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  1. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Nothing is written in stone, just a suggestion.
  2. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    How about a nose cone that can be displayed open with the full radar.
  3. Any more news on this one?
  4. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    I will buy this kit! Never bought the Kinetic kit.
  5. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Since when does Trumpeter/ Hobby boss, care this much about accuracy? Just saying.
  6. Gabor, thank you for your response. Really looking forward to this kit.
  7. Gabor, Any idea of a release date, or when we may see some test shots? Brad
  8. 1/72 Hasegawa Su-33

    Berkut, beautiful work!
  9. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Close enough! LOL I salute you for your efforts!
  10. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    You see, I did notice this all these years. Perhaps the kit makers notice it too, but I believe a more complex mold might be required to capture this shape properly. Offhand, I would say the Kitty Hawk Su-35 captures the shape fairly well. I hope our friends at Aviation Art didn't start cutting steel, and have noticed this shape too. The kinetic kit definitely doesn't have it.
  11. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Yes, looks much better than the original. Thank you. Looking forward to this kit.
  12. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Thank you, Ken!
  13. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48