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  1. Kinetic is making the weapons that way in part to have the magnets fit in. So you can change out a load and switch weapons around for display. And they’ve got the design to have the parts fit perfectly. They’ve been making big advances in fit and quality so why don’t we wait and see. This is a new generation of their molding ability so the old experiences don’t count anymore. brian
  2. Pretty sure the moment Kinetic wants to state a specific release date, they will… and also pretty sure they could’ve released this kit years ago so it’s not an imaginary future date. I know there’s a lot of buzz for this thing and it will be a pretty spectacular build to see it done.
  3. Love the Quinta stuff!! Far better than PE, durable and will last the life of the model. I don’t put it in water. Just touch it to a damp paper towel is enough to remove the ‘decals’. Then I put them on a dry cloth and do them all that way so I can apply them all at the same time. PVA white glue or CA both work great. I weather them with enamel washes and mask the big glass screens and shoot a flat coat. The decals have mostly semi gloss appearance except for the screens and glass dials - those are gloss. After a flat coat, remove the screen masks and add a drop of Future or gloss back to the
  4. Fightertown Decals 48083 Tomcats at War Pt 1 http://www.fightertowndecals.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=63 VF-41 and others. The A’s never got JDAM though. Only GBU series for guided bombs.
  5. Good call! IIRC, this is what Darren Roberts used as well. I mentioned Stop Sign Red, but pretty sure I meant to say Chevy Engine Red 🤦‍♂️😜. thanks for that Brian
  6. All I can offer is we printed the decals to match the FS color and they match to the color chip perfectly. MM 12197 was always too orange. I always added a bit of Stop Sign Red. For MrColor I tested a 40/60 mix of Orange and Red. Came out as close as I could tell. Brian as
  7. Super nice!!! I’m always amazed what you can accomplish in such a tiny scale. Congrats. brian
  8. No. It’s an intentional and direct lie. Cartograf has no dealings with Minibase and is open about getting their copyright violation removed from Minibase kit and material. they have reached out to several companies and forums to have it stopped.
  9. So they lied about using Cartograf in their announcement. That’s not a good start.
  10. Willing to use lacquer? Alclad, MRP, and MrColor Super Metallic are all great. And mask over well.
  11. Excellent work! And even more amazing since it’s tiny 1/72.
  12. I’ve got plenty of the exhaust sprue (exhaust tube, GE petals and front fan) if anyone needs a set. brian
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