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  1. Yes, to their benefit! Spending less time on these forms, and more time building models!
  2. Anyone know when GWH will release their 1/48th scale one?
  3. Yes, it is very impressive! Maybe they'll do a B-2 stealth bomber in 1/48th scale.
  4. As far as I'm concerned, none of this is a deal breaker!
  5. Just remember, Tamiya had technical information provided by Grumman, AMK did not.
  6. I wouldn't hold my breath. When I see it, I will believe it!
  7. They're already up to page 5 over there. 😁
  8. Haneto, do you know when GWH will release their 1/48th scale F-14?
  9. It's not fake that they stop producing Model Master paints. I read somewhere they were canceling the entire line! They were the finest paints I've ever used.
  10. Ever since Testers decided to stop producing the Model Master paint line, I could care less if they live or die. Sorry for the people who may lose their jobs as a result of this.
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