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  1. Thanks for the kind words gents. I have the coming week off as well but the weather doesn't look anything as kind as when I shot those. If it does change I will probably make another trip over. Also thanks for the info about the posting of images, I was sure it wasn't my imagination and it used to be easier to link images, now I know I'll get it right in future! Gary
  2. Hi habu, Figured it out, now working backwards! Edit; should be sorted now. Strange, as although it's been a long time since I posted any pics I'm damn sure you used to link the image code across with the [img] at either end here - as I do at any other forum I've ever posted at. Has something changed? Gary
  3. Gents. Here's some fairly regular pics from RAF Lakenheath and the 48th Fighter Wing taken over two days last week with some decent weather. This was the first time I have been able to get over since the Aviano F-16s visited early September last year. Nothing much has changed recently, the 492nd and 493rd are at home with the 494th deployed out East but due back within the next month or so following their six month stint. The newly reformed 495th should be standing up soon with the first F-35s due in December. 492nd lead jet on the tight bank for runway 24.
  4. Gents, I know it's been a while since this thread was updated but I just haven't been able to go over since you know what kicked off. Well, this evening was a special event, and by coincidence I had booked the second half of this week off to do some pics now that we can in the UK. Then a few days ago I found out a certain well know aircraft was coming to Mildenhall today. I actually did the day up at RAF Coningsby Typhoon hunting but knowing that this wasn't due in until early evening and it's on my run home I planned a stop. I had fears that security and policing wou
  5. Gents, Here in the UK we're doing pretty well with the vaccine, although it makes a refreshing change considering our track record on Covid so far hasn't been that good. Mum and dad are in their late 70's and early 80's and both had their jabs well over a month ago, no problems at all. Everybody I know in that age group has been vaccinated here for some time. Although it varies by area, they're a lot lower down that list now. At 51 with no other health complications to prioritize me I was called in last Friday morning. All done in around 15 minutes, a slightly aching shoulder in th
  6. Hi, Thanks for the info, I didn't realize it was just part of further modifications. The first two of the 'new' AH-64E's arrived in the UK and were trucked up to Wattisham a week or so ago. This pic from a source at Wattisham (not one of the released pics) shows that they don't have the exhaust mod. Gary
  7. Hi Bee. They certainly were. I don't recall seeing any AIM-9X training rounds on them. Even the 48th jets still sometimes have them fitted, seen them on jets in the same flight. The E units only went over to the X model recently, but the 493rd have had them since the start, yet still load M model training rounds on the odd occasion. Gary
  8. Hi Rob, Yeah, it's farming outside the base. Not being a farmer, I don't know what type of farming it is but a lot of that Northern side in between the base fence and the road that runs parallel along the base is farming land. I've never looked at it closely as it's behind the treeline when you're either in the viewing area or parked alongside it. It's also an area that has seen tragedy as the two children murdered in the Soham murder case, one of the UK's most awful crimes, were found here in 2002. Sorry I can't help any more but I can say for certain it's nothing to do with the b
  9. Thanks gents. Fairford? I'm afraid not. Other side of the country from me and given the fact that when they do fly it's obviously only a few and they normally go early morning and back quite late so it's a long, long trip with no guarantees so I tend to think it's too much of a chance for me. The local guys down there seem to do okay and with the amount of varied shots they take so it's quite free and easy to do on the fence. Certainly the local photographers have built up quite a good relationship with the U-2 crews when they're about. If it was closer I would go for it, but given the distanc
  10. Gents, Here's some pics shot at RAF Lakenheath yesterday evening. The Lakenheath F-15s are currently taking part in Exercise Point Blank and are also hosting one of the Aviano F-16 Sqns on a deployment for about a month. I was finally able to get over yesterday in the afternoon as the exercise includes night flying and this week they have only been flying afternoons and nights. The Aviano F-16s have not been launching until around 4pm, although with 16 here they have been putting the numbers up. These were all shot in the evening sunlight in about a one hour spell between 5 and 6 y
  11. Hi Bee, The RAF Chinooks ZH897 to 904 (including ZH899/900 above) were originally part of a batch of 14 that date back to around 2000/1. Six of them were delivered to the then HC2/2A standard and the remaining eight were intended for UK special forces use. But, we screwed it up in a stupid, but very typical UK attempt to save money that ended up costing far more than was ever going to be saved. Rather than buy standard MH-47Es as the US Army was, we decided to put our own UK specific avionics and special forces package on them to save a few pounds - you would have thought the MoD w
  12. Gents, A few more pictures from Thursday evening. The UK has just concluded an exercise at the Stamford training area (about 15 miles North of RAF Mildenhall/Lakenheath) called Exercise Talon Hydra. This also involved RAF support helicopters as well as the resident Apaches, all transiting between the exercise area and Wattisham at regular intervals. My work furlough has ended, so I'm back to just grabbing a few hours in the evenings again. A couple of the resident Apaches lifting just inside the fence not that far away. These guys were operating from a FARP rather than
  13. Gents, I hope you guys don't mind me putting some more pictures up. As alongside this thread I now have the Lakenheath and long standing Mildenhall thread running simultaneously. Having been on furlough from work and after many months on inactivity with the camera I now have some time too use it. With the fine evening weather all this week I've been continuing my sessions up the road at the Army Air Corps Apache base of Wattisham. Monday was spent at Mildenhall/Lakenheath as already posted, Tuesday was back to Wattisham. When the sun dipped too
  14. Hi, Lakenheath is closed again today, not sure if it will be the same pattern and they attempt a repair today and fly again tomorrow. It's obvious this pattern cannot continue but short of a lengthily closure and some major works not sure what they can do. It must be associated with the repairs that were conducted a few weeks ago as although it's hot this week by UK standards (30 degrees plus), thats hardly hot by global standards. We had a few days last year that were hotter than this - 35 degrees plus - and Lakenheath never had any problems. Mildenhall and to a lesser
  15. Hi I wouldn't be at all surprised with whats happening today. I'm not over there, too hot but they started again this morning after repairs yesterday. Been listening in and keeping up and it's gone slightly farcical again. Another hole has opened up, although this time the wind has gone around and they're working opposite way. Again, after the afternoon flights had launched so they've been told to RTB to Mildenhall. However, Mildenhall doesn't want them as they have live guns - looks like they were going to Holbeach for some live strafing - and they're not equipped for live ordnance so I don't
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