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  1. Oh, I thought they were just stupid.
  2. They never give up, do they! The sad part about it is, some people actually fall for this.
  3. Although I'm a stickler for accuracy, there's no such thing as a perfect model.
  4. Not this to dispute you, but more accurate in what way? Shape, details?
  5. Are they ever going to release these kit's?
  6. Whatever happened to this?
  7. You hope it'll be better than Testors, I don't think you have anything to worry about there! LOL. Just go to the website and look at the cad''s.
  8. It's Hobby Boo Boo boss, do you expected to be right?
  9. All I care about is that they get it RIGHT!!! Are you reading this Kitty Hawk?