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  1. Beautiful work!
  2. I'm more concerned with the upper fuselage, and the double S curve. Brad
  3. What' the name of this new company ?
  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but don't hold your breath. We probably won't see the first test shots until May or June, the release sometime in August. I only say this from experience, these things are never released when they said it going to be. Things take time to make. You never know, I could be wrong.
  5. Yes Berkut, Tanmodel's is definitely a company that cares about doing the highest quality work possible. Thank you Tanmodel's and Mr. Baris Tansoy. Brad
  6. Ba ha ha ha ha ha
  7. Ken, why don't you send them an email, and let them know. They are very open to hearing from the customers. Brad
  8. What bugs are in the AMK MiG-31? Any major shape issues?
  9. If you guys think there's something wrong, why don't you show an email and let them know.
  10. Any chance we can get a quick glance at a page or two of those instructions? Would you know if the upper fuselage and wings are going to be all one piece?
  11. Yes, I love his style too!