied the Revell incorrect TOPGUN II markings. Or they did really bad imaginary research... wrong font for modex and flap numbers, the national insignia is the ‘imagined’ Revell one to look more like the movie stylized TOPGUN title, and they are using the 1970’s TOPGUN badge. They should have copied the correct Fightertown Decals markings...but 95% of the modelers out there won’t care about those details. haha brian
  5. No idea why the decals you're using say overall 36375. They never painted the jets that way. And if you're doing a loviz jet, the decals color will not match. I did the Fightertown Decals instructions and they are correct. We got the info from guys in the squadron and studied a lot of photos to back it up. It's a modified 3 tone TPS. Markings are in 35237 overall, but the snake on the tail has 36081 and 36375 in it. If you're doing the CAG 102 jet then you have much more leeway on the color. Google or find VF-102 photos from the OEF cruise, and the 36320/35237 is pretty clear. Seeing the 3637
  6. Same as posted on facebook - 100 is 162608 101 is 161274 The Fightertown instructions have transposed typo numbers. But the decals are correct For the new instructions and pictures - https://www.facebook.com/groups/215551215532252/?multi_permalinks=1049917158762316&comment_id=1049994962087869&notif_id=1598282572645277&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic -brian
  7. Just getting into the Flanker bandwagon and so stoked for these kits. Any rumor or hope that we'll see the Su-30SM with canards?.... That's one bad looking jet!!!
  8. Question is what timeframe are you trying to model? The original F-14A+/F-14B was very very similar to the A. And eventually the A would upgrade to look like the B. All Tomcats had the bomb capability so there really is no such thing as Bombcat. It's just a nickname recognizing that it added the AG mission later in life. In 1997/98 All Tomcats started getting Lantirn upgrades to allow autonomous PGM employment. So if you know what squadron and timeframe you are building, then you can narrow it down to what RIO backseat cockpit you need... cheers, brian
  9. This is so awesome! I love the SU-27M/Su-35 and have long wanted to build either the brown or blue splinter. Those KokuFan photos were amazing when it came out. They were the basis for TOPGUN early splinter jets that I was fortunate enough to be around TOPGUN when they were delivered. I have the Kinetic Su-33 as the starting point and haven't decided how far in the mods I want to get. Remove the wing fold and larger squared fins are a must... thanks for sharing! Would love to see inprogress/mods pictrures... 😉 -brian
  10. I still have a few of the 1/48 GE cans. They really were great for the time and still look good. Andrew - I'd venture there isn't a known price that they're worth. Put them on ebay and see what happens. Or I'd say $5-$12 a set is in the ballpark. Probably $10 is fair and notes that they aren't available... -brian
  11. fyi, I can't post the big pictures here and I'm not resizing pictures to post but I can tell you VF-211 changed the paint job several times in 94-97. It had one scheme until June 95, a repaint Nov 95, repaint in May 96 and Aug 96. Late Nov/Dec 100 switched bunos. brian
  12. 1 Sized to Hasegawa because the Tamiya kit didn't exist when the sheet was made. 2 Naca vents. Don't know how that didn't get caught on the instructions and no one's noticed in 4+ years its been out. That mistake shouldn't have happened to begin with. 3. buno is correct 161271. 1000%. I'm looking at a clear picture of it. I shot VF-24 and VF-211 at Miramar, Fallon and on the boat from late 1993 until Aug 1996. 100 didn't become 16255 until after the squadron moved to Oceana, so Dec 96 could be correct. But for the date on the sheet, it was 161271. 4. The checkerboard will fit T
  13. This is the decal sheet you want - Fightertown Decals 48085 is fit to Tamiya and is available. http://www.fightertowndecals.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=59 48065 was for the Hasegawa kit but for the CAG jet, will still work just fine.
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