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  1. Gene K, it's amazing how one little word upset's you. Perhaps this is the result of breathing in too much glue and solvent's over the years. You sir,need to get a life!
  2. No, it doesn't aggravate me, I'm not that petty. Unlike some people here who will get into arguments over models.
  3. It's too bad they didn't mold the wings integrated with the fuselage.
  4. Of cause I was just kidding.
  5. In that case, I would say this kit is un buildable!
  6. Word
  7. Me too.
  8. You're not alone brother.
  9. Still nothing on these kit''s yet?
  10. You're insane!
  11. Nice work, I wish I had your concerning a kit's accuracy, I get something done! LOL
  12. I'm sure whatever Sio missed in this kit he will more than make up for in the MiG-25. They went back and are retooling the F-21, don't be so sure that AMK won't go back and retool to correct some of the omissions in the MiG-31.