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  1. last but not least 38. The Raptor on Sunday RIATSun17_073 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 22. USAF Heritage flight with the P-51 "Frenesi" RIATSun17_074 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 23. Spanish Hornet RIATSun17_079 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 24. Red Arrows paint the American Flag in the sky RIATSun17_081 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 25. C-130 from Israel RIATSun17_082 by Michel Koster, on Flickr That's it for the Sunday, more on flickr
  2. Part two 28. Canadian Chinook RIATSun17_041 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 29. Czech L-159 in special camo colours RIATSun17_042 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 30. Canadian CC-177 RIATSun17_047 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 31. B-1B Lancer RIATSun17_056 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 32. Small and Funny looking helicopter this Skeeter RIATSun17_057 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 33. Midnight Hawks RIATSun17_060 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 34. Everything the was present of the BBMF RIATSun17_062 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 35. Sally B was the start of the USAF fly-by RIATSun17_066
  3. Sunday was reserved for the static most of the time. A great mix of countries was present. Part one 18. Thunderbirds tailline RIATSun17_001 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 19. At the RAF, you start of with one prop engine under your control, which can lead to controlling four at some point RIATSun17_009 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 20. RAF Tornado in Desert colours to makr 25 years of Tornado GR.1/4 operations RIATSun17_014 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 21. Greek Phantom RIATSun17_019 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 22. Beautiful old DeHavilland DH.9 RIATSun17_021 by Mich
  4. Saturday Part Two: 11. RIATSat17_037 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 12. RIATSat17_039 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 13. Couteau Delta Mirages in action RIATSat17_047 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 14. RIATSat17_048 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 15. The Frecnh love their speed RIATSat17_052 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 16. Star of the show on Saturday, this Ukraine Su-27 Flanker. Finally saw one flying RIATSat17_054 by Michel Koster, on Flickr 17. RIATSat17_056 by Michel Koster, on Flickr That was Saturday, for more photos please visiti my Flickr and Facebookpage
  5. Last weekend I made a trip to Engeland again for the Royal International Air Tattoo. Instead of just one day we decided to go Saturday and Sunday. Why, well one of the themes was 70 years USAF and early on they confirmed that the Thunderbirds would be there and as the time progressed many more nice USAF aircraft. On saturday we did the show, in the morning many demo's were cancelled due to weather, almost every solo display did a taxi run on the runway as an apologie, not the Raptor though But luckily the sky cleared up a bit and the best stuff could still perform. An
  6. 2 Raptors at RIAT this year 1 2 3 4
  7. Those F-35's are based at Edwards AFB, first it was Eglin. 323 Test and Evaluation Squadron, former 323 F-16 Sqn, does the OT&E together with the USA and UK at Edwards, IIRC. The low viz roundels were already applied on the C-130's and new CH-47F's from the RNLAF. F-16's I can't tell for sure, never seen low viz on them, only tail markings.
  8. And Part 2 11. M346 Master, we'll be seeing this more in the future I guess. 12. March AFB C-17 13. Dutch Dakota Association DC-3, familiar site both this time the KLM titles were replaced with own DDA titles 14. Highlight of the Air Power Demo on saturday, the F-35 with hugh vapor cloud. 15. KLM A330 with 2 F-16's. 16. Around closing time on saturday the two F-35's were placed on the static 17. And the Highlight of the Air Force Days for me, the Spitfire, F-16 and F-35 in formation. That was it, for full report please visit my website
  9. On June 10th and 11th the Royal Netherlands Air Force Days were held at Leeuwarden AB. Close to home so both days were visited. The airshow and static weren't that exciting, not really much exotic, interesting or new things on them. But these days were all about the F-35A's from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Yes the first Air Force in Europe, if i'm correct, that shows the F-35 to the public. And they did that with a lot of action. Both F-35's participated in the Air Power Demo. An impression, Part 1: 1. Dutch B-25 in take-off 2. Black Cats with their new Wildcats 3. RNLAf Herc duri
  10. Did you get your period or something. Maybe I didn't phrase it right our maybe my english writing for a dutch man needs some explaining. But yor already give the answer. What I'm wondering when I talk about completely new tool, is if they completely start from scratch. Our do they use some elements from there 1:48 design, by that I mean will they incoporate some of the same little mistakes. Thanks for making it a nice place here Jennings. And no I don't know anything about tooling being a engineer and all. Maybe because I use real tools at the workshop I forget how CAD programming works.
  11. Is Says New Tool. Question I'm wondering is wether it would be an actually completely new tooled kit of them, or just a blow up of their 1:48 kit. Like the 777. An airliner a like to build in a couple of variants.
  12. Su-22's at Kleine-Brogel for the Sanicole Airshow 2015. 1. 2. Lesson No.1: Never put small stuff behind a Su-22 when he applies power. 3. 4. 5.
  13. Part 2 8. A E-3D Sentry visiting 9. last aircraft of the day we visited. The new A400M. Awesome aircraft. 10. Quite a difference inside compared to the C-17. Every thing is covered with panels where inside the C-17 everything is visible. 11. Nice view from the windows 12. 13. For more of this great day you can visit my website
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