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  1. WORD
  2. Sorry, my bad. LOL
  3. There is a built-up and painted example over on hyperscale. It looks really good, then again Brett Green is quite an accomplished model maker.
  4. I think this is a mistake, I don't think this kit is available yet.
  5. Oh thank you great one!!! LOL BTW, I first became familiar with you when you published a tape back in the 90s "How to model jet aircraft", featuring the Ravel MiG-29. I was very impressed with your techniques, it was very inspiring! Brad
  6. Chris, your opinions on this web board of highly respected. I know Hazmat models has yet to give birth to their first release, but perhaps you can convince the people over there that Russian subjects are the in thing today. And perhaps they will allow you to work your talents on some Russian/Soviet subjects for us. Brad
  7. Their is a video review from high altitude scale models, you can Google it .
  8. I guess you'll have to wait till GWH or AMK comes out with one.
  9. What is it you don't like about the kit?
  10. I don't have this kit, yet, but all of the reviews I've seen, it doesn't look so bad.
  11. Please face reality? Where talking about a model airplane here, too bad you folks don't know how to address people in a more civilized and respectful manor.