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  1. Another further release, scheduled for February (instruction sheet under construction):
  2. Hello guys! I present you one of my new jobs: FCM decal 32026. This decal offers five versions with full stencils, enough for one complete model, including brazilian and french versions. Already available!
  3. I am now accepting direct sales since foreign sellers are withholding purchases due restrictions in the Post service, because of the global pandemic. But I need first to see if the mail service between Brazil and the buyer's country is working normally.
  4. The decal is available since last month guys! And offers three optional versions with enough stencils for two complete models for 1) Brazilian Air Force Academy, older colors. 2) 80 years anniversary of Brazilian Air Force Academy special color scheme. 3) Brazilian "Smoke Squadron" older colors. Also available in 1/72 scale for Premiere kit:
  5. Kinetic released the Hawkeye in two different boxes, with one type of propeller on each. Italeri jointed both variants in a same box.
  6. This is the page 10 of ICM 2020 catalogue!
  7. And so, the package arrived! ๐Ÿ‘
  8. This new set is still with brazilian customs ๐Ÿ˜•... But I believe to get those in my hands after Christmas... This new decal offers a total of eleven options with enough markings for three complete models, including full stencils for all camouflage variants in Brazilian Air Force plus "Esquadrilha da Fumaรงa" esquadron in its last color livery using T-27. The former red livery and other foreign air forces will be in the next Tucano decal further!
  9. Still wrong for me... I am already saving money to buy the kit and the correction set ... ๐Ÿ˜•
  10. Yes Gary, this is the same fantasy that everyone had when they first saw the kit. I did this drawing above just to illustrate what we were seeing for our colleague Don, who couldn't understand what we were seeing wrong.
  11. I did not get the kit, I made this drawing based only on what you see in the pictures. This is just an assumption.
  12. Not necessarily Laurent, I've seen molds be modified from pre-series kits to definitive ones. I have 1/48 Kinetic's Tracker parts that are different from the final model. Hence the possibility of a correction depends more on the interest of the manufacturer.
  13. I hope this image can explain the doubt for you Don... It would be nice if someone at HobbyBoss saw this as an opportunity to offer a point of view that the manufacturer often does not realize. I would very much like manufacturers to expose their designs for this purpose as sometimes the flaws are widely pointed out and the manufacturer completely ignores it. That's what happened with the kittyHawk's 1/32 T-6. I will like very much I could buy two HobbyBoss A-26 instead having to spend almost the value of another kit buying a pair of resin nacelles to fix an easy to correct mistake ...
  14. It is possible that the appearance of the error is due to the open cowlling flaps. So I believe we need to wait for more photos.
  15. Me too... But I hope they can see that to make a better kit...
  16. Just arrived the new 1/32 FCM decal, the set 32025 for Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate. This set offers five optional versions, including full stencils, to replace the thick decal of the Hasegawa kit.
  17. Just arrived from Microscale the new FCM decals for Super Lynx, both in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. These two decals offer seven versions among brazilian (3 versions), portuguese (2 versions) and british (1 version), with enough stencils for one of each country (three complete models). The 1/48 decal is suitable for Airfix kit 10107 and HobbyBoss kit for 1/72. The versions are the same in both scales. FCM 48050 FCM 72048
  18. Just arrived from Microscale the three new decals for Gloster Meteor Mk.8 and TF-7, two in 1/48 scale and one in 1/72. Here I am showing the new 1/72 decal for brazilian Glosters. This set offers ten versions, eight Glosters Mk.8 and two Glosters FT-7, including self-adhesive masks to help painting the tipical scheme of Jambock / Pif-Paf squadrons: Here I am showing the new 1/48 decal for brazilian Glosters. This set also offers ten versions, eight Glosters Mk.8 and two Glosters FT-7, including self-adhesive masks to help painting the tipical scheme of
  19. I would very much like to have a distributor in Mexico, but to this day there have been no stores interested ...
  20. Already available the new FCM decal 48052 with seven options for F-80 and TF-33, among brazilian portuguese and uruguayan versions, with enough stencils for two complete models. The decal is ready and available in hobby stores very soon.
  21. The decal FCM72043 has just arrived from the graphics. This increased edition allows you to build now up to three models (full stencils for one) from six optional versions of PBY5 and PBY-5A brazilian and argentine versions in 1/72 scale. This decal is now available and can be found with the dealers soon.
  22. The american and european dealers still not ordered a restock to include these reprints, once those decals come availabre only these days. But it will go further.
  23. I would like to show to my friends the reprints of FCM decals 72020 (Brazilian T-Bolts in Italy 1944) and 48022 (P-40 C, E, K, M) already available and very soon with dealers: FCM 72020 FCM 48022
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